Breast implant after 8 year old TRAM - Portugal

My reconstructed implant is still swollen. I...

My reconstructed implant is still swollen. I believe it will shrink a little. I had a mastectomy with tram flap surgery with skin sparing 8 years ago.

My reconstructed breast was very small and I decided to have a silicon implant. This is the result after 12 days of surgery.

way to go!

I have a question. I live in Lufkin, Texas. I had a right side mastectomoy over 6 year ago. How do I go about finding the right doctor and will my medicare and tx health springs cover the charges?
Hi Megan, the swelling is still here. Today I felt quite a kind of stitching needles sensation inside my breast, but besides that, everything is fine.
Thanks for reading.

Hi everyone, It's almost one year since I had the...

Hi everyone,
It's almost one year since I had the implant surgery. Last April my doc wanted to perform another surgery to reposition the silicon implant,although I refused. I believe I have to do it as the implant has moved down a little, but I am not yet ready for it.
The shape of the reconstructed breast is not perfect, but I am used to it, and my partner says it looks better now than before with just the tram. Well, ladies, we have to smile and we are all survivors.
Sorry for my English.
Thanks for reading.
Marshagalina, from sunny Portugal.
At least your lover like its. My husband if 43 years hasn't had sex with me since the day I had my mastectomy 13-years ago! Best of luck to you! Don't worry eventually it will be fine. .
Going to have a double mastectomy with diep flap reconstruction on Aug. 20th For dcis grade 3, I also hope I'm making the right decision seems like everyone that has this is very happy with the results? Anything I need to know from real people? I have not talked to another person that has done this.
Ho Bonnie, hope you are doing well and recovering. Keep us posted. h & K Matsha
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