Fat and enzymes ruined my face - San Francisco, CA

Had fat transfer to my face and lips. BIG...

Had fat transfer to my face and lips. BIG MISTAKE-looks awful and distorted. These doctors need to stop using methods that are so unpredictable. Then they have the nerve to say just wait it out-for at least a year. Are you kidding me? A whole year? Do Not Consider it-I dont' care who the surgeon is and what they promise. Need a facelift? Leave out the fat. Absolutely the worst experience of my life.

3months out-looks worse now than it did before....

3months out-looks worse now than it did before. One side is losing fat faster than the other and there are lumps and uneven areas. Face is flat with no definition. Dr says now have to wait 18 months to see the "true" results. How convenient to keep changing the amount of time. Opinion hasn't changed. This is the worse experience of my lift. I don't look feminine at all. I feel like I was ripped off. Whatever prettiness I had before, its gone. My doctor was a really good salesman and now he is saying we never talked about cheeks and "you didn't have cheeks before" OMG-are you kidding me?

Fat is disappearing and now have hollow under eyes...

Fat is disappearing and now have hollow under eyes. Dr says any areas where more fat is needed can be added after 6 months and will cost more $$$$. If course! Why didn't I think of that? The fat doesn't last and is uneven. Lumps and bumps. Face is ruined. If any of you are thinking about this, PLEASE don't do it. You will regret. I have had people contact me who aren't happy with their results. What more do we need to say?? DON'T DO FAT. It's a money maker for these docs. Recent follow up with doctor was a joke. He has completely changed what he told me (and my spouse) in the consult. Now he says he cannot say that any of the fat will remain. He never promises that. But can add more at a reduced price. WHAT A GUY.

13 weeks post revision facelift, necklift, full...

13 weeks post revision facelift, necklift, full face fat transfer. Skin is looking terrible. The texture is like an orange peel and there are divots everywhere. I never had great skin but now, its looking worse than ever. I can also see where the doctor entered the skin to fat graft. First he told me skin would improve after fat. Then he said it would take 2 years to see the improvement. One of my friends asked me where the acne came from? Right side is sagging and you can see layers where fat graft is. Pock marks are very defined whereas they weren't prior to fat. That's another thing they don't tell you. Skin looks worse than ever. My big event is a month away. Don't know what to do. Lump on side of mouth is so noticeable as is the lump on the lip. My daily mantra-DON'T DO FAT-EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Approaching 4 months post facelift, fat transfer,...

Approaching 4 months post facelift, fat transfer, canthopexy, necklift, brow lift and fat to lips. Eyes are completely uneven and asymmetrical. Fat has caused pitting effect in skin and looks terribly. Browlift is uneven and 3 different doctors I have gone to for opinions tell me there is too much fat-causing me to look boxy-eyes have no crease and no lids, fat is uneven and lumpy. Big lump in lip and one by side of mouth. I still cannot believe I paid money to look like this. DO NOT DO FAT-This Dr has offered nothing to fix my face at this point. All he says is wait. I still don't know what I'm waiting for.

My dermatologist took one look at me and...

My dermatologist took one look at me and asked-what happened to your eyes? My surgeon took away my crease and my hooded lids so now I look like a freak. I have to wear glasses all the time because the eyes look so bad. And they don't close properly. When I asked my derm why my skin looks so bad, he said EVERY doctor knows when you add fat or filler, all the imperfections (acne scars, etc) come to the surface! HOW COME MY DR DIDN'T KNOW? He claims that he has 25 years of experience. He knew my history-everything-I left out no details and he went ahead and did fat injections anyway. I think that's just wrong. If he knew the outcome with my skin was going to be bad, why wouldn't he tell me its not a good idea? Oh-that's right, then he couldn't charge me all that money. (as I slap my forehead)

I'm just so mad-my face is looking worse and...

I'm just so mad-my face is looking worse and worse-at 5 months I have so many issues. The fat has destroyed my skin and is sagging on the right.My face is lumpy and uneven. I have lines and track marks from where the doctor inserted the canulas. My eyes are worse than ever. One big, one small. Not even and certainly not as pretty as they used to be. The lumps in the lips are still there. Nothing looks good. NOTHING. I'm so sad. I look at my pics from before and i looked better than I do now. This Dr promised me so much and delivered NOTHING. I feel like I've been robbed of a lot of money. I just don't know what to do to fix this nightmare.

6 months and the nightmare continues

The fat is pretty much gone-maybe a little in the lower face stayed. The fat in the lumps has reduced a lot but the lumps are still there. My skin texture is terrible. I think the enzyme the doctor used to remove filler prior to surgery ruined my face along with the fat. He won't take any responsibility and wont offer to refund my money or offer to fix anything. Unless I want more fat and want to PAY him. I have several consults set to see what can be done. The texture is pitted and looks like I have wavy lines all over my face. I still can't believe this butcher is allowed to practice and people still continue to go to him. He dumped 200 units of enzyme into my face the morning of surgery saying it wouldn't do anything other than get rid of filler. REALLY DR?? It removed everything-including my own tissue. How can he call himself an expert??? I'm just so sad. I was hoping for improvement. It hasn't come.

