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Saggy Jowls Turkey Neck - Prague, CZ

I decided to go for the Mini facelift and...

I decided to go for the Mini facelift and liposuction and under chin lipo,I also paid 600 euro to have my eyebrows lifted,I will keep this short at the minute,I had my surgery done in Prague,I paid flights and accommodation extra,everything went well until when all the swelling went down and to my horror realised that I had a pixie ear on one side with bad scars,on the other ear the incision was not hidden and oh my god was cut around the ear,what a Big Mistake to choose this Doctor lukas Frajer(this cosmetic surgeon teaches in Charles University in Prague) so I thought I was safe.On the pixi ear side my cheek had a hollow skeleton like gouged out appearance OMG HORRIFIED!!!!! my under chin lipo is non existent as there are no scars there my neck is not fully lifted and bulging under chin,Totally my life is ruined I cannot go out without my hair pulled all around my face,and if it is windy forget it you can see all the scars,I am so traumatised,when I sent the first pictures Dr Lukas Frajer said I looked refreshed and could not see what I was talking about,I kept emailing him and more pics ,and he suggested a fat graft OMG,my jowls are still saggy as well,my eyebrows are done differently as the incision scars are at different levels resulting in one higher than the other,I am 99.9 sure that he let junior doctors practise on me as a consultant plastic surgeon who teaches this in a University could leave someone like this.

They put me on their lawyers lol lol and offered me my mini facelift money back, 2900 euro,all this has worsened my asthma and am on sterroid treatment so cannot travel and also they wanted me to go back there after I was mutilated to get it all fixed.Would have to be in a coma to let the same surgeon disfigure me Again!!! Just nothing else for the travelling and hospital expenses my stay at the hospital,they would not tell me how the under chin lipo was done as there is no difference or scar,I must say that this my second time,I had my upper and lower eyes done and the upper had to be corrected,and this turned out wrong as well,I am literally sucidal,The Perfect Clinic has said that it will take no responsibility for the operating room team!! A BIG JOKE OR WHAT. On their video promoting the Clinic I saw how they promoted the Mini Facelift,and the scars were well hidden,what happened to me,a trained monkey could of done better,I am left stunned scarred,physically and mentally, how can people get away with all this,I am totally honest in my review and what has happened to me,I hope someone will let me know what to do to heal myself outward and inward,due to all this I am not working anymore as my job entailed me pinning my hair up, thank you all for reading a little of my journey I will add more later.I will add more pictures off my face hollow,and eyebrows later,thanks for reading part of my journey,

Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf!
I too, am sad that this has happened to you. You did everything right, and you would think a teaching surgeon would give you a great outcome. Posting some questions to surgeons here would be good for you. x
Thank you so much for your kindness.

let everyone know

I have to say that I refused their 2,900 euro because there were many clauses to keep quiet if I had accepted,and that amount would not fix what I need fixed,I paid a lot more for the rest that I got done and everything was done with such sloppy work that I would rather let everyone know Never to go there to the Perfect clinic or Praga Medica as it other name is known.
Thank you for posting my review

more horrible pictures

more pics

I am so sorry to read this..I had upper eyelid surgery in Prague in March and I researched for some time,it seemed you did as well. You mentioned that the surgeon may have used someone else to operate,what a joke that is,he should be struck off! This is someones life he is messing with. My surgeon was from a smaller clinic in Prague and the customer service is second to non,from the P A to the surgeon. The surgeon always rings me and always emails me. My eyelid surgery was a success,so I feel lucky. It just saddens me that there are surgeons out there who do not seem to care about the patient at all. This should be the MAIN priority. I have heard about the perfect clinic and read some 'not so good ' reviews,but also some good. I am going to have a smas lift(well,still contemplating it) in September/October,and will go back to the same surgeon,as I have built the trust. I really do hope you find someone to fix your surgeons mess,as you will need some revision. Take care and I wish you the best x
thank you so much,could you tell me the name of your surgeon and I will research him,I thought that a teaching plastic surgeon who teaches in a university would be the right choice,I am just waiting to save up to fix it all,but am so worried if it all goes wrong again,am glad your surgery all went well for youx
Sorry to say this,but a surgeon who teaches in a university hospital,doesn't make him/her a great plastic surgeon. The one you had,is a jack of all trades,from what I have read..His nick name is cool hand Luke. I do my research ;-) My surgeon is MUDr. PETR JAN VAŠEK from the Forme clinic in Prague,he is a facial surgeon. Why don't you email the clinic,they will get back to you as soon as possible. Also there is the Singleberg clinic in Belguim,the surgeon is- Dr. Noorman van der Dussen. He is a feminisation surgeon and also Board certified Cranio-Maxillo Facial surgeon. You need to search for facial surgeons who also do secondary ops for the face. Another good surgeon,from what I have read and who is also a Cranio-Maxillo Facial surgeon,is Zoran Žgaljardić from Zagreb. Take a look at his website. Read about him. I do hope you can rectify the damage,I am sure if you choose the right surgeon you will. TC x


I did send an email and said I would finally accept their 2900 euro,as I read another review on here that they can pay you some back,but It will take a lot more than that to fix all the defects I am left with,so far no reply lol I had my doubts but nothing will stop posting what has happened to me.
I wish i had read your review sooner. I have just been under the knife with M.D. Lukáš Frajer who has totally messed my breasts up. i went for a reduction and my nipples are awful one is round my arm pit the other sits high up on my breast. also i have had an infection. I went to my doctor here who said i have been butchered. I have tried to get a refund but they will not message me back i am so distraught and upset my breasts look a total mess you would not even call then breasts. This man needs to stop ruining peoples lives he clearly can not perform correct surgery instructions. I am now having to pay 5500 to get this fixed in the uk.
Mudr lukas Frajer

It was all very quick,he was nice and smiled a lot,could not speak good english but had a lady from reception interpret,he told me I also needed a little lipo under the chin but Nothing has changed,nice when they get your money but,for a human being to do this to another,they are wrecking people's lives

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