Trisculpt with Sono Bello Next Week - Portland, OR

After gaining about 60 lbs in roughly 2 years and...

After gaining about 60 lbs in roughly 2 years and getting married in July, I decided to go ahead and really look into liposuction. I had thought about it for the past few years but never thought I could afford it, then I saw an ad from a local office offering $1250 per area liposuction.

After reading reviews from patients, I went in for a consultation and decided to get my upper and lower abs, hips, chin, bra roll, and inner and outer thighs done. I just went to my preop appointment today and met with the Dr. and am definitely feeling nervous. A little about me, I am 37 yo, 5'3", 200 lbs...I have never had children but was told that I might expect to have some loose skin in my lower abdomen due to a slight overhang. I'm planning on taking a total of 7 days off, including the day of surgery.

Surgery is on Wednesday morning and I've been very...

Surgery is on Wednesday morning and I've been very conscious about making sure to drink alot of water, not take anything other than my approved medications, and I went ahead and started using a "firming" lotion all over my body. Did a little research on these lotions and from what I could find, the inexpensive versions from Jergins or Nivea work just great. Since I am getting my chin done, I went ahead and got Olay Pro-X hydra firming lotion, maybe it will help tighten things up a bit. I'm a little concerned about a possible area of loose skin on my lower abdomen, due to a slight overhang (says my doctor) so I just wanted to give myself some extra help in that area :) He also advised me that my cellulite on my thighs would not go away with this surgery...I am planning on using some leg exercises and my firming lotion to help with this. My expectations for all of this is to just have a better body shape and eliminate the fat rolls on my midsection and get rid of the double chin. I plan on continuing to lose weight until I reach my goal weight of 130 lbs, whenever that happens :)

Okay well its almost time for bed and surgery is...

Okay well its almost time for bed and surgery is tomorrow...I picked up all my prescriptions the other day and also got some arnica montana, a homeopathic supplement that is an anti-inflammatory and can help with healing. It was suggested by the MD but I picked it up at a local health food store instead of at the clinic because who knows what they will charge there! :) Surgery is at 9:30am so I will post again when I am up to it!

Thanks for the well wishes...the surgery was...

Thanks for the well wishes...the surgery was yesterday morning. I was given Xanax, antibiotics, and Demerol about 30 mins prior and they really helped me relax. I would say the worst part of the surgery is when they are putting in the lidocaine anywhere near the belly button or ribcage...the lidocaine does hurt, its on the level of pain of a tatoo if you've every had one, tolerable but not comfortable. Once that was injected into all my areas, he started the fat aspiration which felt more like tugging and pulling with a few instances of burning. I did ask for more Demerol in the middle of the procedure which definitely advice on that is to just tell them you need more pain meds since only you know what the pain feel like and they will do what they can to help.

I got home around 3pm and immediately went upstairs to bed...before I left that morning, I had arranged our bed so that my side had those blue puppy training pads covered with old towels over the mattress and used an old sheet and some old blankets for covers...I didn't want to get our bed or the nice sheets/down comforter dirty. I fell sleep right away and woke up here and there but didn't eat anything other than a few crackers all day. At about 9 pm, my fiance took me to the bathroom to do my business and change the pads and I think the combination of movement and pain make me throw up, but it wasn't much. One trick I Iearned in nursing school is to sniff the small alcohol pads that I always find in my pockets (if you don't have them, just pour some onto a piece of paper towel or toilet paper)...they temporarily alleviate the nausea enough so that I can get a Phenergan down to make sure it goes away completely.

I slept through the night and woke up around 7am. Thank God the compression suit is crotchless, it makes going to the bathroom much much easier. I purchased some stool softener before I went to surgery because I know that opioids make you constipated...took one of those this morning and it should work in about 12-72 hrs but since I haven't eaten much anyway, I don't expect anything to happen anytime soon :) As long as you're still passing gas, you're okay because it means your intestines are still working well.

Today I am just going to stay in bed...I have a TV and my computer here to keep me entertained and my sweet fiance set me up with everything I needed before he went to work...crackers, water, pills, snacks, etc. I have to wear the abdominal binder and chin binder 24hrs a day for the first two days so they can both come off tomorrow...I did read somewhere that wearing the chin garment at least at night, will help with that area so I will do that for a while until I feel confident that it looks the way I want it to. Oh, and I'm excited to take a shower tonight woohoo!!

