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Hey everyone! K story goes I am a 24 year old girl...

Hey everyone! K story goes I am a 24 year old girl who has battled with her weight for a very lone time. Since November 2008 till now I have lost almost 8 stone in weight. Now what the down fall is that my boobs have taken a huge hit with this weight loss.

All my family and I have always been large chested even before I put on the extra weight and as It stands I am still an E cup after this weight loss. However my boobs now look like they belong to a 80 year old woman or the best way to describe them if I bend over is like the woman from 'There's something about Mary' ha ha.... I have thought long and hard about the surgery. I had so many things running through my head with scarring being the biggest issue and do I really need to do this.. when one day I just said k I have enough of putting my breast back into the bra as its always falling out, I am sick of having to hold them u and the worst is the noise they make if u are having any bedroom action at all ( Cringe )when I though of this and of course the fact I could never wear a proper bikini top I said that's it I am getting this done. To start with I went for numerous consultations here in Ireland. The answers I got from each surgery were some what different... 1st surgeon could perform it via lollipop and I would be a D cup, another surgeon said I needed a full anchor and I would be a B cup :( this went on and on.... also is Ireland I was quoted between €7500-€9500 for the lift with only a one night stay in hospital. I already had surgery abroad before and trust me it was such a more enjoyable experience then the two times that I have had it in Ireland I looked into having it done... I sent away what must have been 50 different forms and consultations with surgeons worldwide and the overall amount suggested I go with the full anchor as my dropping is a level 3 - whatever that means but I am guessing its the worst level lol.... I was between a few places where one female surgeon kept coming back into my head.... u know when u get that nagging feeling and you just know that you are meant to go with that person... that's the feeling that I had for weeks about her. It also helped that she sent me non-airbrushed photos of her work and actually put me in contact with a young girl that was still in Prague at the time getting a breast lift. When the girl got home she sent me pics and we spent over an hour talking on the phone. I was amazed with the results and she really put my ind at ease... off I went the next day and paid my depo and booked my flights. My surgery is booked in for May 23rd but I am going over on the 21st to see Prague for two days before hand. I am then staying in Prague for 8 nights, two of these will be in the clinic after surgery and the others will be in amazing apartments just over the clinic.

The operation over in Prague is costing me €2000. There is a massive price difference and seeming as I am a student - finished final year exams the friday before I fly out for surgery! this was important to me. Let me give you an example. The surgeon in Ireland that quoted me €7500 is from Belgium and operates for a clinic here a few times a month. I decided to contact him directly where he offered me the surgery for €3000 in Belgium so that shows you how much Ireland add to their prices for services like this. Not one surgeon I spoke to in Ireland was Irish so I see no harm in getting it done abroad.

Another thing I was worried about was that I would have small boobs.. my surgeon does not rec me getting implants at the same time and I agree with her, so I am going to go for this surgery and see if I am happy, I am guessing if I am a E at the moment I will prob be a D/DD after the surgery.... I am 5ft 8in and I weight 140lbs so i think that I would look still quite large with a D breast. If not I will go for implants later down the line. I am so busy with college work up until my surgery that I wont have too much time to think about it to be honest. I do get anxious from time to time thinking am I do the right thing but this is only because of the scars. I am wondering does anyone have some info or help for me on how should I prepare for surgery and also to minimise brusing and to help the scars heal really well? I dont smoke or drink too much so I know that stands to me :) Thanks so much for reading and I will keep you posted as I go.... I will also add pics of before and after!!! xxx


It won't be long now! I can't wait to see your pics too. It sounds like you are good and ready and you sure have done some checking around, good for you!!!
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Welcome to RealSelf and thank you for sharing your story with us.  

You are going to love having the girls lifted up.  I look forward to reading more about your journey as you go through the process.  

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I am just back from Portugal and it kinda hit me...

