Going to prague for a tummy tuck after disappointing lipo results in ireland - Prague, Czech Republic

After having liposuction of my abdomen and hips in...

After having liposuction of my abdomen and hips in june 2012, i feel that the end result isnt exactly what i had expected. My abdomen area is a bit lumpy and the skin is slightly loose. The doctor told me that i wouldnt have loose skin after the prcedure and at every post op check he is telling me to be patient and take lots of long hot baths, but at four months post op, and lymphatic drainage massages, i realised that things wont improve, so i have found out about a brilliant female doctor in Prague, and im going to have a tummy tuck.
My motivation for doing it is looking at myself in a bikini and not liking what i see in my tummy area, not looking for perfection but after spending four thousand euros on liposuction i really feel that i have to see this thru to the end!
Having said all that im terrified of being put to sleeep, as when i came around from the lipo, i went into shock, my pulse dropped to 36 and i had to be closely monitored.

I think that maybe i chose the wrong doctor and wrong clinic, i was brainwashed into having liposuction by the clinic manageress who told me that the other doctor was "A magician" with liposuction and that most of the girls who worked in the clinic had had him perform it on them also, all with fantastic results! i had started to walk out of the clinic after a consultation with a diferent doctor who told me i should have a tummy tuck, i said i would think about it and let them know...and that was when the manageress called me back and did her work on me...i fell for it hook line and sinker, and the lipo doctor assured me he would do a great job..Ive now learned to do MORE research on your doctor and dont go on what the gorgeous clinic manager tells you!!

Oh we'll, only one day left before I fly to Prague...

Oh we'll, only one day left before I fly to Prague to get my TT! Getting quite scared now. I keep thinking that something awful is going to happen to me, think I'm worried more because of going into shock only seven months ago after lipo!
I fly in the morning and I have to be at the clinic for 7.30am thurs,
One good thing was reading the tips that have been put up on realself, I have busied myself getting a few of the things that I hadn't thought of, like milk of magnesia and getting my bedroom ready for when I get home, those tips have been so helpful !
Anyway I'll post my next stage when I'm in Prague and I will put some pics up then ..

Well my surgery is over an I'm happy with the...

Well my surgery is over an I'm happy with the result ! The doc spent longer than normal on me bcus I had so much scar tissue plus pockets of fat!
My scar is so thin and tidy and I haven't taken any pain meds for the surgery at all.
The only discomfort I have is back ache from lying in one position but otherwise I'm fine. Incidentally I don't hav a high pain threshold I just really don't have any PAIN, just a tiny bit if soreness from the stitches but not enough to take meds.
I had the surgery on thurs and Iv been on bed rest since sat wen I left the clinic I'm stayin in a comfy hotel an hav everything I need on my bedside table.
The lady doc who did my procedure is a brilliant plastic surgeon she has 25 yrs experience the cost for my procedure was £1900, including my flts and hotel iv paid around £2500.
I'm now going to try an put before an after pic up

Well I'm 11 days po, all was going very well until...

Well I'm 11 days po, all was going very well until 4 days ago when I noticed a small amount of fresh blood right in the middle of my scar..... By the second day there was a little more and the next day blood and fluid was seeping non stop from it. Saw my emergent doc who redressed it an put me on an antibiotic,yday the blood and fluid had drowned the dressing and I went to the Hosp. Doc told me its a seroma and it cud last weeks. A small hole has appeared where the fluid is pouring from which is good otherwise it wud build up under the skin and I wud hav to hav it extracted by syringe. Bit disappointed but that's the way it goes...
Iv read that seromas happen a lot after TT's and its the bodies way of trying to replace the fluid lost, my ps told me iv been doing too much, but I know I haven't ....wud love to hear from someone if that is possible when the Hosp doc told me different ....

Went to my local nurse this morn to have my...

Went to my local nurse this morn to have my dressing changed, I was expecting the pad to b soaked in blood and fluid like it was yesterday,, in fact, there was so much stuff coming out yday that I was panicking. The blood/fluid was pouring from a small hole in the middle of my scar, it was so bad it was running all the way down my legs and every pad I held against it was soaked in seconds. Just prior to the out pouring I had gently pressed above and below the scar, once I did that, it was like niagra falls! Very scary for me...
Today the pad had a small dry patch on it so I think that maybe I helped empty out what was in there yday, the nurse thinks this also.
Seromas are quite common after this surgery I'm told and they are harmless unless they become infected, then they can be life threatening, this is wat the Hosp doc,who is also a surgeon, told me. I'm gonna continue taking the antibiotics and keep a close eye on it as they can come back time and time again until ur body readjusts to the fluid that had been lost in surgery .

