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Im 34 mother if 4. From the age of 12 I had 34dd...

Im 34 mother if 4. From the age of 12 I had 34dd boobs then by the time I was 18 36ff! Of course every time I had a baby they wiuld balloon to 36j! Iv hated my breast my whole life. Now thanks to breastfeeding they're worse than ever coupled with 3 stone weight loss over last 5 years ive got the skin if a ff and the filling of an a!!

Im not greedy I just want a lovely handful of dds that dont need a fish slice to put in my bra or having to keep pushing them back in when they slither out!!
Im booked in with vera satankova at bbc direct. The closer it gets the more nervous I am especially funnily enough about post op and the recovery as im normally runninf after a 18 month old as well as 3 teenagers!
Will keep you posted
Anyone with any experience with this please would be lovely to hear from you x x x

Well 2 weeks op tomorrow and outer...

Well 2 weeks op tomorrow and outer strapping/bandage all came off in the shower. Have left the strips over the stitches on didnt wanna touch them just yet. To br honest am really scared to take them off incase it shows any gayping or problems with stitches!! Thats just me being anxious mind as no signs atall of anything untoward going on so far!! Will buy antiseptic spray tomorrow to spray on as advised to prevent any probs.
Cant wait til all healed properly and the fun can really begin!! Lol! Not sure how many months itl take ...hopefully not too long! ! Will update pics tomorrow x x

4weeks post op Right boob is higher maybe 3 cm...

4weeks post op
Right boob is higher maybe 3 cm and looks squarer than the left.
Vera has told me its fine and the left one will slowly follow suit and be the same as the right. its hard to see in the photo its higher cos its flatter than the left.
Scars have healed amazingly
am very very happy with the left so hope right one hurries up and catches up with the left boogie!!xx

Sorry i meant ..left one is good the RIGHt one is...

Sorry i meant ..left one is good the RIGHt one is higher flatter n squarish!!

Am getti g really worried. My right breast is...

Am getti g really worried. My right breast is higher square in shape and flat compared to the one on the left.its also quite empty at the bottom. The left one is petfectly rounded heavy at the bottom with a lovelt shape. Im almost 5 weeks post op. Does anyone have any experience with this?? Theyre both quite softish now so am reluctant to think its swelling. Will the implant 'drop' into place??im confused cos i thought they were placed where they should be?? if so why is left one fine??help........x

Hi sorry haven't been in touch been a busy month...

