Lasering Off My Impulsive Ink Choice in Toronto, ON

I'd like to start this off with stating that I...

I'd like to start this off with stating that I always have been and still am a tattoo enthusiast, I currently have 8 tattoos which will soon be 7 once my removal is complete. All of my tattoos mean something to me and the only reason why I'm removing one of them is because it didn't turn out the way I was wanting it too which has made me self conscious about it. I looked into doing a cover up though eventually realized that I'd just rather have it gone. What I'm removing is a combination of 2 tattoos, I got the first part (a cherub) in 2002 and then added to it (a vine underneath it) in 2011. The whole thing measures about 10 centimeters in length and contains mainly black ink with touches of green and pink and is located on my upper left arm. I am fair skinned and have always limited my sun exposure, I've never had a tan in my life.

I've already had one tattoo removed back in 2002. My first tattoo removal experience went very well and I have no ink left with minimal scarring. This was a small tattoo (about 4 centimeters in length) and contained only black ink. It was already slightly faded at the time I removed it and was located on my upper chest. It took 5 treatments total to remove about 90% of the ink and then what was left faded on it own within about 2 years after the last treatment.

I did a search for tattoo removal clinics in my city and there were 2 names that kept popping up as the top rated. I tried to book a consult with one yet had a lot of difficultly in reaching someone and once I did get into touch they had very limited availability which wouldn't work for me so I went with the other highly rated one and was able to book in for a consult soon after.

The consult went very well and left me feeling confident about the results I would see. The technician also showed me some before and after photos of tattoos she had removed on other clients which I thought was a nice touch. I was given the estimate of 8 - 10 treatments and received my first treatment in September '13.

I didn't see much difference after the first 2 treatments which is what I suppose is to be expected. I noticed that I was healing up pretty fast, my arm would be red and puffy for about a week and then it would just itch like crazy. I had a few blisters and scabbing which went away after about 2 weeks. I have been trying to leave the area alone for the most part, I'm just applying a light moisturizer to help with the itch and peeling.

I'm now 4 sessions in and am seeing some fading in the top part though not as much in the bottom half. I've noticed that the touches of green and pink now look brighter while the black ink sections are looking faded. My tech says that the ink is being pulled more to the surface which is why the colors now appear brighter. I hope this means that over the next few sessions the colors will start to fade as well.

I have mixed feelings on my experience thus far. I am happy to see some fading and can definitely tell that the top portion of my tattoo is going to be gone quicker than the bottom half mainly as the top half was already fading since it is much older. The bottom half has definitely lightened up though it's unclear as to how many sessions will still be needed as my technician has described the ink as 'deep and stubborn'. After being told this I started getting discouraged as I might be in for much more treatments then what I had originally been quoted. Then again I am halfway through the quoted 8 sessions so who knows, maybe the next 4 will remove more ink than what I've seen so far.

I've decided to look into getting a second opinion on the removal and have contacted the other high rated clinic and booked in a consult. I'm wondering if maybe the best results come from getting treatments done with a few different lasers. At this point in time I'm willing to try just about anything to get rid of this tattoo, with summer coming I'd like to wear sleeveless tops and dresses without a huge mark on my upper arm.

I will update this after my next session and include some pics!

Thanks for reading. :)
Welcome, so glad you took the time to share your story with us! Great to hear you had one successful removal, and interesting to know it continued to fade over the 2 years to be completely gone. Do you have any before an after photos of your first removal to share as well? 

Do you know what laser you are being treated with? 

I love tattoos as well, I have 4, one in the process of being removed as well....same reason, just didn't turn out as expected. 

Look forward to following your journey!!
Hi Eva, thank you for reading my story. I unfortunately do not have any 'before' pics of the first tattoo I had removed though I could share an 'after'. I will update this soon with pics of both the removed tattoo and the one I'm currently having removed. It's great to know that there are a lot of others out there who are also going through the trials and tribulations of getting a tattoo removed!
Hi. Great story. Plenty of people on here including myself will get a boost from seeing how the tattoo you had removed looks, or not looks if you know what I mean. Jez

Funny Discovery

I made a funny discovery the other day.

