My Midlife Overhaul - Portland, OR

I started my journey in Feb 2013 with the consult...

I started my journey in Feb 2013 with the consult and i was weighing 336lbs i suffer from osteoarthritis, hoshimotos thyroiditis, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, neuropathy in legs and a few other health issues. I was headed for the wheelchair @ 42yrs..not me so had a choice to make ...i had to lose 30lbs before surgery, although i didnt lose 30lbs i did however lose down to 314lbs on surgery day. I am 14 days out and am down to 306lbs.


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My Midlife Overhaul

The first 2 weeks after surgery were lil tough learning to slow down and take small sips due to meds making my mouth dry and very thirsty. The other difficult part was relearning fullness. Now i am into purees and still having a lil trouble but its getting better. On a more pisitive note i have been able to walk 4 blocks with no pain in back, legs, knees or feet so i know the weight is shedding. I feel great, positive and confident that the sleeve was and is the best thing i did to reclaim my life.


Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

I'm glad you're feeling positive about your surgery and congratulations on your weight loss, you're doing great! I just had mine 12 days ago and it's not an easy thing to go through, but ultimitely it will be worth it for all of us!

Please do keep us updated with your progress.

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I'm really interested to read your story. I don't have a date for my surgery yet, I have to lose 17lbs but I don't meet my surgeon until next month, it's funded by the NHS in the U.K. I have RA and other auto immune diseases so I am following your progress closely, four blocks is amazing, well done!
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Ty.. yes autoimmune diseases run in my family and by decreasing the amount of weight on joints and bones it does help believe me. You can do this but you have to be determed and let nothing stop you ...i use every tool i can to help aid in weight loss like myfitnesspal here you can monitor your food exercise weight loss and i still use it after surgery. Good luck and if you would like to join me on myfitnesspal i am cherokee_rebel.

update to my midlife overhaul


Smile girl! You look so much thinner in your face since the pic with you and your girl. I'll be following you and wishing you luck.
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Hey Dawn you look great! You can definitely see it in your face that you've slimmed down! Keep up the good work!
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Well i am about three months post ...when starting all this i was 350 at surgery i was 315 now i am 280.


Wow! I just came across your review and you look amazing. Congrats on your 70 lbs! You look so good. Keep up the amazing work.
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Ty...its hard with thyroid issues and joint issues but still pluggin towards a new me in every aspect.
Ty everyone for ur support is most appreciated in the biggest way u just dont know how much it means to me.
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6 months after the start of my overhaul

Well its been 6 months and I am down from 340 to 260. I thought I would be down more but the thyroid is making things difficult and frustrating. I have started college and walking ..still with pain where before what I have lost made it impossible to walk without severe pain. Still working on my arms legs and stomach. I have loose skin under chin that is a must go and drives me crazy.


You're doing so well, it must be frustrating to have the thyroid problem but seventy pounds is one hell of a loss! You look so different!
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Ty and it does get frustrating but I had hoped for more of a loss in a 6 month period.
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