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1st Consulation Scared the C___ out of Me. 2nd Consultaion and I Was Sold! - Portland, OR

Yikes! At this time, 3 months from today, I will...

Yikes! At this time, 3 months from today, I will have my new tummy! I wonder if the butterflies will be gone as well as my mommy tummy??

Can't thank all you ladies enough for sharing your experiences. It's making this alot less frightening!


You are also going to look wonderful and want to be wearing the suit in public!   I won't lie it does take some getting use to.  But once you break out of your box you will love it. 

I never in my wild dreams thought I would be wearing a bikini in public again at the age of 47.   But why not...right:)
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We all get scared, I was scared at the office prior to surgery. I am so happy I stuck with it. Recovery has it's ups and downs, but each day it gets easier and you'll see the same!
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Thanks! I had to postpone my surgery until November so now I have lots of time to read more profiles and see how everyone else is doing. The one common thread here is that everyone is happy that they did this. I'm hangin on to that. Wishin it was November already!

OMG!!! I have an associate at the clinic where I...

OMG!!! I have an associate at the clinic where I work who, as it turns out, had a breast reduction on May 2nd. She went to the same Dr who will be doing my tt and reduction in November.
She stopped by my office yesterday to show me her results. I am so inspired! The pictures on this website keep me motivated for sure but seeing results in person is an unbelievable experience. I am so grateful that she thought of me and decided to come in.
She looks AMAZING!!!
Still can't wait for November! Thank you again to all you ladies who share your most intimate photos with us to encourage us and keep us looking ahead!
My friend has encouraged me to take pic and get them posted so I can join in the fun.....

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Ok,so, I have spent the last few hours pouring...

Ok,so, I have spent the last few hours pouring over this website (again). I'm having a breast reduction and a tummy tuck on November 14th. Had to postpone it twice already but this time, nothing short of death will keep me from it. Death or fear. I'm not so much afraid of the TT, all of you wonderful ladies have shared your stories and it has put my fears to rest. It's the breast reduction that has me shakin in my shoes. Both my mother and my aunt had BR's and both of them were soooo sorry. My mother even had an augmentation afterward because she was traumatized by the differece in her body. I guess she just got used to being large breasted. I need your help..... I need to hear success stories from you girls who have done this and are happy with it. My mother has me scared to death....
Thanks gilrs...xoxo

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Surgery is 5 months away and I'm half way to...

Surgery is 5 months away and I'm half way to my goal weight....looks like I'm gonna make it. I may add few pounds to my weight loss goal. It couldn't hurt to weigh what I did in my 20's right? Time to post some before pictures....I just need to take them.



You are tiny to begin with so you are going to get an awesome result! Good luck on your journey. :)
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OH GEE! Thank you! I haven't been tiny is long time though. I have about 20 more lbs to lose to get back to my normal weight. I appreciate your support. This is gonna be a great ride....I think...
Oops..I just noticed my typing above...sorry, I'm in migraine mode so I may not be making any sense.:o)

Ok.. so I took before pictures of my breasts today...

Ok.. so I took before pictures of my breasts today. I thought it was hard to look at the tummy pics...oh boy! I can't stand to look at these. Not sure I have the hutzpah to post them. My friend who just had a breast reduction told me she didn't realize how badly she needed one until she saw the pictures her husband took. Now I know what she means. YIKES!!! I'm huge! Who knew a 38DDD was so frickin' big! Im gonna go cry for awhile now, and then, maybe, just maybe, I'll post the pics...anybody got any tequilla???lol


I have a new question. It looks like I may not have the help after surgery that I was expecting. How long have you ladies usually had someone stay with you after your surgery? I will have someone with me the first night home but after that, it looks like I'm gonna be on my own. Is this even do-able?
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Your tummy looks like what mine used to look like except I had a wonderful vertical appy scar also. I never found anyone whose tummy looked like mine until now! Take a look at my pics! Good luck you will love the results!
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Wow! You're right. I love your results! You look amazing! Thanks for directing me to your pictures.
I love summer but I can't wait for November this year!

OK ladies, my next ( and final consult with my PS...

OK ladies, my next ( and final consult with my PS is August 3rd. Any last minute advise?? Any questions you would recommend that I ask him. I already have a list but I don't want to miss anything. TT and breast reduction are on the menu for November 14th!


