Wanted to do this for a while, nervous about size,...

Wanted to do this for a while, nervous about size, shape and recovery. I want to go from a 36G to a 36D or DD. I DO NOT want to end up to small, it won't fit my body type. Kaiser approved immediately.

Doctor is proposing 640 on one side and about 550 on the other.

:) more to come....

I've been wanting to do this since I was 19, and now I'm 35, 5'6, 180.

Hi Kaye! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!
Oh wow! I am in pdx too and have kaiser and have an appt next week. I wonder if it is the same doc. I am typing on my phone and not sure from here how to PM you, but i will try to figure that out soon.
Good luck i was a gg and i believe im a c im 5 7 and about 205 i just told my dr that i didntbwant my stomach to stuck out further than my boobs

I am totally over all of the hesitation and...

I am totally over all of the hesitation and anxiety, my date for surgery can't come soon enough. I just want to make sure I look like a full D. I have a boxy shape and long waist, so I want to make sure everything is proportionate.

Also doing side lipo. Who else got this? But I will pay out of pocket for that. I'm waiting for them to get back to me on the out of pocket cost.

I can't even imagine how this is going to feel in two months. I haven't been able to wear normal clothes since I was 16, and my back was awful at 22.

One thing I wonder: once the surgery is over, will I feel better and more motivated to work out? I've had a really hard time with it lately, and I'm wondering if it's because of the pain, or if I need to work harder to get through the workout. How did you girls feel about working out after surgery? Was it easier?

I will be thinking about you tomorrow:)

Hi Kimmers! My doctor left Kaiser so all the dates were pushed back. :( Do you know how I can edit my profile to switch to a different doc? :)
I can completely hear you on the shape, size and recovery. That is my only worry is that they are not like my one friend who had it done. I remember taking her dressing off and the entire right breast erupted! Further on in her recovery she showed me her nipples and they were completely lopsided one faced up the other down and were not in allignment with the other. That is truly the only thing that still worries me ever so slightly! She did have a butcher of a PS that I would not let carve a pumpkin little own a person!!

Hi everyone! So guess what? My doctor left...

Hi everyone!

So guess what? My doctor left kaiser and so everything has been rescheduled. They have a new doctor coming in and I can't have surgery until April or later. I'm just frustrated at this point. I have almost given up because the wait will be months and months. :(
That really sucks!! So sorry for the insurance complications, don't get discouraged though because this is so totally worth it.
Thanks Bebe! I am staying strong, hopefully the date will come soon!

Okay, hi everyone! I just got another date...

Okay, hi everyone!

I just got another date today -- It is April 17th.

My new doctor is Dr. Stiles Jewett Jr MD.

Very, very excited!

I'm also getting side lipo on the bra roll, which is an extra $1200. It's supposed to be good for shaping.

Things happen for a reason, maybe its a blessing in disguise..... April will be here before you know it, hang in there ; )
thank you! i just sit here and look at everyone else's picture, i can't even imagine what the difference will be like

So I have a couple things that I'm worried about,...

So I have a couple things that I'm worried about, I'll go into detail tonight. Would love some feedback! Especially from the ladies who have been through the process....
I had a small amount of side lipo done - I didn't need much. It possibly felt more bruised and tender the first few days than the incisions/breasts but ice packs helped a lot (I needed them to fall asleep). Also make sure your post-op bra isn't too tight - the elastic band will KILL on the areas where the lipo was done. I went to a bigger band size until the swelling went down, then back to my regular band size. Overall, my process was a little scary but I really liked/trusted my surgeon and had an amazingly supportive group of people to help me through the first week after the procedure. If you're concerned about size, talk honestly with your surgeon. Personally, I told my surgeon I wanted to go as small as he could with my frame and I'll probably end up a C/D. Best of luck with everything! You'll be SO happy you did it!
Thanks! I am just hoping I can get through this without any issues. I want to be done and back at work as soon as I can. and I'm nervous about being too small, but i'll just have to talk with the new dr.
I had dr. lizinsky and he did an amazing job. My friend had one through kaiser two weeks ago with another doctor and hers look incredible too. I think any of the kaiser surgery staff should make you feel totally confident!

