AA to a B! 20 Years in the Making.

I am 3 days po. I am 110lbs and 5' 5". I have...

I am 3 days po. I am 110lbs and 5' 5". I have never been more than a AA, except when I was breastfeeding. I honestly wanted to write before hand but everything happened so quickly. Back in HS I used to think they would get bigger. I would get teased all the time and actually had a training bra taped to my locker! However, this has nothing to do with other people, all about me and what I wanted. I guess my small size worked for me through HS. I was an all state athlete and never had to worry about bras like some of the other girls. I have been frustrated my adult life not being able to wear certain clothes and forget a bathing suit.

I got a 234cc silicone under the muscle in my left and a 264cc under my right. I was vey asymmetrical. I also needed a lift on the left side. I guess that's what happens after you breastfeed two children and end up with an absence in one!

I would do it again in a second. I was in a lot of pain days 1 and 2 post-op but feel much better today. Wasn't a fan of taking the narcotic pain meds and felt much better switching to Tylenol and icing more often. Will post pics soon. I do have to thank everyone who has posts on here. I think I have read everyone coming up to my surgery date. It has been very helpful!

When I originally went to see my surgeon I knew I...

When I originally went to see my surgeon I knew I didn't want to be that "big". I wanted natural or what that meant for my body type. I have a small frame and apparently no breast tissue on my right breast :(. It was really important to me that this surgeon was clear what he could do and the out come to be expected. If I was looking for a c or d cup he wasn't the surgeon for me. I hava a lot of bruising and swelling today. I look at some of the other pics post op three days and think how on earth do you look like that! Good for you guys. I just bought some arnica gel which I wish I would have had day one but kinda of forgot about.

One more day of rest for mr then back to work! Yikes!

Ps. Can not figure out how to post a pic...

Day 4 post-op: Go Redsox! Went to Fenway today....

Day 4 post-op: Go Redsox! Went to Fenway today. Feeling fabulous. Wore a tank top with a zippered sweater over it. Brought two gallon size bags with me. Iced on the way up, then around the 3rd inning got a bit more ice from the stand. Couldn't tell I was icing the girls while watching the game but honestly, I couldn't care if you could. They are all mine now! As long as I alternate religiously between ibuprofen and acetaminophen I have no pain at all. The percoset was making me all looping. Not a fan of narcotics. I guess it helped the first two days, but not needed at all after that.

Sleeping: I've been sleeping comfortably in my own bed being propped up by about 15 pillows, 3 of which are body pillows. I don't move, they keep me elevated and have a good rest. I can't take ambient so tried diazepam which worked great.

Day 5 post-op: Yesterday I felt wonderful. No pain, lots of energy. 1st post-op appointment, everything looks good, adjusted the strap to be a bit tighter so everything falls into place nicely.

Questions for the experienced ones: For how long post-op did you wake up feeling like your chest was going to explode! I've been icing in the morning with is working, but curious how long this will go on for?

Day 6 post-op: 1st day back to work for me with a full schedule of clients. Ouch. Last week my schedule was spotty which I was excited about, but now it's back to back clients and not exactly sure how I am going to handle that! Ahh, but atlas I can duck into my office every now and then and see the wonder they (my girls, I can call them that now because I actually have some) have become. Happy Tuesday.

Day 7 post-op. Work was pretty brutal yesterday....

Day 7 post-op. Work was pretty brutal yesterday. Too many clients, no rest and was up at 3:30 because of the engorgement. Kind of wish I took a few more days off. Still excited about what's to come. Just need to hold out a few more weeks.

7 days post-op - 1 week already! I love, love,...

7 days post-op - 1 week already! I love, love, love them. Have to say I look at them when I can. Maybe that's why men are so obsessed with them. They are quite beautiful :)

Yesterday went pretty well at work, although everyone said I looked like hell (always nice to hear huh). Slept great last night. I am not a back sleeper so it's been interesting getting used to it, but it's working. I have to admit I am kind of enjoying waking up at 5:00am, sitting on the couch to ice them down with my computer and coffee in hand. It's so relaxing.

