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So happy this is my 3 rd week

I am scheduled to have mine Tatas April 17. I'm so...

I am scheduled to have mine Tatas April 17. I'm so excited bcc after 4 kids all girls I finally am doing something for me. Its my happy 40 th birthday to me present. So I measured 11 and want to go big as I can the dr told me I can go with a up saline 380cc is max bc of my thin skin and frame . Weight is 108 height 5 1. I'm currently small b and want a d any feedback is helpful. Has anyone started small like me and been able to get a d? Thanks and wish fast healing on everyone. :)

Well it's a little over two weeks until surgery...

Well it's a little over two weeks until surgery and I'm excited , anxious and scared. I know it's probably normal. My bf says he is so tired of hearing about it and I am obsessed I guess I am just trying to be as educated as I can. I get my pack in the mail giving me instructions to not take ibuprofen for 2 weeks before so guess I should purchase Tylenol. I started looking for after surgery sports bras and my little girls just don't understand why I want bigger boobies lol. Although my 19 and 12 yr old completely understand because they are about the same size as me. 34 b I so want a small D and I hope the 380 gives me that. Hope fast an painless as can be recovery to all. Thanks for all the information it helps a lot to be able to read and somewhat know what to expect. Think ill hit the gym hard for next two weeks and keep on my diet to help with swelling and digestive system afterwards. I've heard fresh pineapple helps with healing?? Thanks again

Well tomorrow is preop and I'm super excited. I...

Well tomorrow is preop and I'm super excited. I bought a sports bra that zips in the front this weekend. I just need to get some arnica this week also got my stool soft we. My friend told me to get cleaned out before so I guess I'll get something for that this weekend.

Just had my preop and went over everything I'm so...

Just had my preop and went over everything I'm so excited. I chose high profile saline under muscle 350 implant filled to 380 hoping for small D. Got my scripts and ready to go

4 more days and counting I am soo excited and my...

4 more days and counting I am soo excited and my bf is so tired if hearing about it. Hope everyone is doing well and I think ill clean real good thus weekend so I don't really have to do much next couple days. Still got to get script filled. My lil girls are ready to take care of mommy and my sister and sister from another momma are stepping up and helping lots. I'm just so independent and used to doing it all by myself it's hard to let other people do it. And I have OCD so I like it just my way lol. Anyway back to cleaning

I made it through the surgery, relaxing. Ended up...

I made it through the surgery, relaxing. Ended up with 380 on the right side 360 on the left side. Right now very sleepy and tired, going to get some rest. Hope all is well with everyone

My first night went better than I thought it would...

My first night went better than I thought it would. I have an post op to remove bandages at 10 and will see my new boobies for the first time. I have what feels like bruise soreness not really in pain but keeping up on pain meds for now.

Post op day 2 I get to shower today. I'm home by...

Post op day 2 I get to shower today. I'm home by myself today but all I want to do is sleep. My bra they sent me home in feels too tight and is bothering me. I've been hanging out in the recliner with the heating pad on my back to help with any discomfort there. Not really anymore pain just soreness as described before. Especially when u stand up it feels like u want to hold ur breast or there gonna fall out lol.

Day 3 post op and I'm doing great. I slept in my...

Day 3 post op and I'm doing great. I slept in my bed last night no more recliner and actually for some sleep. I'm going to change to Tylenol only today and get off the pain pills. I've had a bowl movement everyday so not feelings constipated. For everyone going to have surgery I suggest stool softners a couple days before to keep u flowing as normal. Don't forget drink lots of water to help flush you body and keep you hydrated. I do have itching at my incisions but guess that means healing is happening

I feel like my incision is I little swollen I...

I feel like my incision is I little swollen I itching a little but I'm not really in any pain my back is sore but not my breast. Just wondering is that a normal thing ? I feel great have to keep reminding myself I have had surgery to take it easy. I still get tired if I'm up and do a lot though. I haven't taken anything for pain since 2 pm that's over 9 hrs ago. Prayer works I had someone pray over me before my surgery and I believe that is the reason for no pain. Thank I Jesus for a quick healing. He is wonderful to me.

5 day post op and first day back at work. What was...

5 day post op and first day back at work. What was I thinking

6 day post and I'm feeling great. I get tired when...

6 day post and I'm feeling great. I get tired when I'm up a lot and have to sit an rest to catch my breathe. Starting to feel all the soreness like bruise feeling on the sides. I am sleeping good prompted up with pillows in the bed. With my heating pad for the soreness in my back. Trust me heating pad for back helps. I wear sports bra all day everyday and need to buy a bigger one because this one is too tight it bothers me. My incisions are itching which means there healing I hope. Need to rest up for little league tournament Saturday. Hope everyone is doing well. Oh and I think there dropping some I'm very happy with my results only wish I did it sooner.