After feeling super self conscious at my gym the other day as I saw how pale and washed out I looked I decided to try a self tanner moisturizer. I'd heard good things about the results the new line that Jergen's has and I can definitely say that it does work wonders! After a few days of using it all over I'm no longer pasty white. I'm not exactly super bronze tan either, I just have a slightly sun touched color and my skin tone is a lot more even. As I stated in my original review I have a few tattoos other than the one I'm removing and I've noticed that applying the self tanner over them has made them appear brighter and fresher. People are now asking me if I've gotten a new tattoo or touched them up. That was a unexpected side effect!

I got a 2nd opinion....

Yesterday I went in for my consult at another tattoo removal clinic which I have heard nothing but rave reviews for. Apparently the laser used at this clinic is by far the Best. The consult went well and I am going to continue my treatments at this clinic, I have cancelled my upcoming treatment at the first clinic I had been treated at. After my consult with my new laser technician I have resigned myself to the fact that I am not going to see 100% removal of parts of my tattoo, apparently the ink is very deep inn sections and there is also some scar tissue built up underneath the ink which is impeding it's breakdown. I also am more likely than not going to be left with some scarring. It was disappointing to hear this though I have to accept that it is what it is. I figure if I can get this tattoo to the point where it's faded enough to look like an erased pencil mark I'll be happy with that. I am trying hard to stay positive and trust in my new technician's abilities, like I was saying I have heard nothing but rave reviews for his work and there are many who like me have come to him after seeing somewhat unsatisfactory results at other clinics and have had him give them the results they were looking for. Fingers crossed!!
Never say never, you may be surprised to see more clearance then expected...keep  your mind focused on wanting to achieve full removal and your body will follow. 

What machine will you be treated with?

Good luck and keep us posted!
Hi Eva! I am currently being treated with a Quantum Q Plus C. I've finally started seeing some significant fading!

Progress Photos


I'm now in a bit of leeway as I'm waiting until the end of this month before starting up with my removal treatments again. The reasons for this is that I have some other expenses to take care of and also that the technician I'm now seeing was pretty booked up until the end of this month which I'm taking as a good sign. I'm trying hard to stay patient and remind myself that this is a process and with any process there may be setbacks.

5th session overall and 1st session with my new laser technician

Today I went in for my 5th overall session and first session with my new laser technician. Things went well. I've committed to 4 sessions with this new technician and have decided that I will finish out these session without freaking out about anything and just take things as they come. After these 4 I am going to wait it out a bit before doing any other treatments. My reasons for this is simply just that this process is very expensive and I've got to draw the line somewhere. I'm hopeful that after I've completed 8 sessions total that I'll see significant lightening and then can just allow it to continue to fade on it's own once my sessions are done.


I woke up today and took a good look at my tattoo which is being removed. It now looks pretty disgusting as it's all red and inflamed after my treatment yesterday. I can also tell that I'm going to be getting some blistering. It looks to me like the ink is breaking up in some places though the majority of it still looks pretty dark. I felt myself going into a panic as the thought that maybe this tattoo is not ever going to remove fully and I'll always have something of it left on me. The rational side of my brain is telling me that I've just got to wait it out a bit more and really the way it looks right after a treatment is not indicative of how it's going to look forever. It's just fully sunk in to me how much I am really kicking myself for being so impulsive about getting this tattoo in the first place. If I could only go back to 2011 for one day and change the course of history forever.....