Well I am about a month away and I'm starting to...

Well I am about a month away and I'm starting to have nightmares. I know they are just anxiety but the fear is starting to come in a little more.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be doing this, and if I just need to accept my body as-is. Everyone I've told has said they don;t even know why I am doing this and I'm great as it is. Which makes it difficult for me to find a reason to push myself into the surgery date! I minimize everything, so you can't really tell how big and uneven my breasts are (and heavy!) unless you see me in a bikini, which I haven't worn in years for this very reason. I'm afraid I will end up like a giant box with no boobs after and scars everywhere. I'm afraid I will have no cleavage and be as flat as a man.

I'm also afraid of the pain and recovery. I have only taken a week and a half off of work and haven't told anyone -- including my family. I just want to be able to heal and get back into my beautiful life.

I do trust doctors and I know that they always have the best intentions, but I am starting to get more fearful because I cannot control the outcome.

Plus after it I will have to really shape up because my stomach is a little out of shape.

At this point, I am seriously 50/50 about having this. If they had to cancel everything I would probably think it was destiny. But i also have been living this way so long that I don;t know what a great change it will be, which is why I am moving forward.

Just had to get some of these feelings out. :) Thanks for all of your support and stories.

So I just got back from the Pre-Op with a...

So I just got back from the Pre-Op with a different doctor. I really don't know what to think at this point. The doctor went through all of the risks with me and I signed off on them, but I don't feel very comforted by any of them at all. He said he can't tell me what size I'll end up as and said 'just tell me if you want me to veer on the small size or the large size." So I said Large. I mean I'm not telling anyone how to do their job but a little more information would have been reassuring that I am comfortable with my decision. I don't just blindly trust people. I guess I needed a little more comforting instead of just 'get 'er done' which is what I felt like. I'm venting and will write more tonight after I've had time to settle my thoughts. I just don;t know if they are considering that they are cutting into and leaving permanent scars in breasts -- which for women are very sexually and psychologically impactful and so I am making sure I do due diligence. I wish I could have been given more pictures, details and shown more imagery. At this point I feel like a number and one of many surgeries. :(

I am so excited and set to go. I am literally...

I am so excited and set to go. I am literally being chocked and smothered to death by my boobs. I'm doing this for me and no one else. I added a pic of my shoulders. Ouch! I need to start acknowledging the pain that I've been in. I seriously think its hitting nerves and numbing parts of my back and shoulders. Godspeed. :)
Kaye, I can totally relate to your April 1 post. My ps said the same thing when I asked about size. I come from big boned family my father was 6'6". PS want to know if I wanted to be on the small side or large side. WTH. How do I answer that. I want to be smaller than I am but not tiny. I want less pain but still have great boobs. I have my surgery this Friday the 12th. I am taking this man a pic of a size big c/d with Give Me These written in giant red letters and a pic of little b's (which would look ridiculous on me) with Oh Hell no! Written in red.
Haha! Yes they better do a c/d, no woman has the same shape. I still want some breast. I hope all goes well for you. Are you excited?
I stay pretty even in the emotions department. But I've always liked my girls. My body just doesn't like them. They cause so much pain for me. Just today I started thinking am I crazy for doing this. I've been ready for this for months but now when I'm only sleep nights away I'm a little unsure. I think it's because my ps isn't the kind of dr who discusses size. I think if I over state that I don't want to be really little then he will leave me too big. What to do? I'm just praying real hard. How about you? You've been waiting longer than me.

Just ordered these -- ICE packs! http://www...

Just ordered these -- ICE packs! http://www.wearmamadoc.com/shop/ice-heat-packs/

And ordering this: http://marenagroup...

