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Mini-Tummy Tuck with BA! Should I? or Shouldn't I? Ugh - Portland, OR

Hello mommies and other mm! I am 34 years old with...

Hello mommies and other mm! I am 34 years old with two children, 4 years and 18 months. I weigh 98 lbs and had two c-sections. Here's my story, I was raised in a catholic house hold where it was sinful to look at nakedness and boobies. Although I lost all my baby weight, I still don't look the same. My breasts are deflated, my stomache has a pouch. I have a little bit of saggy skin when I bend over or sit down. I grew up in a tight knit catholic asian family and everything revolves around family. Anyways, my mom is totally against breast augmentation. She doesn't know I am going to get that done in lieu of my mini-tummy tuck. My father always wanted grandchildren and he was thrilled when I was pregnant both times. He told me after my pregnancy if I wanted he would pay for my tummy tuck. Gotta love the pops. I told him I was getting a consultation but left out the augmentation too because he would be against it. I feel horrible to lie to my parents. My hubby is totally supportive. Great guy, feel super guilty about getting this done and having him take care of two kids when I am out of commission. I am scared, nervous, and feeling guilty!! I don't know if I'll go through with this since I am so afraid of leaving my kids and not helping out! I am a stay at home mom, and it feels like I am quitting my job for a while. My baby is growing up so fast and I feel sad if I have to take time out for that. Don't get me wrong if I could get it done without any down time, I would do it in a heartbeat (hehe, probably everyone would too). When did you mommas actually lift your kids again, I know they say 4-6 weeks, but I feel like its a lifetime! I have read the article on what doctors say about recovery time and lifting up kids. But would like to hear it from you girls. Mommas with the little ones, when did you start taking care of your kids again? Officially? When did you start cooking again? I don't think my husband understands how out of it I'll be when I get this done. Another question is the scar worth it for a flat belly? Did any of you withhold your breast augmentation from love ones? Did they ever find put?

Anyways, I had two consultations and my final decision was with a dr. that has lots of creditionals. When I arrived at his office another doctor came in the room. He told me he was also a medical doctor and doing his fellowship to become a plastic surgeon. I don't get naked much with anyone and this dr. wasn't the plastic surgeon. He was good looking too. Yikes, I was totally uncomfortable. I was also alone and having a good looking guy look at my body was really intimidating. I think he sensed my uncomfortable feelings. I pulled my hospital gown tighter around me. He said he usually is the one who takes the measurements but I was so reserved that he said, "okay I'll call the ps in" The plastic surgeon came in and I Immediately relaxed because I was ready prepared to get naked for him. Lol. Anyways, the other dr. was still there working on charts and taking down notes. He was actually great too. I am uncomfortable with one man looking at me and having another man that I was not prepared for threw me off guard. Anyways, he did my measurements and took pictures. PS was great he is also a professor so I am sure he will do a great job. He made me lay down to test out the elasticity of my belly. He pulled and tugged for a while, and then I got up and he said " I think you might be a canditate for a mini-tummy tuck." He said I don't have enough skin for a full and I have minimal fat. Anyways, I decided to go with either 225cc or 250cc silicone implants, but this still feels big for me since I had nothing to begin with. I think I would be okay with 175cc too. Has anyone gone with 175cc? Or 200? I just want boobs. Not big or moderately big.

Anyways, I scheduled a pre-op on September 7th. And my surgery on September 17th. I want to do it before the holidays and before halloween. I am so afraid, I don't know if I'll make it. Thank you to everyone who shared their stories, I have been reading this site everyday religiously. Happy HE.

I have been trying on big push up Bras to see...

I have been trying on big push up
Bras to see whether I am comfortable with bigger breasts. I was wearing the bombshell bra by vs which makes me two cup sizes bigger. My old friend who I haven't seen in a long time mentioned how big my boobs were and asked 'did you get a boob job?' I answered 'no.' and steered away from the convo. ugh, I do not want to be noticed so now I am leaning toward smaller cc's. I rather not have attention. Just don't want to be insecure with my flat chest. And for some reason the people that I hang out with are critical of plastic surgery. It's almost like committing fraud! Lol. Oh well, exactly another month. Life will change.

To do list: Clean. Pick up more supplies (large...