I am just back from Portugal and it kinda hit me that this would be the last time my boobs would be this way in a bikini top.... now they are going to look soooo much better after the lift but I actually kinda started to feel a little sad... since then I now have the nervous anxious thoughts running through my head.... like am I crazy doing this to me body and what happens if it goes wrong.... It is now only a month away so I need to start preparing everything for the surgery......
so the plan for this time next week is too have got: Anrica 30 tablets- I bruise like a peach so I def need to take these a little bit before the surgery.
need to get Acai berry juice, love it and its good for you, need protein bars and shakes for recovery, I will be in the clinic for near a week so I am ok for bandages etc, anything like that they will give me over there.I need to get some Palmers Vit E oil, along with silicone strips and gel and some mederma too. I will be staying in my boyfriends moms house for a week after I get back from surgery so I dont have to worry about cleaning, cooking etc. I know the one thing I am going to find hard thou is the sleeping on my back :(

another thing that has propped up is that I am sooo unhappy with my tummy.... I have lost sooo much weight, and now some say too much as my back and top half are a pack of bones but the weight will not shift from my lower tummy area at all, If I loose anymore weight I actually think that I would be to thin (ya i know strange a women could think she is too thin) but I am so used to being heavy I am finding it a mental challenge to adjust to the new me, seeing bones in places I didnt know there was any, but now being in the bath hurts as my bones are not used to being exposed. So I sent pics to the Dr, she came back like all the rest and said a TT, but being only 24 with no kids as of yet this is not an option for me at all. I suggested lipo so she said yes but I would be left with loose skin after.... so I am thinking that I may now also go for lipo while I am there, may aswell torture myself more


Can't wait to see pics. You'll do great! You will love your boobies lifted. You're lucky you have enough "up there" so you get to keep it nice and natural.
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Ok ladies its only one month today!!! I cant...

ok ladies its only one month today!!! I cant believe it. Ok so far this week I have done a few things to prepare. Today I have started my high protein diet, I am hoping that I can stick to it as best as I can. I have stocked up with protein shakes, bars, protein soups, protein pudding and protein hot drinks for the week of surgery and the week after ( I was able to get them from the diet clinic that I am apart of). I went and got myself a new Acai Juice that I have already started taking but will bring the new bottle to Prague with me and for after. I also got Arnica tablets, I am going to start taking these about a week pre-op to get them into my system. I also got Bromelain tablets along with Quercetin and Vit C tablets, I could not get the two together so had to buy he Bromelain and Quercetin seperate which I will again start taking a week pre-op. I also got Palmers Scar Serum. I am waiting to hear back from my GP about silicone sheets, if no I will order them for make me heal with a few other bits that I want ( will let ye all know what I order) I also got in contact with my surgeon and asked her to have a second bra for me that I can buy from her, as I can wear this while the other is on the wash ect. I have decided that I am going to get lipo also, so I will post a piece over there soon. I have taken some pics which I will upload today, so these are me one month exactly to surgery. I am going to try and lose a few more pounds if I can before surgery but we will just have to wait and see :)

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Oh forgot to say sorry for the full pic in some...

Oh forgot to say sorry for the full pic in some but I am posting too for lipo so you can see the overall results of the new and hopefully improved me when I am all done :)


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I can't wait to see your after pic. I will post pre pictures this weekend.

I go in Wednesday (6 days away!). Can't wait to get the new girls. I have sagged since day one... Not due to weight loss... Just bad genes I guess
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Congrats on the weight loss!
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Wow only two weeks today and It will be all over!...

Wow only two weeks today and It will be all over! I can't believe it has been so fast. I am now just feeling excitement towards the surgery, the nervous feeling is now gone, but I am sure that will be back the morning of the op! I am going to post up a pic of the items that I have got so far to make my recovery some what easier, if I am forgetting anything or anyone has anymore suggestions please let me know :)


Hey congrats on your weight loss :) looking great already. Im a 24 yr old student too and have a very very similar pair of boobies to you, am really interested to see how yours turn out. great idea going to czech rep. too, its so much cheaper. good luck will look out for your post op pix. x
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Hey there, thank you very much! Oh i am so excited now, i cant waiy yo have them up where they should be once and for all :) oh the price difference was crazy between Ireland and Czech, I have gotten surgery there before and it was a pleasent experience compared to Ireland so I said no harm in going back. I will keep everyone posted in along the way with pics :) x
Thank you very much!