And ordering this:

Bout your April 1st update, my PS only said he would give me a medium sized bust to match my body, and it turned out very well. Some days I wish they were smaller, but I can see that they look very nicely proportioned to my body, and I am very happy with the shape. As far as I understand the amount of tissue removed can be hard to predict, because it all depends on the blood supply to the nipple. If they take too much it can lead to necrosis. I wasn't shown any pictures either, but that was because in Norway where I live, it's not allowed, something to do with misleading advertisements. As most surgeons would probably show their best results and not the poor ones I guess. Anyway, hope this helped.
yeah.I'd take him a picture of what ud like to be

HI everyone! I am getting ready to go, I was...

HI everyone!

I am getting ready to go, I was hoping some of you could advise. Does it hurt to have the drains removed? My doctor told me it would not be painful at all.

Question 2: How much pain should I prepare myself for? I have never had surgery so I really don't have any idea what to expect!

I'm going in next Wednesday! :)
Having the drains removed felt like rope burn to me :( I'm so sorry to have to say that! Just keep thinking about how good it will feel to have them removed altogether :) As for healing time... We're all different. There are so many variables, including our individual body, how aggressive/invasive each procedure is, your PS and his/her performance, your psychological well-being and mental perspectives, support systems, the pain meds you are prescribed, and I would assume smokers experience more pain... Just stay positive and keep reminding yourself how fabulous you will look this summer once you are fully healed : )
Should I take a pain pill right before I go in?
They will give it to you in the recovery room. I had my PS give me a Valium to take the night before, to calm my nerves. It was really helpful. I'm sure you could make the same request if you feel you might need to.

I'm out! I will write more when I'm not so groggy....

I'm out! I will write more when I'm not so groggy. I slept all day and the day after. I was supposed to have the drains roved today but they decided to wait until Monday.

When I got out I was a 6. But I just took pain mess and went to sleep. The next day the dr. asked if I was a smoker or had been exposed to second hand smoke. And I said yes, I was exposed to it twice in the past month but not a smoker. Now I'm a bit worried about healing properly.

Also I have just been laying on bed, it's better to stay still. Should I try to be elevated!

All I want to do us heal quickly and not have anything bad happen. Still pretty woozy so please just let me know if I need to so anything else. I'm worried about being exposed to smoke when I was out a week ago.

Thanks for all your support.
I was an h now a solid D. Had surgery 8 and a half weeks ago. Felt completely normal by 7 weeks. They took out 700 grams. Very happy. I felt like I dodnt know whe. It would be ok but all of a sudden it wad and the best thing EVER. Im now motivated to lose 20 pounds. I KNOW you will be so happy in 6-8 weeks. Hang in there!!!
Thank you! Just trying to take it easy. Just a lot going on :)

Okay I'm out and 3 days post op. I had my surgery...

Okay I'm out and 3 days post op. I had my surgery on last Wednesday. I was really nauseous and out of it after the operating room. I just slept. The doctor ended up making me really tight because of the size I asked for. So no moving arms! I've been laying in a recliner ever since and not doing anything strenuous. I have another two days until I go back, just been icing and laying down. Pain pills about every 6 hours.

New pics. Not looking too good today :(

New pics. Not looking too good today :(
Good luck to you. You will never be sorry, this is a wonderful operation. Healing takes time and patience.
Thank you. I'm just really nervous about the potential of an infecition. Super nervous. Borderline neurotic. I tool a pain pill right when I woke up today and I'm taking it easy and not rushing things. ;)
Wow I just read about your concerns and your indecision - congratulations on deciding to have a BR. Your new pic is very real, and I for one definitely needed to see one like that, but the size looks fantastic! I hope you are pleased :) In my opinion, being able to just take pain meds every 6 hours is quite good! It could be worse, it could be every 4 ;) Looking forward to reading your updates.

I'm having a great day today! I went in yesterday...

I'm having a great day today! I went in yesterday and had another post-op. It was great they said I was doing everything right and healing. I was super scared about the drains and I told them and it was no big deal.Just a weird/creepy feeling. It was such a relief to have them out. I'm going to write a lot more later.

:) :)
They did a great job with ur stitching. MARVELOUS!
It only gets better from here. Take it easy, rest is the answer.
Congrats Kaye_VK .... I am also being very cautious .. and its OK to heal and take it easy . It took me so long to get this done and I'm going to make sure I give myself the time to heal properly . I too worry about infections.

