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Liposuction Abdomen, Bra Roll, Hips - Portland, OR

Had laser assisted lipo yesterday. He removed 8...

Had laser assisted lipo yesterday. He removed 8 pounds of fat. I'm a fat woman, who carries most of it in the midsect so this is the area I targeted. I told him I want a waste. Always looked like a boy, even when lower in weight...so to have a figure would be a gift. I wanted to write this in order to provide answers I tried to find prior to the surgery. I intend to share how many inches I lost in each area, what size pants I went from and to, that type of thing. As I said, I'm a big girl. Alot bigger than most on here. I am hoping I can help others my size to make a decision of whether to do this or not. So, today I'm posting my Before pictures. As for healing, I wasn't put out. I talked with them throughout the procedure. The Xanax they gave me made that work out ok..lol Today is day 1 healing and I got up this morning and did dishes and started laundry (the towels I had on the bed that were now wet). Getting up, sitting down, and bending down all hurt. Once I'm up or sitting still I feel fine. Tomorrow morning I take my first shower and see what I look like. Had to wait becuase I didn't have anyone to assist me (which is recommended), Procedure took 2. hours. Lastly, I am 46 and have 4 kids. 3 are grown and one is preteen.

Today is now day 3 post lipo. I'd have to say pain...

Today is now day 3 post lipo. I'd have to say pain was a bit worse on day 2 than day 1, but still nothing too difficult. Only a tiny amount of drainage now, not needing any pads anymore for it. Saw my body when I took my first shower and was shocked at how wonderful I look already. I have a figure! A middle! Can't wait to see the final result somewhere down the line., My waste is measuring 3 inches smaller already. no idea how much swelling I have.

Today is the 4th day post op. I am working, but...

Today is the 4th day post op. I am working, but from home. it's going ok. I have a desk job so I sit, talk and type. Tylenol is enough to allow me to do this. Tomorrow I'll be going into the office. I thinkit'll be a long day but I can do it. Yes, I hurt... but I'm dealing.
Trying to order my stage 2 garment and really having trouble determining size. If I buy the size I am right now, will it be too large in a couple weeks? Those are expensive garments so I just don't know what to do. I guess I'll wait a week and then order.

Well today is day 5 post procedure. I didn't make...

Well today is day 5 post procedure. I didn't make it to work today. Swelling increased and I"m now the size I was before Lipo. I know it's temporary, but it does hurt more now. What kept me home from work, however, is the lack of being able to have a bowel movement. Don't see alot of comments about that on these reviews but the doctor mentioned twice that it can be an issue. Well, apparently the painkillers do it. So, I've been eating dulcolax like it's candy for the last three days and this morning my gut was so distended that it actually increased the lipo pain. I promptly called into work. No WAY do I want to finally have that problem come to a head at WORK. So, lots of fruit, water, and stool softeners, and no pain killers. I really need to go in to the office tomorrow, so wish me luck. I'm running out of excuses. I told them I had a "woman type" procedure, and left it at that, but they are starting to be very curious. Ugh.

Well I've learned a valuable lesson. People differ...

Well I've learned a valuable lesson. People differ in terms of how long to wear the compression garment for 24/7. My Dr said after day 3 to wear it at least 12 hours a day. I'm back to 24/7. Most of my pain was because I stopped wearing the garment at night and really swelled up and hurt alot. With the garment on I'm hurting way less and swelling is going down. Made me a believer.

Day 9 post surgery- well, I have to say yesterday...

Day 9 post surgery- well, I have to say yesterday was the best day in terms of pain. There was an overnight improvement from day 7 and 8. Took my measurements. Waist is 3 inches down and the rest is same as prior. I know it'll change, I'm not worried that it won't. More worried about what the heck I'm going to wear to work since my jeans still don't fit again yet because they were too tight to begin with and my hips are still swollen. I may need to hit the goodwill this weekend.lol I am guessing I only need something for a few weeks. Anyway, my bra roll isn't as painful since I use fleece socks now between myself and the compression garment.
When I look in the mirror, my dimensions may be the same but my shape is WAY different. My sides go in instead of out or straight down. THAT is awesome. I'll take pics this weekend.

Posting 3 week pics. My hips are down 1.5 inches,...

