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I'm excited about having the procedure completed. ...

I'm excited about having the procedure completed. I am preparing my body for the surgery and the recovery. I've been doing alot of research on expectations of the recovery. I know its weird but I'm looking most forward to the recovery the most.. It means I'm closer to getting the body I want and back to life!


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! You might want to check out this list of supplies for recovery. Please keep us posted as your big day gets nearer!

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I'll be glad!!!

I have so long to wait... 4 months! I'll be glad when I can say tomorrow... Tomorrow will be my day. I'm so excited for the ladies that getting theirs done, and posting information about the recovery. To me the recovery says its over and on to where I want to be. I'm doing my research and trying to prepare my body for the day, I'm staying hopeful for a speedy recovery.

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Just wondering...

For those ladies that have had their surgery...

Having the tummy tuck and the breast work done at the same time, what was your experience with getting up and down. What is the best way to be helped out of a chair, bed or toilet? On YouTube a lady showed how she was helped up, crossing her arms and her husband pulled her crossed arms and she got right up. To what extent did you need help, could you wash your own face, brush your teeth, wipe your butt? How many days after your surgery were you able to be left at home alone? This are just some of the things I wonder about.

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Photos are here

OM Goodnesss, So finally I posted photos. It took a few drinks to get this far. You have to know that I'm so self conscious of my body. I look good with clothes on and I've spent many years hiding behind many many layers of clothes. Many of you ladies make it seem so easy to post photos. I'm growing, but wait until after the recovery I'll be showing alot more...;)

I'm thankful for RealSelf and TummyTuckTalk, I don't know how I would have made it this far, I still have months to go before I reach the "Flatland".

I've told a few more people about my decision and I'm not getting "face frown". I don't really care what people think but its nice to know that they are supportive.

I'll be checking in soon.


My surgeon operates on Fridays and my hubby will have to go back to work on Monday so I feel your pain. You have the same fears I do about having both procedures done at the same time but I'm sure we'll be fine.
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Hi Loving! I'm happy to have found you and to follow your journey! I stayed overnight at the hospital after having breast aug and tummy tuck and by the time I left the next day I was able to get into and out of bed on my own. That said, it was helpful when my husband was around for him to grab my arms and help sit me up so I could transition to the floor with greater ease. Just listen to your body in the days following your surgery, and you'll do great through your recovery! Congratulations on posting your pre-op pics-- it's certainly an act of courage but one that you'll be so appreciative of as you recover and want to see your progress!
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Thank you so much Nichole, for your kind words. The getting up and down has been my major concern. My hubby will be with me for about 3 days, (day of and weekend) I don't want him to miss work. Only because we vacation a lot, I don't want to miss an opportunity to show off my new body.:)

80 Days to go

I am 42 years old mom of 5 (2 by birth - C-section) and 3 by marriage. My two pregnancies were large babies, both weighing 11.4 oz. My oldest son is 24 and my youngest is 21, so I've lived with my stretch marked skin for more than 2 decades. I've always had an issue with my weight and never a flat belly, but 2 years ago, I lost 30lbs... from 180ish down to 150ish, a comfortable 14-16 down to a comfortable 8. I can never remember being in the single digits. I love the way I look in clothes it’s when the close come off and stuff starts flopping over other stuff, is when I want to cry. I thought that when I lost the weight the belly would shrink, but it didn't. All the kids are grown up and moving on, I'm ready to get my sexy back!
One of my girlfriends had a mini tummy tuck when I saw her stomach I knew I had to have a TT to have a flat belly. I found my doctor, he and his staff was really great! I'm scheduled to have my procedure done December 13th 2013. He explained to me why my stomach was the way it is and why it will never be flat, which explained a lot!
After I scheduled my procedure, I was super excited and wanted to talk about it all the time, with my bestest friend in the world (my hubby), but after 2 weeks of hearing my same issues he was starting to have the "glassy eyed" look. I've muddled through a couple of months trying to forget about it and not talk about it.
Finally, I told a couple coworkers about what I had planned and the reason for my absents from work in December, everyone is very happy for me.
Today I marked the days on the calendar, 80 days to go.
Thank you ladies on RealSelf and Tummy Tuck Talk for having an open ear and encouraging words, I couldn't have gotten this far without your help!

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40 Days and counting....

