I Miss my Mojo

Im gna hav lipo on my abs n flanks,i hav a very...

Im gna hav lipo on my abs n flanks,i hav a very stubborn muffin top,also runs n the fam the women we r all apple shaped,i miss havin a waist n wearin lowrise jeans its ben years even wen i had a nice shape ie NO muffin top ive NEVER worn a bikini,never now im n my 30s my mother was strict wen it came to our clothes we cudnt even show our kneecaps lol

all in my head

Today i got a auto call from my ps askin for confirmation on my preop appt on mon a.m. it really hit me today it's almost here! Im not regretting it,i thnk its jus bcuz of my nerves that im havin all these racing thoughts like the what-ifs you know? Then on top of that my mother asks me do i have life insurance?? Ik she didnt wna ask but she is a planner,and she supports my decision to hav ps,so her intentions r good.
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