Portrait PSR3-Scars, Eyelid Damage, Enlarged Pores

Rhytec Portrait PSR3. I had this treatment 18...

Rhytec Portrait PSR3. I had this treatment 18 months ago & would not recommend it to anyone. It has been one of the worst experiences of my life. I am 68 & had lovely creamy ivory skin with a few brown spots & fine lines. I was told I would be pink for about two months. After the treatment I looked like I had been seriously burned & by day two the pain was intense. For several days I soaked my face every three hours with vinegar & water compresses & kept it moisturized the rest of the time per instructions. As my face began to peel the problems started to appear. One side of my face was not healing & looked like it was scarring. I received steroid injections on an open wound to help diminish scarring. The redness in my cheeks would not subside so I was given a series of V-beam laser treatments over seven months to diminish the redness. Why would intense heat be applied to eyelids? That's what I wondered when my eyelids were ruined by Portrait. One eyelid pulled up into the socket leaving a hollow eye & the other eyelid drooped.

Fortunately, I found an outstanding opthamologist who specializes in hollow eye repair & he fat grafted both upper eyes with an excellent outcome. My nose looks like it was boiled. The pores are three times larger & on each side of my nose collagen lumps have formed so my nose is thicker than it was before the treatment.

I sought out a top office where they are performing many Portrait treatments.

Pros: The brown spots are gone.

Cons: On one cheek I have a two inch by two inch scarred area that has hypopigmentation & my nose has enlarged pores & bumps. These areas have to be covered with makeup all the time.

Ten months recovery time for redness, scars & nose. No change in fine lines. Surgery required to correct upper eyes. New permanent makeup.

Cost: 400. to replace the permanent eyebrow & eyelid makeup that was removed, 5,000. for Portrait and 8,400. to fat graft upper eyes............ Total cost: 13,800.

To all who reads this posts. Take your own pre and post procedure photos. When I called for my files it turned out that my before and after pictures were blurred. A little too coincidental if you ask me.
Did I find a solution? I don't want to sound crass, but I learned to live with it. However, I understand the v beam is used frequently now to treat rosacea. Maybe people are having better results these days. You might want to review a few rosacea forums. It can cause rebound flushing that lasts for months. In terms of texture- from what I can tell the treatments have all the same side effects as the original C02 laser. I really don't know about chemical peels. I don't think our skin is the same after all of this, so lord only knows what could happen. I had a planter wart removed from my foot and the acid burned all they way through the top layer of skin. The doctor was speechless. Until someone can explain that to me I'll pass on chemical peels too. If you think your skin is scared be sure to wear sunblock every day! Take care.
hi, did anyone find a solution to the skin damage and permanent redness?

any advice greatly appreciated
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I went to the top Dermatology office in La Jolla where they said they did more Portrait treatments than all the other offices in the country combined & my experience was as bad as it can get.

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