One week ago I was in surgery. Added a pic I took...

One week ago I was in surgery. Added a pic I took last night. I only take 1 oxycodone a day, I'm basically on Tylenol now. Still resting though! The PS took 690g from the left and 980g on the right.

I'm going into a lot of detail later because I'm doing an update on my cell phone. ;)
Thank you!!
Me too! I am trying to be a good healer. I'm taking a lot of time to do thing the right way.

Today I'm feeling a bit weird. I feel like the Dr....

Today I'm feeling a bit weird. I feel like the Dr. Made me too small. I asked to be a d or dd and I don't think I'm near there. :(
You'd be surprised about size, I know I was. I thought I looked like a B cup after the reduction, turns out I'm a 34DD. I think we've been used to our big old breasts for so long everything looks small after the reduction even if it isn't.
I still think I'm a bit big . But he said I would be a D cup . I hope I am smaller than I am now. But in truth what I started out with as a G cup and what I am now is a beautiful difference . Time will tell I guess. I still think my PS did a great job .
At first I thought I was really small also but I ended up a c cup.which is what I wanted. I think that from being so big at first the.change is so dramatic we don't know for sure what size we are. Plus there is post op swelling to account for..give it some more time you are still in the early stages of this healing process.

So here is a little more about my experience: I...

So here is a little more about my experience:

I was a nice size until I was about 17. Probably a b or C and then all of a sudden a DD! I was a college cheerleader and I was huge! I had to actually make bras for myself with one strap to go with the one-strap college uniform because there was NO way I could jump around and tumble with that size on top. One time my friend in college was super surprised when she saw how big I was -- she was like, "Is that actually your boob all the way down there?" I did a good job of hiding it and wearing tighter flattening bras but it was hard. It was also annoying to have the stares and looks. Sometimes people would even say I had a 'porn star' look because I was skinny with oversized boobs. I didn't really like that. One of my mom's friend told me that I would be absolutely gorgeous if I had a breast reduction. I couldn't wear anything comfortable when it was hot because my boobs would spill out and it would look inappropriate. When I was 24 I went to a PS and he filled out everything for my insurance and said I was a candidate. I was probably a DDD at the time. And still skinny. The insurance company denied me.

Years went by and I still has major discomfort. I also suffered from self-esteem issues and was basically harassed from very rude people from time to time about their size. People I didn't even know would comment about it to me, I would be teased and have to hear really unkind things. Of course this didn't happen all of the time but when it did it was hard to deal with. No one should have to deal with that.

After I started working a lot, I gained weight from the stress of the job, and my boobs continued growing - in my late 20's and 30's. It didn't stop. I finally went to a high-end bra specialist to be fitted and I was a 36G. I bought different bras, but no matter what I wore it was hard. I would have sweat and rashes all over the minute I put on the bra (after taking a lovely shower) and everything would pull down my neck. My back had problems since I was 22.

I decided years ago to try again, but I had to go through years of different jobs, switching insurance and getting settled before I could try again. When I asked it was simple -- they said yes and I went straight to a pre-op appointment. I would say if you are approved, RUN into the next appointment and get it started. Someone else on this site said also to "Run into the Surgery and say Yes! Yes! It's my turn now!" and I think that helped me to push forward.

So I basically went into the surgery almost 2 weeks ago. I did outpatient. I had a choice and if I was totally alone I would have stated overnight. The option was available for $300/night. If I didn't have someone to take care of me for the next 3 days after and if I could pay for it, this is the best option if it's provided. Unless you have surgery and know what to expect, This was ny first surgery. I went out-patient. I went in and checked in. I changed clothes and then the nurse started the IV. I was sure to tell them that I got car sick and seasick. This is very important! If I hadn't of said that my recovery would have been awful. They gave me anti-nausea meds and a patch behind my ear. Then the PS came in and drew. Then they rolled me into the operating room. I was talking to everyone and then all of a sudden I was being woken up in the recovery room. They asked me about my pain level and I said a 6. Basically felt like rows and rows of cutting and stitches on my chest. I was clenching my fist and my feet were clenched together. They gave me a pain pill and it went away. I was really woozy and I tried to go back to sleep but the nurse gave my some oxygen which was really nice. I wanted to lay back down but they had me get up and into a wheelchair and then back into the car which was waiting for me.