OMG this time next week it will be all over.... I...

OMG this time next week it will be all over.... I actually cant believe it. It is all happening so fast. I have been having some horrible dreams. I am sitting exams at the moment so I am trying to push the thoughts of surgery to the back of my mind but my un?...........conscious self is not allowing that to happen when I sleep. I have woken up from nightmares the last nights about the surgery. I really hope that the dreams dont get any worse :(


Honeydrop, I hope your nightmares stop. I had them too! I would jump up in the middle of the night and be terrified. It would happen the closer I got to surgery. The last time that happened to me I got right up went into the bathroom and took off my shirt and NOTHING could be worse than this! I deserve to look and feel better. I went back to sleep and did not have another nightmare. I had stage 3 ptosis too, my boobs were constantly falling out of my bra. I hated my droopy deflated boobs. You will be so happy to get this surgery. I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to see your final results!
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Well ladies the big day is TOMORROW!!! I can't...

Well ladies the big day is TOMORROW!!! I can't believe it. I arrived in Prague yesterday at about 2.30pm and was brought to the apartment which was amazing! It is right above the clinic so I know it will be great for the recovery. I also met with one of the ladies at the clinic and she gave me a folder with all the information I needed. I then headed into Prague for the evening and had a look around and dinner. Today I left free for sightseeing so I was up early and was in the city all day. It really is such a beautiful city. The buildings are out of this world. I got back to the apartment and about 7.30pm and had a bit of work to do as I have a deadline to meet Friday so said I would do it this evening as I dont think it would make too much sense on pain meds :) Right well this is what I know so far. I have a small little bag packed with a pj, socks, underwear, slippers, rode, ipod, facewipes, face cream, toothbrush and toothpaste, phone, passport, money to pay for the surgery, my list of questions for the surgeon, my arnica tablets, book, magazines and a change of clothes for Friday when I am let out, my boyfriend will just be up at the apartment so if I need anything else I can get it from him. My surgeon wants me to shower in the morning, but wants no lotion, so used of putting it on thou. Also no nail polish, I dont have any on my fingers but I do on my toes so hope thats ok. I have to be at the clinic reception at 7am and then all my pre-op checks will be done. I meet with my surgeon at 8am and then will get all my drawings :) I then will be taken to my room at 9am where I will find out what time my surgery is..... everyone please keep me in mind and say some prayers for me.

K just a few things, my boyfriend bought me amazing hotpants today so hoping they will look unreal with my lipo :)
I am not going to post any pics as I have not lost anyweight since my last ones so no point but I will post one with all my drawings :)

K ladies next time I post I hope to be at the other end of this....



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Well ladies i have some HERRIBLE NEWS! Surgery did...

well ladies i have some HERRIBLE NEWS! Surgery did not go ahead, I have too high of coagulation in my blood, mine reads at 1.6 and the max they will operate on is 1.2. Heartbroken is not the word. I still have all my markings from the surgeon, I have the iv in and everything was ready to go in my gown and all. She came in with the bad news but said they would take a second sample just to make 100% sure and I had to wait for another 3 hours to be told that surgery was a NO! I had a 80% chance of severe bleeding and needing a tranfusion. I cried my eyes out. I still am. I have waited so long for this. I hate my body and now I cant even change it. I need to go back home and be put on medicine to try and change the levels. I am now stuck in Prague until Tuesday as to change my flights for the 2 of us was working about at €650. I have used my work holidays, paid for scarring products, and accommodation and flights too here. I know I need to look on the bright side, I am lucky that my clinic have me in mind and not my money as other surgeons would just do the surgery. Also its good that this has been spotted as if anything serious happened to me and I needed serious surgery there could have been a huge problem. I will not know about how much of my money I will get back until tomorrow - but I have said that they can hold onto my deposit and that I will be back when I can be for the surgery when I am better.