To do list:
Pick up more supplies
(large comfortable pants, crackers, food, extra gauze, and re stock household items)
Anti bacterial soap

Supplies so far:
Lift Recliner! (Yay, bought it on Craigslist for 185.00, probably resell for 100 when I done to get rid of it!) called rental places, was 400.00 a month!! Omg.
Disposable underwear, had these from
Sports bra with front opening from walmart
Hoodies with zippers
Pads (think my monthly friend will come exactly the surgery date!
Wee wee pads
Bendable straws

I have to check more lists to check what else I need. Any other 'have to have items?'
Portland Plastic Surgeon

I researched a lot of different Ps and compiled everyone's creditionals and looked at which one had the most experience and a closest clinic. Dr. Mueller seem to have great experience.

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hi tiny, any update?
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Hi Tiny! Like you I am quite thin and had always had pretty small boobs. After 2 kids though they were small and deflated. I have many friends who have had BA's and they all knew I was going to have one too- but I was still mortified about all the other moms at my kids' school being able to tell. So I also went small on the cc's- wound up with 225cc's and I couldn't be happier! The difference is subtle when I'm wearing clothes but I feel confident and great when I'm naked or in a bathing suit. Truly I think my boobs now look like they did in a push-up bra previously so no one really noticed, which is exactly what I wanted. Good luck to you!
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You look awesome! I just checked your profile! What size were you before your Ba? Yeah I cannot have big boobs cause I will look top heavy because I am short! Did anyone notice? Did you get any comments from others?
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Thanks! Before my BA I was either a 32B or a 34A or a 34B depending on the bra. I'm about 5'8 and weigh about 124. My goal was to be able to look like I did pre-op but without wearing a push-up padded bra- and I must say that's exactly how it turned out! I'm now a 34B-C depending on the bra / brand but what's nice is for those nights that I want to look a little curvier I can put on a push-up bra now and it does give me a sexy voluptuous look. But when I meet up with old friends that I don't want to know I just wear a non-padded/pushup bra and I look like I used to when I WAS wearing a padded/pushup. Make sense? I only had one friend ask if I had a BA and I think she only guessed it b/c she knew I was having a TT. No one else ever said anything. My other girlfriends who have had BA's have gone waaaay bigger- and they may think my smallish BA is a bit understated- but for me that's exactly what I wanted. My boobs are cute and perky now and still small enough that they will never sag. I'm very pleased! And my confidence either naked or in a bathing suit has increased by leaps and bounds. Go with your gut and do not let a doctor persuade you otherwise! Good luck!
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Hey tiny. I'm not telling anyone about my ba. My hubby and 1 friend ( who has had a ba) know. I live in a tight knit community where any plastic surgery is frowned on because of the predominant religion most are part of here (myself included). I don't want it to be obvious. Good luck deciding!
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Awww you sound like me! It's so hard when your background is conservative! That's so funny, I didn't tell anyone either except my friend who also has a Ba!!! Was size are you? And what do you want to be?
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Hey - I saw Dr Mueller also and was thrown off by the extra (good looking) guy with him. I tried really hard to pretend he wasn't there. It was easier with my husband there lol. I was definitely comfortable with Dr Mueller, but unfortunately he was $3,000 more than the other quotes I had. I'm having surgery on October 12th, and I was looking for a lift chair. I'll buy it from you if you want (no craigslist needed!). Good Luck!
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Sounds great!! Yay! What are you planning to do mommy makeover 28? I know he is a little pricey. I wanted to go see Dr. Demars too. But reluctant since I am afraid ill just end up with dr. Mueller anyways.
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I am getting Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, and a full tummy tuck. I am going to Dr. Gorin, but I also saw Dr. Connall (did not like!) and Dr. Mueller.
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Was Dr. Gorin good? I wanted to go to one more doctor but I am also really undecided person. Haha don't want to compare two drs!
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I think Dr. Gorin was very good. He was nice but still very blunt in what he could and could not do (I'm way worse off than you). I know he won Top Doc many years in a row; I'm sure his website has that info. Both his and Dr. Mueller's before and after pics were good, and I reall liked them both, so it came down to price.
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hello tiny girl, are you sure you want to do tummy tuck?, have you seen how the scar will look like after? I had 2 c section twice, I'm 30 years old now, and my tummy is a bit bigger than yours. My doctor suggested me to do laser assisted lipo than a tummy tuck considering my skin is still very good, not saggy, and its just the muscle which needs to be tighten which my doctor told me i could just do sit up regularly.

i then came home after the consultation and watch tummy tuck "after video", it looks like your body cut into half, just like a joker smile across your belly, i asked my husband and he told me my tummy look much much better compared to a flat tummy with a scar that long (almost 3 times longer than the c section scar), and remember that your tummy is flatter than mine.. and i can see your skin is very nice, it will be too bad to ruin that.

