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I started this in the beginning of November 2012....

I started this in the beginning of November 2012. I have been religiously using it as directed every single night.

I am a natural redhead, so, as you can imagine, my lashes are very blonde - they've always been an okay length, just not anything special.

At first. this stuff definitely irritated my eyes. In the morning they would burn a little bit, be a little bit itchy and the "sleepy dirt" was in excess. They also felt dry throughout the day. I figured it was normal. It certainly wasn't intolerable. So, I kept on.

After a couple of weeks, the itching, dryness, etc... went away, and I started to notice a difference! In like 3 weeks I could see a slight difference, so I am excited about the 16-week-mark when they're supposed to reach their full potential.

At this point, I am about 10 weeks in and they're looking pretty awesome!! They're definitely darker and much longer! I have been getting compliments on them :) I am thrilled with the results! Check out the pics!

I have attached photos from about 1 week in, then at 4 weeks and then again at 10 weeks (just took the photo today!)

Please let me know if you have any questions - I would be happy to help in any way I can :) I will definitely say it is worth it!!

I just wanted to add (since my eyes are closed in...

I just wanted to add (since my eyes are closed in the pics) I worried not about the brown pigmentation because my eyes are already naturally brown - BUT the longer, darker lashes actually brighten them up!

Just wanted to say...

I am still using the Latisse every night and my lashes are incredible! Even longer and more thick than the last photo I posted.

I will have to add another photo to update! I love it! I have gotten so many compliments on them. People ask me if they're fake - so, that means it must be working :)

My eyes still occasionally get itchy from it the following day (rarely) - but, I am fairly sure that's when I use a little bit too much... and my eyelids did get a little bit "darker" where I apply it - that "pigmentation" that they warn you about... Others have said it's a good thing because it's like eyeliner BUT mine have become RED, so that's not really good... Eyeshadow helps though :P

I will update with pics soon!

I've had some comments regarding iris color change & skin pigmentation...

I am posting a couple of photos just to show the growth & fullness of the lashes at this point. I really do love them & I get compliments on my "beautiful lashes" constantly. If you take a look at where I started - they were nothing to be thrilled about and very blonde. Now they're the kind I was always envious of.

Unfortunately, I cannot vouch one way or another regarding the iris color change. If you look at my photos, you will see why. I say "unfortunately" b/c I'd rather have brownish-tinted blue eyes than what I've got :P not to say I don't feel for those whose eyes have changed color from the Latisse – it truly stinks.

I can, however, vouch for the discoloration of the skin where the Latisse is applied. Mine have become RED. It's not pretty. In the photo where you see only one eye, I am not wearing any makeup at all. You can see a reddish line that sort of looks like eyeliner, but an odd shade. Yeah, that's not eyeliner.

You can see in the other photo, where I am wearing makeup, that eyeliner just covers the discoloration, or even just shadow, so it's not the end of the world, but it is kind of scary when you think about it.

I haven't been using the Latisse every day anymore. Every other day or even every 2 or 3 days has been sufficient to maintain.

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this – or if it's just lack of sleep, but some days, my actual eyeball - extending out from the iris, is discolored. Somewhat like bloodshot, but not all over the eye, in an actual line just along the area where the Latisse would sit.. where the lids touch. It seems to go away after a day or so, but it has been happening. Does this happen to anyone else?
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The first bottle was 5ml, but I have gotten the 3ml ones since. Since I discovered doing the treatments every other night, and using only one drop per lid is sufficient - I've been able to really stretch it out. I did find it for an incredibly low price and it's legit - and I mean an exceptional price. I was worried, of course, but I gave it a go and have given it time to make sure - and it's the real deal :) If you'd like to know where I got it/how much, feel free to send me a private message. I don't want to advertise for anyone on here.
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Thanks for sharing. I am a natural blonde with stubby white lashes and SO tired of using mascara, but have been afraid of the possible effects on my pale, fair eyelids, etc. after reading your review, I think I will give it a try.
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Amazing results annibella, your lashes look so glam! Can I ask where you got your bottle of lattise from?
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Hi :) Sorry it took me so long to get back to you about this. Thank you so much :) I have been keeping it up and they're looking awesome. I am in love with Latisse at this point. haha. I got it from a couple different locations, but the most reasonable and reliable that I have found is from a site called They're really awesome and their prices are very, very reasonable. I get the package in like 2 days after I order it too. Highly recommend them!
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I have blonde eyelashes also and I am on week 6 and am not seeing much of a difference....I am hoping it will happen soon. How long is 1 bottle lasting for you? Your lashes look great btw!! Way longer and fuller and darker, congrats!
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Thank you! I ordered the 5ml bottle and have been using the same bottle since I started 10 weeks ago. I am milking it as much as possible! I use one brush for both lids and just squeeze one drop into the cap and dip into it - at first, I think I was using too much. Also, my lashes didn't start to darken until very recently - as you can see they were still pretty blonde in the 4 week pic. I'd love to see how yours progress :) Best of luck!
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There definitely looks to be growth in your 4 week picture!! It looks like the 10 week picture didn't upload right. :( Will you try again, because I'm really curious to see the growth!

