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I am having my procedure done in 2 days from now....

I am having my procedure done in 2 days from now. The anxiety is killing me, my heart is in my throat. I'm so scared and yet very excited of getting the waitline I've always wanted. The reviews on this blog have kept me going. I will upload all pics towards the end of the week. Wish mwe luck folks. What else can I take to calm my nerves in the meantime?
We are having it done on the same day....Good luck
God knows I need all the luck. I have never been so scared in my life. Good luck 2 u 2 babe

fear rules

Fear still consumes my brain, I almost cancelled yesterday, I just cudnt cope, cudnt breathe either. I have paid all the money last nite so I guess I'm going ahead with it my hubby's coming with me, so sweet of him cudnt het my script yesterday will get it 2day during the day

hope u'r all sitting down for this

Pics I took last nite......sit down for this b4 u faint
A good way to relieve stress is to exercise. Run, walk, whatever. It will also help with the healing. Good luck. I hope you got some VaserShape(s) to go with the VaserLipo.
what is vaser shapes now???
VaserShape is ultrasound waves that break up the fat underneath the skin. I had my first one yesterday and OMG. It loosened up the tightness from VaserLipo, broke up the scar tissue. It's performed on the top of the skin and it feels warm and nice. In the really hard areas it hurt a little, but it feels good afterwards. It's not permanent BTW, but it sure does help with the recovery and misery. It smoothed out the "lumps". I'm looking at the price you paid above. I hope they threw some of these in?

no customer service whatsoever

As I was on my way there, Corie foned me 2 say I can come earlier coz 1st client's running late. Got there @ 7h30 hubby was sent away. I was whisked 2 preparatiob room where I was given calming tablet. Charmaine the nurse was the most horrible person I've ever met. She told me 2 get my panic 2gether otherwise I'll be given my mony back & sent home. They knw what they'r doing so better trust them. Thank God I was stoned 15min later. It saved me frm the worst nurse that ever lived. I'm back thout lovies,he removed 7and half literes. I didn't feel a thing, I was out the entire process. Didn't see th dr, only saw him 4 5 seconds as his was passing by. He didn't spend anytime with me whatsoever. I guess they had the money so nothing else mnattered. Th services was appauling as far as I'm concerned
Hey sweets how's it going. I'm fine & made it. Thank God
Are u ok there dear? U'r quiet. Am fabulous, not. Much pain yet

the worst is over

Its all done, didn't feel nor hear anything. Was give a small white pill. Arrival, I was sedated in 15m. Saw my tummy 2day after shower it looks alright, let's see me in 2 weeks than folks. I start physion next week any pointers on how 2 go thru that painless
you had quite a bad experience with the doctor and his team. infact it is sad that you haven't seen him. how are you feeling now? do you feel the difference? by physion you meant going for lymphdrainage massage. masage are meant to relax your stiff muscle and make your healing process faster. i dont think it would be so painfull. are you taking any painkiller?that certainly would help
YeS I. Am my stiffness is worst this eve. I'm feeling da pintch
Hi there, I'm feeling fabulous. I went 2 have a post checkup yesterday. Dr o where 2 be seen. I'm ok really. I wasn't looking for speacial treatmrnt just 2 be attended 2 ammicably. Yes I mean lymph draingage massages. The tummy's so tender, am scared it will hurt

do I need a new garment

I had the belt garment after surgery with the sponge underneath. Do I perhaps need a new one, a much tighter one?? Are results dependant on the kind of garment? I want maximum results & ont wanna take chances. Somebody please advise
Will certainly do. Have u done a procedure yoself & how did it go
I am scheduled to do vaser liposuction around the abdomen on 27 th May by dr Mekle, in Poland. Now I am just counting my days and arranging for after care because I am travelling from Austria to Poland for the surgery and the follow up after care has to be done by myself.
I can't speak 4 other dr's but this one was gr8t. I felt nothing & had mobility immediately aftawards. Even now I'm ok, problem is when sleeping not finding gud position. Either than that its gr8t

day 3

Still very inflammed

hate the drain

I love showers, oh they make me feel gud. The drain irritates but only 2 days 2 go with it. Healing slowly but nicely...hope everybody else is healing welll

they seemed 2 burnt my skin

After my procedure I saw this puplish colour bruise on my tummy & thought nothing of it until it developed blisters. The evil nurse Charmane was terrified & became friendly the minute she realised the damage...strange hey


Am very inflamed & struggling 2 walk properly. I return 2 work on da 14th. Can't wait for this swelling 2 subside
Hey girl, how's it going?
I feel gr8t babe, have gone back 2 work also. Still stiff but not as bad
I feel gr8t babe, have gone back 2 work even

12 days later

burning sensation

I have a burning sensation in my tummy, the kind u'd have if u drink alcohol in an empty stomach. Is this normal??

Compression garment

How tight is the garment meant 2 be? I always worry that mine is not very tight.

the waiting's killing me

2day its exactly a month afta I did my procedure. I feel like the reuslts have stood still. I've seen no progress lately & getting a bit anxious
I really think your results are amazing! Do you know how much fat they removed?

a month and a week now

Its been almost 6weeks afta my procedure. Am healing well, jst anxious about results. Haven't done ultrasound for 2 weekss now. I jst do manual massages @'s everybody??
Hey gorgeous. I've followed you on here since day one and finally made my own blog a few days ago after stalking everyone else for so long lol, my turn on the 24th! I think your results are looking brilliant. You're gonna be changing for the next few months yet but I bet it's changed your whole attitude towards diet and fitness now and will want to keep bettering yourself. It's like when you have a new phone or a new house you desperately want to keep it nice compared to when you have a knackared old thing you don't care. I can't wait for mine now!!! Xxx
Hey sugar, oh yes definately born again. I look amazing. Moved from size 40 bottom to size 36, feel wonderful.........I'll be here holding yo hand until yo procedure and after.
Thanks beautiful.. If I get anything like your difference I'll be over the moon. How many massages have you had now. I have my therapist coming to my house the day after and then on day 3,4,5,6 so that's five and then she said she will go down to weekly after the first week. Just so expensive will add another 500 on but I think it will enhance it anyway. I hope I don't have a horrible nurse like yours, were you just sedated with tablet and done with local? Mine is just tablet sedative and then local so awake throughout, don't know if I prefer to be awake or not hmmm. Hopefully I'll fall asleep naturally :( xxx

5 weeks

Wow. Look at that difference. It's only when you look back at where you have come from you truly appreciate the difference. That's crazy after five weeks :-o

great comparison

winter in SA

How's everybody doing, am doing great
dr Henry classe

The staff didn't care aything about me, all they were interested is whether I've paid in full & if brought cash for the anaesthetists. Don't regret mt choice thou. I was made comfortable by the drugs & felt no pain. Don't go there looking for love & care rather the procedure that u paid for........

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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