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I have just found this website and I'm surprised...

I have just found this website and I'm surprised that if wasn't told about pain at all. This is my second day with Invisalign and it hurts. Putting them on is not bad but taking off is a nightmare . My gums are actually bleeding every time I'm taking my trays off. I so hope it will go better. But I have to admit my teeth are horrible so I'm so looking forward to any improvement. I know it's my early days and I'm finding hard to get to the routine. first of all I'm starving!!! It's too much pain to take that off so I eat and drink only when I have to . I suppose I will have to change my routine. The biggest nightmare is not being able to drink my coffee . I'm a coffee addict as I have a low blood pressure and I'm tired most of the time . I just so hope to get rid of this pain ..


Hello and welcome to our community! :)  I see Cazzieboo already found you!  I'll introduce you to a few others' reviews as well, who are working on crowding as you are.  But I also wanted to say, everyone in the community who experiences pain in the beginning says that it gets better.  For most, it's after 2-3 days.  For a very few, it takes a little over a week.  And as you progress, your teeth get looser and the treatment is easier.  So yes, this initial period can be trying, but it will get better!  

I did go through about two days where I couldn't remove my trays for pain (though it was because of my attachments having ripped up the inside of my mouth) and so I ate in my trays (I drank green smoothies and blended salads.)  It's not a recommended solution, and I still had to remove the trays to clean them anyway.  But I didn't have to do it as much.  And I didn't get cavities.  Those trays were very yellow/green by the end from the staining, but I didn't starve to death either.

Here are some other community members' reviews :)

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Hi there, I'm also in the UK and one week into wearing aligner 2. I found my aligners uncomfortable and painful during the first few days and like you struggled to take them off. However, I now find it easy to remove them and actually prefer wearing them than not! I agree that not being able to drink hot drinks, tea in my case, is difficult to start with but it does get easier. Stick with it and I'm sure things will improve for you.
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Day 5 tray 1

Slowly getting used to having something in my mouth .the Pain is easier to cope with but not completely gone. Now I realised how many snacks I used to have a day!! I'm starving !!! Because taking trays out hurts and all cleaning routine takes me about 8 min I'm sticking to 30 min for breakfast , 30 min for lunch and 1 h for dinner . I'm only size 8 but and not big eater but now I'm constantly hungry. It's hard not to have a snack in the office . Yesterday one if my colleagues had birthday and we had lots of cakes and chocolates which I couldn't touch. Than I went for a girly evening and drunk water all the way through. Girls assumed I'm on the diet so I kept it that way. So far nobody notice I have "braces" so I keep it quiet . I still feel uncomfortable


In my experience, the snacking impulse is difficult to break, but after that, you feel less hungry.  You also learn to eat better meals to avoid the dips in between.  It may be just blood sugar things that are making you feel so peckish.  As long as you don't have real blood sugar issues, you should get used to it.  If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, though, you may want to talk to your doctor to make sure it's safe.  After a while, I was able to even skip two meals in a row if I ate a substantial enough dinner.  But no breads though or I got terrible dips!
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Thank you. It's 5 days for me now. Yesterday, it was a lovely warm evening here in Blackpool . My husband and my cousin were sitting outside relaxing and having a beer. I went to sleep. Why it is if you can't do something you really want it??? I see we are going through the same thing almost in the same time. How long will you have to wear invisalign . I was told 18 months and might have to wear normal braces at the end for couple extra months

Feels guilty

Yesterday I went out to the town with my friends . We went for a meal and couple drinks. I think it was a first time I was on night out since my boy was born.(we talking 4 years) I was very nervous how I'm going to cope with the plastic in my mounth . Initially I was planning to take them out and leave at home, but that why I would not meet min 20 h. Bravely I kept them on. I waited till my good arrived and sneaked out to the bathroom. Luckily sink was placed very privately and I left my cousin by the door as a barycade . This time taking trays out went smoothly. I think I'm getting use to it. I had my meal and came back to the bathroom to make my hygiene routine which takes me 7 min. So far so good. Then the problem started.. Drinks... I was drinking Corona and Malibu Coke. There was no way I could take my trays out all the time, so I used a straw and rinse my mounth after every drink. Felt SO guilty, came back home and extended my brushing, cleaning, flushing routine to 10 min . I read so much about people complaining about the stain, smell ect .. It is really petryfing me. It's my 5 th day and so far there is no even mark on my trays... Is it really so bad to have a" straw" drink once for a while?????? Except that things are going better. There is no pain just a slight push. Only problem is a sharp end on my bottom tray which is hurting my lip from inside.


The sharp end is something your doctor can file off for you, or call them and ask if you can do it yourself.

