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Rhinoplasty for Previously Broken Nose, and Reshape - Portland, OR

Twenty years ago I was dancing and was elbowed in...

Twenty years ago I was dancing and was elbowed in the nose by a strong man. I have lived with a large bump on my nose ever since and didn't have the courage to get it fixed. When I finally had the courage to talk to some doctors, I felt most comfortable with Dr. Kim. After consulting three top Portland surgeons, I felt Dr. Kim took his job most seriously, and is the master of his field. He also had a way of making me feel completely at ease in his company. He works with measurements and angles to deliver the best nose for each particular face/body. While I was told that posts-surgury would be uncomfortable, it really wasn't that big of a deal. There was never a time where I couldn't breath through my nose. On the third day, I went off all medications together and didn't even need to take Tylenol. I did ice for five days just to help the process go extra smoothly. One week after surgery, my mask was removed and I was left alone in the patient room for a brief time. I looked into the mirror and had tears of joy, because Dr. Kim did such a beautiful job, and I wasn't used to seeing my face without the distraction of the distorted nose. It was as if I could finally see the rest of my face! It's only been two weeks, and I am running my five mile runs again with my son, just as active as ever. It gave me the confidence I needed to wear less makeup. My profile has drastically changed already, even though I still have six weeks to go before 80% of the swelling is gone. This experience has been so exciting and amazing, and I am so glad I chose Dr. Kim. I would recommend him to everyone. I will post photos after two months, as suggested, although I am already very happy with the results.
Thank you for sharing on RealSelf! So, you feel good enough to go running after two weeks?
Congrats! I l look forward to seeing your photos. Thanks.


I'm including 2 before pictures, where you can see the bump in my nose and my profile. The after picture was taken exactly one week after surgery. As you can see, there was very little bruising and the swelling is mostly in the tip. I am already very happy with the results and so excited to see how it will look after two months.
You look lovely and the baby is adorable. Thanks for sharing.
Wow a week to jog that's fast! Cute nose!
Thanks you : )

After--3 weeks

Three weeks post-op
You look like a model!

3 week update

Three week mental check

I go about my business, amazed to see so many good looking people in this world and realizing how awkward I felt pre-surgery. Am I really now a part of this mass of women who have a normal nose? I became so used to having this hang up that I underestimated it. To feel confident, that is, without restriction, is more liberating than I can say. I don't feel any better than anyone, I just finally feel kind of... well... equal. I know this sounds ridiculous, but you people on here are my posse and I can say it straight. I waited so long to feel confident to just be myself without worrying.
I know exactly how you feel...I always just wanted to feel normal with an ordinary nose that wouldn't draw attention to itself. It detracted from my appearance and confidence, I always felt awkward...and now I have a normal straight nose that (though still swollen) just blends in with the crowd. :)
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Oh no it does not sound ridiculous! It sounds exactly right on!!!!!! I know what u mean. And that's even without this cast off. I felt that way day 2 with the longness gone of my nose. You really stated that eloquently. It is exhausting to feel awkward all the time. To try to pretend u are confident. The emotional pressure on a soul from all that wishing and envying and posturing. To be free of it and just be yourself free to smile and experience lifecin the absence of that torture. Congrats I'm so happy for you! And yes btw you are so beautiful! You are one of the good looking people now! And now that will become your new ordinary and you will probably in hindsight think of all u suffered and how much time was wasted. .

PIctures--5 weeks post

Almost 5 weeks post-op and feeling completely back to normal, just happier : ) I can't express how great it feels to have photos taken with my kids and not cringe when I see random profile shots or "un-posed" snapshots that don't look half bad!!! For me, a large reason for my surgery was to get me feeling better about my nose/face so that I could feel to express myself more naturally without worrying about the way I look when I do so.
Beautiful result! X
Wow you have a perfect nose, I love your results!  Your pics are adorable.
You look awesome.

More work done

So I've gotten brave and had my lips done now, too. I chose Juvederm because I like that the product is natural-occuring in the body, is softer and more real-like, and lasts longer. I only had an issue with my top lip which if you look at pics is rather thin, so Dr. Kim made them more symmetrical by only injecting the upper lip. It is only day 5 so there is still a good deal of swelling (I am a huge sweller and bruiser). I think the overall effect is a much softer looking face, and I am excited to have full lips without needing lipsticks/liners, but I still feel a bit self-conscious due to the swelling. I think after the swelling goes down a bit more I am going to feel my best ever : ) Ps. The long hair in the last pic is just a couple extension pieces I clipped in for the fun of it.


This is the before/after shot of me after the following beauty procedures:
Juvederm Lip filler on upper lip only
Botox (small amount) around crow's feet of eyes

*Hyaluronic Acid/Vitamin C Serum on face + staying out of sun and just using self-tanning cream
Are you still doing well? I am considering rhinoplasty in the Portland Oregon area. But I keep second guessing myself on which surgeon. I think I need more consultations. You look great! I will definitely consider your surgeon. How much was the juvaderm?
You look wonderful!
I'd love to juvederm my lip. Been considering.... Looks good on u!
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