I am so happy with my Tummy Tuck! Nearly bikini ready - Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad

Hi I am so glad that I have found this site. i...

I am so glad that I have found this site. i am booked to TT & lipo on 1 Dec in Trinidad. My first consultation will be the week before. The surgeon was recommended to me & I have emailed pics. Two years ago I saw 2 surgeons in UK for same procedures, one quoted nearly 10,500 pounds & the other quote was from a clinic where they expected me sign up for op there & then without any idea of which Dr would do the surgery! (they are one of the ones that advertise in back of womens magazines)

This summer I decided to go ahead with first Dr but then got recommended this new one inTrinidad by friend of my sister. As i am traveling there anyway later in the month I deciced to go ahead. Now I am so excited. I am buying compressions pants etc in UK before travelling so that I will be prepared for post op.

I have a very good feeling about op & am looking forward to being able to wear a bikini. The last time I wore one was 24 years ago before my son was born. Every year I say "On the next holiday I will be able to wear one" But wobbly, jelly belly is still here.

Forlast 5 years I have struggled in the gym with apersonal trainer twice a week & while I feel fitter my middle section doesn't look any better. The amount of money that I have spent with him would fund a complete top to toe makeover with a PS!!!!!!!!
IMy son is very anti cosmetic surgery. My exhusbands sister had very bad experience with bypass surgery 30 years ago & he blames tat for her death, therefore my son & his step sisters & brother have been indoctrinated against surgery by ex & his Mum. I am not telling son what I am having done for this reason. At last I feel free to make my own choices &be myself. ( divorced 5 years)

Sorry for rambling on & on but this is the first time that I have written about what I really want & how I feel. This is a wonderfu; site & I am so glad that I found you.
Having now read therest of the form, I hope that I am posting in correct section as op not done yet. The form says I need to fill in all sections to let me post so I guess I can update it when surgery done. I really want to write my TT diary. Never written a diary before. sorry if I've done this wrong.

This morning I ordered the compression pants. I...

This morning I ordered the compression pants. I have spent ages looking at all different brands & styles. I phones this firm & a really nice guy called James talked me through styles & how to measure correctly.

My appointment is not for 22 more days & surgery for 27 but I am so excited! Its like having christmas early.

The replies from this site & reading other posts are so encouraging. I start reading on here in the morning & before I know it, hours have gone past!!!!!!!!!!

Well, My sexy compression pants arrived yesterday....

Well, My sexy compression pants arrived yesterday. I struggled into them & had to pull quite hard to do the hooks up. Now I am worried that I should have bought a larger size. I am posting a pic of me in them so any feedback will be glady received. Ham wondering how tight they should fit. maybe I will be a larger pair just to have in case I swell up a lot.

Had pre op appt yesterday. will update all details...

had pre op appt yesterday. will update all details later in the week. surgery scheduled for wed. Been really busy having fun.

Hello everybody. Thank you so much for all...

Hello everybody.

Thank you so much for all good wishes. I am home recovering from surgery yesterday & feel fantastic. Here is the story of my day. My sister drove me to the clinic for 7.30am & I was admitted straight away.The nurse gave me thesexy hospital gown to wear & the surgeon came to do the markings. That took him about 20mins. He said that I would be having a slightly longer scar as he was going to do an extended tummy tuck & had never come across the 'handlebar" hips of mine before. He said that lipo alone on them would leave me with saggy pockets there so extending the incision would be the best thing to do. shortly the anaesthesist came & chatted. There was one man having a short procedure before me, I went down to theatre just after 9am.

The next thing I knew was waking up in recovery & felt fine but sleepy. They moved me back to the room & I promptly fell asleep for a few more hours. Around 5pm my Mum brought me soup & crackers, some chocolate & coconut water to drink. I started my antibiotics then & had another pethedine injection for pain.
I sent my visitors away around 7pm & settled in for the night. I was sharing the room with another lady who had the mummy makeover after me yesterday. We had 2 nurses dedicated to us alone.
My last pethedine injection was around 2am & I was able to get out of bed & walk about & use bathroom etc.