11 month review

I have had several consults at this point to determine what I can do to fix my fat issues. I will need lip revision/surgery to fix the fat lumps in my lips and some type of filler to fix the irregularities in my face. There are divots, lumps and bumps that have not subsided, although my doctor said they would. He has pretty much dropped off the radar now that things haven't gone well. The fat disappeared and so did my doctor. I really hope people stay away from fat. It is not predictable and any doctor that tells you they can fix your problems with it is nothing more than a liar. It's a money maker for them. Nothing else. After talking to several doctors, they were quite honest about the fact that fat IS NOT the way to go and shouldn't be used to resolve volume issues. Some of the fat is right under my left eye and looks odd when i smile. It pushes up the skin and crinkles. The right side is way too low and I have grooves under both eyes now that the fat is gone and looks very hollow. The fat deposited in my lower face has created jowling that wasn't there before. When I smile, things ok but who walks around smiling all the time? When my face is in neutral position,.it looks lopsided, uneven, and my profile if flat. Whatever fat Ihad that was mine to begin with, is gone from the hylauronidaise this doctor did before injecting fat. The enzyme takes away your natural tissue How is it all the docs I consulted with know this but mine insisted it wouldn't? Anyway, this is a very expensive lesson so take my advice-DON"T EVER DO FAT

My doc

So it appears my doc has paid other websites to wipe out his bad reviews. How interesting all his negative reviews are gone from that site. I wonder how he would explain that. And I heard he files lawsuits against anyone who goes against him. Now, why would you do that if you were an ethical, kind , caring Ps? Hmmmm/ the word evil bad mean keeps popping into my head. Thank you Realself for not succumbing to that BS. TM-shame on you. You take all that money and make people think you are a good man. Not!!
Name not provided