I have an idea (this came to me at 2am when I woke up because I had one of those terrible dream of running through the court yard naked), I may say a brilliant idea for me... I have long hair. It has a funky wave that I have to blow dry out or I look really funny. The past week I've taken baths and hubby has been so sweet to wash my hair and even offered to blow dry it (his skills only go so far). For work my appearance is kind of important....so, I'm going to call a salon or walk-in hair place today to get a shampoo and blow dry! I thought this is great. Has anyone else done this? I don't know what else to do or how to look normal. Would make me feel awesome. My hair being in a pony tail all crazy just can't work for another 2 weeks.

If anyone had other ideas I would love to know :)

Question: I am now 9 days post-op and sleep awful....

Question: I am now 9 days post-op and sleep awful. I am still propped up on pillows and wake up several times during the night. Still in a bit of pain. I'm really not into taking diazepam but don't know what else to do? How long did it take before you slept normal again?
Providence Plastic Surgeon

Completely professional, courteous and well mannered. I couldn't ask for a better doctor or staff. After meeting with him you will have no questions he will be your surgeon. He is very calm and answers every question you have, called the night before to see if there was anything else he could help with. I never thought I could feel so comfortable taking pictures and measurements with my clothes off, but they made it possible :) The nurses at the hospital all rave about him. Getting behind the scene knowledge is always helpful.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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I used 5 pillows the first week and now on 3 but can sleep on my side. I havent tried flat but i will remove another pillow tonight. I slept all through the night from day 1. Ask ur doc if it continues. Regarding pain i had nearly none from day 5 post op. Good luck
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I could sleep flat after 4 days . We are all different so it might take time .
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Hey good wines, congrats on the transformation! I am mother of two and also very petite. After breastfeeding I'm left with maybe an a cup. I wanted to reach out to you because I am also from providence ri and I haven't "shopped" around for a DR yet. (paying for the braces now so I can't afford both lol) Did you meet other doctors before choosing Dr. Sullivan? Or was he your first choice? After your good review, I'm motivated to atleast get a consult. By the way, thanks for your posts. They are really helpful! Take care!
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I have so say with out a shadow of a doubt he was my surgeon. Yes, I met with two others and it wasn't even an option after meeting Dr. Sullivan. He is artistic and takes the shape and natural curves very seriously. He isn't into just given women larger breasts, he methodically looks at your needs, wants, history and develops a plan with you. I would say absolutly get a consult. I found that he is a bit more expensive but worth every single dime. His staff, private suits at the Hospital (actually does it at 2 Dudley Street, and the most amazing anesthesiologist I have ever met (and I'm in the medical field). Good luck on your search and please don't hesitate to ask any questions!
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So exciting to have new boobs isn't it? Urs look good already. I can't wait til mine get shape. I hope all keeps going well for u. I use the Valium to. Sleep. As well.
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I have been walking . When my dr gives me the green light I'm going to start running . Glad you are doing good . Yey for new boobies !!!!
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Happy your first day back to work went ok .
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Hi Sissy - work was a bit rough, but got through :). I woke up this morning in no pain and not the engorgement as I have had in the past few days. Maybe a fluke but I'm liking it. I have to say I've been enjoying being up at 5:30, sitting on the couch with my computer and coffee and icing away.

