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I wanted to treat the facial scarring i have by...

I wanted to treat the facial scarring i have by acne and went to the Private Clinic £ 1200 pounds for 3 treatments of pixel laser ) in Harley Street ... big mistake ... i have pixel mirco scarring from the procedure , creases and new shallow indents and worse skin texture ... some of the acne scarring has improved a little .


Glad you found us and decided to share your experience with the Pixel laser treatment. Sorry that you are not happy with your results, did you ever follow up with the clinic or another Doctor regarding the micro scarring and texture of the skin?
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Yes i have and he recommended that i come to him 2 weeks later .... but then my mother rind the clinic manager and she said to give it another month for the skin to heal ... she says it's early days ....
I also went to the same clinic as you for the same reasons ie: scarring and them being the best etc! I was however treated by dr gupta himself. My treatment's were for scarring on cheeks I had 3 treatments the same as you. I wouldn't say it had the wow factor but it did somewhat smooth cheeks slightly. The most distressing thing is though he went very close to my eyes which I thought nothing of at the time as he is the best and knows what hes doing? I have now been left with extremely dark creepy hollow under eye area. Its as though a kinda indented scar has been created in area under eye that was gone over on each treatment. I look terrible even when I smile I now have bags. When I asked him about this he said well layers of skin have been removed it will look darker. Also the treatment left me with visible broken veins under one eye. I feel the clinic were disgusting too as when I complained I just got an email saying someone would be in touch then they weren't and I got told it's going to the clinic manager. Anyway after waiting ages for someone to ring me I finally got a rude email off the clinic manager saying that mr gupta didn't even treat that area. When I furiously replied off course he did why would I complain about an area that wasn't treated. I got no reply and still to tjis day. I even built up my confidence to phone up again and a girl took my message and said someone will contact me, they haven't. I feel treatment was rushed they were even spraying air freshner why I was stood in room after just having face pixel ed. If iwas famous or loaded im sure they'd of treated me different. Thats just the sad fact of life. They don't care about us normal joes who save up for years to have these treatments. Any how I now am left alot worse after forking out 13500gbp how depressing and degradding to be ignored too. Sarah
Nurse Emma Grisdale

i wanted to get treated with Pixel Laser in Harley Street ..... a very respected area of London with the best doctors in England and the world ... i was treated by a nurse Emma Grisdale .... i thought i was in safe hands ... i was wrong .... the treatment itself wasn't painful ( might be for some but my pain threshold is high ) it was like a elastic band snapping on your facial skin .... the healing process was fine ... but as the weeks go by i notice new scarring ... i have become so depressed by this as i was depressed by the acne scarring to begin with .... there is improvement in the acne scarring ... but what's the point of that if your going to get the rest of your skin damaged !!! ... Dr Puneet Gupta recommended i wait a 3 weeks to see what happens ... my mother phoned the clinics manager ... she says to give my skin a chance to heal ( its been 6 weeks since the treatment ) .... am frankly depressed by all of this ... i just wish i had a doctor treat me

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