I went home and immediately back to sleep. I will say now that you will definitely need someone to take care of you and buy a recliner off of craigslist for the recovery! I tried to get up out of bed (I was propped up on pillows) and everytime I had to have my bf help me. I just slept the first day. Next day, almost the same thing -- pain pills, water, sleeping. My mouth was super dry from the anasthesia but I had to eat. I couldn't raise my arms and I had to be fed. I had pineapple chunks (thanks Chibbey!) and they were delicious! Best thing ever to eat. I also ate Haggen Daas ice cream. They sent me home with Ice packs so I would put ice on my chest, sleep and take pain pills. I'd watch tv and float in and out of sleep. I needed help eating and getting up. I also needed help going to the bathroom -- I couldn't pull down my pajama pants and I couldn't reach to wipe! (#1 only though) So I will definitely say that help is needed. Also -- I'd recommend scheduling a surgery NOT when you have your period. I thought that would be such a nightmare, so I'm definitely advising against doing it. I didn't but it would be really hard.

I had to go back to the doctor the day after, they stitched me up really tight and wanted to make sure I was okay. They just checked everything. They said I was really pale, decided not to pull the drains, and sent me home. I went back to my regime. My bf found a recliner on craigslist and had it delivered for $80 so I went over to that. It was a must-have! Then I went back to icing, pain pills, and tv. Pineapple chunks are delicious to eat after the surgery. I tried some chicken soup from my favorite deli. And I drank honey-lemon tea.

I unwrapped everything a few days after and there was serious bruising. The drains are really irritating. They kept them in with a stitch and it was the most annoying thing I had to deal with. I had to empty the drains and then put more bacterian with new surgical pads and then another ace bandage. The bruising was a lot but I expected that so I really didn't care what they looked like at that point. I didn't care at all and I still don't because I know it takes a lot of time for the "Drop & Fluff".

I went back in 5 days to have the drains taken out and I was scared shitless but I didn't let my anxiety get the better of me. The nurse in recovery told me to take a pain pill an hour before I went in, so that is exactly what I did. She also told me that she had a BR and she ended breast feeding! Who knew. So I went in and they were happy that I was alive an animated bc before I was pale and lifeless. I told them I was freaked about the drains and they said it's no big deal. She said I'll do it now and she snipped the stitch and it felt amazing -- such relief. Then she said take a deep breath and breathe out and I did and she pulled them and it was the weirdest creepiest feeling ever. Didn't hurt at all! Just a strange feeling to have a foriegn object in your body. She did the other one and it was great. I felt marvelous after that. The real irritation I was having was the drain stitch and it was over! So that was a great day for me, I had a lot of happy adrenaline.

Recovery is paced. That;s the best word. I can't run around like I am used too, I get winded. All of my energy is going to my healing so I'm a little restless but letting the process happen. The doctor told me to "T-Rex" my arms for 4-5 weeks to prevent any pulling of stitches and to make sure I heal well. So I haven't washed hair -- I went to the salon and had hair washed & blown out and a mani-pedi done. It was great.

A few days ago I felt bad about my size -- I thought it was too small and I'm jealous of big boobs. But it hurts so much! I just have to wait and see how I end up.

Here is a list of what I recommend to have before your big day, basically things I could not live without:

*A helper who is kind and can be patient
*Extra-Strength Tylenol
*Dr. Ray's Sleep Bra (sold at Sears, on sale for $17.50) http://www.sears.com/dr-rey-shapewear-sleep-bra-shape38-black-m/p-SP101A12216S7510522113?prdNo=14&blockNo=14&blockType=G14&PDP_REDIRECT=false&s_tnt=39869:4:0 PERFECT if you have side lipo
*Pain Pills
*Front-Button Pajamas
*Pineapple, cut into small squares
*Your favorite Ice Cream
*Your favorite Soup
*Movies and DVDs, iPad or Laptop
*Straws for your drink
*Surgical Pads
*Smooth-Move Tea

Here are more pics

Here are more pics
Your size looks great! Very proportional with the rest of your body! And nice and perky! We are often our own worst critics, aren't we??? Keep up the rest and healing!
thank you!! :)
Really great review/recap of your experience :) I'm glad to hear that the drains being removed wasn't that painful after all.

