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Face Lift & Upper Eyelids - Prague, Czech Republic

I am approaching my 50th birthday this year, so I...

I am approaching my 50th birthday this year, so I decided to prepare mentally and physically by having a facelift and an upper eyelids done.

I live close to Beverly Hills well known for its plastic surgeons, but I do not know any of them personally, nor do I have any friends with good experience from surgery done in Beverly Hills (I have one friend with bad experience). So I chose to go overseas for plastic surgery: not in search of a cheaper procedure, but because the doctor came highly recommended. My trip cost me about $10,000 total with airfare, hotel, meals, etc. but it ended up being a very pleasant vacation.

I arrived to my hotel (across the street from my doctor's clinic) on Sunday night and was seen by my surgeon next morning (preliminary consultation was done via e-mail and was free).

Next morning I came in for surgery. I had to spend at least one night at the clinic after my surgery (cost included into the total above) in a private room with a bathroom . I could stay longer at the rate about $150 per night if I wished. My surgery was performed under local anestesia and lasted about 3 hours. There was no discomfort and I communicated with the doctor and his team.

After surgery I got into my bed and started waiting for pain to come while applying the ice bags. Pain never came. My doctor later explained that this particular type of surgery is known not to cause pain during recovery period: just strange feelings of tightening as if rubber bands are pulling my face up and to the back of the neck.

My doctor visited me on the surgery night around 9:00PM, and then next morning he was in my room to see me at 8:00AM at which point he removed 4 drains from my head and said that if I am feeling well I can go and "enjoy Prague". He warned me not to bend forward and to sleep seated (head and neck have to be above the heart level at all times), but he encouraged me to take long walks. And that is what I was doing for the next 7 days before my flight back to the US: I was enjoying Prague indeed. The city is architecturally beautiful, clean and safe. And I came at the right time of the year: April, nature coming back to life with fresh leaves and glorious spring blossoms, feeling of rebirth and rejuvenation practically in the air... I think it all helped recovery.

I have seen my doctor one more time: on the 5th day after surgery I came to have stitches from my eyelids removed. By then I could wash my hair. It is a different approach here to post surgery treatment: unlike the U.S. practice you are not given antibiotics automatically. If you have no fever, you do not need antibiotics they feel. Pain pills were provided to me, but I did not use any as there was no pain. Also doctor did not advise me to use hydrogyn peroxide or any oinments (again, unless infected).

I had lots of swelling and bruising as it is supposed to be, but most of swelling was gone during week one, and bruising is practically gone as of today, the 16th day after surgery. I understand the face will be settling for about a year. I cannot say how many years younger I look after surgery than before. But what I see in the mirror today is my face before it was distorted by time, and I absolutely love it.

Photo Update

just had deep plane face lift and neck lift also brow lift and lower eye surgery 6 weeks post op and feeling soooooo tight especially around ears head and eyes any tips and when does it go away please.
It is exactly 3 weeks today after my surgery. I am also feeling as if I am wearing a helmet with a tight strap right between the chin & the neck at all times. I got used to it though: I enjoy looking into the mirror so much!
Looking good girl......i will be interested in how things are in a few months time.

Well it has been a month since my surgery now, and...

Well it has been a month since my surgery now, and it just keeps getting better! No need to conceal any bruising at all. The last two pictures I am posting are from the parties: one before and another 1 month after surgery.
Thank you for the info, I thought you looked good before but wow, what a difference, he did a excellent job
You look very, very natural -- and GOOD!! Your results are better (more natural) than I've seen with American doctors. How did you hear about your doctor? And, what is his name, if I may ask?

Claire in Birmingham, Alabama

Of course Claire,
His name is Dr. Zdenek Pros and his website {edited}, I had all communications with him prior to my arrival to Prague via e-mail {edited}. He actually lives in London, United Kindom, and operates there as well, but it is much cheaper to have his services in Prague. He and his staff speak perfect English.

{By Britt. Please PM user for info about Dr. Thanks}

Today I am adding pictures of my incisions 1 month...

Today I am adding pictures of my incisions 1 month after surgery.
thanks for sharing your story.i am going in for a fl in one week and i feel less scared after reading about your expirience.
Good luck to you dear Page, let me know how it will be going: moral support is very important as you will feel volnurable after surgery.
it all seems great,and you look wonderful.and as i live in the UK ,Prague is just a hop away.
I will be looking up Dr Pros....thankyou.

It will soon be 4 months pos-op, and so far so...

It will soon be 4 months pos-op, and so far so good. Scars are still very visible pink. I was advised plasma injections to make them pale, but I did not have this procedure done yet.
I found a picture taken by my nurse on the day of surgery resting in my room, here it is.
what is the name and email of your dr.?
I'm currently looking at doctors in southern California. I would love to seriously consider this doctor, but I don't want to make the trip by myself. If anyone is within 2 months of getting cosmetic surgery and would like to travel together, please send a comment back here.
This is something that sounds great, friends facelift!!!
Let me know if any of u find info about this doctor, and the info about flights cost etc, this could be do able. Count me in!

Well, almost 2 years passed since my surgery. I...

Well, almost 2 years passed since my surgery. I still am thrilled with the results, and consider it the best investment of funds into my looks. There was no reversal of any surgery effects, just the normal further aging.
Amazing results.....i must look at Dr Pros.
please give me the contact details for Dr.Pros. I would like to have the same procedure done. Thank you. Anna from Switzerland
Thanks for sharing the name of your doctor. I've been meaning to go to Prague, anyway!
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