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V-Beam Purpura More Than Expected - Portland, OR

I have had V-beam a number of times and it works...

I have had V-beam a number of times and it works well for spider veins. 3 weeks ago today I had V-beam purpura. The results were purple spots so severe it did indeed look like a black marker was used all over my face. I sort of thought at first this extreme look was trauma that would go away after a day or so but when I saw after two days there was virtually no change I did start to panic.

I did not leave the house for 5 days. At 5 days. At 7 days I took the profile pic. The discoloration was still very severe but I was tired of being stuck in the house and had to go shopping for food.

I decided to have the treatment because I have red hair, fair skin and a redness to my face that seems to be increasing with age. I was told by the highly respected dermatologist that to treat this kind of general redness the only option is to treat 2-3 times with a setting used for Port wine Stains. He said the bruising would be severe, and could last a week. He provided no description of the bruising or pictures however. I suppose I could have researched but I have had bruising in the past and expected something similar again with slight swelling and a purple/ yellow hue to the healing bruise that could be covered by makeup. That was not the case. The bruising consisted of dark purple spots all over my face and some nearly black where the skin burned a bit. I returned to work 1 week later still unable to cover the spots and presented with the need to provide an awkward explanation to my coworkers for my strange appearance. One person asked if I had chicken pox as you can see in the photo this question was justified.

In 3 days it will be 3 weeks and while the bruising is gone there are still residual brown spots where the bruising was and my face is still red, just like before. From what I have read the brown spots may be hemosiderin collection under the skin, a by product of hemoglobin breakdown that occurs when the blood vessels are ruptured and blood is released into the surrounding tissues. I have also read that they should go away on their own. None of this was explained to me as a possibility when I had the procedure. I will have corrective laser treatments procedures if the spots do not resolve soon.

So far I have seen no benefit to this type of V-beam treatment, only draw backs and I will certainly not return for this sort of V-beam treatment again. The down time was that I could expect from a surgical procedure. I support and have had good results with laser previously and will have more but not at this setting level.

I would appreciate any recommendations from others who have had successful treatment of generalized redness.

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I simply do not feel that what I could expect in my appearance was fully explained to me. No harm was done but I would not have proceeded had I been told I would look like a leopard for several weeks. I was told bruising may last one week but that I would need likely 3 treatments to address my redness. So, I learned from this and in that sense I cannot say I regret the procedure. I will not do it again.

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I'm scheduled for my second pulsed dye laser treatment next week. Last time I had bruising for close to 3 months. I'm now left with lighter patches (about 3 shades lighter) where the laser was used. Before the procedure I was told there won't be bruising and if there is it will be gone in 5 days. If I didn't have to get this done again, I wouldn't!
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Ask the doctors a question on here. What type of coloring do you have? Did you blister? You may have been over treated for your skin type. Lighter skin in the treated area is not normal. The pigmentation can return but sometimes it does not. I would get answers before going forward.
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I too had brusing but I forgot that you shouldn't take asprin or fishoil a week before the procedure. These things thin the blood and cause bruising. After it healed..it looks great!

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Wow...I just had vbeam done yesterday, and there's no bruising at all. So sorry you have to deal with this.
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You should see Dr. Tavelli in NW Portland. He has the newer Candela machine that they can use high joules with no purpura. With the two treatments that I had with that machine I had only minor swelling and redness. It dissipated the next day. He charges between $300 and $400 for full face.
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i had my tt scar vbeamed one week ago and it was almost gone and faded already only slightly pink doc talked me into doing it and i had brusies all across the scar and now the scar is back very red like when i first had surgery! i am now against lasers and think they are a waste and a rip off. I have no idea how long the deep redness will last or if it will go away and again, my scar had faded so much at 6 mths it was hardly noticeable - don't do it!
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hi coffeebean! i was wondering how your results have been after a few months. did laser help clear the redness at all? thanks!:)
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good to hear you're back to normal.. has the redness been reduced at all?
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My face is back to normal though there are a few spots that I can notice (others do not)that remain slightly discolored from the treatment. All in all, it is not worth the down time and better to pay a little more for more treatments at a lower setting.
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I had the exact same experience and was not happy about the treatment at all. It's been over a year and I still have brown spots from the laser treatment. I'm in the process of researching options to correct the brown spots left fro the VBeam laser. Any suggestions?
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My summer has had some unexpected taps on my general finances but, I plan to resume the V-beam treatments at a lower level. I have read some that the purpura treatments are not necessary to reduce redness. They may be the most effective for significant results fast but the risk of the lingering brown spots is a problem and so is having a face covered with purple spots for 2 weeks. I will just have to be happy with more lighter treatments.
As for the brown spots I have been using Murad? a skin lightening serum. Not sure how well it is working but it is more affordable than IPL treatments. Laser can help reduce pigmentation though.
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WOW!! Please update! I hope you have made a full recovery!!
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sorry your downtime is so long... however ive read many people who claimed that after the purpuric treatment they were left with much better skin. i hope your result is worth the weeks in downtime =(
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Hi coffeebean,

Yay, I'm glad to see you wrote a review, that's great. Your experience is good for the community to know. Because all though this was not necessarily a positive experience with the laser you have had positive experiences in the past and will continue to have laser treatments in the future. Please keep us updated and thanks for the pictures, it helps a lot.

Thanks so much for the review, it's almost Friday!


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