Hi sorry haven't been in touch been a busy month and baby dropped my phone but am back daaaaarrlings!!:-)
I am now 7 weeks post op and am back to normal activities hooray!! I don't have any pain and all my scars have healed brilliantly. I have noticed however the scar line on my right side comes out at least 2" further than my left and so is noticeable from the side where as the left is very short and can't be seen.
My right breast is still very high and squarish and the lower part of the breast is empty and droops as the implant is too high up :-(
I have raised my concerns to Vera who tells me when I left the clinic they were both full at lower breast but when I've checked photos from clinic there is clearly a difference in breast at that early stage. She tells me nt to worry as is still early days and I should wait at least 6 months as breast are still changing. Is this just a fob off?? Anyone have any experience on this? I have googled and lots of ladies saying there's was the same and at 12 months all was fine but on some others the dropping never happened :-(
All a waiting game I suppose. On the up side my left breast is perfect in every way!lol!
Am still wearing the surgical bra and band as instructed but am soooo bored of it now!
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I went to prague for rhinoplasty in 2011 with bbc direct and surgeon vera satankova, worst mistake of my life. Nick his a very nice person when you are booking the surgery but if you dare to complain then he turns very nasty and they treat you terrible. Vera ruined my nose had to go back for a revision after first surgery because my nose was a mess, and they made me have the revision surgery awake with just a local anethetic no sedation it was an awful experience. After revision my nose was still in a mess with bone sticking out on one side of my nose so my nose looked uneven and off balance, and lumps every where, infact my nose was worse than before surgery. I complained they would not do a third revision. vera and nick became very nasty threating me with solicitors and legal action. Please stay away from these people . I had to have extensive revision rhinoplasty surgery on the nhs because of what dr vera satankova done to my nose.
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Hi ladies I'm hoping to get breast enlargement from same surgeon are your breasts ok now? X
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Hi Cheryl they did exactly the same to the lady I went with the minute she complained.....threatening solicitors letter! nick is all nicey nicey then when u get home and things aren't quite right he becomes an arrogant p****! There is NO aftercare whatsoever! I have capsular construction in my right breast and pointed out the difference on day 4 but was fobbed off! 8 months later still not dropped n retracts when I squeeze / tense breast muscles! They r simply not interested but if u go to Prague they'll see you for a charge!, avoid avoid avoid!
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That's right!! That nick is a complete asshole!... He was so ignorant and didn't sympathise whatsoever! I was totally ripped off.. I had 4 procedures and none of them was satisfactory. Vera ruined my body she is a butcher!! BBC direct are such a bad decision for surgery!! Definatley AVOID!!!!
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No aftercare what so ever and when I rang them complaining they said they had rang me on withheld number a few times! Complete lies!!!... Thanks for letting me and others know about them Julia :) I hope more so the same and ignore the threats about legal action! I couldn't care less if they try to sue me because they won't be getting anything from me!!!
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Avoid!!!! BBC direct!! They are happy to take your money then fob you off when you tell them you are not happy! I had uplift surgery. Ended up with two different size breast and infection. The scarring is awful. I also had lipo in the lower abdominal area and there was no difference at all. Vera told me to wait longer to see results and I am still waiting. No fat was removed at all. And to top all that the staff at the clinic were terribly rude.. They laughed when I told them in pain or needed to go to the toilet and I had to report them. Then after I reported them they were still allowed to work and at lunchtime i was given a salad with an apple which had been covered with snot! Disgusting
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Also when I got home and told them I had infection and I wasn't happy with the lack of contact from them, they threatened me with solicitors and sent me emails in red writing. It is completely awful the way I have been treated by this company and I would strongly suggest you go elsewhere for surgery. Also at the clinic I was put in a room with complete strangers. I was brought to surgery my personal belongings where left in the room with these people and no lockers available. Anyone can root through your belongings and it is also like a cattle market.. In and out then straight onto the next. I woke up in recovery and was shivering and had to shout several times for someone to come so I could tell them I was cold and they just left me for ages. I wish I could turn back the clock. I look a mess and wasted my money!!
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I also paid to have my left nipple done as it was inverted. My nipple is still inverted and Vera just made all sorts of excuses up! The woman is so ignorant. I spent £5000 with this woman and not one procedure is right!
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What's your implants' size?
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How you doing hun?..xx
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wonder if we needed a revision we could go back?..i feel really annoyed that she didnt cut on my origional BA scars...coz the breast tissue wants to naturally fall to there and the anchor is quite a way above it...on the whole they dont look too bad considering what i had..and the nip..vera said she used a template but they are completely different!!! massaging too...does all your boobs feel lumpy and is there any bruising of mine still is a tad bruised nearly 6 weeks on.xx
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Hiya my right one is still bruised a tad. No not lumpy but then iv had implants. I would measure them ur self then send her measurements she surely can't argue with that! I asked about massag she told me absolutely not to but maybe again that's cos iv got implants. X x
