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I had a rhinoplasty in 2008 from Dr Menick in...

I had a rhinoplasty in 2008 from Dr Menick in Tucson AZ. I wish I had known about his botched surgeries before I got it done. My nose was straight before but had a hump and a hanging collumella. Now it has a bump still on one side, is super crooked, curves in an S shape, is fat on one side, still has a hanging collumella and is overall just not a good result. I finally got the courage to talk to Dr Kim a month ago and I feel confident he can fix my nose. I will update after my surgery :)
I wish you all the best Jessika
Good luck! I'm getting ready to schedule my first consultation soon for my own septorhinoplasty.
Hey did you decide who you're going with for your surgery?

Found embarrassing old before and after photos!!

I found my old before and afters from makemeheal back in 2008-2009! Oh man i have to admit even though I feel my primary was botched, it's sadly still a huge improvement. I think I was 18 or 19 with that terrible hair do and unfortunate genetics. Haha
Same result for me.....first surgery my nose from side view very pretty but not happy with front view...too wide...nasals uneven. Looking for a doctor now but my original surgeon said that there is nothing you can do and the new surgeon that I went to a consult for nose revision said to leave it alone. He said that he sees what I see but the risk is not worth it. Did you do your nose a 2nd time? Did you go to a few doctors? Thank you.
Hi, sorry you need a revision too. It can be really stressful and scary deciding if it's worth the risk of going through everything again or just leaving it alone. I've been on the fence about it for the last 4 years but I've noticed that as time goes on my nose is still changing shape in a bad way. I only initially went to Dr Kim to see if my nose was crooked from a deviated septum and if I could just get a septoplasty. I was open to some cosmetic change too but I wasn't sure what exactly was necessary to make my nose straight. He was not pushy at all but recommended septorhinoplasty to fix the functional and cosmetic issues I have. I waited a month and did tons of research before deciding to go ahead and schedule with him. I was also considering some people in Seattle but I felt really comfortable with Dr Kim and I believe I've made the right decision. My surgery is in a month so I'll keep you posted! Good luck finding a surgeon!
Good luck...prayers.
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The consultation was great. He seemed very confident and explained everything he thought should be done in great detail and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I went in extremely nervous and left feeling excited. I am so ready to get it done already, but I'm also very nervous. I will post more pics asap!

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