I dont against tummy tuck, i hope you dont get me wrong, but with a tummy looking like yours, i wouldnt do it.

please think about it, and view more pictures of the after tummy tuck scar, and if you're ready with the scar consequences, then go for it :)
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Thanks for your thoughts:) much appreciated. I already have a c section scar but I really want flat abs, and I know I will never go under knife again ( unless my Ba calls for it) My skin is a little saggy when I sit or bend over. Hmmm maybe I need a second opinion. That's why I am scared and can't decide!!:(
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:). its all your decision, but i need to tell you that laser lipo can tighten the sagy skin too, try to look before after picture of the smart lipo in this website. i still think tummy tuck is for the very saggy skin, for those who lost so much weight. maybe you can ask your doctor about it or second opinion from other doctor. the tummy tuck scar is way wider than c sect scar.
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TinyGirl, you responded on my review and I just read yours. I am petite too and Asian. I so know what you mea about being judged. I am not telling anyone is my family. My mom passed away and I'm not close with my dad. He probably won't even notice. I will at some point tell my sister but I won't share with any other family. They may notice though. What cup size are you now? I am a 34B but deflated esp on top after bf'ing 3 kids. I don't want BIG but do want fullness.
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Hi HtownMom! :) its so nice to have someone so much in common. Feel so scared doing this without much support!! I am a 32A. Pretty flat. I want boobs, that look like yours!!. I want to be a Small C or a big B. I was looking at 200cc. I will post pics soon. I haven't had a chance to because I have the pics on my phone. I haven't mentioned that I am only 4'11 in height..
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Ha LOL, they used to be pretty nice. At least I thought so but after breast feeding 3 kids, they are deflated. No more breast tissue at the top. It's all gone. What did your PS recommend? I am a B cup now but want a full C. My PS knows I want a natural look and he is conservative. For me he recommended a 304cc, 339cc or 371cc at the most. These are Allergan mid range profile. Hope you get the look you want. As long as your dh is supportive that's really all that matters. The other people will have to get over it and deal with it. I know Asians don't generally get BA but I'm Korean and we are known for plastic surgery to the eyes and nose and face. So I don't think it's much different. No one has the right to judge.
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My Ps just said the 200's sound about right:) but I think during the preop he'll give me more opinions. I hope! I was thinking bringing my hubby to be sure. Its weird how different everyone is! With different size cc's! So you are going to go with 339 or 371? Was it a huge difference when you tried it on?:) man it's exciting!
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I tried on the 304cc and 339cc and there was very little difference. I never tried on the 371cc so I'll have to trust my PS. Are you debating the mini TT or BA? I saw your title. You are tiny!!! You tummy looks awesome already so you will have amazing results.
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Aww thanks! I am so scared, debating back and forth whether it's worth going through with the mini, and Ba! I am so scared! Can't wait to hear how yours goes! I bet the Ps will figure out what is right on you:) I am excited for you! Are you scared?
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TinyGirl: I too didn't want big boobs, just fill out the loose skin that I had and put them back up where they used to be hopefully! I gave me PS the ok to go up to 300 and ended up with 215 cc. They look completely natural and NOBODY has noticed at all. I went from not even an A to a small C. I do wish I went a smidge bigger, but overall happy. Thin skin/chest makes it harder to go much bigger I think.
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Wow Sister5! 300 and 215 seems like a big difference! But you look perfect! You look really good! Cause if you wanted more vavavoom, you can always wear a sexy push up bra:)) I like the fact that you can also dress it down too:)) that's what I want!
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It was really hard to find any pics of small ones because most go over 300cc. I only told my sisters and mom and only one close friend at work. Nobody has said a word--even in my workout class. I have 2 teenage daughters too and they haven't asked. I kept covered up in the beginning, but now I don't hide it--too hot! I let what others might think of me influence my decision and wish I hadn't. Like you said, you only live once--so do what you feel :)
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Did your teenage girls notice?:)) that's cool you only shared with people that only needed to know basis.:) makes it so much easier
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Think of it this way: your husband will benefit from the breast aug, too! He sounds great and I'm sure he can step up even if it takes you a while to recover. Here's what some doctors say about implants and petite women. Hope it helps! Please don't feel guilty (you had to do all the pregnancy/birthing work after all) and let us know what you decide.

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