This is the worst thing that could have happened but for those who believe in faith I think it played a part. I was sooo calm this morning with a strange funny in my tummy that I knew something was not just right. I need t get home and start this medicine asap. The thoughts of booking flights back out here and paying for it all again is so dishearting thou.


I am sorry this has fallen apart for you.  Things will work out and you will be able to get this done soon.  You need to have that blood work perfect before proceeding with this.  This is only a little speed bump and all will turn out fine. 

I know you are terribly upset but have faith and stay strong.  We are all here for you.

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Thank you very much! I am trying to keep my head up high and staying positive. This has now turned into a unexpected holiday so I will make the most of one of the most beautiful cities in the world while I am here. My boss is also allowing me to cancel the second week I had booked off so I can go for surgery when my bloods are all correct - apparently it takes about 3 months to sort out this problem.

You are going to get there and it will all be ok:)

Ok ladies I am back!!!! new surgery date is the...

Ok ladies I am back!!!! new surgery date is the 19th of Sept so only 6 weeks away!!!! I am so bloody excitied! I was really down in the dumps since my last one was cancelled and I even decided that I was not going to go ahead with the surgery at all. After much reflection and talks with my mom I was thinking sod it life i too short to be unhappy! I have had my bloods done 3 times since I have some home and my INR is now a lovely 1.1 so I will get them redone another few times before I head over again. The only bad news is that I am after putting on weight! My INR dropped because my body was so badly in need or food ect that when I came off my really extreme diet BOOM.... one and a half stone added! but it actually only looks like I put on a little and not a full stone and a half. I look so much better now and feel so much better! Thank god I did not have the surgery as I reckon it would have been a very hard recovery. I have changed my eating right around and I now go to the gym 5 days a week which I love! I have never felt as good or healthy in my life so not getting the surgery the first time around was a blessing that can now be seen!

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Hey ladies... aaaaaggggghhhhh only a few days...

Hey ladies... aaaaaggggghhhhh only a few days until surgery again! I am still waiting to get the go ahead as my PT level is out by only .5 seconds so I am trying to stay positive about it all. My INR is now 1.1 so thats in perfect range. I have been working out in the gym but I am still putting on weight! Think its muscle to be honest as all my clothes fit! But I am now nice and healthy and no ribs bone to be seen so all my friends are delighted and so is my boyfriend. I have been having a rough time since the last time it was cancelled as I started getting anxiety attacks due to being so afraid of dying on the table! I am trying my best to overcome them at the moment! Other then that I am back taking all my vit and minerals along with arnica, vit c and bromelaim to help with pre and post op! I am excited and nervous but please keep your fingers crossed it will all go ahead this time :)


good luck with your surgery!
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hi, i just read your journey and hope it all works out for you, i look forward to hearing the rest of your journey. i like you am a size 36e and just lost 5 st and mine are exactly the same as yours. i have had panic attacks for years so would never be able to go abroad and get mine done. its sooooo expensive here and im getting ever more desperate by the day. i still want to loose another stone 1st though, then im done weight wise. i sooo envy you , please let us know how you get on. good luck
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Well ladies It is finally all done with! You wont...

well ladies It is finally all done with! You wont believe but my bloods were still wrong even after gettin the all clear in Ireland. She would nt do the lipo though as said it was too risky with my blood and didnt want me under longer then need be but i got the bobbies all done! everything moved really fast Wed morning and I was being put to sleep and waking up before I even knew it. Not much pain but got a pain shot at 1am and woke at 2am with my right boob feeling like it was waking up so got another shot. was told I would not see them till today and drains were to be in but becasue there was so little bleeding she took drains out yesterday and i got to see them, WOW WOW WOW my nipples and up pointing and my boobs dont fall down. I have attached some pics. kinda tried so will update everything in more detail later


Wow you look great! So happy for you. Take it easy & take care.
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Well I am feeling so much better today. I got up...

