I have been to see two PA. I decided to go with...

i have been to see two PA. I decided to go with the second one and have my pre-op on the 25th of June. I cant decide if i want saline or silicone. There are pros and cons of both. My BA is going to be under the muscle and one breast is a tad smaller. Silicone is pre-made and the saline is made to order. Im leaning towards the silicone, but not sure. any advice would be appreciated. My surgery is July 3rd! Im so over VS bras! Im currently in a 36B VS bombshell and want to look this way with out the bra. I have a gap because the bra doesn't quite fit right. Im so excited!I have 22 days and wish it was tomorrow! I will post pic at my pot-op!

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here are some wishes.. i cant wait. 18 DAYS!!!


lol!!!! boobs can defently make you feel good or awful! im so tired of hanging them on the back of the bathroom door at night. take boobs off at night and put on in morning. no kidding!!, i cant wait to feel REAL breast through shirt. my hubby tries to pinch nipple and i just laugh because there is so much padding i cant feel it. the VS bombshell bra has been a great addition but i absoutly can NOT wait for real ones. it feels like a dream to me... i have wanted them for so long i cant believe it is really going to happen..
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I also have the sientra textured round implants and love them. I was very sure I wanted them from the start as the thought of any rippling with saline totally grossed me out. My implants are soft and lovely. I do wish I would've gone a bit larger since I'm so tall, but had no complications with my 485's.
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We are having our surgeries the same day! My post op is June 24th, and I, also, decided on my doctor at my second consult. Sooo excited! I'm going to do the new sientra gummy bear, shaped, textured, round bottom high projection implant. 320 cc, but giving doc the option to adjust. Also going to do under the muscle. I told him err on the larger side! I chose this one because it has less capsular contraction and rupture rate. It is also shaped and I want the more sloped than round look. We can count the days down together! !! Congrats!
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even though surgery is July 3rd...i could care less about the 4th. fireworks will be cool on meds..lol


You ladies are cracking me up! I love it! Boobs on the brain before surgery is completely normal. 

Just in case you haven't seen this one jessf, here is a helpful list of recovery items. Sounds like you've gathered a few already!
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We are going to have our own "rockets" on the 4th! Titty titty BANG BANG !
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lol!!!!!! OMG... you r funny!


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Gonna pay

My hubby sent me this pic while I was at work..!!! He tellin everyone!


Omg just saw the pic of your bra and money, if my guy did that I would die!! Hahaha, you two must have a great sense of humor xx
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Ya.. We do. He's so excited for me. And him... Lol wink wink.. He just wants me to be happy with my body. He says he's investing in me..! Lol
Hehe, that's great you can share that together :-D

Relaxing before the 3rd!

Well I'm at water park laying by pool enjoying the sun. One more free weekend the I won't be able to for a bit. Bittersweet. Just wonder how long exactly I won't be able to? It's one of the questions to ask my PS. Can't wait so excited! No more small bobbies soon!!


I'm going to spend as many days as I can laying on my stomach in the sun. It will be many weeks before we can do that. I figure after boobs I can still sit in a chair and tan the tummy and legs and mix a little bronzer into the boob lotion and keep them covered!
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Ya. We have season passes to silverwood and I go to boulder beach and sun bathe.. I will miss it for the time I can't.. I love the sun!
Same here! If you haven't noticed, half my freckles have turned into a permanent tan. Price of being a redhead, lol. I would so die in Alaska.

Single digits!!!!

Well preop tomorrow and then the final countdown!!! Gettin more nervous and needing to get the final things to help in recovery!!! Need to make a list......


........she's making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out which boobies are nice.......
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you so funny!!! michele50!!! how your preop go? mine is at one tomorrow!!
It was good! Hope he is right and they will be big enough! Not a D, but solid C he says. Hubby is looking at my Venus catalog marking EVERY page on what he wants to see me in. He says, "this changes everything baby!" ..... as he's marking everything! He hasn't even got to the bikini section! These boobies are going to create a monster! He loves to shop! Oh, poor me!

//All set!!//

Well I just had my pre op and went good. I chose 500hp silicone. It will be under the muscle. I'm gettin a lift as well so might be a little more painful.. Sport bra for six weeks and no supplements prior. Just vitamin C. Supper excited. It's still like a dream until I get to hospital I think.. Just can't believe it really happening.. !!


Only 26 hours for you! Can you believe we've made it this far!??!
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Awesome good luck aaah your day is almost here? Question, I am still unsure about my size and have pictures I found that I really like, can I do all this last minute deciding in pre op? Can I bring my pictures to pre op for him to look at and take as reference? Wasn't sure what pre op entailed.
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Perfect time to bring pictures! Usually final decisions are done at pre op. You'll also do paperwork, get instructions for post op, get prescriptions, and be able to ask a lot of questions!