Photo of one day after the 5th laser session

Hey. I know that feeling you're describing, after a treatment, all too well. Everything looks red, raised, sore. The tattoo appears dark and generally a mess! My brain plays the same trick on me and I get really bogged down by it for a couple of weeks whilst it heals. You're not alone :) Do you know what laser you were being treated with before and and what laser your new place uses? Also, really encouraging to hear you've had success with removal once already - is it obvious that there was once a tattoo there? Or do you really have to get up close to see?
Hello, thank you for your encouragement! The laser I was treated with at the first clinic was the Picosure, the laser I just had a treatment with is a Quanta Q plus C. After doing a bit of research into the Picosure it apparently isn't the best choice for black ink and my tattoo is mainly black ink so that may explain why my first few treatments showed fairly subtle results. As for my first removal there is some slight scarring left on the area which isn't really noticeable. I lucked out in removing that one as the ink was fairly superficial so only 5 treatments were needed for a full removal.
You're welcome, it's important to talk to people whilst going through this, as things can get a bit heavy, so this site is a real bonus! That's interesting about the Picosure - I've seen mixed results with it on here. It's effectiveness on black still kind of remains unproven. I'm being treated with the Quanta Q Plus A now (I recently changed clinics too) which is the same as the C, just minus the Ruby wavelength. They're meant to be really good machines with decent power output! I'm confident you'll see better results now, I'm hoping for the same. The waiting game is a killer. I too was originally hoping for removal by the summer, but I've accepted that won't be the case now. I'm aiming for Xmas now, and then letting my body clear up any remains after that, but who knows with this thing!!

Finally some signifigant fading!

I checked out my tattoo this morning and was actually a bit shocked. I am finally seeing some real fading and breaking up of the ink on the bottom half which is the part that the ink is the most deep. I thought maybe it was just the bathroom lighting which was playing tricks on me so I checked it out in a few different rooms and my suspicions were confirmed, it's lighter all over! Yay! The black lines are starting t turn into a navy blue and are looking more blurred. I've also got some raised areas which are looking white-ish which I think are some scars developing. I was warned though that I would most likely be left with some scarring as the ink is deep. Oh well, if given the choice I'd rather have some scars then this tattoo. Yay for progress!! I'm feeling a lot more optimistic now about the results I'll see with my upcoming treatments. Progress pics are on the way.....
I am glad you are feeling better, look forward to seeing your updated pictures of your fading :) Hang in there!
Thank you!
i was going to switch to picosure for my dense black stubborn areas, i shouldnt?

2 days after the 5th laser treatment I can see some fading!

Wow it looks like all the green from the vine is gone..or at least the top portion of it. Glad you are seeing some good fading now!
There were some touches of green and pink in the vine and all of that is now gone. It's surprising how much the black lines have blurred! Thank you for reading about my experience. :)
Thanks for sharing it! Yes, it looks like the color in the flowers..sort of deep gone too. That gives me some hope because I have a similar color in mine that is a concern to me. I wonder if the black lines have blurred because of the breaking up of a large amount of ink...if that's the part that seemed to be done more deeply by the person who tattooed you. But really, who knows. This whole process is a bit of a mystery.

My Rollercoster Mental State

I'm feeling some anger at myself and not just the usual anger about getting this tattoo in the first place This is a new source of anger stemming from the fact that I've seen better fading results with just one treatment at the new clinic I'm going to then I saw with 4 treatments at the previous one. It's hit me just how much time and money I have wasted on those 4 treatments for minimal results. I have my next treatment scheduled for May and that might have to be my last treatment for awhile as I am starting a course in May and haven't decided yet if I'm going to cut back on my hours at work to allow more time for the course. If I do then this means less income which means tattoo removal might not be in my budget. I haven't made a decision one way or the other though It's times like this when I wish I had credit so I could just prepay a package of removal sessions and worry about paying it off later. Then again it was thinking like that which got me into bankruptcy a few years ago soooooo.......anyway my tattoo is looking decent, the areas which were once a solid black have all faded into a blurred bluish grey. I'm optimistic that this kind of fading will continue!
I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated :( But it looks like you have come a long way so far and maybe taking a longer break to save during your course will be a blessing in disguise! From the billion consults I've gone to so far, it sounds like taking longer breaks can actually save you some cash at the end of the day because your body keeps getting rid of ink that whole time.
Thank you for your support! I am hopeful that a longer break between treatments will end of being beneficial. The waiting game continues....
Try not to be too mad. The previous laser will have no doubt had some effect, even if you weren't able to see much. Glad to hear you're now seeing results - go team Quanta! ;)