Today I noticed that the majority of the drainage...

Today I noticed that the majority of the drainage has stopped, there seems to be one incision site that is continuing to drain but not more than a maxi pad can handle. I am still taking the Percocet every 4 hrs for pain, the pain I have is the soreness/tenderness with activity pain...I am planning on transitioning from the Percocet to liquid Ibuprofen today, probably by switching back and forth during each med time. I had planned on going for a walk today but its rainy again (go figure, its Portland!) so I think I will just stick to some indoor activities like some housecleaning and maybe some light weightlifting.

When I take off the garments, I can definitely see a big change in my abdomen, it has gone down hips look about the same, as do my thighs...I think my bra roll looks better but its hard to tell. I still have a lot of swelling so its too early to form any opinions on it. My chin looks better but I noticed if I take off the compression garment from it for a few hours, it swells up again so I will have to do some research on that. My next appt isn't until May 3rd so in the meantime I am just calling the office with any questions.

I also measured myself and lost 3 inches from my...

I also measured myself and lost 3 inches from my waist, 3/4 inches off each thigh, 3 inches off my hips, and a 1/2 inch off my underbust so far. Hopefully once the swelling goes down it will be even more. I can tell that my upper abdomen is much flatter than before, although my lower abdomen is still pretty swollen. I've read that this is just due to gravity and will tighten up with time. I don't feel like my hips look much different but will give it a few more weeks to see what happens.

Last night and this morning were pretty bad pain...

Last night and this morning were pretty bad pain wise, I woke up at about 4am in alot of pain and couldn't get comfortable in bed so I had to take another Percocet. This morning was pretty bad as well, I ended up napping on and off all day. I did get some light housework done and have a friend coming over for dinner tonight and she and I are going for an evening walk. I noticed that there is really no more drainage happening so I'm glad that's over with. My lower abdomen is very bruised, as are my outer thighs and this is where the majority of my pain in located. I am still wearing the compression garment from the office and the binders on my abdomen and chin, I think that today is my last day for the binders but I need to check on the chin, I've read alot about how its important to keep using it for best results.

I am experiencing the loss of sensation here and there in all the treated areas but I did expect this based on my preop instructions. I think at this point it is just a waiting game. I am back to school on Monday and back to "work" on Wednesday unless I decide that I need to continue the narcotics in which case I can't work due to safety reasons...hopefully I can stick to my original schedule and get back into the swing of things. I feel like the last few days have been a blur and that I haven't really accomplished anything so I'm eager to get back to my usual life. Pictures will follow soon.

I posted some pictures from Day 3, there is still...

I posted some pictures from Day 3, there is still alot of swelling although I am pleased that the bruising is minimal. I have been taking arnica montana 4 times a day as directed so maybe that is part of why there isn't much bruising. I feel like I look exactly the same other than my upper abs which I can see a significant difference in...but today is only Day 4 since surgery so there is still a ways to go before the final result shows. Today I stopped taking my prescription pain meds and am using only Ibuprofen which is handling the pain enough...I have to go back to school tomorrow so I wanted to be able to go without being drugged up. I find that the hardest part of the day pain-wise is in the middle of the night and right when I wake up. Once I get moving around the pain is more tolerable. Last night a friend came over and we went on a long walk since the weather was beautiful and I found that it gave me energy and improved my mood alot so I'm planning on doing it again tonight. Right now I'm just trying to be patient and not make any judgements about whether or not the results are what I wanted until at least 4-6 weeks. My follow up appointment is May 3rd so I will be updating then unless something drastic happens. :)

So its Day 7 and unfortunately I am still having...

So its Day 7 and unfortunately I am still having enough pain to make it hard for me to do much of anything other than find a comfortable position and stay there for as long as possible. I ran out of Percocet yesterday so I had to call my office and ask for a refill, I have a script for Vicodin called in and ready to be picked up this evening. I'm pretty disappointed that the pain has lasted this long, I really thought that by today I would be just find with a few Tylenol a day. I also got my second stage compression garments and am not sure if they are the right size or not, they are very very tight...I'm thinking they will fit better in a few weeks? I will take them to my appt next week and ask, might need to send them back or maybe send one back and keep the other for further down the road :) I had a total of 7 areas done, with 4 done in my core and 2 on my legs so I'm thinking this is why I have more pain for longer than others, hopefully just a few more days of prescription meds and I can switch to regular Tylenol and stop living on the couch :( On a positive note, I am back to my preop weight which means that I am getting rid of fluids :)

The pain is finally gone for the most part and...