Still counting down until the HUGE day... yaaahh for me! I have been prepping for my time of recovery, I have my lift recliner, walker, toilet riser and etc. I've been on a special protocol of supplements (prescribed by my holistic Dr.), detoxing, exercising. I'm fall cleaning and sanitizing the house, preparing meals doing everything I can to make this recovery easier for all of us.


Good for you! Good luck with your sx. My prayers will follow you in the o.r. Praying for your healthy and speedy recovery. Keep us posted and post lots of pics when you can. Peace and Blessings.
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I'm getting closer to my day!

I have about 27 days until I'm on the flat side! I've been on a raw food shake diet during the day and in the evening I have a sensible meal, have really been enjoying that. I like to eat but I don't like to cook, or stop moving to eat. I take my shakes on the go so its a win-win for me. Next week I go to my primary doctor (holistic) to get the protocol I am to take prior and after my surgery.
I know I haven't told you guys that I am a smoker and I have been really, really trying to put down this habit. Well, I haven't had a cig since Monday (11/11) and I'm so proud of myself. I think I haven't mentioned it because I'm a little ashamed of having a habit. I feel good and Its really nice not being chained to those little monsters.
I would like to know from those that have had the surgery, what was your diet like the first weeks after? I want to make soups, because I'm afraid the raw veggies will cause me to have gas. So let me know.


Congrats on your upcoming surgery@
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Thanks its getting so close now!
Congrats on putting down the cigs! As far as diet, I havent changed mine. I know a lot of folks on here eat "clean" before or after but I can't do something I can't maintain. I lost my 36 lbs using myfitnesspal at 1350 cals a day and working out 5 days a week. Since surgery I have dropped to 1200 since I'm totally sedentary. But my 1200 cals can and does include all of my fav foods. Many people don't agree with the way I do it but you have to find what works for you. People have told me to avoid flour, sugar, bread, dairy, etc. I'm sure I can lose that way but man, I'd be one grouchy mom and wife without a waffle or slice of cheese here and there!
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Comment Response?

I get emails of comment or updates on the Realself friends that I'm following, but I'm not getting emails when I receive comments on my page, I want to get my friends words of encouragement immediately, am I missing something?


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I went to surgeon yesterday for consultation. I am going to get tummy tuck, breast lift and implant at the same time on January 23. I am so afraid of the surgery.
Hey surgery Twin! I'll look for that forum. Are you excited yet???


OMGoodness, I love Thanksgiving, it’s usually the only feasting time I get. Healthy eating and living goes OUT the window, for the few days, I can just pig-out. On Monday, December 2nd, I'm back to reality, gallons of my green shake and water.
My doctor gave me my surgery supplements for me to start 2 weeks before the surgery and then after the surgery. I forgot to bring the list with me; but I will get it posted later today.
I have so many things going on 1) preparations for the Holidays 2) A huge cleanup effort after Thanksgiving gathering 3) Our first Grand baby shower during this weekend 4) Our Oldest son started his search for his first house 5) school work 6) husband… 7) getting my office prepared for me to be gone for 2 weeks. I just keep smiling, and moving forward because I know that year 2014 is going to be a better; I say, 2014 is going to be a GREAT year for ME, and all of you!

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13 Days to go!!!!

Oh my, Today marks 13 more days to go before I reach the Flatland! Funny, I'm not excited, nervous, anxious, I feel a little numb. I think I'm prepared, I have all my supplies, this week we will start putting "recovery" items in place... The raised toilet seat, the lift recliner, recovery table set up! I guess this whole thing will become a little more real then. We had the family over for Thanksgiving so the house is CLEAN, now keeping it that way is the trick.

When I scheduled this appointment in July... It seem the days were inching by so slowly, now their zooming! My preopt appointment is Monday, 12/2. I'll keep you posted.

Going to get my cashiers check today.... OMG! $8,970.00 is a lot of money to part with at one time, but I can do this. So no Black Friday shopping for me this year, 1) its too cold to be out and 2) I don't need more crap. :)


So excited for you! We will all be here to welcome you to the Flatland! :)
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Thanks QC_Mama!
wait a minute girl! are you back on the december 13th date???
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PRE-OP Appointment