Resigned to a few facts

I've decided to push back my upcoming treatment from May to June as I've gotten the opportunity to go out of town with friends for one weekend in May so budget constraint mean the laser treatment has to wait. It seems that the popular consensus is that the longer you wait between treatments can be the better as your body has more time to heal and break down the ink. I think that my treatment in June will be my last treatment for awhile because as I was stating earlier I'm starting a course in May and will be cutting back my work hours starting in June. I'll most likely resume my treatments in September / October. I've resigned myself to the fact that it's still going to be another year or so before my tattoo is either gone or extremely faded. I am optimistic that I'll see the results I want as my first tattoo removal went very well and I know I'm a good healer. I've decided in the meantime of still having my tattoo (though it is significantly faded now--yay!) I'll make it look the best I can by taking extra good care of my skin all over my body, not just focusing on my facial skin. I've been exfoliating often all over and applying a self tanner with a moisturizer daily. It's definitely paid off as my skin overall looks more even toned plus feels so smooth and soft! The exfoliating has really toned down the bumpy and raised appearance my tattoo was getting even though I know that there are scars developing. My confidence has risen as well now that I'm feeling better about how my skin looks overall since I'm no longer pasty white with razor burn on my legs since the exfoliating has made shaving my legs easier and smoother. The self tanner has also made my other tattoos look sharper and cleaner. I'll post a progress photo soon! Thanks so much to all who have been keeping up with my journey and lending your support, it really is so appreciated and my thoughts are with all of you!!
Hey Middle- I saw that you had posted that you had another one of your tatts removed by laser...would you care to post a pic of it? And if not, no worries- did it fade completely or is there any residual ink? I am (for the most part) at the end of my removal journey but have a few tiny lines/areas that have residual ink, whereas other areas are 100% gone...just wondering w/ others who have finished removal if they had 100% complete results. Thanks!!
Good question and I also would love to see the pictures of other tattoo you removed if it is possible :)
Hello, thank you for reading my story and for your support! I tried to get a pic of my first removed tattoo though really there is nothing to show, I had complete ink removal with very minimal scarring. The scarring is white and smooth so since I'm fair skinned it really doesn't show. I lucked out with that removal though as the ink was fairly superficial and it was already partially faded when I began the removal treatments. A close friend of mine has similar results to what you are describing (she had 8 treatments and was left with a few spots of green from her tattoo where other areas removed completely) she just left it alone and found that the spots faded on their own after some time, you'll probably see the same kind of fading on your residual ink spots or you could just have them zapped one more time.

Progress Photo

Hey Middle! You've def got some fading in there. I'm sorry you seem to have wasted time and effort on treatments at the previous doctor. I'm scared of doing that as well :/ But hey, we will all come out on top at the end of this. I'm pushing for you. Have fun with your friends and keep us posted on any fading in the meantime! w
That's the spirit wilhughes! Nice to see your perspective has shifted and you are encouraging others through this and reassuring them this will all be ok in the end. Smile ear to ear over here!
Thank you! It really does help to know that there are others going through the same roller coster of emotions. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress photos as well!

Plugging Along

I am continuing to see some fading which is definitely a good thing. I am also getting impatient for my next treatment. I've been looking into the stats for other tattoo removal clinics in my city and have come up with a couple who have a high rating though none as high as the current clinic I'm being treated at. The only drawback about my current clinic is that as the tech is so busy it is difficult to book or reschedule and appointment. This is a good thing as I know he is so booked since he gives amazing results though it's somewhat annoying at the same time. I'm debating on getting a consult at another clinic who also uses a Quanta laser and maybe alternating my treatments between 2 clinics. I had stated earlier that I might wait awhile after my June treatment though I now think I'd rather keep up the treatments at the pace I've been going at even if that means scrimping on other things to pay for the removal treatments. I just really want this ink gone!!

Feeling Down

I've been feeling down this past while about my tattoo and it hasn't helped that my guy decided to tell me that he thinks it looks worse now than it did before I started the removal process. Thanks honey! Well your partner should be the one person who is always honest with you right??? Anyway I'm feeling down just as it's truly disappointing that I've spent over $1000 on 5 treatments and still can see that I have a long way to go. I would have though that being 5 treatments in to my quoted 8 treatments would leave me with more fading than I've seen so far. Then again maybe the next 3 treatments will be more intensive. I really can't even seem to remember why I even wanted this tattoo in the first place?