Posting 3 week pics. My hips are down 1.5 inches, braroll is gone, waist is down a 4.5 inches, and belly is the same.
Sonobello, Dr Sharma

Sonobello is on the radio alot and they have a very good reputation and rating.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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I am so sorry that scaredmoneywasted is having such a difficult time. I was terrified of having lipo to my abs and flanks due to a friend of mine having such a bad experience. However, I had it done July 30 and I am doing great.. I m so thankful to how I look and it has only been 5 days. My doctor told me every person is different and it could take 3 months to see results and not get discouraged. My friend that had lipo to the abs, flanks, arms and inner thighs in May is just now feeling good and seeing results. She is looking great. She was very sick with infection, a lot of pain and she had to make herself get dressed and out of the house. It has been almost 3 months since her lipo and she is so happy with the way she looks and feels now. She still has some swelling and discomfort but she said she would do it again. I don't know why things went so well for me other than I has several people praying for me before and after the surgery. Dr Lisa David and her staff are amazing and for those of you that are having a difficult time you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Drink, drink and drink lots of water and walk, but don't walk too much is one of the instructions my doctor gave me. Wishing you healing and great results.
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SMW: Hang in there.....we're probably all certifiable for pursuing such an endeavor!
Ange: I failed to tell you that I am wearing a stomach warmer (it's a Japanese garment (I'm part Japanese)) 24-7. It's just a cotton garment much like a girdle except that it has no spandex so not tight. As long as I have this around my belly, I don't feel bad. It's a bit warm, but, I can't stand not to have it on!! My suggestion is to wear a tight camisole bc it helped just the same. I quit wearing the suit bc it was making indentations on my sides/waist and I looked like a freak!! Actually scared me. Hang in there....
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BTW....I was reading more on the FAQ's on this blog and most of the docs advise to engage in daily, vigorous massage so I'm going to add more to my routine. Best of luck to all!!
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You guys are so supportive and sweet! Sayja I appreciate your words of encouragement and support...no offense taken whatsoever! I actually respond to straight forward communication. I know that patience is key here and that everyone heals differently, it's just been an overflow of emotion for me and I can't for the life of me understand why my healing pattern is no noticeably different when it seems that most see them up front and then gradually as the weeks go on. Ange. Yes they will do what they need to at no additional cost. My patient consult called me into the office a couple of weeks ago because i was just so depressed (we have become friends) that is where I had my official nervous breakdown and she made me the promise right then that I would get my results and that she would make sure of it. She is completely supportive. They really are great in the office and I don't blame them for my lack of results. I saw the fat being sucked out and felt the pain so I know something was done. I just don't think my body is responsive which sucks. I don't mind at all going through recovery again if I get results. They would typically make me wait the 6 months but they felt so bad for me that we are looking at reassessing at the 3 month mark to get a 2nd option from another surgeon on staff. that will be in Sept. I really want to get back on this blog and completely admit my insanity and report results at some point down the line I just don't see that at this point but I will totally cop to crazy when I do...smile.
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I hope I didn't offend anyone with my last rant; and if I did, my sincere apologies. I just got a bit passionate about how bad I was feeling and how scared I was not knowing how to deal with every coming day. Y'all hang in there.
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No offense here :) I havent noticed and changes since 2 weeks post op. in fact i looked better then than i do now but i know things are still healing and changing. The puffiness around my belly button wasnt there until around 4-5 weeks but I notice this in side views of others pics so I am sure this is normal and will go down. The waiting is so hard but in the long run, i think it was worth it. Everyone is so different and every body heals differently so hopefully you'll get your results Scared. Thinking of you!
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Ms SMW: FYI, we are all really in the same boat! We are all different and have no clue how things will turn out. However; we ALL made the decision to do this and MUST have FAITH that things will work out for the BEST. Not certain what you mean as "still nothing" so please explain and maybe I may be of assistance. As for depression, I am a clinician myself so, I may be of some assistance. I elected for the surgery due to my severe depression about my weight gain. I have never been so heavy since my pregnancy 22 years ago when I gained 40 lbs! It literally kicked my ass!! Post surgery, I felt like I was kicking my own you-know-what because I was in SO MUCH PAIN! I'm not a wuss so I really felt like a super-pussy if ya know what I mean. In any event, this site made me understand that others were doing well and I didn't hear of anyone having pain. This made me think 1) Maybe they didn't really have the same surgery; or 2) I'm just a wimp!!!! Upon reading further, I realized that we really are all different and that we just have to share and gain information and support. I haven't worn my super suit since 3rd week. I hated it and really don't think it helps past week 3. Of course, I'm not the doc. I was told not to continue after 10 days!! Itching means you are recovering so don't be dismayed. YOU will be just fine. REMEMBER it can take 6 months for full results!