The pain is finally gone for the most part and I've transitioned to the second stage garment...its very tight but is smoothing out my tummy very well and is much less hot than the first garment. Today was probably the first day that I felt like myself again...I don't know why it took me longer to get here than most people but I'm glad that part of the journey is over and can't wait to see my body change over the next few months. I measured myself today and have lost the following:

Waist: -3"
Hips: -0.5 "
Thighs: -1.5"

I'm really pleased so far with my waist shape and am trying to be patient about my hips, I'm hoping that they are just more swollen than the rest and need more time. My lower abdomen feels very hard (this is the induration I think) and swollen, which makes my hip measurement bigger so once that shrinks, that number will change.

Day 13 update: Inches lost: Bust: -1 (due to...

Day 13 update:

Inches lost:
Bust: -1 (due to back lipo not breast augmentation)
Underbust: -1.5"
Waist: -3.5"
Hips: -2.75"
R thigh: -1.25"
L thigh: -1"

I still have hardness in my treated areas and have tried massage but found that it was very painful and will talk to my MD on Thursday about when to begin serious massage. Other than that, I am back to my normal life which is nice :)

Day 26-- Well its been almost 4 weeks since my...

Day 26-- Well its been almost 4 weeks since my procedure and I can see a significant change already. Here are the changes in inches so far:

Bust: 42 (-1")
Underbust: 36 (-1.5")
Waist: 35.75 (-4.75")
Hips: 45.5 (-4")
R thigh: 26.5 (-2")
L thigh: 26.75 (-1.75")

I actually mistakenly ordered size Large second stage garments in the beginning and returned one of them for an XL, which fit great in the first few weeks but find that the Larges are starting to fit more now which is great. I have no pain and only some hardness areas, mostly just my lower abdomen which is expected. My tummy is significantly flatter but upper and lower and I can wear fitted Tshirts again!! My back is much smoother and I just look smaller all around. My weight still hasn't gone down the 12 lbs that were supposedly taken off, only 6 lbs different right now but I look almost 30 lbs lighter which is all that really matters. I have a waist again feel like I am finally starting to get my body back. And I have been calorie counting and walking around 2-3 miles a few times a week to continue losing weight :)

Just realized that May 9th was Day 21 not 26 :) oops

Just realized that May 9th was Day 21 not 26 :) oops

Day 31- I weighed myself today and am down to 194...

Day 31- I weighed myself today and am down to 194.6, which is about 7.5lbs different than my preop date, not quite the 12lbs gone that they said was removed. I would have thought that by one month out, the swelling would have subsided enough that the weight would be reflected on the scale but I guess not. Its not a big deal, just curious.

I've been really enjoying my flatter tummy by wearing fitted Tshirts again, just in time for summer! Even though I'm nowhere near my goal weight (still need to lose at least 60lbs from the scale), I know that I don't look like what the scale says at all...I feel like my body looks like it did when I was closer to 175, so that's progress :) And even at that weight, I still had much more of a belly than I have now and alot more back fat so the surgery definitely creates a more sculpted look that changes your whole body shape. I am actually excited to go try on some swimsuits for my honeymoon now that my belly is flatter...I definitely feel more feminine and less like a blob :) I also noticed that my jeans, although the same "size," fit my body so much better, no more belly hanging over and with my waist being much smaller and my back fat significantly reduced, my overall figure has improved greatly. I can finally start wearing styles that I used to like those fitted Tshirts, without having to wear a pullover to hide my big belly :) And my back doesn't hurt like it did before either!

Day 43- Weighed myself today and am down to 193,...

Day 43- Weighed myself today and am down to 193, so I'm almost down to the 12lbs lost from the surgery (190lbs). I've been *trying* to follow the Mediterranean diet plan (although Memorial Day weekend was not helpful with all the burgers, dogs, chips, etc.). And ironically, I've done better with food on the nights that I work than on the days I am at home...I think its because I only have food to eat that I bring (hospital kitchen is closed during the night shift) so if I bring healthy food, then that's all I have to eat! Plus I drink alot of water when I'm on shift and when I feel hungry, I eat stuff like cereal bars or yogurt instead of big meals.