Well I am feeling so much better today. I got up and had a bit of a wash and done my hair ect and that has set me up for the day. Well the day of the op went really fast. They were all amazing to me and held my hand while I was being put to sleep, next thing I am waking up and they are all talking to me and then they moved me into a lovely hot blanket that was on my bed! heaven. I was in and out for awhile and all I realy remmeber is them asking was all ok and my body shaking was normal. I only had water that night no food but I was not hungry. I slept ok and the nurse was in every hour or so to check temp, blood pressure and give me some stuff for the pain. Next day was good, got my appetite back, was sitting up, reading, watching tv ect. Felt really good for someone that was less then 24hrs after surgery. To my suprise my surgeon came in and decided coz I didnt bleed hardly at all into my drains she would remove them and change dressing. Well I was amazed at them! The nipples were the right colour - something I was afraid of and they were sensitve to touch. The surgeon was lauging saying they were massive and they looked like they had implants. She told me that when I was in OR one of the nurses were asking where were the implants as I had a blanket over me and my boobs had fallen under my arm pits that she thought I had no chest at all ha ha.... she got a bit of a shock when she seen them in the end. She reckons they are def a DD woop!!! delighted! Friday was good, ate and was told to go for walks around which I did. The surgeon came back and removed me bandages, put on new ones and fitted the bra. I was then given medicine for the weekend and was allowed to leave to my apartment. This is great as it was a change! I basically am moving between the bed and sofa watching movies and tv series on my hard drive! I get up and go for little walks. I noticed yesterday though that my right boob hurts more then the left..... Is this normal? Not massive pain but kinda stinging, also I noticed that on the right bandage there is alot more leak of a yellow kinda liquid and none on the left. Anyone else find this? I am also starting to bruise :( I finished my Sineech Arnica tablets last night but have normal arnica now to help. Sleeping ok too, I have three massive pillows that prop me up. Today has been the best day so far 4 days PO btw. I got up, had a wash - sooo needed and even managed to do my eyebrows. I also caught up on some college work but I am going relaxing now for the day. I am on 3 painkillers every 24hrs, so one every 8hrs with my antibiotic but I am feeling good. If the right boob was as good as the left then I would feel nothing. I have to see my surgeon again now tomorrow so I will uodate then :) xxx


how are you doing?
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Dang those look great. This is one of the better early pix without implants I've seen on this forum. Enjoy!
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Thank you very much! I am loving them!

Hey all! I am now 10 days PO. I basically stayed...

hey all! I am now 10 days PO. I basically stayed in watchin tv in Prague till the evening before I was due to fly home. I had my final consultation the Monday evening, the surgeon had a look and all I can say is I am amazed at the incisions are so thin! I am hoping they stay like this :) she gave new bandages and steri strips and cleared me for travel. I was not in any pain after coming off the painkillers 5 days PO. I did have my right boob sting a little bit but nothing to even talk about. What I have noticed is the right boob tends to be sore a day before the left, anyone else find them healing at different rates? The travel home went perfect and I was not in any way uncomfortable. In fact I cant believe my recovery from it all. My family and friends were shocked I was out less then a week of surgery. I actually have to stop myself from going back to my normal rountine as I feel that I have not even had any surgery! I am able to move my hands and all with no pain or discomfort.I am even sleeping on my back ok which I thought I would find very hard! My surgeon would not allow me to shower for 10 days PO. Talk about a disaster Day 8/9 PO I was starting to get the dreaded itch, and along with not showering my skin was really starting to irrate me! I had my shower this morning at 10 days PO and OMG was it soooo needed and so good! I was doin towel washes up till now so my boobs were so happy to see water. My surgeon told me shower with the strips which I did and then I gently dries the strips and incisions on a low heat with the hair dryer. Today I finally seen my full tummy without the lipo garment and with my new boobs, its amazing to see above my waist! I have gained a lenght of about 4inchs in my tummy and waist so it really changes my whole appearance! I am loving and I mean loving my new boobies!!!!!! Will post some pics now too