This morning the woke us up at 5.30am (don't quite know why but every hospital that I have stayed in has also done this) I had a wash & a cup of tea. My sister brought me breakfast from home. The surgeon came at 8am to remove the drain. He gave me his cell phone number in case of emergency over the weekend & arranged to see me in office on Tues.

Now I am at home reclining on bed & feel great. I hope that I haven't said that too soon. Drinking plenty of water & trying to eat healthy & do nothing.

All the advice that I have read on here made my journey so far much easier for me. That is the reason that I am going into such details in my story.

I have posted some pictures of Day 1 after TT. I...

I have posted some pictures of Day 1 after TT. I feel great. Only takingPonstan Forte tablet every 4 hours. I am walking about the house restraining myself from doing anything. Surgeon says the heaviest thing I should pick up ntil Monday is the TV remote control. I am glad that I stayed in clinic last night, getting in & out of bed there has given me a lot of confidence in moving about.

It is now day 6 since surgery last Wed. I was...

It is now day 6 since surgery last Wed. I was bored this morning & started trying on clothes! I have added a pic of me wearing white pants that I have never gone out in public in before. They are still quite tight but tummy is looking nearly flat in them!

I need to cut down on my eating otherwise will have weight gain by the time I am allowed back in the gym. I have been eating lots of healthy foods & drinking lots of water. metamucil stool softener has been really great, no problems there at all. Had a glass of champagne last night with family to celebrate the TT.

To-morrow is unveiling of tummy at Dr office. It will be the first time that i will see what it actually looks like. I am a little aprehensive about it. He didn't do any MR & I feel that he should have. He said muscles in good condition but if tummy not flat enough I will be upset.

I am having a little outing to the Mall to buy some prettier pants & to prevent total boredom this afternoon.
Will post new tummy pics to-morrow.

Had bandages off yesterday at Day 7. Very happy...

Had bandages off yesterday at Day 7. Very happy with results so far. Mum & sister came to the great unveiling with me, we had such a laugh. ther was I lying on the doctors couchwith all these expectant faces looking at my belly as they unstrapped the layers of heavy duty stuff & as belly appeared all I heard was a collective gasp & WOW!
i tried to lift my head up to get a good look & must admit was pretty happy.

Also happy to have a proper shower for first time in a week & wash hair in it. For last week I have been doing a 3 part wash. ( hair over bath, middle bits in basin with flannel & feet in shower!!!!!!!)

Healthy eating must start inearnest now(says woman munching a handful of peanuts)

I am going to try & upload photo but I have done something tocomputer & can't see iphoto where it normally allows me to click on pic to choose, so if wrong pic gets uploaded-sorry.

Day 10 Stitches out today, No problems, Need to...

Day 10
Stitches out today, No problems, Need to go back next week for a check up on healing. while I was in Docs office this morning he also removed a lump from my lip. Going to slowly work my way around the body. Ha Ha!
feeling great. I went to Vinyasa Yoga with my sister & spent the 2 hours lying down on a mat with cushions under my knees listening to the DJ play reggae music for the class, it was a wonderfully relaxing start to the weekend.

It is day 17, having a review at doc office in the...

It is day 17, having a review at doc office in the morning. I feel great. I had a massage this afternoon & I laid on my front for the first time. I felt very comfortable, might even try sleeping that way to-night. I really am a side sleeper but am worried about ending up lop sided while swelling settles.
I know that not needing the MR has made this surgery a lot easier & made me feel better about the amount of money that I have paid the trainer at the gym over the last 5 years. I did the math in my head the other night & I worked out that I probably could have had a top to toe makeover at least twice for the amount I have given him!!!!!!!!! £70 a week x 45 weeks x 5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had review with doc this morning. All is great. He...

Had review with doc this morning. All is great. He says to send him pics by email throughout the years to see how I am progressing. I will see him again when I come down here next year. Tummy is lovely & smooth.
Will do pic in morning.

Hi Guys, Thanks for all your safe trip messages. I...

Hi Guys, Thanks for all your safe trip messages. I am now back in "frozen Britain" It is not as bad as the TV & papers reported. Luckily my flight was not one of the cancelled or delayed ones. The Transatlantic flight was good. It had 1 scheduled stop in St Lucia but we did not have to deplane. I di a bit of forward planning, Mum made me food to travel with, so I did not bother waiting for the airline food. I travelled business class because of the flat bed offered on British Airways. Once we had left St Lucia, I swallowed a valium & a painkiller, flattened out my seat ( the hostess gave me an extra pillow to put under my knees) then put on eyemask. I woke up 7 hours later. I felt great when I woke up.