Today was my Pre-opt appointment… OMGoodness! I’m so excited! Where do I start, well I get to the office and Jennifer is my nurse she is going over my paperwork and asking questions and I’m confirming the information she is giving me from my good TT friends on Youtube, Realself and TummyTuckTalk.
I take off my cloths and put on their gown to have photos taken. (I felt like I was auditioning to be a cast member on the next porn movie. LOL.) After that Dr. Z come in and he starts telling me what to expect at the next meeting like how far the TT scar will be on my body, what kind of scar to expect from the breast lift, and the leakage will be from lipo done on my flanks (woop woop… That’s just extra, NO CHARGE). I just starting sing out loud “The Thong Song”. I’ve had two c-sections so my scar will be there and just a little longer than that scar, so no hip to hip for me! I got my post-surgical prescriptions, their at Walmart 305.00 to get them filled! I need to find me a prescript card!
Lovenox – for Clot Prevention
Xanax – for Anxiety
Promethanzine - vomiting
Azithromycin – Z pak antibotic
Percocet – for Pain

I’m instructed to be at the office at 7:00 am 12/13/2013, (I plan to be there earlier than that), my procedure will start by 8:00 am. The procedure will take 5+ hours, done at their accredited facility. They will release me once I’m up walking around, and used the bathroom.
I’m so excited, it’s hard to contain myself! The time is here! I’m counting down… I have 10 days and a wake up to reach my destination… FLATLAND!

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Holistic Suppliments

OK I forgot to give you the list of holistic supplements my doctor instructed me to take. This is Pre - SX (2 weeks ahead) I'm taking these now.
Chorophyll Complex – by Standard Process (Chlorophyll Complex supports multiple body systems.)
• Provides antioxidants
• Supports vascular health
• Supports the body's normal inflammation response
• Provides cardiovascular support
• Maintains skin and hair health†

Dermatrophin PMG – by Standard Process (Dermatrophin PMG supports healthy skin and connective tissue.)
• Provides uniquely derived nucleoprotein-mineral extracts that support cellular health†

Chronagesic – by Desbio (Celeragesic™ is formulated for acute pain. It contains 27 established ingredients to provide relief for joint pain, muscle pain, sports injuries, and other injuries. It works with the body's natural pain-relieving functions to help improve mobility and flexibility of the musculo-skeletal system safely and effectively. Celeragesic is available as drops and as a topical gel.

Post SX i will be adding Gotu Kola (it has been used to treat many conditions for thousands of years in India, China, and Indonesia. It was used to heal wounds, improve mental clarity, and treat skin conditions such as leprosy and psoriasis.)

I will also be taking the Noni Leather, it has so many healing properties.


I am seriously jealous of your pre op appointment!!! Mine SUCKED!!!! My PS did not even show up :( It sounds like you are in good hands!
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WHAT!!! Dr. Z is super sweet and so is his staff.
Yeah! Getting so close! We'll be on the journey together
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4 days and a wake up!

STOP the madness! My turn is almost here... I dream't last night that I wore a halter blouse with no bra and I looked stunning, funny that was the only thing I remember from that dream!
I spent this weekend setting up my recovery area, I'm loving my recliner chair and I understand about the back hurting sitting in it for long periods of time, got to figure out how to remedy that before Friday.

I got my prescriptions filled yesterday, thank you Flexible Spending! I put up a medicine schedule to help me and my hubby remember when and what medicines to take. He is a stickler for that type thing, I will skip doses in a heartbeat. Its been about 7 years since I've taken a prescription drug, I'm really not liking the idea of it, I will suffer through the 5-10 days.

I had a convo with my "extra belly" this morning, "this will be the last weekend we will be together", I think she took it ok! she didn't shrink or start to look better, we've made our peace and said our goodbyes. No tears were shed.

I'm sure this week will fly and before I know it I'll be on the otherside! FLATLAND here I come!


lol@ we said our good byes and no tears were shed. i think im sort of mourning my old belle??? i am such a downer today. got a few tops and realized that i ddnt buy things that will hug my belle. i don't know why i did that though but we will see. or maybe i am over thinking the process too much??? i get excited and then caution myself. its as if i am afraid to be too happy. oh girl, i don't know. i feel a bit tight in my skin. friday should just be here already
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I have been SUPER busy the last few weeks. Only when I have time to breathe, I get a chance to say "Damn I'm almost there". I know exactly what you mean "excited then caution", its like I'm excited prematurely, there is alot we will go through the next few days, I feel like I need to wait till I'm over the hurdle to be excited... But I want to do my "happy dance" now! WE HAVE A DAY AND A WAKE UP!!!!! woop woop
Wowwww your count down is over. It is time for me to count down. What time is your surgery? And how long it is going to take?