I am scheduled for a TT and BR Dec. 14th. I am just as nervous as you are!!! I am definately excited but I think this time I have before the surgery will allow me to get all my questions answered and condition me for the surgery.. I need to mentally ready if that is at all possible?? LOL!
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I had to move my surgery from June 3rd to November 14th due to my work schedule. I was bummed at the time but now, I'm glad it worked out this way. This site and all these wonderful women have made this so much easier! I have so much more knowledge than I did at the begining of this journey. I would never have known what questions to ask or what to even be concerned about. I have learned so much and am so very grateful!
Your surgery is exactly 4 weeks after mine so you can watch my progress and get an idea of what to expect.
Definitly look at Kimmers25 profile. She is amazing and so very helpful! Love her to pieces. Good luck to you! If you have questions...ask them...these women are WONDERFUL!!
I have a question for you as my next consult isn't until December :-( With a previous surgeon I saw for a consult she told me she would not do a reduction with the tummy tuck, I'm wondering why? She had said they dont like to pull up for the reduction/lift and then down for the tummy tuck, too hard on the body. Is it common for people to get them done together? I really want to do both. I do have some concerns mentally about reduction though, I just dont want to feel too "small" for my body if that makes sense. I'm so used to having these 36DDD on me! I know FOR SURE im getting a TT this spring, 4 babies did a number on me!
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Consult #3 is done! I love my doctor! Thank you...

Consult #3 is done! I love my doctor! Thank you ladies all for the ideas you sent me for questions to ask. I feel so much better after this appt. I feel like part of the team working to get me the results I want and not just a bystander.
So, it's official, Tummy tuck, breast lift/reduction, and a bit of lipo at the side of each breast. Set for Monday, November 14th.
Dr gave me a list of things he wants me to do to prepare for my big day. He even showed me how to do the exersizes that he is recommending.
He congradulated me on my weight loss and now is OK with doing all three procedures at the same time. He has even enlisted help from another excellent surgeon in the clinic so that I will be on the table for a much shorter time.
I couldn't imagine being in better hands! Yay!


Hurray you are all set an on your way:)

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Hi Salem, face your fears and prepare yourself mentally and you will get through this fine. I am just over 3 weeks Post Op and so glad I did not let my fear get the better of me. The first time I saw my PS I also panicked and put off the procedure (TT with Lipo and MR) for another year but this time, I so badly wanted this, nothing was gonna change my mind. RealSelf is a great place to ask questions and see results. I wish you lots of luck, hang in there and be strong :)
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Thanks Robyn...I had a 3rd colnsult yesterday and...it's on! November 14th Tummy tuck, Breast reduction and a bit of lipo on the side ( literally on the side...lol). Got lots to do before the big day...

Ok..so now that I have 2 months and 1 week to go,...

Ok..so now that I have 2 months and 1 week to go, I'm starting to feel a little nervous. Up until now, it's been so far in the future that it was kind of sureal. Now I am starting to realize that it is really going to happen. I am ok with the TT part but I seem to be a bit scared of the breast reduction. I still have 12 to 15 lbs that I would like to loose before the surgery so it's go time. I don't have the luxury of time any longer.
I started to think of the things I need to get done before the big day and I was overwhelmed. Any advice on where to start? I cleaned my carpets and now I'm thinking I need to do a spring cleaning so I don't try to do too much when I'm recovering.
Thanks again for sharing all your pictures and stories, it is helping me so very much. I can do this.
I do have a question, my PS has stated twice now that my lower tummy will be flatter than my upper tummy. I keep forgetting to ask him why. Does anyone know what the reason for this might be?


Got my "Total Gym" set up and working today! New, stronger leaner muscles here I come. My PS told me to work on my core strength so here I go....weeeeee
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Hey Girlie!  I have missed you:)   

For now just do what ever comes to mind.  If you want to paint, shampoo carpets, redecorate the entire house...anything.  Just keep busy and time will fly by.  I went nutso before my surgery and did everything except replace the kitchen cabinets LOL.

I am not sure what your doctor means about the lower being smaller than the upper?  I would ask him to clarify that statement.  

I am so excited for you:)

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Hi honey! So, here I go, the final stretch! I'm so excited, I feel like I'm gonna burst. I'm going to look at a power recliner after work tonight. Planning on printing your "to do" lists and getting started this weekend. Cleaning and organizing like crazy because I know I have a hard time sitting still and if I see something that needs doing, I'll want to do it even if I am in pain.
I go back and forth between fear and excitment. I'm not afraid of the TT, I am terrified of the breast reduction. I've been this size for soooooo long, I feel like I'm losing an arm or something. I had a flat tummy before my babies, so at least I know what that feels like.
Thanks for being here honey. You are my rock!