So I think that overall, the surgery helped me get down at least 2 dress sizes, possibly three. I'm now down to a size 16 and really just focusing on making smart choices every day with food and activity, rather than forcing myself to commit to losing a certain amount of weight by a certain date. My goal is to learn how to eat better and enjoy doing it...I try to think about it the same way as when I tried to quit smoking...I wasn't successful with that until I got to a point where I didn't WANT to smoke, rather than not smoking because I knew I shouldn' I know that I am capable of embracing new lifestyle habits.

I can't wait to see how this surgery will enhance my weight loss and can definitely say that I am glad I did it. It has given me alot of motivation and for the first time in a long time, I am actually comfortable in my own body. I know I'm not the skinniest girl in the world but I'm so happy that my big belly and back fat are gone and I know that this investment in myself will pay off in the end!

Well I added a few new pics from the wedding and...

Well I added a few new pics from the wedding and honeymoon...they aren't as detailed as the nudes of course but they give you an idea of how my body has changed. I certainly don't look skinny but I can definitely see how much more defined my waist is and I felt great wearing an open back tankini because I knew I had no fat rolls on my back it was nice to not feel self conscious anymore. I loved the casual dresses for sale in the Bahamas, I got this red one down there and it falls in all the right places. Overall, I feel like my shape is now more hourglass and less spare tire. I still have some major weight loss to go in my journey and my husband and I have been walking about an hour a day so we're on the right track :)
Sono Bello

The only reason why I didn't rate all fives is because I didn't receive a call on day 2 asking how I was doing...most people who went to this clinic said that they did get called to check up on them. ** I changed my rating to all fives since about 30 mins after I wrote the original post, the office called to check on me :)**

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you for posting your story. I was wondering what the results would be like to simply lower fat content in the journey of losing more weight. Thank you, your sharing REALLY helped me understand what I could go through and what to expect a bit more. :-)
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which docter did u use
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Did you do anything to prevent loose skin? if so, what
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congrats on your wedding and your results look amazing. I am having my done in October. Do you think if I have the surgery on a Thursday I will be ok to go back to work on a Monday? I am thinking of calling out of work and using my days to go on vacation later in the year.
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That was pretty brave of you to share your experience. I'm excited to have my fiance do the same, he is an retired athelte and just cant get the weight down on his own anymore. Your storey is very rencouraging! I know now how I can help him to be comfortable through the healing process, thanks a ton!
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Looking awesome! Beautiful wedding picture!
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Congratulations on your wedding! Hope you are enjoying newlyweddedness :)
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Hiya. Checkin in on you and seeing how you're doing? Would love to see new pics. I'm going through that swollen like a ROCK stage and some interesting I need to see that it really goes away.
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Hi there, u look great!!! Have u notice more changes?? Any way u could post up more pictures? I'm interested in S.B. in Philly. Thanks.
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i went there last wk and gave them deposit . I kinda want to get it back.
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Yeah, will do that.
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You should conact Sono Bello and tell the the problem. I would think they should put you in the right garment. If it is hitting in the wrong spot I would think it wouldnt heal smoothly.
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I am having a particular problem with the bra roll area. It's REALLY visibly swollen now. The garment and my bra hit it right there and it's excruciating when I have to put them on. I think the garment is irritating it more. I did put fleece socks as a barrier between the garment and my skin yesterday which helped so it didn't hurt quite as bad. I won a couple of XXL garments from Ebay and am anxious to get them. They gave me an XL when I had the surgery and my research says they should have given me an XXL. I'll be glad to get the slightly larer, even if just for night time.
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I have some hardness and lumps and bumps too. I am trying to massage them a bit as i can or when i put on lotion but the impression I get is as the pain eases the massage will be easier and less painful. At least Im hoping thats the case!
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Question- you mentioned the lumps and so have others. I have almost like bands of hardness in my sides and the area where he did the lower bra roll. I try to massage them but the pain is too great. I want to know if they will go down on their own or if I need to massage them when I can stand the pain. Anyone know from experience?
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Loved your story Catherine. I too had Sharma, on June 14th. He said he removed 8 pounds. Toda is day 7 and I hurt pretty good, so it's heartening to see that you did too, and that it really does get better lol Actually today is a little better than yesterday so there ya go. I have lost 3 inches in my waist but that's the only difference so far. I'll be watching your progress. You look great!
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Im so bummed! I cant find my original post to text to :( i'll have to find it! Lots pics to update and info from my support group.