Let me now when you start running and working out again. I'd like to know how it goes.
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yes I do have tissue now, maybe a handful..they are stretched/droopy from breastfeeding. My surgeon said I dont need a lift. I don't want to be too big either. I would rather be too small.
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They are Natrelle silicone moderate. I don't see plus anywhere. I believe they have wide, moderate and high. Maybe it depends on the company your surgeon uses. As far as a lift, have you checked with other surgeons? If they are droopy that is usually something common that is done. Just curious.
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My surgeon said that the implant alone would be enough to lift them..so they must not be as droopy as I think...lol My doc told me moderate for sure if I wanted rthe most natural look..I was only going to go 275cc but then thought maybe 300cc..but after seeing your photos they look pretty big to me.Do you have ALOT of swelling?? I think I am starting out with more tissue than you aswell..maybe I should stick with 275cc...hmmm. Thanks so much for being sooo helpful :) I should ask what brand he uses...
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He uses Natrelle. I don't have a whole lot of swelling. I bit of course but pretty sure this is where I am going to end up. I can not imagine them being any bigger. For me that is. They are very natural looking and if you have more breast tissue they will be even bigger. My surgeon actually had to create a pocket under neath the breast so they would have somewhere to fall into place. If you have more tissue to work with then maybe the 300 would work nicely. Keep me updated!
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Congrats! I totally understand how you feel, I am a small A and am hoping corn small c, full b! Mynsurgeon is also using the natrelle silicone implants..i go in on th29th to decide on size and my surgery is on Thursday the 5th and I have to be back at work on Monday so I'm a little concerned!
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Hi there, I probably could have went back Monday but happened that I blocked my schedule for some reason? Maybe fate? A few things I found to be very helpful for the first 4 days:

THURSDAY: you won't be in too much pain because your chest will be litocained. DO NOT do anything. You may feel like you should stop at the store or something but don't. Go right home and its on the couch. Ice will be your best friend. Buy 6 bags of frozen peas (they thaw quickly so you want to be ready with new ones). The mold wonderfully to your new beautiful breasts. Take your pain meds at regular intervals. I actually set my phone to go off to remind me. If you wait till your in pain it's so much harder to control. Take the seep aid! I slept like a baby the first two nights. Dorky as it is going to be I'm going to take a picture of my bed set up, it's been invaluable.

Friday: Ice, rest and take meds (Do not do anything!!!!)
Saturday & Sunday: Repeat!!!! (I ended up going to the Red Sox game on Sunday because I felt so great and have regretted it since. Just rest.

Monday: Get up at least an hour before you have to get ready. Sit on the couch with your frozen peas and your computer and tell us how you feel! We are here for you :)
Keep me updated on your progress and how pre-op goes on the 29th!
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thank you so much!! I have already bought a few new tops that I can't wait to wear.. it will be so nice to have clothes that fit and I don't have to wear a extremely padded bra!
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Thanks for the advice. I am curious to know what profile implant fine wines has? I want to stay on the smaller side, but don't want to go through surgery & spend $6,000 to wish I went bigger..
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Mine are also under the muscle. I had to have under the breast incision and a left lift. So a 234cc on the left and 264cc on the right side with medium profile. I trusted my surgeon completely. He took my frame seriously and would not have put in implants that did not fit my frame. It would have been terrifying me to wake up in recovery and be so much bigger than I wanted.
@detroitchick - do you have any breast tissue now? I literally had barley anything, so for me this is just perfect.
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Than you ! I got high profile round saline 425/435 I'm a 34 DDD or 36 DD . Make sure tou get about 25 cc more then you like because they say you loose that under the muscle . Mine are under the muscle .I do need to loose some weight . Last year I weighed 125 so I have put it on in a year I used to run 6 to 8 miles a day and I quit running . I need to start again it will take time to get to the miles again . I was a 34Sm C then and I was a 34 /c when I had my BA . So I proubly won't loose much .
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Did you look at her profile ?
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You look amazing already. I can't wait to be on the other side. I am hoping for July. What profile implant did you get. I am 5'5" 115lbs..getting moderate silicone. Deciding between 275cc or 300cc. Seeing you makes me only want 275cc. I want to look natural aswell. But it depends what profile implant you got :) Thanks so much for sharing your story !!! Looking forward to seeing your progression photos.
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I got medium/moderate smooth silicone implants. The high profile were way too much for me. My frame is to small.
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when you say moderate..you mean the lowest profile you can get right? not moderate plus?? I want moderate, I don't see many pics of people with them..there is moderate, moderate plus, high profile...sorry for all the questions...I am wondering how you feel about the size..do you wish you went bigger or smaller or are they perfect? How do you feel they look in clothes?
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Remove your pic and you can turn it around on your computer and reload it on realself
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Thanks, trying to do that now lol!
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I forgot to tell you that you look great congrats !!!!!!!!
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