No more days just a wake up!

I came to work today to help me take my mind off the fact that tomorrow is my day to get my body back to sexier. So today I’m a little numb, like my bones are bubbling but my skin is cold. I’ve waited on this day for so long and now that it’s here I don’t know how to react.
The last few days I’ve been wanting to post something but I’m lost for words.


how are you doing babe
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Thinking of you. I hope you are doing ok.
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Thinking of you today!

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The Day After

The day after... This s&^%$%$# isn't for the weak of heart!... I'm hurting all over, I can't tell when the meds have worn off. I have not enjoyed this one bit!

I my parents came over today, My mom insisted on changing my gauzes... I'm still lifting tape.


Glad you made it. Give it a few days and you'll feel like a different person. Happy healing and can't wait to see you.
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I feel so different... still a little hard for me to think and walk at the same time. So I sit when I have a thought get it out and then continue on.
Glad to hear from you. It will get better everyday. At the end you are going to love it. Now it's my turn.
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Day 2....

Today, I had a lot more energy. I slept for about 6 hours total last night 2 wake ups. Monday I slept in what seemed like 20 min increments all night long.

Back is sore, been putting ice packs on the lypo spots. I had my first solid meal today, scrambled eggs and bacon, delis!

My compression garment isn't tight is that normal. nor is the bra.

I've added the photo of my mom's wrap job. I love her so much and she just wanted to help us. But damn the tape and gauze!

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Before Photos


Lol, your mom sure wrapped you up good! I hope you get more sleep tonight and you wake up feeling better!
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Pain meds are needed!!!!!

Friday, I had TT w/MR and BL completed. Holy damn! I love my husband but he don’t listen to shit! I was to have my pain meds every 6 hours I was hurting so bad and he had forget what time he gave them to me last pill, I couldn’t keep up with the time and he wouldn’t give it to me earlier. I think I went 8 hours the first day, the pain was so unbearable. I cried most of the day. Before the sx, I told him that I didn’t want to be dependent on the drugs NOT realizing that I needed to be totally dependent on the drugs!
Today is day 3… I had a better day, I’ve been in charge of the pain meds! Still walking hunched over a lot, I was able to tighten my garment up a little bit more without the ouches. My appetite has increased and I had 2 poops today! Everyday is a better day.


i ran out here to see if you posted new pics. lol. cant wait. this is addictive
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im still very tight and tight!!!! so tight and upright with or without my cg. dont know how long but i cant wait to see my ps tomorrow
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Recovering better than I expected

Yesterday I had to bathe and redress myself, it took about an hour to do... than I had an appointment with my holistic doctor and had to drive myself. Afterwhich I decided I should go get my hair done and I did... Now I'm sitting pretty. All of which was really tiring and slept the rest of the day.
My SX twin sister (BIEE) reminded me that I haven't put pics... I've put photos up from day one to yesterday.
I am still happy that I did this surgery... Wouldn't take back one minute!
I love my boobs! I mean, I love my boobs!!!! I can't wait to wear some lingerie for my hunny! I'm hot even with the drains and drains are not as bad as I thought, I realized the stitches get dry and start to irritate, I just add a little oil to them and they are just fine!


You look amaing! Did you get a lift with implants or without? Your boobs are awesome! congrats! Praying for a continued speedy and healthy recovery!
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I got a lift without implants. Thanks so much!
damn girl, you look sooooo hot! like fire! damn! flat flat you are! your boobies are great! whooohooo!
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Post Op today

I had my post op today.... Got one drain removed, one remain but it comes out on Christmas! The drain removal is no joke, dang that hurt, and yes, my doctors office will open on Christmas to do select procedures... Everything looks good and healing very well! They removed all of the surgical tapes and retaped my scars. My navel looks a little narley...but Its been so long since I've seen it on the surface of my skin
I'm getting around so good my doctor ask had I returned to work
My job is close to the dr's office so I decided to stop by and see the gang! I miss my coworkers! I think they missed me too. lol


You are looking great.
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I am glad to not be the only one who admits that doing this is more than a notion. For some people, it was like getting a filling. Hell no!! It hurt like hell. My husband was superman and set the alarm when I was supposed to take my med. Took great care of me. But it is not for the weary for sure! I am very happy that I finally did it. You are a trooper--- I'm going to go to work for a couple of hours tomorrow. Happy healing to you and take it easy girl!
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merry christmas dearie. you look beautiful
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3 Weeks Post Op

Hey gang... Sorry for just getting updating. I haven't been busy, just LAZY!