As for the drinks through a straw, it's not recommended by Invisalign or doctors.  Other community members do it and have done it.  (I've done it with green smoothies when I was desperate and couldn't eat for pain, and it did stain my trays.)  The issue is whether you get cavities or stain your trays.  If you can live with how your trays smell (like if you don't find that they smell) and your hygiene can make up for it, that is a choice for you to make.  You can ask your doctor what he thinks--if he has any advice, for example--but in the end, you make the decisions for your own life and treatment.  They tell you what would happen in a perfect world, and you get as close as you can. :)
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Hi there, yes I started invisalign on 26th June so a couple of weeks or so before you. I am on tray 2 of 32 so I'll be wearing my aligners for approximately 15 months. I'll then need refinements but not sure yet how many. Have you already had attachments on your teeth? It's difficult to tell from your photos. I get my attachments on 11th August when I start in tray 4. I've had an extraction because it reduced the number if trays required from 49 to 32 and the final result was pretty much the same with or without the extraction. I am very self conscious of the space left but I'm hoping it will close up pretty quickly. As for social situations I've found that most restaurants have disabled toilets which are self contained with their own hand basin so I've pretty much been able to stick rigidly to my cleaning regime. I have told all my friends and colleagues about my Invisalign and I must say that all but one have been very supportive. The friend who wasn't said I must be vain! I must say that I was rather shocked by her attitude because I've never thought of myself as vain. I'm doing this for my self esteem and confidence so I won't let her opinions affect me. Hope you're getting used to your aligners and the pain has improved.
Yes, I have at least 5 attachments already and it's them making taking the trays off so painful. I'm going to have 39 trays so it's almost 18 months of treatment . I'm trying not to think about it too much and I hope it will just become a normal part of my life. It's been a week now , one more week to change for tray number 2 . I was waiting for so long to do something with my teeth . As a child I had a removable thing to wear through the night. It was discussing and I was chocking at night so I gave it up. When braces came to the marked I just couldn't afford it and them was to conscious to wear them. Invisalign is a perfect solution

Tray 2- week 3

I have just changed my trays to second set and surprisingly there is no problem at all. They fitted smoothly and there is no pain so far. Nothing like tray one. I was expecting at least two days of pain again. I got used to hygiene routine and eating in certain time with no snaking between meals. But again... Nothing is never too easy for me. Two days ago I found out I'm pregnant !!!!!! After two years of trying and finally giving up here we go.. Now I'm scared again. How I'm going to cope with sickness and no snacking? Last two days were horrible . At work I was told I look green ... Well , felt "green " too...


Congratulations on your pregnancy!  Unfortunately, (fortunately for me) I waited until after my children were born to start Invisalign because I get the worst possible morning sickness.  They have medication that works wonders but I'm not sure whether they're willing to give it to you unless you have hyperemisis gravidarum and your sickness is a danger to the baby.  You may have luck talking to both your ob/gyn and your dentist/orthodontist for tips.
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Hi :)  Did you start on the 14th or the 15th?  The numbers aren't quite tracking and I tried to figure it out by counting, but I'm not certain whether you count day one or just after 24 hours, so I could be a day off.
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I started on 15 th morning , but I'm leaving for holidays today so it was easier to change the tray last night. It fitted with no trouble at all . I think because I was wearing my first one over 22 h every day. I just hope the sickness won't stop me with this one. I have one more tray before seeing doctor and I think one extra day as couldn't get a visit exactly on time.

Tray 3

I have just changed to tray 3. Somebody said it's easier to change trays on evening and sleep through the first pain . I think it's a good idea. This tray is much tighter than tray 2 , but I will post a better update in couple days. So far I can't see any change but I feel little bit diffrent in my bite.

Last couple weeks on tray 2 were horrible. I would lie if I said it was easy. Tray fitted nicely and I mastered in and outs quick and smoothly . There was no pain at all just a little bit of pressure at the first couple days. In normal conditions, no problem at all.. But well , it's not me... Being 7 weeks pregnant I do suffer with sickness . Nausea is my closest friend now and I throw up at least 3 times a day. Most of the time I managed to take trays out but it makes me sick even more. When they are in place its not bad , but moving them in and out causes a close meeting with a toilet straight away. The mint taste of tooth pAste and listerine is a big no no.. I'm using kids fruity tooth paste at the moment . So far, the bigger challenge was to snack before stomach starts asking for it. If I'm late I'm sick. So my meals were tiny but more frequent. Now , I'm in the stage of being off food completely. Only bread with butter and boiled potatoes. Tray 1 stayed in place for over 22 h easly, tray two vary but never below 20 hours. Only on Monday I had it out for about 4 hours as I didn't want to risk being sick in the plane. I wAs planning to extend tray two by day, but tray 3 fitted easly so I assumed I'm still on track. Summarising so far, I do not recommend this treatment during the pregnancy . It is extremely hard . Unless you are lucky and don't suffer from morning sickness .


I'm sorry you're going through this, but thank you so much for this great and detailed information!  I had the same kind of morning sickness as you (vomiting 10-15 times/day, smells and tastes impossible to stand.  For a while I couldn't even eat ice cream.  Just organic Newman O's oreo-type cookies, which I still threw up everything.)  I cannot imagine having to have something in my mouth during morning sickness.  Even talking made me gag.  So I definitely feel for you.

Remember, if it proves insurmountable, I think you can work with your doctor to just maintain your current state, or move forward very, very slowly.  Perhaps only wearing the aligner at night or certain hours of the day, just to maintain.  And when the morning sickness improves (or if it gets worse, you may be medicated, which will likely also improve it,) you can start up the treatment again.  There are always options if you are willing to speak up for yourself. 

Good luck! :)
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Tray 4

Im on my 4 th tray now and things are getting better. Despite of morning sickness i managed to keep my trays on minimum 20 h a day. My dentist was happy with a progress and gave me another 3 sets of aligners. I was worried if my number 4 will fit as last couple weeks were hard and trays were constantly on and off . Luckily , all goes smoothly and there is no pain at all. Doctors put me on anti sickness tablets to help out and it's working so far. 11 weeks pregnant, 4th trays and just after breast operation . It's a lot for body to take . Hopefully these all will be worth it at the end.


Thank goodness you got the anti-nausea meds!  It was a life-saver for me, and I'm glad it's working for you!  Hopefully you'll have some smooth sailing for a while, while you go through the nausea!
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