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Tummy Tuck - I Wish I Had Done This Sooner! - Portland, OR

After a weight loss of 120 pounds by changing my...

After a weight loss of 120 pounds by changing my diet and exercise, I finally decided to have a abdominoplasty, and this surgery has exceeded my expectations is so many ways. My pain was managed perfectly after my surgery and my overall level of discomfort was very tolerable. I credit this to the preparation that I was given before the surgery as to what to expect and for the instructions I was given following surgery.

The swelling was significant as to be expected, but each day was better and more comfortable. I followed Dr. L's instructions and I know my recovery was better because of it! My only negative is I wish I had done this for myself sooner. Working in healthcare I understand how important it is to have a strong relationship with your care givers.

Portland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. L and his staff are exceptional professionals and I highly recommend Dr. L. They are caring, pay attention to detail and have great follow-up. I felt I was well prepared for my procedure and my recovery.

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i hope all is well for you!I ith dr. lee!see what he thinks i should do please let me know how it turns out!!
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I am having full TT by Dr. Lee in 10 days! I am so excited! Scared too...but love these stories and I know I am making the right decision! I have come across many people who have had work done by Dr. Lee and all have great reviews! Awesome job on the weight loss!
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I am sooo scared and excited dont have a clue what to do how to start what to get where to get it.. i need a big tire around my middle removed!!!now what
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I am in oregon close to portland
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You might want to start by going through tummy tuck reviews on RealSelf and reading what the process is like (2 to 3 weeks of down time post op, drains, no showering for quite a while, etc.). You can also look at before and after photos of results, and look for doctors with whom to schedule consultations. Good luck! And please start your own story (even during your decision making process) in this community as well!

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Congratulations on the weight loss! Very impressive :) You must just feel wonderful. Enjoy your new body...you deserve it.
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Sounds like everything went as smoothly as you could hope for. Glad the journey has been so worth it for you.

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