"" tomorrow""

Well in the morning it's time!!! 6am and I'm be starting the big day..! I still can't believe this day has come. Seems like a dream and it will set in when I get to hospital I'm sure.. Cleaning house and doin laundry like I'mea ing town.. Lol well.. Gonna try and sleep....I'll keep u posted!


Happy boobie day! Good luck! :D
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Good luck today! Praying everything goes smoothly & you get exactly what you want!
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"@They are here!!@"

Well I arrived at 6 am to hospital and now home with the girls!! I still can't believe I have them. My hubby has been the best. When he heard I was going to be inhabated he got a tear in his eyes.. He was glad he didn't see me like that. He has been so good to me havin me get up and walk around house and makin dinner. He when to store to get me snakes too. Love him. As for my kids. They are teen boys and giggled when found out what I did.. Lol I've been very nauseous and dose off a lot. I had extra zofran to hospital but still got sick. It took about 2.5-3 hours then to recovery.. I'll eke you posted on progress.


How ya doin jessf? 2am..... I remember this time last night, counting down the hours lol. Our new twins are going to be a day old soon!
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im doing ok, just showered and cleaning my sport bra.. had some blood on it.. well my hubby is washing it. he helped me shower and get my dressed. we are going to my family lake cabin today to let kids swim and dinner and fireworks. i slept like poop last night. michele50 im sure we were up at the same times...lol
I think since Wednesday night, I've had a couple of hours I slept good. I doze most of the time.

---Day 2----

Well it's day 2 and I tried sleepin in bed last night. I was propped up but didn't help. Tonight will b on the couch. I had post op appt this morning and had dressing changed by Dr Owlsey. He is so nice!! I took a shower and washed bra. Now ready to relax by the lake at the cabin.. I'll be in the shade today... Boo.. Lol my boobs (now I can really say that...lol) feel like they are engorged with milk! And my sides under my armpits are super sore.. I'll keep in touch with progress later.. Here are my day2 pics.. Had a lift as well..


Happy 1 week !!!! Wow...we're really on the other side!
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Its hard to believe!
I honestly don't think it has really sunk in. Maybe when I get this death strap off and can actually put my girls in something. 2 1/2 more weeks before any bra.....sooo looking forward to that!

-one week--

Well it's been one week today. I must say I'm happy with them so far.. I also must say that most of the reviews don't really say just how much pain. I had a lift as well as a BA so I'm sure I'm havin more then most. Every move you make is painful the first week. You can feel your skin as it is so tight. The implants are under muscles that are trying to slowly stretch.. now that a week has passed, my armpits are a constant bruising feeling. My skin is itchy due to healing and stretching. When you try to get up, you feel them. My incisions are very sore. The mornings are the worst.. Monster morning boob. Even if I take meds in the night, they are very stiff and hard. Once I am up moving around, they get better.They are looking better but still look awful. I'm so glad I had the lift done but didn't know it would be this intense. I go back to work Monday and I don't want to. My husband has been wonderful and my kids as well. Anyone thinking of having a BA done, you need help. You really do need 24 hr help. I'm so glad I did it and lovin them! Still can't believe I have them.. Ill post more in another week. Post op tomorrow so I'll see what ROM I can do now.


I really hope that the pain starts getting better for you lady! But you look great!
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Thanks!! ;) It's getting better.. Today no meds till I got home.. I toughed it out and we took kids to boulder beach to get them out of the house.. They been so good helpin take care of me this week.. Sweat my ass off.. 96 degrees out.. ! Got clearance to move arms!!! Yeah.. How you doin?
Way to ROCK a tank top, girl !!!!!! Woo hoo!
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Week post op

Today got clearance to move arms...! No lifting but I can wash my own hair.. Couldn't get armpits shaved good but mowed the hairs on legs! Yeah... Getting better! So happy!


You know we all expect new pictures this weekend when you're not working so hard!!! Xoxoxoxo
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You know it!!! I will it's past the row week mark.. I'm slacking
We're such stalkers on here, lol!

2 weeks and 3 days!!!

Well it's been just over two weeks since the big BA.. I'm so happy I did it. I feel so more confident about myself. The first week is painful. It's getting better on week 2 but still having sharp shooting pains. It switches from boob to boob. I was able to buy my own sport bra so it's nice to get out of the surgical one but it's comfy so I wear it to bed. I'm Allowed to take it off to sleep but my incisions still have the glue on them and still sore. The left one is still leaking a little. I'm goin to go in Tuesday to have a spot looked at. Overall feeling better. Still no lifting over ten pounds till my 6 week mark so still havi family help me. I use my soma to sleep because of the back ache. Not used to weight on my chest. :) I'm enjoying the healing process and watching them change. I can't wait for my armpits to feel better. My implant still bulging and making armpit feel super sore. I think they are dropping a little but I see them every day. My hubby says they are.
Even if your not wanting to tell anyone.... They know. We had a BBQ and my friend finally said.. You had a boob job huh??... Lol then the questions come. It seems that most girls are jealous and say they want some. Makes me feel good about myself for the first time.
Well anyways, I'll update more in a couple weeks.