Woooo Whoooooo, as of today, TT is exactly 2...

Woooo Whoooooo, as of today, TT is exactly 2 months away!!


Strong core muscles are what my Dr believed to directly effect my very very off the charts healing time! Way to go!
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Good to know. I'm on it! But can I just say..... ouch...lol

You go girl!

6 weeks and 3 days to go until I get new smaller...

6 weeks and 3 days to go until I get new smaller boobs and a flat tummy!! I can't believe it's this close!
I still need to finalize my leave of absence from work and set up my short term disability. My pre-op appt is on October 19th. Gotta pick up my new recliner and then it's all about the waiting. I have a feeling it isn't gonna take as long as I think it might.
Any advice for these last 6 weeks ladies??


Thank you so much for your kind words! I LOVE your pictures! You look amazing! If I look half as good as you when this is over, I'll be happy!
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I'm now 9 wks post op... After all the worries before surgery, and during those first two weeks, and all the questions of whether your skin, muscles, belly etc will ever feel like you again... I am happy to report that yes your body once again will feel as it did before but will just look awesome! I'm excited for you when you hit this point!
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Kim, when all this is over, you and I need to do lunch! I love you! You are such a great support and have helped me so much! Thank you so very much!
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So, after so many setbacks, here I go again....

So, after so many setbacks, here I go again. Nothing will stop me this time...I think...lol. Surgery will be January 28th. Just a little over 4 months to go. I just had a small surgery on my right hip and while I was preparing for it, I was thinking about how soon, I will be getting ready for my breast reduction and tummy tuck. Butterflies!!! I am such a nester and this was a great lesson for me. I need to have my home soooo ready or I will be up and trying to organize everything while I'm supposed to be resting.
Lots of work to do still.
Talked to quite a few ladies at my work who have had breast reductions. Every single one sing the praises of this surgery. They all say it has changed their lives for the better.
I'm so grateful for this website and all the stories of the women who share thier experiances. It's very helpful. I can't wait to have my after pictures posted!
I've been spending some time looking at clothes on line. Small dresses with little straps......I can't believe that I might just get to wear one by next summer. Speaking of straps....do the big indentations that we large breasted women get in our shoulders EVER go away?? I sure hope so. Mine are so very deep and soar.
Thank you again ladies for being so open and helpful. I couldn't do this without all of you!

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So, here we go again. I will have my surgery date...

So, here we go again. I will have my surgery date tomorrow. Looks like the end of January. I'm still about 20lbs more than I want to be on surgery day. Tummy tuck and breast reduction. I'm unable to work out too much since I've recently had surgery on my right hip and will be having the same procedure on my left hip on Friday November 16th. I need advice....how do I get rid of this weight when I'm unable to work out??? I can't walk or run or do any type of repetitive leg work. I need a miracle! Dr will release me for normal exercise 3 months after surgery day (hip surgery day).
I'm getting sooooo excited about my tummy tuck! Bought my recliner and am organizing my house so I won't want to do it when I'm healing. I even bought a new mixer so I won't have to stir anything that I bake while in the healing process.... might be a bit too much??
So, now what? I keep getting the willies and thinking I'm gonna chicken out. The pictures and stories on here are so uplifting and I think each and every one of you are so courageous! Hope I can be as brave as you all!


try this diet at mydukandiet.com it's awesome and you will still loose even if you don't exercise!!!
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Thank you! I will go check it out right now! I just got my surgery date... February 4th. I have an appt with my surgeon November 20th do discuss the details then it's all about getting ready and waiting for the big day.

Well, I had my second hip surgery Friday and am on...

Well, I had my second hip surgery Friday and am on the mend. I must say that the day of surgery, when I was home feeling the pain, I almost bagged the whole TT breast reduction idea. Didn't see how I could handle any more pain....I'm good now....I know it will all be worth it in the long run. I'm pretty certain that I'm gonna want the pain pump. I believe it will relieve pain in the incision and immediate area around the incision and leave my brain as normal as it found it....lol. I have an appt for my final consult with my surgeon on Tues. Any suggestions for questions I should be asking him at this point? And I would appreciate any reviews on how the pain pump works and if it's a good idea. Thanks again ladies!