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Hey good to hear your update...mine is tge exact same...she has cut a good quater inch above my origional BA scars so my anchor is not in my fold...and it bloody anoying as hell!!!...and ive got one nip bigger than other which is very noticable.xx
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How u doing love?.xx
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Hey love, how you doing? i got a response to my email (took about 2 days, is that about right). Vera thinks looking at my pics i might have scar retraction in the fold, she suggested i start with pushing my fingers in to it for 10 secs 3 times various times a day....eeeek!!!!...that sounds a bit scary to me and it feels far to early, im worried id split my incisions..the square boob still feels rock hard under the skin like there is lots of bruise, hardness under not getting too depressed yet about it...i know there is still lots of healing to be done..Vera said there is no way my nips can be different sizes as they are very specific in the opperating theater...i am sure they are different sizes, ill give it a few more months before i make my final decision. Have you emailed them again? xxx
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Yes without the implants...its all very distressing. Still waiting for a response to my email but i imagine to be told its all normal. You look lovely in the pics though...i can see one is sat a tad higher nut not massively noticable!!...have you got a band..that might put em into place. One of my implants was sat never corrected unfortunately but mine werent unders and i know unders do drop. does your scar on the square boob look like its pulling into your chest...what looks like its making it square? lefty is perfect too.xx
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Hey Julie, its day 20 today, i just took off my tapes in the shower and im freaking out. Nipples look different sizes and one looks like it has just been stuck on (like a 3d nipple). It also looks like ive been cut twice down my vertical (although on closer inspectiion i think thats just the stitches pulling in. The thing i am struggling to accept is the square boob at the bottom which looks like by boob is being sucked in by the stitches or something...i am a bit worried...did you freak out at first?.xx
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Hey hun. I did freak when i first took my tapes off and had the same feelings about my nipples they looked superimposed on and thought they were in different positions but now my scars have healed they look petfect and as my breast are settling down theyre shifting more evenly in position. I too have that squarish shape to my right one aswell asit being higher but vera says this will all change over the next few months . Dont panic altho i do admittedly every single day!!lol!! if xx
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Do you think? i do hope so...dont know if i could work with a sucked in boob..:(...ive emailed the BBC support email with all my pics..i was supposed to send them Thursday anyway to see what she says...i do hope they even out. Did you get the whole tiny flaps of skin on the outside of the nipple lifting up when you tried to removed the tape...i didnt like that at all....made me want to pass out in the shower...i am hoping it adheres down and no skin falling off drama's. xx
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Yeah i know what u mean like its been stuck on in the middle with sticky back plastic!! My nips were the same but have healed really nicely x x x
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Lovely!!..they look very pretty...and whats going on with your midrift? the hell you get a tummy like that with an 18month sure u didnt get a cheeky tummy tuck while well jel
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my right boob is doing the exact same thing...squaring at the bottom...funny that one is so much more bruised and hard in places...thats why i asked abput loosen bruising etc!!..ill give it more time..i bought spray todau for when i get courage to take the tapes off!!...have u any feeling in your nips?...any tenderness arpund incisions still?...if this square boob goes ill be dead chuffed with the result!!.xx
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Hey hun no pain around incisions any more but not much if any feeling in nips!! though i think it is improving..i close my eyes n touch them with someat so i can see if its feeling inmy nips i can feel rather than my finger if u catch my drift!!lol!! I did same as u with codeine as painkillers from clinic werent so strong. Codeine n glass of wine at bedtime did the trick!!:-) Theyre itching like mad today and the skins really dry on them but think thats good means theyre healing. My midrift is positively bulging since the op sitting around all day stuffing myself silly...dont think iv ever eaten so much! Its serious diet time.....will start maybe next week lol!!! Hope alls good with you x x x
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Yes mine are itching like mad and all flakey!!...everytime i take my bra off im all flakey and horrible. Did your scars on the anchor look a bit grusome to start off with? i know when stitches are first pulled tight they can make the skin look all twisted and distorted until they disolve etc and then the skin flattens..did you have this look too?. I think im going to brave taking the tape off on day 20, which will be Tuesday, im dying to see whats going on and also im sure it must be getting a bit mankey under there. Will i be ok not to put anything back on them once the tape is removed or do i need to go and buy new stuff. Can i just let them be once the tapes off or is that not recommended?. Did Vera say when you can give them a good rub? with oil/moisturiser etc? Yes i identify with the midrift bulging!! starting tomorrow, i dont want to be a fat bird with small t*** a good look at all...need to get the torso matching the top half which i think looks pretty damn fit...thanks Vera, so far so good. xxx
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Hi hun mine are pretty flat but scars are wider at cross over of anchor. They r very neat tho. I took mine off around days 14-18. No need then ti recover nust leave them be. I only put on anticeptic spray. Vera said no massaging but can moisturise the dry skin. I wiped my scars carefully wirh antiseptic spray on muslin just to get rid of manky bits!! Yeah i love mine too cant wait til i can wear proper bras etc n really have a play!!lol!!xx
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