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European Tummy Tucker - Prague, Czech Republic

I am German and had my extended tummy tuck with...

I am German and had my extended tummy tuck with lipo in Prague, CZ, as there a very modern and good clinics there, but the cost is a lot lower than in Germany. I had my op almost 3 weeks ago, and have been quite fit again after 5-7 days. After 11 days, I could manage my household with 2 kids again 90 percent on my own. Stayed in clinic for 3 nights, which was necessary as I had a bleeding from a small artery occurring after 12 hours pot-op, and needed a second op to stop the bleeding. The rest of my healing time was completely free of any complications or infections. I will still wear my compression garment for 2 weeks, then swap for spandex panties. The result is great now already. It is swollen at the base, but I think I will have my pants 2 sizes smaller in the future. One advice: Keep your hands off the cut! No showering , no shower gels and creams and stuff. Just use a cloth and wash yourselves with soap, and desinfect the cut with spray once a day, and otherwise: hands off. Then it will heal in no time without infection. Just one last thing: You really want to do this with general sedation, and NOT as an outpatient. take 3 days in hospital, as in the first days many things can happen, like stuffed drainage, bleedings, problems with your blood pressure etc, and if you are at home, you have a problem!

Was at my doctors today , actually my...

Was at my doctors today , actually my gynocologist, who also does surgery. She does the aftercare for my OP, and is very pleased with the result and says that Dr Ferra has done some excellent work. The incision was rather long to the top/outside of my hips, because there was 4 pounds of excess skin and fatty tissue to be cut away,
but he managed to shape the hip area nicely and to avoid dog ears. When my compression garnment is off, I think that my belly is a lot slimmer than before ( with lipo plus 4 pounds of saggy gut missing),
but today - 3 weeks post-op - I tried on my OLD pants that fit me beforehand , and even without the pressure belt, I cant even get them shut at all, so I must be currently BIGGER than before my OP, although it does only look a bit swollen above the middle and right handside of the incision line...
I must admit that I was a bit gutted, as I start really craving for a shopping trip , and new pants in preferably smaller sizes...
Is it normal not to fit even into your OLD pants which still used to fit even with a big sloppy belly? Can I expect this swelling to go down any time soon, so that I can finally buy trendy spring collection stuff?
Well, my doctor told me to come back next week for an ultrascan , in order to determine if there is a lot of liquid/swelling still, and to see if the skin has settled back down. Then she will tell me , if I can drop the compression garment and swap it for a spandex "Bridget Jones " -panty. Bye for now, rena 75

5 weeks post-op now, I am still happy every single...

5 weeks post-op now, I am still happy every single day about having done this. I now sleep without any garnment, and spend some hours early during the day without any compression. When I go out, I put on high-waist spandex panties which work well for a while, and at home, I often still wear my "old" compression garnment. The swelling on my lower abs is still there, but going down more and more from week to week. At least my old pants fit me again, and look a hell of a lot better than before, when a soft, cellulite-ridden, wobbly belly was hanging above the belt.....Now, I can just put on a flimsy shirt and some pants and go, and it will never look really bad. That feeling alone makes all of it well worth it! The scar looks great, still, there was and is no complication in sight, and so I will go back to Prague in one or 2 years time to get my boobs done, which hang too low and have lost their volume after 2 kids. All the best to all the tummy tuckers who consider this op.
Dr Ferra, perfect clinic, Prague 5

I waited for max 15 mins, then we had the talk. I was preinformed anyway by internet info, videos and mail correspondence with the doctor, so he just looked at the mess, and told me, that he was going to do a lipo on my upper belly and flanks, that no muscle stitcjes were necessary, and that a rather long cut to the outside of my hips was needed, but then it was going to be fine. True. The staff is very pleasant, many speak English or German, and when my right handside drainage bottle was full all of a sudden, they reacted immediately. 2 mins to doctor, 10 mins to surgery. Payment easily before op with credit card, reacted to mails within 2 days. I felt taken seriously , and I will go back to that place for a breast lift in about 1 years time.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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I am happy that you had good results. Did they ever say why you started to bleed from the small artery? I think it's great that the staff spoke German and English. That may make more foreigners consider Prague.
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Hello Angel in NC,
yes, about 15 hours after my original op , I needed another short op because of a bleeding from a smaller blood vessel, I think they said "a small artery branch" that obviously needed to be stopped. At that time, I was - to be honest - shit scared and that were the only 15 minutes when I seriously regretted having done this op. When I woke up in my bed about 2 hours later, I was feeling a lot better again. It might have happened when I possibly strained too much trying to lift my legs back into bed ( a long, long way from the floor to the mattress top when you have had a fresh TT) ,or maybe it happened when I threw up badly twice after breakfast - I tend to react like this upon narcotics. When you throw up, there is a lot of pressure building up in your belly. A lot of smaller blood vessels get cut when you have a TT , so sometimes it bleeds... That is why I strongly recommend not getting a TT done as an outpatient. But they reacted professionally and quickly and I did not feel lost. And the price for plastic surgery in general is so much lower than in Germany , where it is similar to the States. The only thing I still notice from it is, that my right hand side belly, where they had to open up and move the tissue around twice, is still swollen more and takes even longer to finally settle down. And I had a nasty headache every morning for 6 days afterwards , most likely because of having lost too much blood in total. I was also as white as a Twilight vampire!! So, I was prescribed some iron tablets and drank plenty of mineral drinks, then it was o.k. again... regards from Germany, rena 75
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Thank you for the update.  You are doing wonderful.

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It sounds like you had a good experience and are also having a pretty good recovery.  Glad to hear you are doing so well.  

Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us here on RealSelf.  Keep us up to date on how you are healing.

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