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Second hip surgery was Friday and now with that...

Second hip surgery was Friday and now with that behind me...no pun intended, I only have to heal and prepare for my TT and Breast reduction. I almost bagged the plan on the day of my surgery, didn't think I could deal with any more pain. But I'm good now. I've been dreaming of this for too many years to give up now and I truly believe the pain will be worth it.
Now, I think I've definitely decided to go with the pain pump. It's my understanding that this virtually removes pain at the incision site and surrounding area and leaves my brain free to think clearly.
I have my final consultation with my surgeon this coming Tuesday. I need to ask for some advice here, Are there any questions that I should be asking my surgeon that I may not have thought of and does anyone have experience or advice regarding the pain pump?? Thanks again ladies :o)


I just read through your story, wow you have been on a journey! I'm so excited to see your after results, they will be great!! I'm lookin forward to getting into some exercise, now that I lost the boobs I want to lose the belly, too!
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I'm pretty excited as well. You look amazing and I'm so glad I got to see your pictures.. I was pretty nervous but if I look anything like your pictures when I'm done...I will be a happy, happy girl! Surgery will take care of the boobs and the tummy but I am so gonna have to work on my hiney so it looks as good as the rest of me..lol

Final pre op was yesterday. I love, love, love my...

Final pre op was yesterday. I love, love, love my nurse! She is so kind and thoughtful. I could tell the Dr was tired (saw him @ 5:oo PM) but he was very attentive and explained everything I needed him to explain. My nurse is Regina and she is the one who took my pictures (YUCK!!!@!) Can't even begin to say how hard it was to get through that part. She was wonderful! I work in the medical field and have been around Dr's and caregivers for more than half my life and I know what goes on in their heads when you're naked in their exam rooms and it has nothing to do with you being naked in thier exam rooms. They are focused on taking care of you and helping you get better. There is a disconnect that happens and they just don't see the situation like we do. That being said, my Dr and nurse both are very aware that although me being naked is no biggie to them, it is HUGE to me and they are so great about making sure that I am comfortable. I was so very impressed. My Dr has now been on the top 100 Dr's in Portland Oregon list for and least the last 3 years. His staff say he is an artist. I feel so much better after my visit yesterday. Which says alot for the staff considering the whole picture taking thing.
I am looking forward to comparing my before pics to my after pics. They will be giving me copies since I told them about this website and that I wanted to post them here.
So now I have the lists of the supplies I need and the prep work I need to do at home. That will keep my mind occupied for a bit. I'm afraid that I will be spending every waking moment thinking about my upcoming surgery! I'm glad that I get to spend my days taking care of patients in my clinic and that really keeps my mind off of me.
25 days to go.....


I have been thinking about you today and yesterday. I hope things went well yesterday and that you are doing great. You finally made it to the flat side! Xoxo jess
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Just read your review oh my you've had a time of it. You are going to love hour results . My friend had a reduction a few years ago and she says it is a shock at first but loves her results . I m having the TT first then will gather money for the boobs.
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Almost 2 weeks since surgery and I am seeing a...

Almost 2 weeks since surgery and I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I can't wait to feel all better so that I can start getting excited about my new body.
I will post pics soon. Now that I am able to move and not throw up... I should be able to manage it...hope everyone is doing well. I'm thinking of all of you and keeping you in my prayers. :)

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Hello ladies, It's been awhile since I've been on...

Hello ladies,
It's been awhile since I've been on here. I can't get my laptop to talk to this website for some reason and until today, I've stayed out of my home office so I wouldn't start trying to work.
Surgery was a bit complicated for me but tomorrow will be 4 weeks since the big day and I am doing better. It's all roses from here on in.....ha ha.
I will try to post pics but I'm afraid that they may be too big and I'm not sure how to make them smaller. I am having a slight issue with strange swelling under my right breast but my Dr isn't worried. He feels like it will all be good by the 6 month mark. I'm 3.5 lbs lighter now due to the breast reduction and 3 more lbs lighter due to the tummy tuck. Sure wish the scale showed it but I guess that will come in time. Apparently, I'm a slow healer too. Slow but happy!
I hope you all are doing well.

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Portland Plastic Surgeon

After yesterday, I am so in love with the staff at Kaiser Permanente and my Dr! They are so in tune with thier pt's feelings and needs! I can't wait for my big day!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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