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Profractional/microlaser Peel

I had profractional and microlaser peel 2mths ago...

I had profractional and microlaser peel 2mths ago.The first few weeks i was not sure if i was happy with procedure.My skin turned very dark and peeled for about 1week.I had small little holes all over my face for about a month.It is now 2mths later and i see about a 50percent improvement in acne scars and malasma on my forehead is much lighter.I still have some acne scars on my cheeks but they are not nearly as deep.I plan on haveing another micro laser peel at 50 micons in about 2 mths and i hope that smooths it out even more.the holes are no longer noticeable.I also had juvy on my smile lines and am thrilled with the results! My advice would be is....it takes time to see the results so patience is key.

Its been almost 1 year since profractional and...

Its been almost 1 year since profractional and juvyderm ultra.My face is looking good i could use a few a few more laser peels.Im surprised how long the juvy ultra has lasted. I may get a touch up done in a few months.
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Do you remember what your settings were? Thanks.
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I wanna say 10 on micro an 150 on profractional but im not sure
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Great advice about having patience!   These things take time to heal and correct.  Please let us know what you think after the second round of treatment.

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