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UGH! Yes, I will definitely try uploading it again. That is the best one! I'll try again now :)
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WOW!! That is a lot of growth!! Looking good!

K, keep us posted on your thoughts on Latisse, and how the lashes continue to look.

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Thank you!! :) I will keep you updated! Are you considering trying latisse or are you already using it? Just curious. I can offer some tricks I've picked up along the way if you'd like. I have to say, I def. didn't expect such drastic results!! I can just curl them now - i don't even have to wear mascara. It does make you wonder, though... what exactly IS this stuff?? Haha. Rogaine for the lids...?
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Yeah, I hear you. It's always a bit of a concern when we really stop to think what our beauty products are/might be. 

I haven't personally used Latisse. I have pretty good lash length, but as I'm getting older my eyebrows are thinning out, lovely! The funny thing is its like they're just getting shorter, but maintaining their width - that's a good look!! ;) So, I might try it on my brows in the future. 

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I just bought my first kit today, I would love to hear any tips you may have!

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Hey Ayra :) No problem, I'll be happy to share! And I apologize in advance if any of this sounds really obvious!! But, they were questions I had along the way, so I figured I would just share it all... So, this is a HUGE $$ saver. The instructions say to to always open a new packet of brushes before each application and only use one brush per eye. That is definitely *not* necessary (unless you have some sort of infection in one eye that you don't want to spread to the other... but, in that case you probably shouldn't be using Latisse until it's gone anyway). What I do is take out one brush, squeeze just one drop of Latisse into the cap and dip the brush into it and coat the lashes on both eyes using only one brush. Some people go out and buy their own brush and just use that one over and over... for some reason that makes me a little paranoid because, I would imagine that after a while, it would become dirty - especially since it will be wet most of the time... collecting bacteria and whatnot. It would seem like one drop for both eyes isn't enough, but, as you can see from the pictures, it definitely is :) I bought the 5ml bottle and have been using it religiously since the end of October and I am still on the same bottle - with more left in there! Make sure you always wash your face and get all of the eyeliner & mascara off of your lashes before you apply it. If you're using makeup remover wipes or anything like that, makes sure to splash your face with water a few times to get the residue from the wipes off of your lashes. It might make your eyes itchy at first (it did for me) but, be careful not to rub them because you'll just rub it off. Also, if you cry, reapply. :P I try not to, but you know how it is sometimes... haha. They make a big deal about dabbing off any extra, and making sure it doesn't get on your lower lids or just outside of the lash line by accident, but don't worry about that. I've been a little sloppy with it here and there and I didn't start growing random hairs anywhere they shouldn't be. I know this might be the most obvious of all, but make sure you apply it religiously! Just put an alert in your phone or make it part of your evening ritual. I have a couple of friends who've been using it and are pretty careless about it and they haven't had much in the way of results. Make sure you take before pics!! And take some along the way just to see the progress, it's pretty exciting (and makes the itching/morning eye crusties worth it) when you see it's really working! If you have any questions pop up along the way, please don't hesitate to write! I hope I've helped a little. Good luck! I'm sure you'll love it! Can't wait to see your results :)
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I just picked up my first ever bottle of Latisse yesterday and used it for the first time last night. And I too used just one brush, figured why do both since I do not have an infection and I want to get as much use as I can out of this spendy stuff. Hope to see results in a few weeks starting to show up!

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Exciting! I actually just polished off my first bottle and had to crack open the second one. I made that bad boy last as long as possible (I started it at the end of October)!! I will update with my 16-week pics later today - believe it or not they've gotten a slight bit longer since the 10-week pic! It's amazing. I would love to see your results! I will keep my eyes peeled for a post and some pics of your progress :) Good luckl! You will love it ♥
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I say please be careful. Read my review. There are others in here that said it darkened their blue or blue green eyes in only a short amount if time.
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Hi there :) Thank you so much for your message. If I were lucky enough to have blue or green eyes I would be concerned, but somehow – being a natural fair-skinned redhead, in a family full of bright blue-eyed people – I ended up with extremely dark brown eyes. Obviously, I haven't noticed a change since I was born with that terrible color that everyone else fears! Haha. I really do appreciate your heads-up though and will be sure to warn all of my friends who have blue/green/lighter-colored eyes.
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How big was the bottle? 3 or 5ml?
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