Hi ladies! I went back to work this week. It...

Hi ladies!

I went back to work this week. It was a long week, I just get more exhausted more easily. But I made it through. I left early today and took a pain pill and layed down.

I am almost off the pain pills, for the past two days I've taken Tylenol. I feel a little more sore after I take showers. If I work too hard I can feel it. my boobs just feel hard sometimes and kind of stitchy. Haha! Everyone is inviting me out to celebrate - but I'd rather celebrate with a nap. :)

Well here I am today, a little more than two weeks...

Well here I am today, a little more than two weeks post op.

I went back to work this past week and it was okay. Most of the days I took one pain pill during the day. My ps advised that I should take four weeks off buy I really could not do that! Luckily I have an office job so I was sitting all day typing emails and talking on the phone. Drinking lemon tea and water!

I've been sore too. My boobs feel really hard and they do feel hurt where an underwire would be. I had side lipo and that just continues to hurt. I ice the sides every night. It helps a little. The bruising has changed colors now and spreading to different places. I'm just shocked by everyone who heals and looks pink after four days! Gosh, not me. I am a black and blue girl and every other color of the rainbow. I feel like the slowest one ever! Not that I need to rush anything, I'm just being observant.

Also I feel a bit sad from time to time that my boobs aren't big anymore. They were WAY too big before and unmanageable, but sometimes I feel like I am so little. I guess my shape will look different after I buy new bras that are push up. I also have stopped working out a lot so I need to get back to that (obviously not now.)

My nipples and other lines have started to get scans and they seem really dry. My doctor said that I can put bacterin ointment in them but I feel like I just want to keep things off them, and feel them dry.

Oh and I ordered another bra from marena! It had amazing reviews in amazon and I can't wait to try it. The bra I have now is comfortable but I'm kinda sick of it. It's also somewhat loose.

Hmmmm not much else to say. I am sleeping in my bed and sometime I wake up with my arms above my head! Which I switch right away. I don't have any problem staying on my back. I LOVE sleeping on my side but I can manage for another month or so.

Staying the course!

Oh I thought I'd add a little more! I really am...

Oh I thought I'd add a little more! I really am grateful that my insurance paid for this. There is no way I could have paid for this out of pocket. And I'd also like to apologize for any spelling errors throughout this review: I did it all on my iPhone. :)

3 weeks! Love the look - I got my marena bra...

3 weeks!

Love the look - I got my marena bra and I LOVE it. I hope it will help with shaping because I'm realizing that my previous bra was too big and all loosey goosey! And I need a good shape.

I called in to the PS today because there was a split in the incision and I'm worried. Look at the pic! Freaking out!

I think I'm headed over to the hospital to have them check it out. Will it be okay? I put a bandaid over it so I wouldn't worry more. Haha!
The split with my very untrained eye doesn't look infected but you're doing the right thing going and getting it checked out. I freaked when I had my split at my T junction week 1 and my PS said it would just heal on its own (and it has with lots of rest and a little tea tree oil).
Thank you! I guess I'm just being super-vigilant! I called them and they said to use bacterin ointment (which I bought at rite-aid) and put a square of gauze on it. They didn't tell me to come in, so I am guessing it's okay. They also say that you can tell if it's bad by the smell -- and there isn't anything at all. I'm also going to buy some palmers oil today! Yipee!!

I have a little splitting that's happening. I'm...

I have a little splitting that's happening. I'm sad because I worked so hard to heal well and there is nothing I can do about this. Going in to see doctor tomorrow. I'm just using Bacitracin ointment and non-stick gauze at this point.