Britain as usual was not prepared for snow. My hubby was waiting for me at airport & has now adopted the role of "nurse Ratchett" he won't even allow me to make a cup of tea! I hope all this nursing skill of his will wear off soon otherwise he will really drive me insane. He is very complimentary about new shape. I will wait until to-morrow to add a new photo because I am quite swollen from flight. ( or could be swell hell?)

Thank you everyone for all your nice comments. I haven't caught up with all the reviews on here but have lots of time now the OH has got me on enforced "bed rest"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tummy is still really swollen from flight & I...

Tummy is still really swollen from flight & I feel quite uncomfortable. My sons fiancee has lent me a bikini to try on & I have posted photo in it!!!!!!!! Still plenty of weight to lose!!!!!!!!!

Hi Girls Have had a very emotional christmas...

Hi Girls

Have had a very emotional christmas as you probably know. I stayed at sons flat last night & they all seem to be coping as well as can be expected. Death is hard to accept especially when the person is so young. Swine flu is a bitch. But young people are all looking after each other, being thoughtful & caring.

On a happier note, I returned home this evening and hubby had booked a table a favourite restaurant a night early to celebrate new year on our own because of circumstances. It makes me feel so good to know that he is really thoughtful inside! He has been a star during my whole operation journey.

Tummy is settling down quite nicely. not as tight as itvwas & now I am worrying that it is not tight enough! It is funny my body shape has changed dramatically. whenever I read those magazine articles that asked "are you an apple, pear or rectangle shape?" I never fitted into any categorary. Now I can see that I am a rectangle. ( I had thought I was a pear but my sister says all our family are straight up & down with little waist definition. so there goes my theory that I was the milkmans child!!!!!! only joking, British sense of humour!!!!!) I will post new rectangle pics in the next few days.

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my Realself girlies & heres to a shapely 2011!

Went to a big shopping Mall near me & spent...

Went to a big shopping Mall near me & spent hours trying on stuff. ended up actaully buying a bikini! It was so much fun trying them on. Of course I didn't plan my outfit very well ( I was wearing jeans,lace up boots & 2 layers on top) It took forever to get undressed in the changing rooms.

I am hoping that buying the bikini will spur me on to lose half a stone before holiday in March. Was thinking of sticking my photo on fridge to frighten myself everytime I think about snacking!

My sides are not as smooth as I had hoped they would be. I still have pouches. Not sure if maybe some lipo would sort them out. Tummy at front is still quite swollen. Scar is nice & smooth. I'm still putting the micropore tape on it.

Dec 2011 Just returned to have some tidying up...

Dec 2011
Just returned to have some tidying up done! I didn't have any lipo on tummy or flanks when I had my TT done. My surgeon has now done the lipo & also extended my scar above my hips to give a smoother tighter shape. I had the surgery on Tues & came home the same day. That night I felt fantastic, must have been the residue of the anaestitics! Yesterday I was slightly sore but nothing like when I had the TT done. The great unveiling of the bandages is on Monday.
So far I am very happy & am glad that I didn't get everything done in one go as my shape has settled over the year & he can see more clearly exactley where needed the lipo to balance everything up.
will post new pics next week.
Name not provided

Doctor is fantastic. Explained everything, spent a lot of time discussing my lifestyle, reasons for op, aftercare etc etc. On day of op spent a lot of time before op, came to see me after op & again the next morning. He telephoned every day for the first week to check my progress & I saw him 7 days after op & weekly since then.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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hi was that 8000$ us or TT
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Thank u for sharing ur journey
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@chinababe60 who was the name of your surgeon in Trinidad ?
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Cute bikini! I think it's still swelling. I know I have pouches of swelling in odd places....I thought I felt a muffin top today and I freaked out! You'll be awesome by march!
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I keep feeling like I might have some muffin top too. Then I stand up and am fine. I had some weird swelling at the ends of my incision on the tt. Always looks worse at night
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Hi Baby Blue,

Night time is the worst!  You probably just have a little swelling so don't worry.  hen I sit I have a little bit of a small roll but when standing it is fine and flat. 