hey there! Sorry for the late response but I have been soooo busy. Ya the clinic are great. I would recommend them a 1000 times over for anything. I am considering going back for a tt in the next few months but its a decision I will have to think about. I looked at your new pics and u are looking so much better :) How are you feeling about it all now?
Hey, just looked at ur new pics, the difference is amazing, i bet ur over the moon! Ive been in touch with the clinic and they have emailed me all the info etc..they seem to be very professional, compared to the one i went to! My abs lipo is now settling down nicely, and as everyone sems to say that u dont get the full effect for 6 months, i think i was jumping the gn a bit, but i definately plan to go the prague in the new year to get a procedure to tighten the skin on my tummy as there is a bit of looseness now that the swelling has gone down. I hope u continue to recover from ur procedure, the results r just brilliant, i showed my daughter and she cudnt beleive u didnt hav implants, they look so good. gonna put some pics up myself this week to show the difference since my last ones..
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Thanks so much! I am delighted with them! The swelling has come way down so they now look a little smaller but they are still great :)

Well I am 3 weeks PO today. I finally got to take...

Well I am 3 weeks PO today. I finally got to take my strips off today as I had to remove stitches. I got one out perfect but I could not get the second one that was on my nipple out. It is very hard while standing up with a tweezers and scissors to take them out :) any time I pulled at it I also pulled my nipple so I decided to call my GP and I have an apt for the morning to remove it for me. I thought it would be best in case I cause any damage. Also under the T incision on my left breast I have a little bit of ozing, my mom reckons this may be down to the fact they have been covered the last three weeks with no air. So I will get the Dr. to check that tomorrow too as the last thing I want is an infection :) I finally got to see my scars properly for the first time today and I am amazed at them! My surgeon is soooo good! I love her! I can start my scar treatment today week as long as all my incisions are closed, so I am keeping the fingers crossed. I will post some pics of my scars so far too. I am feeling soooo good, I feel so much more confident and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I also went into my fav underwear shop this week and decided to get measured with my support bra on. I measured in at 36 DD/E, pre op I was a 36 E so I have hardly lost anything in cup size. The girl in there recommended I go for the 36 DD cup size thou so I came out with 4 lovely new sets. I cant wait for to wear them and have no boob fall out :) all I can say is that only thing that is kinda getting to me is that I cant use a sun bed - here in Ireland with get no sun and I am feeling rather pale :( Anyone have any input when they went back using a sunbed ect as I dont want to cause any damage? chat soon x


Hello honeydrop. Looking good lady. I saw in your pics you used the same protein shakes I used to initially lose over 50 pounds. Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you for the update!  You are doing amazing so keep your chin up.   

If you are really wanting to hit the sunbed you should keep a bikini top on.  You really don't want to get any sun on those scars for the first year.  Keep them covered please!

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hey, ya I will def be keeping them covered but I am even wondering when will I start back on them even with them covered. I really dont want to cause any damage to them. i reckon I may have to resort to some fake tan ha ha

K so what has been happening! I went to my GP and...

K so what has been happening! I went to my GP and she had a look at my underneath of the left breast, she told me there was a 1 in 4 chances of infection so just clean it out everyday and put new bandage on it and it should clear in about 72 hrs. So I done that and still over a week later no better, then out of the blue it happened to my right one also and when I was cleaning it, I noticed some of the things for the stitches came away on the cotton wool. This then seemed to make it worse and fresh flesh appeared! :( I left it for 2 days, it then started to get sore so yesterday morning I ended uo going to a clinic - as GP's in Ireland dont work on a Sunday! They had a look and straight away noticed that what I had thought was a persisent scab was actually in fact two stitches that my body never took too! They removed them, look at the left breast and the exact same thing! They said no wonder they didnt clear up! and an infection could have started at any time! They dressed them all up and gave me a course of two antibiotics. They are knowcing me out, over 1200mg per serving! I am disgusted that my own GP did not notice that this was stitches when I went to see her. I could have had this sorted a week and a half ago! I am already almost 2 weeks behind on my schedule for starting scar treatment.... grrrr..... but anyway on the bright side its sorted now so I hope it heels up nicely!


