Powerful Peel, Powerful Results

Hi. I had a phenol peel 8 months ago. It was very...

Hi. I had a phenol peel 8 months ago. It was very strong, painful, but the results were excellent. I was mildly sedated as phenol peel is very strong the doctor suggested that i be mildly sedated so that i am confortable. My skin was cleaned, then the solution was applied and a timer was set. The solution was then cleaned off and i was asked to rest for a bit and inform if the pain got too severe. It did hurt and burn, but nothing too scary. I was ok and rested a bit. Later in the day my skin felt tight and stretched and very itchy. It was also burning. It took 3 days for the burning to go down but the itchiness took a few more days to go. The redness took the longest to disappear, around 2 weeks. Once the skin began to peel off , i saw a younger and a fresher looking sink underneath. It was a bit lighter, bit not too light. It was somewhat pinkish. After i recovered fully, sunblock, water and a good cleanser were the three things i had to do everyday which i still do. Phenol has given me a great, fresh face.
Could you please tell me if the peel tightened your skin or did you need a facelift after the peel?
Hi, I was wondering if you are still happy with the results? did your skin turn white or waxy looking? thank you.
What type of skin care program were you on before the peel?
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