As you heal your skin will loosen up a bit and not be as tight as in the beginning. 
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Hi Daffy
been really swollen this week. I now know what Kimmers means by "swell hell". Haven't ventured back in the gym yet, it is so cold here that i have been really lazy & stayed tucked up in bed instead of moving ass to gym. Fresh start in Feb!
My sister is flying in on Mon so going to have a girly 2 weeks. Hubby doesn't use internet & can't understand womens use of skype & sites like this! He is normally very tolerant but has been a bit grumpy the last week or so.
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Hi China!
My swelling hasn't changed for a few weeks now. Still the man package and upper abs at night. And my saddlebag areas get numb on and odd. But feeling fine otherwise. Though, I don't sleep well still. My hips start to ache and I still can't roll onto my tummy.

I can't I gain having any motivation to go out in really cold weather. Stay under your covers...there's plenty of time for the gym when the sun comes back out!

Today I made it to the gym for the first time. I took a Zumba class ....kind of Latin & Bollywood style dance/exercise...with a little Sumo wrestling moves thrown in for good measure. It was fun but I didn't push myself. Too much twisting and pelvic thrusting for my first day out!

My husband groans when I pull out my iPad and check my email notices for this site. It does take time to sort through all the posts....I need my cyber friends still to help me through this process.

When do you leave for India? I would love to see photos of where you go. I'm always looking for new places to explore...especially beaches with scuba diving!
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Hi Daffy
Zumba sounds good. I don't think many places over here do it as yet. The classes in my gym are mostly normal cardio ones with a few pilates & yoga. i normally stick to the weights with a trainer. I had a couple of trainers for the past 5 years twice a week & have spent more than 3 times to cost of surgery with them trying to gey rid of my excess hips & tummy. Surgery did it in one fast move! when I return too the gym I am going to try & do it without the trainer & see how I get on. at the moment I am enjoying spemding the £70 a week I normally spend with him on clothes.

Ipad is on my next wish list. I treated myself to a macbook last summer & love it. Before I always used pcs but this is so easy. Did it take long to get used to the touchscreen.

Are you a regular scuba diver? where do you normally dive? i used to be an instructor in Tobago but now only dive on holiday. Usually in Negril, Jamaica. we normally go there in Oct to an allinclusive resort that includes free diving.

Sleeping is not good for me either at the moment. Taking tablets every other night just so that I don't spend the night fidgeting & keeping hubby awake. he gets up at 6am & by that time I can usually nap for a couple of hours.

t is so strange but nice that in everyday life I am not really a person who has "girlie' friends but on her I love reading peoples posts & chatting. Gotta love the cyberlife.

have a good day & hope swelling goes down for both of us soon.
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Hi China
WOw a scuba instructor! Cool. I met my husband in scuba class (I had a crush on the teacher, but he was married!) We did a lot of diving before the kids were born...now not so much. I took my husband to Puerto Rico for his 50th and we went diving there...then we spent our anniversary in Panama this October and dived there off a little island surrounded by coral reefs - TONS of fish - more than I've ever seen. Our favorite spot is Palancar Reef off Cozumel, Mexico and we've done a few long bareboat sailing trips around the Carribean (pre kids of course!) Locally we have cold water so there's lot of kelp and swimming through kelp forests is amazing...but COLD!

Glad tht you mentioned taking something to sleep- I think I'll do that tonight. I really need a good night's sleep or I'll become a real cranky lady. My husband gets up at 3:30 so I know what you mean about waking them up with the tossing and turning.

I really like my iPad - it's just enough for me. I don't really need a laptop, but I would love to have a Macbook!

so you didn't remind me...when is India?
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Hi Daffy
I love scuba but only in warm water. Don't do so much nowadays mostly when we go to Jamaica in Oct. Getting very lazy.
To-morrow my sister arrives in UK for 13 days, I am so glad for 2 reasons. 1 is seeing her & the other is that because we are going to stay in town, I will lose a few pounds. We have a completely different body shape, she is the same height as me but is naturally a US size 2. I have always been envious. All my family are slim except me. Now that I have a flat tummy, I need to work on losing the fat that has appeared around my midriff back area. I think its always been there but shows up more now that the front is flatter!

