Post Laser Hair Removal Hypopigmentation

I had laser hair removal and resulting severe...

I had laser hair removal and resulting severe hypopigmentation all over my legs and arms. The cause was that I had sun exposure prior to the treatment combined witht the laser strength being too high.

It has been 6 months and my arms are 90% better; however no real improvement has occurred on my legs at all. I have seen 2 dermatologists who say this should get better eventually but after 6 months I am starting to feel like it will never get better and too embarrassed to show my legs in public.

Any advice or response is greatly appreciated. I also have photos I can email if anyone is interested.


I had hypopigmentation on my stomach after laser hair removal treatments. The treatments seemed to be working fine and then during my last two treatments they decided to turn the settings higher to ensure that no hair would grow back. I had no obvious signs of scarring but was left with white blotches every where. I've complained to the clinic where I had the laser hair treatments done and they're saying that because there were no visible signs of burning from the laser at the time that the hypopigmentation can't possible be from them! I do hope that my pigment returns. I had really bad sun exposure years ago and was left with hypopigmentation in the same area. It eventually went away after a couple of years. That gives me hope.
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Having the same problem, any solutions?
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I had burns in my legs by laser hair removal 5 months ago. First, I had red spots and after 1 month, very white spots. On the beginning, people from Laser Spa told me that I shouldn't take sun, now after 5 months that I still have these spots, they are telling me that I should take sun to speed up the process.... I am so afraid to take sun, but at the same time I am soooo sad with my legs... What do you think? Thank you so much!
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