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Hi girls! I know it's been a while since my last post. I figured I would suffer to myself in silence because you girls are seeing such great results as the weeks go back. Still nothing for me as week six comes and goes. I'm guessing that the procedures are not for everyone and I'm just making my peace with that. I'm so glad u girls are realizing your dreams and seeing good results. I'm back to exercising full speed and just dealing with a lot of strange sensations and super itching. I pretty much stop wearing my super suit because it to where I said what hell if things didnt work and it's beyond hot... Lol. I just couldnt continue to throw money at something that isn't working. Patience has gone right out the window.
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Scared, Im so sorry to hear this :( If there really is no noticeable difference I would think the doctor should provide a second procedure at no cost. I realize the thought of going back through recovery probably doesnt sound great but you should be getting your moneys worth or a refund.
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The heating pad really helped with the swelling. Since I still have some remnants of hardness/itching, it helps this. I also use a Neutrogena face massager all over the treated parts because I just figured it may help and it has been a Godsend! Just had it in hand so didn't invest in a separate massager!! Been using it daily since 3rd week too. How are you doing?
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Im doing ok :) most of the hard spots are gone but I have swelling right around my belly button that looks kind of weird. Still have some random feelings of heaviness and itching but its getting better. Do you still wear your compression garments at all?
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FYI, I am in my 7th week and feeling MUCH better! Just wanted to say because this sight really helped me out the first few weeks since I am out of country and couldn't really share with anyone. My swelling is gone and am inches down. I only have some minor twitching pains in the center ab area at times and mostly the itching where all treated. However, it is a good sign that I am recovering well! I am constantly doing the lympthatic massage and it really helps. Just type in 'lymphatic massage' on google and there are many guides. Still use the heating pad, no longer use the cold packs. I am able to do my pilates routine again! Hope this helps anyone out there. If anyone is preparing for surgery and/or post-op and needs a shoulder to cry on, please conact me. I REALLY had it rough the first 3 weeks but reading this site helped me out. Good luck!
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What do you use the heating pads for? Havent heard of this before does it help with the massage? Glad you're doing better :) tomorrow is week 7 for me
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hope to see pics soon ...thinking of having it done
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Thank you ladies....very encouraging to read...
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I am 53, 5'2, was up to 125 when I had smartlipo on upper/lower abs 5 weeks and 3 days ago. I looked 7 months pregnant pre-op. I had gained 20 lbs in 6 month prior to the surgery so, I know I had gained on my breasts and back. Since post surgery, my upper (chest area) is still large and am wondering if this will subside. My legs, ankle and feet were swollen to the max until 3rd week post-op. Up to 2nd week, I was in tears because I was in so much pain no matter what I did. I even started exercising because I had received an email from the staff to start light exercise; only to be in tremendous pain the following day. Since then, I am only doing simple stretching and light weights. I walk about 2 miles daily. I have only lost 3 lbs since the surgery. I am doing my own lympathic massage as I am out of country and unable to obtain treatment without paying an arm an a leg. I have been using a heating pad as instructed by my nurse (via emai) which has helped tremendously so I REALLY recommend this! She indicated that hot and cold every 10 minutes for about 4 times about 3-4 times per day is good. I used the heating pad and then wrapped ice packs in a towel for the cold procedure. My question is, are all of you working out daily and in no pain? I am in much discomfort and itching all over the areas treated. I wear a thin girdle (belly area) because I can't stand to not be covered in the treated area. Any help/info would be appreciated.
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They are awesome Anj! I had one included w a medium pressure body massage and it was heaven. I felt like melted butter afterwards. I felt great the next day as well. I'm scheduled for weekly ones now...lol
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Sounds like a good plan Scared. I also heard the lymphatic massage can help speed the process so I think Im going to try one and see what I think.