This Dr in SF came recommended by people on a forum and from researching fat grafting. Very few doctors do fat and this one swears by it. He talked me out of implants and said he could fix my problems with fat. There is very little information about him online and he has no website. Beware doctors that don't have a lot online these days. This Dr ruined my face. And don't even try to get in to see him for repair He won't admit to wrong doing and just brushes you off. He comes off caring but only cares about money. Happy to share his name upon request.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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My eyes are terribly hollow - lacking any fat whatsoever. I had no lid crease. CO2 Laser Resurfacing literally melted what little fat I had. I am thinking of using a doctor in North Carolina I've heard mentioned on here. His name is Dr. Michael Law. Has anyone had structural fat grafting (not fat transfer) performed by Dr. Law? And, if so, were you pleased? Have you had structural fat grafting by ANY doctor you were pleased by? At this point, I don't trust very easily, what any doctor claims to be able to do!
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Hi. I had botched surgery a couple years ago. The doctor did things I didn't as for - which was removing all the fat around my eyes. He also lasered my lower lids (I foolishly trusted him with that one even though didn't ask for it) and it too melted my fat. I was depressed for a year till I found Dr. Law. If you decide to do fat grafting he is the doctor to go to. It is his specialty and even though it might take a few procedures, it's better be patient an have good results. I did fat grafting with him probably 4 times already. He fixed my horrid hollowness around the eyes. I am an out of state patient and I wouldn't even bother to look for another doctor closer to home. Dr. Law is really good at what he does and his staff is super pleasant and always ready to help and answer any questions you would have. He is very conservative with grafting. It might be a little pricy but so worth it. After first fat grafting you will get discounts for further grafts (if you need them). He also fixed my boobs. He truly is amazing at his job.
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My eyes are terribly hollow...severe. I am thinking about structural fat transfer (NOT fat injections) by a doctor in North Carolina - Dr. Michael Law. Has anyone had "structural fat transfer" by this doctor? Or any doctor that you are PLEASED with?
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Structural fat and fat transfer are the same thing.
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RedRoxie...I agree, that was my understanding too. Every doctor uses their own terminology, but it really boils down to the same thing. Fat transfer...fat injections...structural fat transfer...all just different names for the same procedure. Perfectionist1 should ask her PS to explain the differences in detail if he feels there are any. Then ask at least 2 more PS if they agree with his assessment. My doctors have all told me they are all the same thing.
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It's all marketing in my opinion
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I'm so sorry that this hapenned to you. I hope it can be fixed.
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Just curious which doctor did you use for fat transfer? Thinking of a doctor in Sanfran... don't want to take any chances
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I think your major problem in the cheeks is the hyaluronidase. It appears that fat will not "take" after hyaluronidase. Have you tried replacing it with HA filler in the cheeks? Have a look at Blonde Babe's post and pictures. Hyaluronidase made her look like she has acne also. Clearly the enzyme destroys something in the skin when it dissolves filler. I believe it does not harm skin that has never had filler in it. I had a test shot in the arm and nothing happened. BUT when filler has been used in the skin and then dissolved the hyaluronidase can cause massive damage as you are describing. There have been no studies that explain why but the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming. It has happened to lots of people including me under the eyes and in the midface. My theory is that the filler integrates with tissue or pushes tissue out of the way. When HA filler is dissolved the tissue underneath has already been "damaged" by filler so that damage shows up.
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Which Dr. In San Fran did your fat transfer?
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I'm really sorry about what you have had tol go through. I just had a fat transfer in January. Although, yes, it was voluntary- I had to have it due to some damage caused by some other things (I wont' elaborate) I am now 6 months out, and honestly, I'm hoping some more of the fat will dissipate, particularly in my lower face. Did you see fat continue to go after 5-6 months?
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what about fat transfer to the breast?? is that also totally not worth it?
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I haven't heard anything bad about FT to the breast other than it didn't last long & wasn't permanent. At least if there is lumping, it's something that can be hidden with clothing. Unfortunately when it's on your face, there is no way to hide it. Should never...never...be used on the face unless it's to remedy a disfigurement so bad (like from a major accident or birth defect) that there is no other choice than to risk it. That's what FT was used for initially, until someone figured out they could make a lot of money by pushing it on women who only had minor cosmetic flaws. And the unscrupulous are still doing it. They should lose their medical licenses for continuing a practice that has caused so much damage.
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NSG is right. We were lied to by these doctors telling us fat was the panacea. I just talked a friend out of spending almost 8k on fat transfer to her buttocks. Thank God she listened. So ridiculous her dr told her she will retain most of it. What BS. He showed her pics I said ask to see a real person 2-3 years post fat. I am now 18 months post ft to face. nONE left except for a few lumps. Any doc who sells this as a way to solve fat loss is lying. Plain and simple Oh- and it destroyed my skin. Stem cell effect my a$$
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thanks! yes i think this procedure is extremely unreliable and quite painful as well..
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What state did u do this? Why didn't u give his name here so people will avoid him?
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Feel free to pm me. I'm happy to give out his name he's well known in San Francisco
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I don't really see the damage in your pix to be honest, but it is only a portion of your face. I've been considering this surgeon for fat transfer - I lost most of my facial volume due to IPL damage.. Since there isn't a single surgeon out there preforming this procedure that has a clean slate (ie. no negative reviews), I think I will just forego doing this procedure to restore volume.. What other suggestions do you have for volume restoration? fillers are also very risky and cheek implants look pretty bad most of the time and don't really accomplish what fat does.. I don't have any sagging, as I am still young, but this gaunt look is really bothering me. hope you are doing better, all the best..
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There are many good fillers out there. Voluma, perlane , resty. You need a good doctor who is skilled injector. What state are you in?
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although choosing a skilled surgeon is important when considering any cosmetic procedure, I read too many horror stories about fillers to think that they are safe even in the hands of experts. There are instances of severe allergic reactions, the material moving from one area to another, lumps & bumps, reactions to the material that dissolves temporary fillers (forgot what it's called), changes in skin texture and even blindness in a few cases when the injector hit an artery feeding the eye.. seems like just as much of a gamble as fat, no? have you had any success with fillers?
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No luck with fillers.
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I had good results with restylane. Wish I would have stayed with it rather than making the bad decision to go with fat transfer. After the first couple of fills about 4-6 months apart, it lasted almost a year before I needed a touch up. I would suggest just trying a small amount of whatever fill the ps recommends just to see how your skin reacts to it, then go back for more if it goes well for more. A friend of mine uses perlane and she really likes the results. She's used it for about 3 years and I had used restylane for about 4 years without a problem.
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Hey, thanks for the comment - I appreciate it. Nice to see that someone had good experience with fillers, reading the reviews though, there are just as many negative reviews for fillers as for fat. Fat transfer (or more generally, "volume restoration" with either fillers or other alternatives) is something I may be considering perhaps in a couple of years, once I fully recover from the IPL damage, but at this point, I am definitely just focusing at treating the scarring and textural irregularities from the IPL. Tbh, I may forgo any type of volume restoration - just to be on the safe side and try like facial exercises or something. There are a number of ppl on essential day spa that have tried them and claim they work, so I think it's at least worth a try since it's pretty much risk free
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I now have to spend money to fix my lips-they are so awful looking its embarrasing The sausage rolls in my face from nectrotic fat looks terrible. Like I have sagging skin with odd layering. Several docs recommends filler to smooth out. Others recommend implants. to smooth out. I wish Iknew what to do. I just want my old face back. I hate what this damn Dr has done to me. And he's laughing all the way to bank knowing there are still women like us who will get this done over and over. It's hard some days. I get seriously depressed
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