375cc ULTRA HIGH MENTOR Boobs - Pretoria, South Africa

I am a young healthy woman who likes to exercise...

I am a young healthy woman who likes to exercise this has left me with 32A boobs or (pecks) as I call them,which is just not working with my body. I'm 1.73m tall and weight 61kgs an I'm wanting to be in proportion and feel more confident. A breast augmentation will definitely help me get there. Any advise feel free to leave me a message.
Do it .In America we do not use eurosillica but I hear it is the best and have great guarantee. ...a good ps will tell u that they balance high of body...width of chest and hips and depth of buttocks that side s cuve. But most go a little larger next size up


So I saw my PS on Monday, we have discussed going with mentor ultra high profile implants the gel ones. So we tried on the 300cc I thought I was satisfied till I got home looked at the pics and reviewed. The 300cc is only going to give me a full B and I definitely want to be a FULL C. I spoke to my PS yesterday she said the biggest we can go is 350cc and that should be a FULL C, anyone else similar to me in height and weight with VERY little breast tissue go with this size and these implants. What size bra do you wear?


So I basically have 8 days before surgery day and I have a few questions I still need to find out.
Any one ever used muscle relaxants? I see it's common in America but not in South Africa ? If I take cataflam and k-fenak after the op is this ok? I will consult with my PS too just wanting to know what to do to avoid pain an bloating. I've had to stop all my vitamins, Phaedra cut cla 1000 as they thin your blood which I found very interesting.
Please feel free to leave any tip or comments :-)
I hope you don't mind me offering a reality check, I don't know what you weigh in pounds and how tall that is in inches but I'm 4'11" and 100 lbs. 23 years ago I had asked for small ones and not even sure what size he used but always felt they were too big for my body. Doctors seem to want to go bigger thinking that's what we want. Some women do. But read some of the blogs here about women having them explanted, and Just know that one day you will need to have them removed. So save your money for that. And be mentally prepared. It took me 20 years to get the nerve to get them out after capsular contracture.
What happened with your capsular contracture? What do your natural boobs seem like now. I'm about 5.8 and around 136pounds. My natural boobs are 32AA barely there I can't wear a bra it's so uncomfortable I just wear sports bras. What didn't you like about implants ?
Hi, well I got capsular contracture kind of early on, within a couple years it started, but they still looked good, just felt hard. Men I dated would make comments that they could tell, some didn't like fake boobs, that made me feel bad, but I looked good in clothes, so carried on with them. I will have them out next week so not sure what they will look like, I suspect very very very small, as I was when I was young, maybe a little bigger now?? But my right breast is getting bigger and harder with the scar tissue. There are lumps I'm guessing where there have been ruptures and so the CC builds around that. I will have to have all of that removed, so not sure how that will effect my breasts. Dr says shouldn't be a problem though. I am looking a women with small breasts and thinking that is beautiful now :) Best wishes either way for you. And me!!


My op is scheduled for Friday 13:30 I am so nervous, I'm googling breast aug regrets and now wondering about size, I no I want boos but I am so nervous now, I this common? Wondering if I should go 300cc an not 350cc wow what big decisions we have to make.....

I have boobs

On Friday at 13:30 I went into theatre for my rest augmentation I was completely relaxed which was great. 58minutes later and I had 375cc mentor ultra high profile implants. The rest of the day was a sore(muscle cramping sore) sleepy blur. I was discharged the next day and felt good. So happy with my results.
Day 2 post op I woke up with tight boobs but I'm staying on top of my medicines and it's definitely not a painful as I had thought, I'm still waiting on day 3 pain but I am mobile I just need help sittin up and lying down.
Very very happy:-)

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Hey all
I'm super happy with my implants, I was worried they were to big at first but u guess after not having boobs to just having boobs it's makes sense, recovery wasn't as bad as I thought although not being able to use my muscles to sit up is tough. I am struggling to sleep on my back or sides and morning boob hurts. Not on a lot of pain meds any more and a lot easier then I thought.
You look great and you look happy. Good going. Soon, you will feel like they have always been there. I couldn't imagine getting rid of mine.
Hi! We are approximately the same height and weight and I got 375cc too (HP). I'm hoping to be a full C as well..So far I think that's exactly what I'll be! Yours look great on you, happy healing :)
You look beautiful. The size you picked compliments your frame very well.

Post op day day 16

So I'm almost feeling how I did before my BA just way happie and more confident. I have started using scar science on my scars and I'm dying to get back to exercising but I can't for another 4 weeks which sucks. All/ most of my clothes fit my boobs are so perfect for me an my frame I haven been happier. Up till day 13 I still got back ache and is till sleep with a pillow under my boobs or back as I have some side boob( with 375cc) which is great! My right is fluffing and drooping faster then my left but you can hardly tell. Nipples are centered and my projection is great. I log the UHP because I have a narrow Chest I still get the side projection and the cleavage in the front but they are not riding high on my chest which is lovely. So happy with my doctor and the outcome of my surgery. Hope this helps
You look great!!! How long until you felt normal again and the implants felt like a part of you?
Thank you! I'm so happy! Well by day 4 I was able to move around more freely on my one. Eg get up from lyin down(very sore tho) by day 5 I was off my strong pain meds and feeling great a part from not being able to lift my arms, wash y hair, shave y arm pits etc . My back hurt all the way up to day 13 and I slouched a lot- even today my back was a little sore in between my blades from standing a lot. My implants never felt foreign, I didn't have loads of swelling and my surgeon used drains which I am positive as ugly as they were for 4 days I drained over 100ml of fluids and I'm ire it's helps with swelling and my body had less to deal with while trying to heal. Day 3 was my only down day were I thought they were to big but now I absolutely love them, they feel like part of me, I'm almost feeling able to do what I could before. My symmetry is great already , they still a little far a part but they round perky and soft and I love them! How you feeling? What your concerns?
I'm feeling less down than I felt yesterday. I'm really struggling with the swelling, how tight they feel, and the constipation. I guess the implants don't feel foreign so much as they feel really heavy. Simple things like putting my arms straight above my head, bending over, and sleeping on my side are painfully annoying if not difficult. It seems like your implants didn't ride as high as mine are - is that because of the drains? Either way, you look great. I hope I start feeling normal sooner than later. Any advice?
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