I've been looking into other tattoo removal clinics in my city and have found that they all use a different type of laser and they all claim that their laser is the best for tattoo removal for various reasons. Some make some pretty outlandish claims about costing less overall, less healing times between treatments and less treatments over time. The prices I'm being quoted are the same for every place with maybe a $5 difference here and there so my hopes of finding somewhere who would charge less than $200 per treatment have been dashed. I'm somewhat intrigued by the TattX laser as I've heard from others that it cleared their tattoos well, then again I also heard that about the Picosure laser and I did not see very substantial results from that at all. I'm really beginning to think that you have to try a few different lasers to see which works best as this is definitely not a one size fits all type of treatment. It's just truly frustrating as it's such a gamble of which will work best for you.
Just keep at it, and I've noticed that time goes faster than we think. Just think about last May until now...went by like that :) Now if your guy is a "I just call it like I see it, blunt truth, keep it real type" then let be the same towards him... the comment was passive aggressive dbaggery. It's like making fun of an overweight person at the gym. They have identified a problem(health) and are taking actions to make it better, I know, let's rip on their attempts to do so. You are not your tattoo and you look great!
Thank you for your support and compliment! I like your analogy about an overweight person at the gym. It is true that we are not our tattoos no matter how much they may affect us emotionally. I wish that I could just turn the emotional side of my brain off sometimes.
Hey, sorry to hear you're feeling a little down. It comes with the territory with tattoo removal I guess!! Honesty is important with this thing, but it sounds like your fella could have perhaps been a bit more tactful! The harsh reality is is that everyone's tattoo is likely to look worse in the earlier stages of removal, as parts begin to fade out quicker/slower than others. A very helpful contributor on this site, who is also a laser tattoo removal technician, said that they nearly always look worse before they look better. In many cases the tattoo will even look darker for a few weeks after a treatment!! With regards to your search for a clinic/laser, you probably don't want to jump from place to place to much, if you can help it. I know it can be tempting; I switched clinics after treatment 3, because I knew the new place used the Quanta Q Plus A. After painstaking research I found that this is likely the best laser in use, for tattoo removal, in the whole of the South West of the UK. I could well be wrong, but all the other clinics relatively local to me (within a couple of hours drive) seem to possess lasers with less impressive specifications. My advice (and this is obviously just my opinion) would be to stick it out with your current place for now. Moving to another clinic could only slow things down, as they'd probably insist on a test patch and then an initial treatment at a lower fluence, to gauge your skin reaction. I've done a ton of research on lasers, and the Quanta Q Plus C really is good. I've read testimonials of doctors and others within the industry who give it great reviews. Also, you'll be hard pushed to find another machine that incorporates the Ruby wavelength (which is what's probably need for your greens). Try and find out what power was used at your last appointment. Chances are they'll put it up at the next one, and again for the two after that, and that's when you could see some real impressive fading. Chin up - remember it can only get better :)


I learned something new about my removal process today.

I spoke with the tech had my first four sessions with and it turns out that I was not treated with the Picosure laser as I had originally thought. The laser I was treated with was a Yag type laser, exactly which one I'm not sure. It turns out that my original clinic has just gotten in the new Picosure laser and I have been offered a complimentary patch test with this new laser to see how my ink reacts. I am going to go for this patch test as I am intrigued to see how the Picosure works.

So I retract my earlier statements about how I felt the Picosure was not working for me as I appears I was misinformed.
I am jumping in here as our aim is to be a supportive community, and ask that the community guidelines be upheld by all who wish to contribute. This thread is getting off topic. Lets move the conversation back to this review and away from critiquing others art work and who they choose to do their tattoos. What in one persons eyes may not be a perfect tattoo can be a perfect tattoo to another, just because in someones opinion the tattoo may not have perfect lines or shading....doesn't mean the person doesn't absolutely love it. In my opinion no tattoo is perfect and  I feel that tattoos are meant to be an expression of ones self for whatever reason they choose to have it. Please refrain from negative comments as again, this is a supportive forum so if you have hardcore beliefs on tattooing please keep that to yourself, opinions seen as harsh and offensive will be removed, especially when off topic. 
Thank you Eva, I completely agree.
good luck stay positive, and stop going to these people to give you tattoos you should of learned after your first bad tattoo, they should not be tattooing people , were they done in shop?