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Thanks girls. I hope to get past these emotions and on to some positive thinking soon. I have been taking pics weekly as well as measurements and there really has been no change and the nurse confirmed w my before pics that were taken on Surg day. I was told I would have some loose skin but from the way the nurse spoke today, I had a different perception of the way that would look and the amount and now it seems I will have these large skin bags hanging on my back when it's all said and done. They told me that they don't like to make to many predictions and snap judgements until the 3 mos mark and that complete results won't be assessed until month 6. They said u will continue to heal that long and should be seeing gradual changes through out. They said that most people see changes every few weeks to every month. Because i was such a mess in the office, they must have felt really bad and said that they would give me a for exam in sept at my 3 mos to make absolutely sure that they got all they could and get a 2nd opinion from a new doc because mine is no longer w SB. I appreciate the cyber luv you guys. I am gonna just go back to hitting my WW really hard and head back to the gym. Maybe some stress releasing work outs will do me some good.
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Scared, keep your chin up it will get better. They told me as well that I would have some saggy wrinkly skin in certain areas but I also think that is part of a disclaimer they tell everyone. I hit 5 weeks today and like womaninside I havent seen any real changes since week 2-3. The post op email I got today did say thay over the next several months my skin will begin tightening in the areas done so hopefully thats the case! The only place I really notice saggy or wrinkly skin is where my stretchmarks are. Some of them were up to 1/2 inch wide so I expected that. Were you able to get some before and after pictures done? Sometimes we dont see what everyone else does because we are so used to how we looked before.
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Oh Scared, That sounds like you are really having a hard time right now, and I understand why. I was actually told ahead of time that I'd have hanging loose skin just above my pubic region (where you see a fat roll hanging in my pre lipo pics). I figure I prefer the loose skin to the roll. The skin I can kide with my clothes. The muffin top and all the rest I can't hide no matter what I do. That was my rationale. Maybe it'll work for you. I figured if I hated it that much I'd see about a tuck once my lipo bill is paid off. Maybe not. As to no change, that is depressing too. Did they say that you will see the reduction in inches still to come? I ask because I'm coming on 5 weeks tomorrow and have had no reduction since 3 weeks and I'm praying that's not the end of the reduction. Anyway, you hang in there. Everyone is different and I am 100% confident that you will be glad you did this when all is said and done. Cyber Hug to you.
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Hey ladies. Long time no post. I'm a bit down and depressed today. First off my birthday was completely awesome! I had a blast for two days. As of Sunday it was back to reality and inside my head. I'm 4 weeks in as of tomorrow and absolutely nothing has changed. I emailed my patient care consultant ( we have become friends thru all of this believe it or not) out of frustration and depression. She called me in today to have a look with the nurse. The nurse sent me in a downward spiral trying to help. She said that it looks like I will have some hanging skin where the rolls are. I almost feel like I should have left things alone. I burst into tears right there at the office and had to be talked off of the ledge so to speak. I am sitting here now trying to think how I am going to deal with all of this emotionally. I am normally in single mom soldier mode, moving and shaking to make things happen and not really having time to think about me and what I need. Now that I'm focusing on me and the things I need to make me a healthier happier person, I'm freaking out and making things worse for myself as it seems. I have gone from this happy individual that laughed all of the time to a doubtful insecure person. I really hope it's the transition and not the end result. If this procedure doesn't end well or end with me having huge skin bags on my back there is no telling where my head will go. I hope you girls are in a more positive light than I at this moment... Lol.
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Thanks for the encouraging words. Going to the beach for a week with my husband, our 4 sons and 2 daughter in laws. When I get back I am scheduled for lipo to the abs and flanks at the end of July. I have been concerned about long term results and the pain. Gave birth to 4 without an epidural and do not remember labor pains, so hopefully I can deal with this pain. My dr has told me there will be some pain, swelling and bruising. Not sure what some means, hopefully not too bad. If you ladies can do it and be as encouraging as you are, than surely it is not unbearable. As I read how each of you look and feel about your results, I am looking forward to it. Could someone please tell me how to look at pictures you have posted? I have tried to find them, but have not been able to. Hope I don't get scared again, I am going to start looking forward to this procedure and stop thinking of all the bad things and concentrate on the good. Keep posting I enjoy reading.
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See I knew you were good people!
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How cool I turn 38 in just a couple weeks :)
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