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I have had botox probably about 6 times in the...

I have had botox probably about 6 times in the past couple years in the forehead area. Never really had a problem and works very well for me. I went for my appt this past Sat. morning and the Dr. talked my into trying Dysport because she likes it better than Botox. She said it was basically the same but took effect quicker and possibly lasted longer. So I trust her and say OK but not too put too much and ask to split my usual forehead dose between my forehead and crows feet, because sometimes the botox is too much and my head feels too stiff and looks too tight for the first month. She charges by the area and since I don't need that much I didn't think it was fair I pay for 2 areas. So I go with the Dysport.

This was the first time I had welt marks on my forehead leaving the office and they lasted much of the day and into Sunday. There is some very light brusing and if I touch the areas injected it is still sore now 2 days later and I still have a mild heachache from my forehead being sore.

Dysport took effect I swear within 2 hours and my forehead wrinkles gone but much too tight for my liking. Botox works fast on me too, usually takes only a day. Sunday afternoon I noticed my right cheek had some slight swelling and today (Monday) when I woke up under my right eye was all puffed. I got so scared and called out sick from work. I was going to call the Dr but after I sat up and iced it, it went down to almost normal. So I think it was just fluid and not my fat pad bulging out to my cheek. I read some of the horror stories on here about that and got very nervous !

So I am past the 48 hour mark now and I am starting to look pretty good. When I smile my crows are gone and it looks natural. The forehead I still think is too tight for my liking and feels tighter than when I do Botox. So I am not sure if I will use the Dyport next time or stick with the Botox. I am undecided. Possibly if it lasts longer I would do it again but I want less in the forehead.

On a side note, I did have a few drinks Thurs night and my appt was Saturday morning, so possibly the alcohol may have caused some of these side effects.. I do trust my Dr and will go back to her.. I attached a pic of my puffy eye this morning. It looked worse in the mirror, trust me :-)

I'm pretty much back to normal now at almost 3 months. Had double vision for about 6 weeks( spread to my eye muscles), which was the worst side effect as it caused motion sickness if I walked around. Good thing I have a desk job ! The minor side effects which I never had with botox was swelling at the injection site for 2 days and a headache for a week. Will NEVER use it again and don't recommend it to anyone. Use Botox only, much less chance of spread !
Hello, it's been a while since you posted this and I wonder how things are going with the Botox or did you went back for Dysport? I just had it done a week agoa and I'm searching for answers here. Would like to know after this years what have you been doing to keep away from wrinkles as I think I won't ever do dysport again but wonder what will I use to stop the wrinkles around my eyes.
I wonder if the Doctors get a bonus for selling us Dysport. I have read so many times on this site that the Dr said it was so much better than Botox. My Dr. told me the same and now I am having ear and sinus infections and I am dizzy, and have tried antibiotics, prescription nasal spray and Mucunex. I sure hope this goes away soon,had this for almost 3 mths. I NEVER had any of this in my entire life until Dysport. I guess some people can handle it and some can't. I am not allergic to anything, nor do I have allergies. I am very healthy, so I do believe my problems are from Dysport. I also had a very sore throat 2 hrs after being injected, with the throat closing at night.
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