Congratulations, you look great! Keep us posted :)
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Thanks! They are becoming sensitive now..
Looking good!! :))
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Happy hubby!!

Well just a quick hello.. Becoming sensitive now. Uhhg.. Lol I just wanna walk around lightly rubbing them!! ;) and it has made for more fun nights and says...!!! Lol wink


I'm thinking of getting a lift with implants too! I'm not sure if I should go with hp or moderate + Any advise? I hope this time it works out for me. Oh btw What are you using for your scars? :)
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I got high profile. I wanted them to project more. All depends on what u like. Go under muscle so they look more natural. What cc would you do? What did u do before? And I'm not using anything on incisions now because I still have glue. Goin in Friday because I think I have a scar band below left boob. Gonna ask then if and when I caN Use something. I wish you all the luck. Just make sure your PS is certified by board of plastic surgery.... That's important.
What's a scar band??

3 weeks

Well it's been 3 weeks today.. Wow! Time flies.. Not much has changed. Goin in tomorrow to have cord broke up. It's making my tummy sore. Still havin weird pains and tightness on and off. Arms are getting better. I am finding myself holding arms out to avoid touching them. I can feel boob with my arm and it's awesome!!! I still can't stretch the way I used to so I will be so happy when I can. I'm loving them and so happy I did it. I'll be happy when the glue and marker is gone.. Lol


well he tried and couldnt. he said to just massage it and it will snap soon.. uhg. its sore. oh well. lol
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Definitely see a big change from last week. Hopefully breaking the cord gives you some relief. I have them in both armpits and it makes it difficult to raise my arms but my ps told me to just soak them in a warm bath or with a warm compress when they are tight so since doing that I have felt a little relief. Mine didn't say anything about breaking them. Let me know if that makes a big difference. I may have to call mine back if breaking it makes then go away :-) good luck today.
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I wanna swim... ;(

Well today I tried to take my kids to the waterpark. But it was so hot I only lasted about an hour and a half.. Kids were very understanding though.. Just wore tank top and shorts.. My husband is really making me stick to the rules of no sunbathing by my PS.. Lol... Just making sure I heal good. But damn I can't wait to wear a swimsuit and go bra shopping!!

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Incision pic 3 weeks

My incisions are slowly getting better. Still pretty numb though. Glue is hanging like a champ!! Along with marker... Lol


How are you my BA buddy?
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I'm gooood!! Lol how's you doin?? Loving summer with. Ew tatas?
New tatas... Lol

One month!!

Wow. Can't believe it's been 4 weeks. This has been quite the experience. I still am in disbelief that I even had a BA done.!! I love them so far and know I will when they drop. If they ever do... Lol I will say that the first week and into the second week are the worst. Now it's just my inductions that are sore and super sensitive. I'm still only sleeping halfway in side. I guess I'm paranoid because I'm sleeping with surgical bra. I don't want my lift to sag and be big saggy boobies.. Lol I still haven't really tried on clothes because still high and spaghetti straps look silly with them so up there. I bought a summer dress for a wedding and a medium for boobs but was too big in the rest and a small fit good except too tight in boobs. I have never has this problem. Lol!!! I love it.
The part I hate the most is that I've gained like 10 pounds!!! Not being able to workout is hard. I feel like a cow and been emotional from it. I still can't feel nipples. And they still flat. Will they ever pop out again?? Lol I haven't been able to swim either and it's been 90-100 degrees.. That's my bad for having surgery in summer and totally cool with it. I am super happy! I'll post more later. My 6 week appt next ween and the massage will start. Yikes!!


Ur doing well hon n looking great x bet it's real hot where u r xx I'm 8 weeks 3 days post and still not full underneath x glitter sparkles for feeling better xx
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its been in the 90"s.. love it but hot. im still not fluffing but i can kinda squeeze them.. and thx for my glitter sparkles!!!! its a long process is what i keep telling myself. i waited 35 years for boobs, i guess a couple more months wont urt! habahaba
and isnt it hot where you are??

6.5 weeks

Well I can't believe it's been six weeks... Crazy!!! I can now go back to regular life. I can lift and workout. The first run I did I was pooped! My hubby went slow for me though because my cardio is crap now.. Lol I had one spot that was spitting out a stich so can't swim t it's healed but it's ok because my swimsuit no longer fits.. My VS lingerie too small too so guess I'll b shopping soon. The only bras I have are sport bras and they comfy. I sleep with my surgical bras because I don't want any sagging. I'm prob paranoid but being sAfe. :) they are gettin soft and sleepin is so much better. I'm so happy with them. I even got called boobs! Yay!! That's never happened to me!! So happy I did it. I'll post more progress soon!!

