44 Year Old Female--Middle Age Muffin Top-- Be Gone...Princeton, NJ

Okay I am an avid exerciser and a healthy eater. ...

Okay I am an avid exerciser and a healthy eater. I have been able to pretty much maintain my weight throughout my whole life. However, last July I noticed my normal size zero morphing into a size 4 (but only in the midsection) and this year I think it may have jumped to a size 6--which is lovely when it's proportional.

i was squeezing this new extra skin, fat (AKA my new muffin top) into pants and became frustrated how nothing looked right without undergaments. I became mildly consumed with the excess lard that floweth over thy pants.

How could this be? How could all of my hard core gym hitting not belie thy jelly in thy belly? I mean seriously?? I ramped it up so much trying to avoid having to pay 1500.00 (I went for a consult last July). I was working out 1.5 hours 5-6 days a week the past 9 months and...NOTHING--the tire was still there.

So...after a breakup..I took the plunge and I am VERY happy I did.

I think it re-proportioned my petite frame so I am now beginning to feel comfortable again in form fitting clothes--and it's only been 5 weeks. I plan on doing my abdomen which had been a trouble spot my whole life, but it did not share the same sense of urgency like the middle age muffin top that seemed to appear overnight. I've had a cute little pooch my whole life, but that is definitely next.

So far so good, I am very pleased with the results and look forward to seeing even more improvement.

i will update in another month with more photos...:)

almost 2 months

Overall I am happy at the two month mark. It gave me back exactly what I was looking for in terms how things fit me. I did notice in the picture that my left flank has a very slight lump. Like it''s not entirely smooth. I noticed it in the picture it is subtle but somebody else had mentioned it so I think I was looking for it.

I have been getting alot of comments like "did you lose weight" or "wow you lost alot of weight". The funny thing is I actually gained about 3 pounds. It just resculpted me and gave me a really nice boost of confidence to go back into the dating scene.

I will post in another month with pics. :)
Princeton Plastic Surgeon

Very nice and kept checking on me to make sure I was okay. Took many before pics and I am supposed to go back in three months for the after.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Would love an update please?
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Do you think it had anything ot do with the cool sculpting? The 3 lbs you gained? I would say,that is still swelling and by the 6 month you should be fine.:) You look Fabulous! I hope 1 treatments doe sit for me.
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Are you able to post pictures from the back view? Before and after?
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You were an ideal candidate, with very little body fat, and it definitely worked for you, the midsection looks amazing!
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Can you post some more pics please?? Thanks! Any lumps in the flank area that you notice? I've heard that's a possibility…just curious if any had developed.
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The silouette is not 100% smooth so to answer your question perhaps it can be looked at as a lump. I did not notice it until i took the picture. I'm hoping it smooths out over the next month but if not I am still very pleased.
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I have found that pictures emphasized every little imperfection u would have not noticed otherwise. U r looking good.
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Please post ur two month pictures & results. Thx
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Hi I will be sure to do it. I have another week.
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did it. :)
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This is really encouraging, thank you! I'm similar to you in terms of body type, so hoping to get similarly good results. I had the procedure done June 20, and as of July 2nd, I am still waiting for the swelling to go down and to start seeing results. I know it should be a few more weeks, but that's been the hardest part of this treatment for me -- having the patience and faith that the stiff, mildly sore slab of fat on my belly will get better and start to improve. The first few weeks after the procedure having a bloated belly that looks and feels worse than before you spent all this money to look better is the hardest part... I am anxious to see improvement and start looking better! I will post my own story soon, but want to wait until at least end of July so I can HOPEFULLY post picture showing early results!
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Hi waltzingcat, The experience was overall very positive and I am soo beyond grateful I chose to take the plunge. It gave me some much needed confidence and I do beleive people react differently and I tend to respond quickly to many different things. when I looked at the photos I was very suprised as well. Good luck to you I hope you get the results you are looking for! Please post pics I'm eager to see how you made out. Good luck!
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Hi Waltzing, Has your swelling gone down yet? Eager to hear about your results. All the best, MJ
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Hi There! Thanks for asking, yes the swelling has gone down and I do think my tummy is starting to look flatter and more toned! It was 3 weeks yesterday since the procedure, so I am hopeful of further improvement. I will see the Doc for 4 week follow up next Friday, and hope to get before and after pics to post about my experience, then add pics over time to show progression (I hope). I am feeling very optimistic, because I had tone in my midline from tons of exercise, but it was obscured by a stubborn layer of flab. Now the toned abs are more apparent and already, I feel more confident in a bikini at age 53! :-) Thanks again -- hope you are well.
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Hahahaha. You already look great.
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