Hello again Two weeks po and unfortunately I'm...

Hello again
Two weeks po and unfortunately I'm still having a seroma problem ! My dressing had no seepage on it at all for the last 3 days then last night while gently massaging I noticed the pad developing a dark stain ... So it was seeping again ! This morning the nurse re dressed it an sed it wasn't too bad but I'm so impatient I want it healed NOW.. They changed the antibiotics I was on also so maybe it will help to improve it.. Putting pics up to show u wat a seroma looks like, I'm told it is small but to me it's big and the fact that it has a hole is good as the fluid drains out rather than building up inside, which means it wud hav to be syringed and I really Wudnt fancy that!
Well I drove did the first time tday an tmoro I go back to work, wish me luck !

Well I'm 26 days po, walking upright and with very...

Well I'm 26 days po, walking upright and with very little discomfort and virtually no swelling, in fact I've had no swelling at all since my op! My scar is looking great Im so pleased with it, thanks dr Vera!
The only problem was the seroma, I found out that I had taken two courses of antibiotics that were not for skin infections and so were of no use, since the hospital doc changed me to the correct tablets the small wound made a great recovery, I will post a pic of it on thurs wen I get this dressing taken off.

Well I'm almost 12 wks po, the scar from my...

Well I'm almost 12 wks po, the scar from my infected, open seroma, took 4wks to heal and close. It is now tiny and almost as flat as the rest of the scar, I will post pics of it once its completely flat so that u can see that what once looked scary and seeping has healed.
A word of advice for anyone with seepage from an incision is to change the dressing regularly, I didn't, as the nurse at my docs advised me to leave the dressing for four days at a time, and it was that that prolonged the healing, the reason for changing the dressing regulay is that the substance that comes from an wound opening is acidic and it dries around the opening and becomes abcessed. Also make sure that u get a wound swabbed to find out what the wound is resistant to, as I was put on two WRONG antibiotics before I got the right one, which then healed the wound in less than a wk !
Here's a pic of me in my underwear to show my results so far....

Six months on after abdominal surgery

Well I'm well and truly on my way to being fully healed. The scar is now starting to fade after the open seroma I had at the very beginning. I still have what feels like scar tissue above and below my scar line but with daily massage I'm finding it is getting less every month. I'm happy with my result, my clothes fit way better and I no longer have a muffin top when I wear my skinnies, I'm also looking forward to wearing a bikini in Florida later this year without having to hold my arm across my belly every time I sit down !
Posting some pics for comparison .
Prague Plastic Surgeon