India is begining of March. Spending time with sister will be good for figure, she is much more disciplined than me so will only be eating healthy stuff. One of my problems at home is hubby likes to eat out 2-3 times a week & it is impossible for me to go out without the aid of a few glasses of wine etc. I also don't have the willpower to order salad. I think wrongly that salad costs the same as meals I wouldn't cook so go for the uther options.

I ordered my macbook from US because they are the same amount in dollars as we pay in pounds. I really love it. Hubby is always asking what am I doing on it? My standard answer is "pottering" He doesn't do computers!!!!!!! I would die without the internet.

Have a good week!
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Have a great time with your sister. Maybe just enjoy what you like but smaller portions. A friend of mine used to ask for a "to go" box right away, put half her meal in it and then just eat the half that was left on her plate. Clever? But takes willower!

I'm going to New York City next month with my sister...but we eat, drink and shop with abandon. No dieting there. But we walk a lot so maybe it will balance out. HaHa

Looking forward to hearing about your great time when you're back home.
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Hi Girls
Bikini holiday is all booked for 5th March, going to India. So now I really need to lose the few extra pounds that have gone on over Xmas. Tummy feels great but am now thinking that my hips & thighs look huge! I put my gym membership on hold & am away for a lot of jan so that doesn't make sense to reactivate it until Feb!

In comparision to the amount that I have spent on various types of flexees pant, the gym seems quite cheap. Don't know why paying for it is cauesng me anxiety!
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Wow India! So exotic!
We can't put our gym memberships on hold over here...we pay forever!
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How exciting!   Don't fret about the weight it will come off.   You have two months before vacation and will do just fine. 

The only way I can get out of paying my monthly membership is if I die.  Wait...not even that would work now that I think about it.  My hubby would still have to pay because it is a family member ship...how crappy is that :)
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I was really lucky with the gym membership, I sent them a copy of an email from Doc & they gave me 3 months off without paying. I am surprised at how much I miss it because I complain when I go normally, maybe there is a gym bunny lurking deep inside me somewhere!

We went to exactly same hotle & place in Goa last year. it was my 50th birthday & that was the only way I could persuade hubby to go to India & when he reached there he discovered that he actually liked it. Curry every day is my idea of food heaven & found a nice chinese restaurant to keep him happy also!
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You are going to have such a wonderful trip!  I have been busy planning my trips for the next few months also.  I just want to be in the warm weather already.

My hubby is turning 51 next month so I am taking him to Las Vegas for a fun four day trip.  Some of our good friends are also going with us and I am really looking forward to it. 
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Las Vegas sounds wonderful, It is on my wish list. Hope you have a wonderful time.
It is really cold & rainy here but at least snow is gone.
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You would love Vegas!  It is the city that never sleeps and is endless fun! 

We are getting more snow here tonight..fun fun!
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Yes, Vegas is a blast. We just went for a wild wedding in October...anything goes in that town. We're taking my mother-in-law for her 80th birthday in March...maybe not such a wild trip!
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I think Vegas sounds great. I love watching CSI. Where are you going to be satying there?
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It is totally wild and fun.  Have you heard the saying "What Happens in Vegas Stay in Vegas".  Well so true...

We are staying at the Paris Paris.  I can hardly wait to go.  I am going to spend some time on line this next week searching for a couple of good shows to see when we are there.  Not sure yet what that will be though.  I am a big Opera and Theater freak so maybe something on that line. 
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If you haven't seen Jersey Boys, I highly recommend it! I've also heard (haven't seen) O and Love, the Cirque du Soleil shows, are great - and they have a new Elvis one. Also, Lion Kong is there.

Hope you get warm weather so you prance around the pool in a bikini!
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Hi Daffy,

All of the shows you listed sound great!  This is going to be so much fun!!!

I am hoping for warm weather too:)   I just keep praying that we don't get some big stinkin snow storm the day I want to fly out of Milwaukee.  That would be my luck :)

I just picked up another VS bikini.  Oh my gosh it is so cute!  I found it on line and really cheap..
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Be sure to post a Vegas bikini photo when you get back!
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