Well swell-hell has showed up and showed out! For the past 2 weeks I wake up swollen and go to bed swollen. I'm hunched over in the morning, I may straighten out over the course of the day, but I'm dead dog tired when I get home and extremely hunched over. I'll cook dinner or wash dishes sitting on a stool.

I went back to work this week, everyday has been better than the day before. I can't wait for today to be over, mainly because I want to get in my pajamas and lay on the sofa and watch TV & do nothing!

My doctor said I don’t have the wear the compression binder anymore (x-mas day) I can’t go without it, if I don’t wear it I’m extremely swollen, wearing it has me so irritated, just raw to the touch and I’m wearing a tank top underneath it.

My husband and I went shopping this weekend, I picked up some really hot dresses can’t wait for the spring to wear them. I still can’t wear my jeans even my lose one, I can’t fasten them. If I could fasten them I think I would be in some serious pain. I have been in yoga type pants and dresses. Questions ladies: how long was it before you were able to wear your regular clothes?

Would I do this again... HELL YEAH! I love my new body


You look great! Don't worry about the swelling it gets better! I still wear my cg all day.
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Lovely lovely your rocking those spring dresses I love the purple one.. Your looking hot!!! I'm back in my regs but don't take my garment off 24/7 We are all different Hun
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I get so sick of my compression garment, i'll take it off anytime... That may be the reason I'm swelling so! Thanks for the heads up. I still haven't been able to wear a pair of jeans that's a bummer. Your looking GREAT!

Working out!

I had my month post op appointment last week, so I asked Dr. Z when can I start working out (not like I really wanted to but hey) he says "go ahead, just wear good support". I started Saturday got on the treadmill walk - jog... 27 min - 1.5 mile, I felt ok! no soreness. Today I decided I wanted to get outside and fair'd better in distant and time 2 miles in 30 min. Slow but I feel great!

Question... Anyone notice an uneven healing?... My right side has less swelling than my left. I'm messaging the left side like crazy and still there is a noticeable unevenness.


Looking good mamma! I have targeted swelling on the left side. Flanks and upper abs. No clue why. Par for the course, I guess!
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My CG is so tiring, I can't keep it on my hips, it rides up to my boobs and irritate the incision . The tighter I make it the raw'r I am when I get home. If I go without it I swell up like a balloon and start to weep (I have no opening). I've found some high waist-ed girdles, my waist is so small but my hips are still, I don't have enough booty to keep it from cutting.

3 Months Todau

I know its been a while since I've updated, but here I am....

I'm still in my compression garments; I have been dealing with swell-hell darn near everyday... The swelling don't let up! (nope, I still don't regret having the procedure!)
Been so busy with school, 1st grandbaby, working an internship, working a full time job, hubby, kids and lastly this GA weather can't make up its mind. I haven't worked out at all, trying to eat clean... but Red Velvet Cake keep coming home with me, gained about 5lbs. I'm not sure its weight or water.
I've been sleeping on my stomach for about 3 weeks now, still slow moving but I can fall asleep there. Boobs are still looking fabulous, Navel isn't looking like I thought, it just doesn’t look natural. TT incision has darkened up its very smooth on the front but the sides are raised, at the 3 months point I'm supposed to stop itching, somedays I can scratch the skin off my boobs. I'm now experiencing the boob pain (sharp pains), but I know it’s just nerves reconnecting. Belly is still numb, right side is getting more area of feeling then the left side.
Dr. Z, said at my last appointment he may have to do a little lipo on the front and the sides. The sides have little fat pockets that get sore from being folded by my CG but the front bottom I have a little pooch I believe it’s swelling. I haven’t really experienced the flatness in the morning and swelling in the evening stage yet. I long for the days of right after surgery when I was super sunken, BUT I still look better than I did the day before surgery!
I don’t think I’ve been through the depression stage nor will I… I look in the mirror everyday and say “DAMN, I’M FINE!”
Truly Loving Me and All Of You!

Photos will come later.

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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zwiren, I found the practice on, the office staff is very personable, and Dr. Zwiren is very soft spoken, gentle, he didn't try to sell me something I didn't need!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
Was this review helpful? 4 others found this helpful