i found out about this doctor on Realself, one of the ladies on this site, who also lives in ireland, posted a very helpful review. Since then my daughter has been over to Prauge and had a procedure, and whilst there we met two other english ladies who were staying at our hotel who had also had the same doctor.All remarks about this particluar doctor are excellent.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look amazing.
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Thank you so much! I just took a look at your profile and pics, thought you looked pretty ok before your procedure but when I skipped on to your after pics...wow you look amazing. I hope you are fully healed and happy with your body, you look about 25!
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Wow you look great! Your scar is fading beautifully. I love how tight you look and how your belly goes in. I feel like my belly is still solid straight because of the swelling some days. I can't wait till mine goes in also. Enjoy!!!!!!
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Wow...great result!!...your scar is lovely and low aswell...it wasnt clear to me before how low it is..it is now. I might go back in a few years after second baby (if im lucky enough) to have a tummy tuck!!...lol...are you very pleased.xxx
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Hi, Yes I am pleased with the results, my clothes look so much better on me. I like to wear fitted clothes bcus I'm only 5'2 and baggy stuff doesn't suit me, I wud recommend a TT to anyone who's not happy and definitely Dr Vera...
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Hey BabyRaf, how you doing? just popping by to say hello. My surgery is in 2 weeks tomorrow...shitting myself..lol...do you think ill need to take all luggage with me to the clinic as ive got to check out of Plaza for two nights...wonder if they have a space where i can store it. Im also worrying about comming home as ill be traveling on my own, hope i can pull my suitcase ok after 6 days....im so scared...just hoping i stay well and so does Vera!!!..lol. DEONNE!!!!! where are you? how you doign love, i want to hear how your boobies are getting on?. xx
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im mean 3 weeks tomorrow. xx
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Hello, hope ur well. I'm doing good. I have an infection (breast). Tbh I'm a little disappointed with them. There's a bit underneath which looks like its sagging. My tummy is still not flat so I'm not happy at all. I just hope it's due to swelling. U only need a little bag for toiletries and maybe some underwear and one outfit to go home in. Also bring a laptop so you can watch movies, books and magazines.
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Oh no Deonne....do you not think they look good then, i think they do change lots over time boobs..did you just have the Uplift? have you asked Dr Vera what she thinks..? what level of lift did you? oh no im a bit worried now. I thought she did an ace job on HoneyDrop...why you think your results not so good did she not lift enough? have you told BBC direct that your not happy with results..xxx
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I don't want to scare you. I mean everyone has good things to say about her I just think I'm an unlucky one but only time will tell. I just had them lifted. The top looks good it's just underneath I don't like.
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Did you go with the dislovable stitches...what about harmonic scaple...? what did you think to the overall process....did you have very saggy boobs before...mine are terrible...and im having implants removed...xx
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Ah, i hope they settle down for you...its bloody hard being a woman eh and caring about how we look...this will be the third surgery ive had on my boobs...just want it all done now but i so want to have nice small very pert boobies...did Vera alter the size of your nips? mine are huge and id like them alot smaller....are you been treated for infection ok .xx
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Hiya! They have lockable wardrobes in ur room at the clinic so ur stuff is safe while ur in the op, u cud leave stuff at the hotel maybe but prob best to have it in the clinic, I did. Make sure u bring the lightest fabric nighties an clothes so u can fit it all into a sml case an u'll b fine! Bet u can't wait to get it done hey u must keep us posted on ur progress ..
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Hi Deonne Sounds like ur a bit unhappy with things? I'm sure it will all settle... I have only just got rid if my seroma an infection ! I had to hav three diff types of antibiotics an hav it dressed every cpl days an now left with a horrible purple area right I'm the middle if my scar it look like I have two bb's !! I also hav swelling below my scar down to my pubic area..so don't feel too despondent. Did u hav the wound swabbed by the docs to find out which type of antib it is resistant to,it speeds up healing Being on the correct tab an not just any antibiotic. Also did u send pics of ur boobs to Vera via email if h Havnt u shud
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hey babyraf, how's your healing going. i wish i never booked through bbc direct. Nick is so rude! it's like now im back at home no one's interested. can i ask how long you must wear the compressor garment for? and if you was told not to sleep with it but just to wear it during the day? Thanks babe
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please also email me vera's details if poss
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Whats he saying to you Deonne?...did they give u follow up?...how are u healing now?..are u happy wiv ur tummy and boobs?...im there week nxt wed and terrified.xxx
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Hi Deonne, how are things with u now ? Did u get the msg I sent while I was away ? Have u had any joy with them at Iscare or with Vera? I have an email address for her also if u need it, it is her personal email address an the one that I msgd her on wen my TT scar erupted..
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Hi babyraf, please send me the email address ur able to contact her on. Have you got her number? Hope you had a good time away. Where did u go? R u still wearing ur garment? Is ur tummy swollen? How's it looking now? Mines is going down slowly but surely.
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Hey there Babyraf how are u?...just one week to go for me....im SHITTING MYSELF...lol...got to go and get currency this week etc..how much do you think ill need for food etc...ill be there 6 nights...two in clinic...im debating getting me eyelids done anall...lol...xx
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can i have her email please aswell....just in case...want as little to do with other lot as possible.xx
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Hey Deonne...hows ur boobies?...are they taking shape?...did you go for Harmonic or Disolvable?...i am so so scared. How did you find whole airport experience flight after op?...im going on my tod you see...need all advise support i can get...scary stuff. Is there anything you wished ud known?.xxc
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Hi ive just returned had my boob uplift plus implants on Thursday. If Vera is your surgeon she doesnt use harmonic scalpel anyway but does encourage dissolvable stitches if your not staying there over 10 days. I told Vera what I thought of Nick and also told her id read on this website others are of a similar view. Take all tops with buttons or zips and easy to put on bottoms. Also take extra painkillers for after (non inflammatory) Book all taxis through AAA cars as hotel cars are 3x price! Hope this helpsx x
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My friend had eyelids done at same time as boobies by Vera and so glad she did as they didn't hurt at all. You just need to get a nurse in uk to take out stitches and remember to takecur sunglasses!! Goodluck
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ah wow thanks love for this...what did you think of her work?..are u home now?.ill be out there for 6 nights..returning on tuesday. So she doesnt use scaple then?...im dead scared coz on me own...hope she does a good job..xxx
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