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Here's my incision pics. Mucho better!


Wow u look awsome x wish my girls would hurry up n do what urs r doing x lovin the blue swimsuit x yaaay another real self sister xx happy days xx glitter wishes n magic moments to u x
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You are looking good. Good things take time. Don't rush perfection! Lol time will heal. :) glitter kisses to you!
Wag thanks hon right back at ya xx


Freeway was closed and I am bored so I took a selfie of me and my girls. I'm almost 2 hours late to work now because of oil spill..


Ur looking amazing hon x I can't wait for my nipples to sit up further like urs x the nurse said they will when I drop x lol far out 12 weeks no drop x man I'm I e tough cookie lol hope u didn't get into trouble at work x now some glitter in that lol spill would look great x have a magic day hon xxx thanks for popping I. X talk soon xx
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U look awesome I'm so scared to get hp because of the look I see everybody has them so high and long at first but once they settle down they look perfect just like yours!!! Thx for sharing your story and pics also I u don't mind posting a now pic thx
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I plan on doing new pics this week.. I'm almost 3 months!! Wow time flies.

Almost 11 weeks and happy

Well it's almost been 11 weeks and time has gone by so fast!! I can't even believe that not that long ago I was completely obsessed with boobs. I still am but not creepy obsessed. I love my girls! My right one is still wanting to be a little higher. I'm sure it will drop soon. I think it's because I'm right handed and that muscle is stronger and holding it. My incisions are heing great. Need to get so one strips now. I can't wear a bra until I'm 6 months so I have 3 more to go! Uuhhg. I'm gonna have a clection of sport bras. Lol. Sleeping is all good now. The only thing I can say is that the underneath boob is still kinda sore and numbness in parts. Sure it will go away with time. My nipples are numb. :( I can feel pressure but not like they were. Oh well. They're big! Sometimes I think they are small and then remember my before boobs.
At work I get called boobs... Lol or, here comes the twins. My coworkers have been great though. Some people didn't even know because of my old VS 2 cup bombshell bra. Lol I'll post more soon!


Wow Jessf they look absolutely amazing! They are "wish boobs" and ur scars can't be called scars. Even those look great! I am happy for you.. You did well.
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Thank you Nancy!! How are you doing??
Thank you for your update! Your boobs look awesome compare day 1 post op to 11 weeks incrediable change for the better that is! :-)
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Well I go to the dentist tomorrow. I have a prescription for antibiotics but still makes me worried I hope I don't get an infection. My PS said there's always that chance. So going to start my medication today and will see how it goes wish me luck! I've been healing well so I hope this doesn't mess it up..


Good luck, although u will be absolutely fine. Your girls look wonderful, I hope your nipple sensation returns! I have to take a prophylactic in antibiotic because of the fusion in my spine everytime I go to the dentist. I'm glad they just watch out for our girls.... I hope you have a easy appointment tomorrow. Xoxoxo
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Thanks! I'm good so far!
Thank you!!! I'm nervous I may be going to big but I don't want to get out and be like wtf I should of went bigger! Lol

Tight but fits!

my wedding dress that I haven't put on in eight years... Well almost 8 years..???? it's a little bit tight in the boobies area but it fits.

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Missed pic


You're looking great so far!! They look amazing in your peach bra! How has it been getting back to normal activity ?
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Much better. Just wish they weren't so sensitive can't wait for that to be better. Thank you!
Is it the breast itself that is sensitive or the nipple?

3 months!

well of course at my 3 month mark I'd have to get a bump! It looks like a zit but hurts when boob squeezed. And I just went to dentist! Great! It's taking everything in me not to mess with it!! Aaahhhh. Guess I'm calling my PS in am..


Ur girls look amazing x I'm 17 weeks post 520 hp unders n still haven't dropped pretty depressing when I'm suppose to look like urs xx
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have you massaged them?
Yep every minute I can as td x I called the nurse today n she's likely e the pocket was T left open enough for the implant to drop into ggrrr and maybe she said I need a fkn lift after the baby gggrrr I'm like how will I need a lift when I haven't even dropped hgrrrr

4 months!!

Wow. Time flies by when you have boobs!! Not much has changed. Still get weird pains but other then that I'm all good. I go back to PS in January for my 6 month check. Then at that time I get to wear a real bra.. Sleepin is all good now. Just gettin back into shape. Summer will be here again in like six months!! ;)


I like that sports bra too you have on! Where did you find it?
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Hi Jess, can you tell me what sports bra you have on? It's really cute and they make your boobs look great!
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3 months!

My timing has been off this whole time!! I'm so dumb.. Lol

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Then and now


freaking amazing!!! Love ur boobs!
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BOOM! In your face boobies :) lol
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Love your boobs! You look awesome!
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dr. owlsey

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