15 Days Post-Op

I became very large breasted as a teenager and...

I became very large breasted as a teenager and wanted a BR. Eventually, I decided not to pursue it in case I wanted to breast feed and for other reasons. I ended up not having children, and also gained a lot of weight. After a number of important life cycle efforts, I made peace with my issues and decided to get healthy, fit and lose weight.

About 18 months ago, I had a BR consultation. I had only lost 35 lbs by then and knew I needed to lose more before proceeding. Now, I lost 72 lbs and have the BR scheduled. It's odd. For years my large breasts were a big problem for me. Then, I made peace with them. I think it was all part of my bigger life issues. So now, I like my body more than I ever have. I think I look good, and have gone back and forth on the BR several times. I can't imagine it. You know, the idea that I can sleep on my stomach (long after the surgery of course), reduce back, shoulder and neck pain (I hope) and have people actually talk to my face instead of my boobs. (Although I do use the boobs against them. I mean it only seem fair.) Anyway, I still have time for my pre-surgery panic . . . so there's that to look forward to. LOL. This group has been a great find, and I thank you all.

So, I'm trying to lose another 15 lbs before the surgery and get caught up on work. I see my PS this week for my pre-op. Yes, its early, but he will be out of town for a while. Well that's all for today.

Pre-op Appt I had my preop this week. I am very...

Pre-op Appt
I had my preop this week. I am very happy with my PS. He is supplying so many of the extras you have written about including arnica. We went over everything again soup to nuts and I'm pretty excited.

It felt as if this was so far in the future, but...

It felt as if this was so far in the future, but soon it will be only four weeks away. I scheduled my Pre-op tests at the hospital and I'm really getting revved up about this. Omg. I am super excited, thenp omg scared, then omg what if I'm too small, what if I'm too big. I have too many things on my to do list. Yikes. But then I'm super excited again. I guess this explains why I am so tired all the time. Lol.

Is it too late to add a tummy tuck? Getting excited!

Is it too late to add a tummy tuck? Getting excited!

Wow it's finally here. I'm nervous and excited and...

Wow it's finally here. I'm nervous and excited and nervous. Tv distraction is needed.

Still have pain/discomfort. No sensation in right...

Still have pain/discomfort. No sensation in right nipple. :-( Not sure if this is a permanent thing or will come back. I see the PS again Tuesday. Any thoughts from our community?
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He has lots of recommendations - all my doctors, nurses in the community and word of mouth.

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im on same schedule as you,,i have sensation in both but do have numbness in different parts of the breast and some discomfort here and there sometimes more than id like but i know its all normal in healing,pain means nerves are connecting so i embrace it..everything will settle in time,,everybody is different but guess what WE DID IT,YAHOO!!
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I hear you. I embrace any twinge on the right side. Today I was in tears having decided this was a mistake. Then, I stopped in a clothing store and realized how I look without a real bra on yet! I'm happy now! LOL.
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Don't doubt your decision!! Look at your before pictures and you will know you made the right choice. Before my surgery I made a list of all the things that annoyed me and any suffering I did and took pictures in different tops just for now to remind myself of my discomfort.!! We did a wonderful thing and its going to change our lives for the better. I made a comment the other day that it feels good to not feel like a freak with those enormous noobs and if you check out my profile you see the picture with the markings how they almost sat in my lap without a bra so I look at that so I feel fantastic doing this and once we are done with recovery we will be new women. This forum has been my guardian through this so many wonderful ladies. I'm so happy for us all ..!!
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My PS reminded me to have yogurt and my "favorite" (he's such a comedian) yeast infection remedy on hand because of the antibiotics. I wanted to pass that on just in case.
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Ohhh great point, I am famous for a yeast infection. Thanks for sharing that. Hope you are recovering well ;)
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So far so good. How are you ping?
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That's doing
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Glad you are well. I go in on Friday! Still crazy to think I will awake in pain, but with small boobies ;)
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Great job on the weight loss! We are scheduled on the same day. I am so excited too! Nervous but SO excited! It is coming up fast isn't it? I have to remind myself it will just be new boobs, not my old 18-yr old body too! Good luck!
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What, I thought the 18 year old body was included. Lol.
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Hurray you made it to the community:)

You have done amazing with the weight loss and now time to finish the journey.  You will love having a much smaller load on top.  I love mine!  

So excited for you.

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I see my PS on Thursday. I hope my list of questions doesn't scare him away. I have decided to take care of the underarm (axillary) stuff. I can't stand them, and I'm not doing this surgery twice! I need to find out what that will do to recovery. I do keep going back and forth on breast size. Some of the pictures here are so nice with small Cs. I'm a GG now, so that's likely too big a drop. Sigh. I wish I could try on different sizes. There should be some kind of program for that.
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