I love you Jeff!
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So bummed! My blood pressure was too high and we couldnt do the procedure. Have to reschedule and get my primary dr sign off :(
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I'm sorry! Is this a new problem or something you've been dealing with for a while? Just follow the doctor's advice and you will be able to have the procedure as soon as its safe! good luck!
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Ah good point on the compression garment!! and the lean cuisines :) I do have a high protein low carb protein powder I mix with fruit and either milk or water.Trying yogurt is a good idea! I also have medifast shakes that are quick and easy. I'm the same way with my lunch meat too, sometimes you just need a little something in your tummy so going for a protein is good. You're right about the processed foods though, they are all very high in sodium. I should probably hard boil some eggs for hard boiled egg whites too :)

Did they have headphones or anything like that for you during the surgery? I'm assuming I can bring my own but I would think laying there for 2+ hours would get very boring...
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You won't be on the table for 2 hours, more like 45 mins...and I just ended up talking to Dr. Sharma or just dozing off. The meds will make you sleepy which can be a blessing since it makes it go by faster :)
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Nope, you don't need panties because the garment is crotchless...and the upper part of the garment is fine to wear by itself around the house but you could put a bra underneath it for more support or coverage if you need it :)

And you would be better off sticking to veggies, fruit, lean meats, yogurt, nuts, etc. than the protein shake/frozen dinner idea. Plus, those frozen foods are always packed with sodium, even if they don't taste salty and you need to stay away from salt as much as possible. Pick up some bags of cut up veggies and some hummus to snack on, and some Chobani yogurts (lots of protein that fills you up!). And honestly, sometimes I just eat some turkey right out of the deli meat package with some veggies for lunch, there's no rule that says you have to make a salad or a sandwich with it! The office recommends the Mediterranean diet, which is pretty much what I just can learn more about it online or buy a book about it for cheap off of And its a long term solution, not short term like protein shakes...although if you like the convenience of shakes, try making your own at home with frozen fruit, protein powder, and/or yogurt and milk...its cheaper, tastes better, and you can start experimenting with flavors, including adding veggies to fruit shakes for more vitamins (think spinach with strawberries..sounds weird but it tastes awesome!).
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Ah well I know I will. I always have to take it with narcotics :) I have a seperate perscription for it because I take if for my migraines too. Yes I think I will be sticking to protein shakes and lean cuisine :) Silly question but I assume you wear your underwear over the compression garment?
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No the Phenergan is for after the surgery and only if you need it. And I would get some easy things to eat while you're at the store so you don't have to cook for a few days.
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You can actually go pick some up at a natural food store...I got some in the organic section of Fred Meyer. You really should start taking that right away, in fact you can start taking it before the surgery to build it up in your system a little.

So, don't forget to bring all the meds that they prescribed so they can administer them to you. And you can expect to get there at 2pm but not be in the surgical suite until closer to takes a while for the meds to kick in and they do photos, paperwork, etc. They will give you the anti-anxiety med and a shot of Demerol in the room and if you want more Demerol during the surgery, just ask for it, they will give you as much as is safe. I would say to be prepared for some stinging pain when he inserts the cannula under your skin with the Lidocaine solution, especially in areas close to the belly button or bones (think ribs)...this was kind of a shock to me! But the actual fat removal is not painful at all, just a tugging feeling. Then they will get you up, put you in the compression garment with absorbent pads, and you're on your way out! If they haven't said so already its really important that you have someone to drive and stay with you all night that first will need someone to help you get to bed, take medications, get up in the middle of the night and change pads, etc. You might also get nauseated and vomit so you need help. One trick I learned in nursing school if you can't get the anti-nausea meds down is to get some rubbing alcohol and sniff that for a little while, just long enough so you can get the pills down and let them work...luckily I have those small alcohol pads in my pockets all the time from clinicals...they worked great!!

Best of luck with your surgery, be sure to post pics so I can see your progress too! I probably won't be posting more until late July/early August since I'm off to get married!!!
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