Another pic

Another pic

I went on to the doctor today and they gave me...

I went on to the doctor today and they gave me silver pads for healing the open wound. I'll keep updating and showing the healing. She said I could start massaging the right breast to get it used to the new shape.

You are looking great!!!   The stitch spitting is annoying but you will be ok.  I loved my Merena bras!  They really do help your breasts take shape.  But the main thing is time and gravity.  The tear drop shape will start to set in before you know it.

Thanks so much Kimmers! I'm just trying to be careful, eat well, and let the healing take it's course. They put the silver pads on it yesterday. I think it's because they sewed me up so tight. I cannot wait for the new shape to happen. The Marena bra is heaven. I could wear them all year!

You will get there:)   I loved the Marena bras so much.  I wore mine for 6 months:)



I know you're supposed to ask the Dr., but how long until....

*I can workout? Like really working out with no restrictions?
*I can wear an underwire? I do not want to, but I am wondering the timeframe...
*I can sleep on my side?
*I can raise my arms above my head and circle them around? Do jumping jacks?

I am beyond happy I did this, I can't believe I was so indecisive before.

Toda, one month! I'll add pics later

Oh wow! I just realized it's been a whole month. Yay me!

Still healing. I am a slow healer, apparently! There is splitting and Mepilex pads and I'm not out of the woods yet. But I have no reason to rush....I'm just letting it take it's sweet time.

about a month out

new pic - rocking the silver pads!
Nice shape!!!!
they are dropping and rounding out nicely. Hope the healing is getting better.
You look great !


before/after. not the best but i'll post more
Thank you so much for that detailed review. You have answered so many questions I have. I live in Vancouver WA so it is nice to have a review from someone local and the same hospital, Kaiser. I am a 40G and I am trying to get approved for the surgery. Right now my BMI is too high and they will only do lipo. Trying hard to get it approved as I have alot of pain, currently a ruptured disc. I am terrified of the recovery and drains completely freak me out for some reason. Thank you again for sharing your story. Looking forward to more updates from you. Good luck!!
Thanks :) I'm only allowed to massage one, while the other one heals. I think I will know the actual shape in a few months, so i'm excited.
it is, it's just hard being patient. sometimes i want to blame myself for the spilt but there is nothing i can do. i have a feeling i will be thrilled in about 6 months. haha!

Healing takes time

Just posting more pics, I'm still babying the left side still. Silver pads and slooooow healing.

Apologizing again for the atrocious spelling ! iPhone typing!
Hi there! So... Did you ask your general dr. for the referral? Did they say you had to pay out of pocket for the lipo? I know what you mean about being terrified, I was really scared too because I didn't know what to expect. The surgery and drains are no big deal and the recovery -- well you have to commit to that but it's not painful! Did you ask them if you could have it if you met the bmi requirement? That's not okay....it's so hard to workout with that weight!

Almost 3 months.....and a new size when bra shopping

So I went to get measures the other day and the lady at Macy's says I'm a 42C/D. I'm so confused! Before I was wearing a 36G?

I really want to get a nice demi push up bra but I am STILL having trouble finding a size over 38. Any ideas?

Also here is the pic of my new boobs. Still healing. I'll take a picture with it off so you can see the true healing and where it is at 3 months. I had a split late in the process so I am still being more careful. Personally I think it's because I used palmer oil too soon and it made my skin too soft and things split. I won't use it again until all of the seams are completely together. :)
About bra sizing as a rule of thumb the best way to get the correct size is to measure yourself using a measuring tape with inches. Tighten the tape well under the boobs. The tape should ideally be about an inch lower at the back than the front, as this is where the bra is supposed to sit. The band sizes comes in increments of two, as in 30, 32, 34 etc. If you measure 33, the correct band size is 34. Then measure yourself over the fullest part of the bust. For each extra inch you add a cup size. I measure 31 inches underbust, and currently I measure 36 inches over the fullest part of the bust. This takes me to a 32DD UK size. At 3 months post op I was a 34 DD, so expect your size to change with time.
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