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I had my dr's tell me I had a fatty cyst in its...

I had my dr's tell me I had a fatty cyst in its own pouch on my upper back and i didnt need it to be removed and it wouldnt get any bigger. it got bigger and started to hurt against my back , so I went to a surgon and scheduled surgery. under a local it cost me 3,000 out of my pocket. no insurance, it ended up being a expansive lipoma 5x4x1.8 mostly inside. The dr questioned the Dr's diagnosis and said I was lucky to come in when i did. The color of it wasnt good and it was attaching to inside areas. when the test came back no abnormalities, I was relieved and so was the Dr. I have 6+ inch scar and still in pain. Its been a week and had my stitched out today.. Ironic thing is I had 2 Dr's look at it and say no need to get it out. took my boyfriend saying you need to have that checked again!

Portsmouth Plastic Surgeon

He was nice and the whole staff is Excellent! explained everything, and when the results came back explained what I actually had and how lucky I came in when I did.. Thank you to all of them who were there for my surgery!

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How are you doing now, Holly? Please update us when you can. :)

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I have two lipoma cysts, and two doctors told me the same thing that it didn't need to be removed. The one on my thigh has become too painful to walk now.
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Lipoma surgery seems to have gone very well. Scar treatments after surgery are equally as important to prevent deep scarring. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles
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these pic's were after pic's 1week after.
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Oh wow!! I have similar lipoma on my right shoulder (looks to be same size as yours but who knows until my DR gets it out) it was shortly after being in a very bad car accident (we were hit by drunk driver head on)...Anyhow I am so worried about getting this thing out, as I already have so much pain on that particular side due to injuries sustained in the auto accident. More than that I am concerned about losing feeling in my shoulder/arm/hand due to nerve involvement. Was your DR a Plastic Surgeon? I bet you are so relieved to have it out! So far your looking GREAT =) My dr said he will only do mine in the OR at the hospital & that I must stay at least 24hrs afterwards, in which case I told DR if I am getting that done then you may as well give me a tummy tuck! =) Surprised that your DR did such a large one without you being under.... How long did the removal take? Let me know how you are doing. Hope the healing is much better & that your pain is much better.
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my dr was a plastic surgeon, I had mine done in the or at the dr office, and went home same night. my dr wasnt aware this was so big, we went on what the other dr's said it was and they werent even close. My dr stated if he had known, he would of never given my a local. the surgery was an hour or more. my scar is doing so well.. my dr did such a great job stitching me up and the care I recieved afterward! I still have sharp pain if i lean against certian chairs or at night, the pain is deep not surface pain.
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Glad your surgery and surgeon were so helpful and successful. A benign lipoma is not harmful. It is good that it was sent for pathology. They do tend to grow and often follow a bruise or trauma . I remove larger ones in my office under local all of the time and never in the hospital setting. A Dermatologic surgeon can be very helpful to others looking for removal in the office as well
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Can you have a lipoma,(under the skin) with pain , that right below it has an Indentation that is so common with fat necrosis ? Does fat necrosis (without infection-just a lump) ever hurt?? and if so can it start to hurt after a couple years of being painless ? Or is this more likely liposarcoma ?
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Mine are due to a car accident too! However, they keep brushing it off when I complain about the pain.
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The one on my back isn't painful, although I do feel somewhat of a drainage pressure in it. However, the one on my thigh is excruciatingly painful! After the car accident I had to walk with crutches.
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