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Deep Plane Mid-Face Lift - Portland, OR

I decided to go for the mid-face lift because I...

I decided to go for the mid-face lift because I had deep nasolabial lines around my nose. The surgeon explained that he would do an endoscopic lift through the brow, which would gently lift the cheeks up and leave approximately 1" scars on my head. What I actually got were 8" scars going from my brow down behind my ears, which you can see when my hair is wet. My cheeks were lifted off of the bone and repositioned in a very high position which looked very unnatural. In a side profile it looked as though the cheek was pointed at the corner. I looked ridiculous.

Initially, the swelling was extreme, as it went down I prayed that what I was seeing wasn't what I would get. Unfortunately, it was. When the swelling went down my cheeks were very, very, high, unnaturally so. I did not venture out of my home for at least 3 months, when I did people stared at me. One man asked me if I had been in an accident. Family members were shocked, and my brother-in-law actually laughed in my face.

Since having this surgery 7 years ago, my life has gone down hill. I lost two jobs as people seem to act very negatively towards me. I have suffered from chronic depression and have been in hospital 3 times and I am taking anti-depressants. I have been seeing a therapist, but it is going nowhere. I do not have a job and know I will never have another as I have lost my confidence. I used to pride myself on my lovely hair, however, my hairdresser of 8 years was so disgusted that I had had surgery that she started giving me bad haircuts, her way of telling me she didn't want me as a client anymore. I have found that other hairdressers feel the same way, when they see the horrific scarring on my head.

The saddest thing of all is that I have lost my sense of identity. When I look in the mirror I don't recognize myself anymore, surgery took away my identity. My surgeon lied to me, he told me I would look subtle and be back to work in 2 weeks. I do not look subtle and it took me 2 years to pluck up the courage to go back to work and when I did it backfired. Finally, it will be 8 years this August since I had my surgery and I STILL do not look normal, and I STILL think about my surgery every single day, it never goes away.


Hi again Monica, I just wanted to check on you and also tell you about something that happened to me. As you know I've also gone through something similar to you, and have had over 9 consultations with different doctors, but decided it was all too risky. Of course they all say they can perform miracles, but as you know that's not the case, and I just can't face another nightmare. Strangely enough I found someone that's been doing something for over 30 years that's nothing short of amazing and am going for a consult the end of February. When I look at his before and after work I actually cry because you can clearly see that they also couldn't recognize themselves in the befores, and although the afters are dramatically different it actually looks like a person untouched by surgery. The shocking thing is that he's not performing surgery, and is restoring based on the persons face before surgery. It's really weird, but amazing. I'll be more than glad to send you the pics as I really think they're something you should see......believe me you will be full of hope once you do. Just e-mail me if you want and I'll send. I know that the holidays can be a tough time especially with what you've been through, but please hang on to hope friend, because all things are possible:) Take care now, and please e-mail me so I can send. Kim
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Can you say where you found this info? Maybe the title of something they've published? And this person is not doing surgery ... so what are they doing?
Hi Clarek, I just noticed after responding to a comment today that my realself inbox was routing to my general box and I'd somehow missed your e-mail....my apologies. To respond to your questions. I found this doctor while searching for a solution to a bad bleph after having been to numerous consultations over many years and being terrified to take a chance on anyone with a knife. This doctors located in Beverly Hills, CA, is a renowned oculoplastic surgeon recognized worldwide, has a 'face institute", is a nationally and internationally recognized eyelid and facial expert. He is and is only one of 2 doctors recommended by one of the top 2 facial reconstructive PS on the west coast. He does a form of fat replacement , nothing at all like the fat transfer we normally see or that others do. The results are truly amazing and when viewing results it's as if you can see the release of all the trauma and pain being released. Not sure how much more I can share without violating tos, but as I mentioned your more than welcome to e-mail me for more info and pics.
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My surgeon has since retired. I realize now that he was old school and his surgery was cookie cutter one style fits all. The way to avoid getting what I did is quite simple, do not have surgery. It will ruin your life.

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