Doing pretty good still just feel like I need a...

Doing pretty good still just feel like I need a shot of energy and that's probably because I don't really get a full nights sleep. So tired of being upright sleeping

So I noticed as I was looking at my incisions I...

So I noticed as I was looking at my incisions I have two strings like and it feels like there pulling on the bottom of my breast. Is this normal? I'm scared now and I've been really careful but that is the side that I hurt last week when sitting up it felt like it pulled and I later right back down. Please tell me that is normal

Feeling great healing better than I thought I...

Feeling great healing better than I thought I would. I feel like a gurgling is in my breast which I think is normal since there dropping. I love having boobies. I can't wait til I can hit the gym. My strips are coming off and scar is looking normal.

Still massaging and they are dropping nicely. My...

Still massaging and they are dropping nicely. My incisions are itching and little red I hope that's normal. The mondor cord is pulling when I move my left side. It's a little sore today I don't really know what else to do to it besides warm compress or ibuprophen. Any help suggestions would be much appreciated


New bra on sale JCP 20 bucks

So I'm almost 6 weeks about 3 days shy and I bought my first real bra yesterday. No underwire and that is hard to find. I worked out pretty hard yesterday and my biceps are not my friend today. Oh btw when u work back for the first time it feels funny because ur pecs moving. I was sitting there laughing. I'm healing with no problems thank The Lord! I posted a pic of the new bra u feels so soft and like I have nothing on a must have ladies.

New bra


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You look amazing! I hope my gap will get closer together like yours.
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Looking good girl...and I have that same looking bra-very comfy! And NO underwired ARE hard to find!
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            they are beautiful: what size did you get? 
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350 allergen saline high profile filled to 360/390
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Thank u so much violet. I'm very satisfied but do wish they were bigger but they for my body so they doc knows best.
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Hey there-just came across your profile. I had mine last May (it will be a year May 30). I didn't know about this site then so I don't have pics of that, but I just had a TT in April and you can see how they look in a bathing suit now. I also am about your size, a little shy of 5'1", 115, was a small 36B and now a 34D or DD in VS bras. I love them too- how they fill clothes out and stuff. I got 450cc silicone high profile under muscles. What did the saline put you at in a bra size? Sometimes I think the saline make you look bigger-my SIL has saline. Well, enjoy the new look ;)
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I'm going this weekend to bra shop and get measured. I have measured at home and got 34d. I've noticed saline look bigger than silicone when getting same size not sure why.
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I bet if you go to Victoria Secret's you'll be in a DD ... all my VS bras are DD, but other brands in other stores I'm usually a D.
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A PS did explain to me that saline does appear to be large but I dont remember why. CC's doesnt change but I think profile has everything to do with it. I believe the measurements for saline are wider even though total cc's would be the same.
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can you upload a new pic so i can see your results currently? i do love your size and mine will probably be close to that as we are both small and ur before pics are similar to mine. I am going with moderate instead of high, and hopefully 400. (dr recommended b/w 400-425)
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Can u not see my photos? Click on my name then profile
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Ya it looks like your last pic was april 30th. Was just wondering if u had an even more recent one.
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You look fabulous!
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glad you are feeling better every day! Take it easy and enjoy your new boobs.
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You are looking fabulous! Your 6 day post op pics are amazing. I also love the one of you in your new lacy bra. Looking good!!
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Thank you I'm so happy to have boobies.
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That sounds like Mondors Cords. It's just veins that get inflamed after surgery. It can happen anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months after. It will go away on it's own, but ibuprofen & warm compresses can help with the discomfort. But you should probably still let your PS know. Hope you're feeling better soon :)
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Thank u Suzy. It kinda scared me I feel great very lucky on my recovery
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Wow I cant believe that photo is only 6 days post op, you look great!
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Thank u. My dr said I can't start massaging today since I'm dropping and healing so fast.
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Yours have dropped perfectly! They look awesome!!! :D
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Thank u I was thinking they have. So thankful they turned out so good
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you look amazing, go girl!!, hope mine look as good as yours one day x
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Thank u so much. Went back to work after only 5 days not a good choice.
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My husband only took 4 days off after mine then I had to take care of the house and kids again on my own (including 1 year old twins). I agree- we should have been given a home nurse for a few weeks. ;)
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