Picosure patch test

I went back to the first clinic I have been treated with for a patch test with their new Picosure laser. I'll post a pic of how it looks later tonight. It hurt a lot more than the previous treatments I've had. However regardless of how well it works or doesn't work it turns out that to be treated by the Picosure it's $400+ per treatment which I can't afford. I'll be sticking with the clinic I got my last treatment at as like I've stated earlier I saw more fading with one treatment there using the Quanta series laser than I did with 4 treatments at the first clinic using the Medilte laser.
The Quanta is a good laser, see where the next couple treatments get you. I think you're getting to the real progess point.
I think so too! I am definitely ready for this tattoo to be gone.
Wow! 400$ is really expensive. And still no gurantee. So sorry to hear that, girl!

Negativity from those around me

Lately my family and my partner are all feeling the need to tell me over and over how horrid my tattoo looks now that it's been lasered a few times and how dumb I was to get it in the first place. I am annoyed and insulted by this. I try very hard not to let others' negativity affect me yet it's easier to do this when the people saying hurtful things are people you do not have a relationship with. When it comes from the people who are closest to you it stings. I have enough regret and anger inside of me about this whole removal ordeal as it is. I know I was stupid to impulsively get a tattoo, I really do not need this fact rubbed in my face. Oh well tomorrow I'm going to go shopping for some new summer clothes which include cap sleeves so I know that a little retail therapy will make me feel better.

I'm taking a look at the area I had a patch test done on yesterday with the Picosure and it doesn't even really look like I had anything done on it at all, there's just a bit of redness. It seems like this test just confirmed that I should stick with my new technician who uses the Quanta series laser.
Hey! I am very sad to hear that your family and your partner are treating you like this and seem to have not much understanding what you are going through. To be honest I think that no one actually can understand what you are feeling unless they are going through the same. I also have that kind of lack of understanding from my friends (my family do not know I got a tattoo and I prefer to keep it that way). Some people also ask me why I did it and how stupid it was (like I do not think this way myself!) I hope that here at least you will find enough support and understanding that you are strugling to find in your partner and family. Retail therapy :) Yes, that will definitely help! I do the same then I feel done =) Make sure you do not buy things that you do not need (lol) I am saying from my personal experience! Stay strong, keep smiling and this all will pass! Really :) Sooner or later! Hugs from Russia!
Hello and thank you for your supportive words! I agree in that people really can't understand an experience like tattoo removal unless they are going through it or have gone through it. Unfortunately we live in a world where most people will just say whatever they think about anything with little regard to someone's feelings or situation. Thank you again and I also wish you the best with your removal!!
Eva, is it against community guidlines to ask a doctor to laser people's lame a$$ attitudes away? Sorry you have to deal with that along with everything else. I kinda don't know what their deal is either, because I think it looks alright. I wish they'd stop beating you up during the process of removing the thing that they're beating you up for having. Just keep looking forward to your "now what?" moments when it's gone, and update us with cool new shirt pics.

Progress Photos - 6 weeks after my last laser session and 3 days after a patch test with a Picosure.

Hey what do you think caused the scar tissue? Was it already there from the tattoo? Or do you think it was caused by the treatments from the previous clinic?
It was definitely caused by getting the tattoo as it was done deeply.
Hi, if the scar tissue is "developing" doesn't that mean it's being caused by the laser treatments?

Tattooed Selfie

2 weeks since my Picosure patch test

It's been about 2 weeks since my Picosure patch test and the area treated looks no different, the laser did nothing at all. So my frustration has just doubled since this tattoo just does not seem to want to budge. Supposedly the Picosure is supposed to be the laser which wipes out all tattoos, well it seems that mine is immune to it. I'm not even sure if I want to go for my upcoming treatment in June as I just feel that I have wasted so much money in trying to remove this tattoo just to have it resist all treatment. I'm really considering either a cover up or an excision as I'm beginning to think that those are my only options for getting rid of this thing for good. Anyway it's good to see from many other's updates that they are seeing fading, I am happy for you all!!
Hey! How have you been?
I honestly can't agree. Check out GO tattoo removal, and see there progress pics, some of the best fading I can find. Almost makes me want to drive the 7 hrs to get treated by them!
I don't drive so unless I can get somewhere by public transit then it's not an option for me.

