Mini TT and Breast Augmentation

I had lost a significant amount of weight (70lbs)...

I had lost a significant amount of weight (70lbs) and at 21 my body looked like I had a baby! I chose a mini tummy tuck and lipo combo to remove excess skin and fat tissue. I also had tubular breast deformity and after weight loss my boobs were uneven and shaped weird. I had surgery today and I'm so excited to see the results!! I wasn't sure what to expect but w pain killers and muscle relaxants, I feel pretty good. I don't have any drains and am wearing compression devices. Any questions please ask!

I'm post op day 2 And breasts are still very sore....

I'm post op day 2 And breasts are still very sore. Pectorals are sensitive and swollen. Mini TT has been the least painful. I've hardly felt anything other than breast pain. I called my surgeon yesterday to get the okay to take my muscle relaxants every 4 hours instead of every 6. Today I'm back to waiting to full 6 hours between doses. I had my boyfriend help me shower and clean up. The one thing I would do differently is to get more ICE PACKS! I had no idea they would melt so fast and I would be changing them out so frequently. Other than that, things have gone smoothly. Ill post more pictures tmrw.

So the past two days I have seen drastic...

So the past two days I have seen drastic improvement with swelling, pain and rom. However, it has been an emotional ride. Your body is sliced up, you are in pain and can't move, you can't be touched or touch your significant other and you're petrified that things are going to come out how you want them to, not too mention the 11 grand you spent to do this. Ahh! Feeling stressed and overwhelmed. My stomach is very swollen and I can't see a big change from the lipo and mini TT. I have a big scar and am not seeing the pay off. It's a very emotional experience. Did anyone else have tons of swelling? I did not have a drain put in and think this may be contributing to the additional days of swelling. Going to sleep it off and hope to see more results in a few days.

Ok so here we are one week later. I had my first...

Ok so here we are one week later. I had my first post op apmt yesterday. My breast are "tuberous" so apparently my implants are sitting even higher than the normal "high" placement after surgery. This led to multiple cryfests and pity parties this week. On top of feeling like you got hit by a truck, you look like hell. The surgeon assured me that they would in fact sink down into the correct placement but I have to massage the crap out of them. He said to massage as much as I could stand over the next 7 days. I'm hoping and praying that this does work and I won't need another surgery. This has been very emotional. Also, to the people reading this that think pain meds will remove the majority of the pain, this is a VERY painful process. The mini TT has been slightly uncomfortable but the submuscular implants were extremely painful. I don't know why some people say they are shopping the next day on one Tylenol... That was not the case at all for me.

I guess I forgot to mention that my implants were...

I guess I forgot to mention that my implants were 339cc silicone, submuscular with a mini TT and lipo.

Adding a few pics today. Things have been...

Adding a few pics today. Things have been emotional this am. My implants are sitting high but I am massaging away. Due to the tuberous deformity my breasts have been a challenge. Stomach is swollen and sore but nothing compared to breast pain.

Took another pic today. Post op day 9! No break...

Took another pic today. Post op day 9! No break downs today... My boyfriend gently reminded me that it could take 3 months for them to "settle". Ahhh patience has never been my strong point!!

Hello All! So post op day 11 is here... Just...

Hello All! So post op day 11 is here... Just wanted to check in. Implants continue to settle with every day that goes by. Also helps that I am back to school and my routine. I work in a hospital so lifting patients yesterday proved to be way too much for me. By the end of the day I was having sharp pains down my chest and my back was killing me. I'm wondering if upper back pain is due to my chest wrap? Did anyone else have this after being on their feet for awhile? Definitely gettin sick of the spanx and baggy clothes. I've been taking off the compression device for the mini TT at night to have a break from it. I haven't been doing as much massaging as I would like.. But I have another follow up apmt tmrw so we'll see what the Dr. says. Overall things are continuing to improve. At this point, I do not wish I went bigger but we'll see how much they go down in size over the next 6 months. Looking forward to getting steri strips off and bikini shopping! I'm going to walk today w a friend and start getting back into exercising. Also going to ask my surgeon about that tmrw. I just wanna be back to normal already!!!

Had steri strips removed today. Adding pics....

Had steri strips removed today. Adding pics. Bought a new bikini!!!! Getting happier and happier with results.... :D

Sorry I haven't posted all week! Just very busy...

Sorry I haven't posted all week! Just very busy with getting back to my normal routine. Started walking some this week but not as much as I would like. Breasts have sunk and are looking amazing! So happy with them :) I actually got a "damn!" at the bar last night with my new found cleavage. My boyfriend wasn't impressed but I was! It's nice recieving a little attention for my new girls. I wasn't even wearing a low cut top or anything! They just draw attention now I guess. Now onto the mini TT, while my stomach is flatter... I'm not sure of the results cuz I still have SO much swelling! By the end of the day I'm puffy and swollen. Not a cute look! However my bf says things look great but hey that's what we train em to say. All in all things are going well. Need to work out more but what's new?! Going to Aruba in 2 weeks and really want my stomach to chill out!! Any suggestions out there?! Ice?heat?massaging?walking? What works best??

I will post new pics this weekend!

Three weeks today! Putting up 2 more pics of...