very perky look. congrads
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you are looking fabulous, congratulations!
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Well at least ur on the mend now, my other daughter had biger implants put in the same day as i had the lipo at Avoca, and she had the same thing happen to her! It took a few wks to clear up, wit anitb's but she ok now. My younger daughter lost about 3/4 stone a few yrs ago and doesnt like her boobs, she wants an uplift and implants, i got her to read ur reviews an look at ur pics, she was very impressed! She got a quote from mediczech and was about to arrange a date when they emailed her today to say vera had gone, she found out somehow where she has gone to and apparently an english man who works is Prague and organises ops with beautiful bodies told her the reasons wy she left etc, vera now has a contract to work at clinic 7? do u know of it? my daughter has got all nervous now and isnt liking the look of the building,ward,operating theatre etc, was hoping u might know something about beautiful bodies or the clinic?
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Sorry for taking so long to update! These stitches...

Sorry for taking so long to update! These stitches coming up to the skin is really getting to me! Got a few so far but they closed fast and easy. My left one has totally healed up now in the T section and so did the right, but low and behold on Thursday the right one started to bleed and now is sore!!! grrr..... I really am sooo upset about it! But all I can do is change the dressing and wait for the healing process to finish! I will take some pics in a few days and show you the progress. They have also dropped just a little bit so now they look so natural and great! I knew they would drop as they are very big! Cant wait to show ye all as I think they may be the best pair in the world :) well to me anyway! Ha ha xxx


Just wanted to say you have a lovely natural hourglass figure! Your waist is so tiny! You look great, congrats.
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Hey there, hows it going?...im serioulsy thinking of going with dr vera after your review...i want removal of implants and uplift...but so so terrified of going abroad as i have terrible veins and im worried anethetist wont understand me and wont be able to put me to sleep...is it really ok over there...im terrified of it but the prices here in Brighton...ridiculous!!!.xx
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Hang in there girlie:)

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Hey! Well I am just after the 12 week PO period!...

Hey! Well I am just after the 12 week PO period! Them bloody stitches kept coming up to the skin!!! GRRR..... and after one boob at the T intersection held all perfect! The thing just out of the blue started bleeding and was back to square one! was very annoyed over that! So I kept redressing it ect. The the left one was healed so I finally got to put on my silicone sheets. It said on the pack wear them for 12 hours daily. I thought there would be no harm in wearing them 24/7! Boy was I wrong, 3 days later and I felt something, looked down and the t-section had reopened and was all horrible! I now have that off about a week and I can finally at last say both t-section are healed :) I am delighted. I am not going to put anything on them for maybe another week or so just to be on the safe side! I am also wearing the post surgical bras! Thank god I bought more then one! I am going to try wearing a normal bra now next week. I am putting up some pics. They really dont do them justice as I am holding the camera. I will get himself to take some pics for me next week in my proper new bar and without so you can really see them! Also I have been on no tanning bed so please ignore how white I now am :( xxx


I've just realised it was mediczech. I think the plastic surgeon is now with iscare. your story was really helpful as I'm sure I'm going to go with Vera for my surgery now. regards Cheryl
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hi there was the clinic you attended Iscare? I'm looking into prices etc for breast reduction and uplift. do they have an apartment to rent on the days you are not at the clinic. thanks cheryl
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hi there can I ask where you went for your surgery? was it iscare, and if so do they have an apartment to rent for the days you aren't at the clinic? I'm looking into a reduction and a lift thanks cheryl
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