Changed my mind about my laser treatments

Sorry for my absence lately, life has been busy with work, my course and many other things.

I've had a lot of time to think about my removal process since it's been about 10 weeks since my last treatment and I've come to the decision that I'm not going to be continuing with my laser treatments. I am very disappointment with the minimal fading I have seen after 6 treatments and do not have the cash to justify spending $250 per treatment for a bunch more. I was originally quoted at 10 treatments though from the looks of how much dense ink I still have left I know it'll be more than 4 more treatments needed. I'm not looking seriously into an excision procedure. I know that with an excision I am guaranteed to be left with scarring though I'm fine with that since it was obvious that I'd be left with scarring even through laser removal. The advantage that an excision carries for me is that it's one treatment and the tattoo will be gone.

It's unfortunate that laser didn't work for me as I was very hopeful and optimistic that I'd found a skilled technician though as I've learned some tattoos are far harder to remove than others.
I'm also feeling anger towards myself for going to this clinic that treated my tattoo only to see minimal results. I have a limited budget to spend on this process too and if I don't see results once I've reached that limit, I may just have to give up. Unfortunately, my tattoo's on my forearm, which is very hard to hide and if left with a blotchy faded tattoo'll make me feel much worse.
I know how you feel. Mine is also on my forearm and unsuccessful laser treatments will only make it worse for me.
Hey! I feel your pain! That's the worst nightmare to realize that things are not working the way you planned. That's really sad to realize that your tattoo is not responding to the laser :( who knows how what went wrong: technician, laser, settings. I rsleally wish you could find some peace. Personally, I have no guts to go for excision, but I do believe that in some cases this could be right. I am definitely not against it, I just can't do it myself. I wish you all the best and make sure this is what you really want. I really hope that this nightmare will be over for you soon. I do. Best of luck!

Rethinking Yet Again

I've thought some more about my feelings on getting a skin excision and I've decided that I'm going to give a few more laser sessions a try before going ahead with an excision. I was originally quoted at 10 laser sessions and I've had 6 so I'm going to do 4 more and then reassess the situation. After looking closely at my tattoo I am now seeing some breaking up of the deepest ink areas which makes me think that maybe a few more sessions with the last tech I saw will result in more breaking up. As I've stated previously this tech has a strong reputation of being the best in the city and people have told me many times that he was able to give them the removal results they were after when they had disappointing results at other clinics. I've made an appointment for August and who knows? As it's been awhile since my last treatment (April) maybe after this upcoming laser session I'll see a lot of fading since the consensus seems to be the longer you wait between sessions the better results you see.
aloha MiddleCyclone, It's taken me some time to discover your forum. So glad to see another Canadian girl on here. And you've been through this experience before, so you know what to expect and sharing that knowledge with us. Terrific! I'm glad that you are reconsidering the excision route, there's some on this forum that have done it and had wonderful results, but there is the scar reminder. It is encouraging that your removal process is going well and you are willing to see that through. The one thing that you mention is that the fading continued with your first removal well after the last session. I'm finding that also. It's been ten months since my last session. I'm considering another session next month, but am in no rush. Good luck with your continued success. aloha...k
Hello, thank you for your support! Like I was saying it seems as though waiting longer between appointments can benefit you in the long run. There is a guy who posted his removal process on here (I don't remember his name, sorry!) and he got a complete removal of 2 tattoos. He swore by the method of waiting between 3-4 months between treatments to give the best results and he definitely got them! There are several other posters here who also have tried the waiting longer method and have reported seeing more fading per treatment though admit the waiting can be frustrating. As it'll be about 15 weeks between treatments when I go for my upcoming treatment in August I'm intrigued to see how well the method works for me!
Great news. I wish you the best of luck!
Precision Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

I'm no longer getting treated at this clinic, I am now going to Fading Fast Tattoo Removal Clinic also in Toronto, ON.

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