Three weeks today! Putting up 2 more pics of breast aug. Tummy hasn't change much since last pics due to swelling. But I did work out today! Got cleared for half of what I normally do so I did 30mins on the ellip :)

Ok so here we are 4 weeks post op. the boobies...

Ok so here we are 4 weeks post op. the boobies look delicious. I am SO happy with them! I'm going to Aruba next Saturday and have bought loads of new bathing suits to show em off! The mini TT is still SO swollen!! It's frustrating. It's tighter and flat in the am but by midday it's puffy and swelled up. What is everyone else's experience? How long does it take to see results?? I don't wanna be puffed up on vaca next week :(

Thins are looking up over here! Haven't updated in...

Thins are looking up over here! Haven't updated in while but finals are done and I can finally fill everyone in on my progress:)
My implants look AMAZING. They are softened up and dropped down to a more natural look. I fill out my tanks but nothing obscene. I love my size and wouldn't change a thing. I still get the occasional pains and usually only when I haven't massaged them properly. The mini TT has flattened out a lot but I still have a ways to to. Ill post more pics soon. Haven't been watching my diet as much as I should. It is true however, with the tighter stomach.. Over eating really bothers me! Which is great! Ill add a pic from my recent vacation to Aruba!
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Hey your like me! I lost 70 lbs when I was about 15-21 and now im stuck with loose skin ... stretch marks.. blah looking like I had a baby.. How was the procedure and everything>??? I had my boobs done 5 months ago I love them.. You look great!
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I also had a mini TT w/ no drains, did you have alot of hardness for extended period of time?
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U look SO great. I bet u loved getting in a bathing suit:)
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You look FABULOUS!!!! Diet... Girl u don't need a diet!!! Keep up the good work!
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Haha! Thank you for the kind words. It has not been an easy journey but the pay off is priceless. Kinda feel like I cheated getting the mini TT but the skin was what really bothered me after losing 70 plus lbs. oh well! I love my new bod!!!
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Your looking wonderful:) your RT will show better results sooner than your breast. So don't start freaking when they still are not settled. I had my BA last July and they have just now settled perfectly. I thought they would never soften. I had 475cc behind the muscle so I know. I'm getting my RT this year. Yay. Can't wait to have a sexy belly :)
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Thank you for the comment!! Things look better every day :)
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you look great! i'm 5 weeks and still swollen in some areas. i had a full tt and lipo on the sides. mostly after activity or end of the day. it could take months. drink lots of water and maybe try lymphatic drainage massage. you can do yourself. :) have fun in aruba!!
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Wow, you look like fantastic! I haven't had my TT yet, but PS told me 618 weeks for sweeping, but could be three months. Taking it easy it what makes it better as well as ice in the evening. Hope that helps. You are going to look gorgeous in Aruba!
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Ok glad to hear from others.. Thank you for the kind words!! It helps!
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Looking good!! When were you able to shower fully by yourself?
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Completely alone? Well I'd say by day 5 or 6? I felt light headed in the shower and was worried about falling. Plus it was hard to lift my arms to wash my hair. I just had my bf shower w me to make it easier. Your pectoral muscles will be super sore!
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Thanks for the info. :)
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Just wondered how you are feeling after another week of recovery. I'm also having a mini TT and BA in 5 weeks and curious about others who have done the same. Not many do the mini, so it's nice to hear how it's going. Your results look awesome. I hope you are super happy with how it turned out.
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Just updated! I'm feeling great. Wish I could be exercising more... I think that would help things along but other than being swollen I love the results. I actually made breakfast this morning in a sports bra and yoga pants! I would have NEVER done that before. It's the small victories for me :)
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Stay strong! They will settle... Promise!!!
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Thanks for the words of encouragement!! What size are yours and how many ccs did u get?
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Well... Size is a GOOD QUESTION.... My PS and u think large C or avg D. Ofcourse Victoria secret will always measure bigger. That's the marketing gimmick! I went with tear shaped implants with textures edges at 330's. I'm very happy with them. ;).
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I hope your recovery gets better. I'm having the same surgery as you and I'm freaking out over the recovery especially since I'm impatient and a horrible patient in general.
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Just remember to be patient above all else. I wouldn't even look in the mirror for the first week cuz it's discouraging and no way indicative of final results. Stay positive and taking it as slow as possible will result in a shorter recovery time!
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Thanks for sharing your story! I hope your recovery goes quickly! I understand the BA is giving you the most trouble... How is the mini TT doing? I'm very interested to hear the timeline of your recovery! I have a mini TT scheduled in 2 weeks! Thanks!
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The mini TT and lipo was minimally painful. I did not have muscle repair though. I think that makes a big difference. The scar is long but I insisted on it being very low. The most annoying thing is wearing the compression device. I did not have a drain either. My surgeon has a technique where no drains are required. The spanx are a real inconvenience to wear under clothing but your stomachs will feel better with it on. Any other questions?
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Thank you! I'm so place to hear your experience! Not a lot of info on minis without muscle repair! :-)
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Aww hang In there. Keep telling ourselves its only been a week and give your body time to adjust etc. I bet they will slide down into the pockets with the massaging. Mine are high too and I'm Massaging the crap out of them. We WILL get through this. I say outside yesterday and got some Fresh air. Although I live in FL so easy for me to say. Do something to take your mind off of it for awhile.
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