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I had a rhinoplasty in 2008 from Dr Menick in...

I had a rhinoplasty in 2008 from Dr Menick in Tucson AZ. I wish I had known about his botched surgeries before I got it done. My nose was straight before but had a hump and a hanging collumella. Now it has a bump still on one side, is super crooked, curves in an S shape, is fat on one side, still has a hanging collumella and is overall just not a good result. I finally got the courage to talk to Dr Kim a month ago and I feel confident he can fix my nose. I will update after my surgery :)
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The consultation was great. He seemed very confident and explained everything he thought should be done in great detail and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I went in extremely nervous and left feeling excited. I am so ready to get it done already, but I'm also very nervous. I will post more pics asap!

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I wish you all the best Jessika
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Good luck! I'm getting ready to schedule my first consultation soon for my own septorhinoplasty.
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looking forward to following your story. I hope you have a successful surgery! xo
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I'm excited for you! Thanks so much for starting your story here. It's definitely been long enough since your primary rhinoplasty that you know things won't change for the better. I hope this time is the charm. I'll be checking back for your updates!
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