Mini Ultimate Breast Lift with Dr. Horndeski, Feels great to have them back where they belong!

Hi, I'm 32 years old, 5'2 116 pounds and a very...

Hi, I'm 32 years old, 5'2 116 pounds and a very saggy deflated 32-34 B. My kids are now 8 and 5 yrs old and after pregnancy and breast-feeding my boobs are definitely not what they used to be. I am finished having kids so now I want to get a lift and feel better and more confident when I look in the mirror and when my husband sees me. I was a C cup before kids but I feel happy with my size now and although my husband would LOVE more cleavage, implants are just not for me.

I went to a consultation with Dr Vu here in Portland and she was great. She recommended a full lift with anchor incision with or without a small implant. I've been reading a lot of info online and reading lots of stories on real self and discovered Dr. H and his unique Ultimate Breast Lift technique. I was very curious so emailed their office and spoke with the doc over the phone. He said I am a good candidate for the mini ubl which only involves an incision around the nipple. Sounds too good to be true! He was wonderful to talk to and cautioned me with my smaller size to be really hesitant about getting the anchor scars. I am actually strongly considering traveling to Texas to go with him. It is scary to think about traveling across the country and going thru surgery by myself (my husband would have to stay home with the kiddos)

I'm still in the thinking, planning deciding stage so if all you wise women have any imput/advise I would be greatly appreciate it!

Have you thought about looking into Dr. Connell...Or Dr. Gallagher in Bend? They are both amazing, and then you won't have to leave the state :-)
I will check them out, thanks so much!
Your breasts look so much like mine. I am having a full anchor mastopexy next week(21st), no implants, I have before pics up now and will add after ones as soon as I can after surgery. Good luck on your decisions :-)

So I made my decision and I booked my mini ubl...

So I made my decision and I booked my mini ubl surgery with Dr. H in Texas for April 9, holy crap I can't believe it, I'm freaking out!!!
You are very welcome. I would encourage you to do the skype consult with him have very good lighting so can see if you may be a candidate for the min ubl. The consult is free so nothing to lost but time. Like I said keep us posted.

Now I'm only a a month away from my surgery! I...

Now I'm only a a month away from my surgery! I got time off work and booked my flight and hotel. My hubby has to stay home with the kids and I was bummed about that but now I have a friend going with me so I feel much better. Still need to get my shuttle from the airport set up but besides that everything is coming together easily...I'm crazy nervous but excited!
i hope your surgery goes well. I had a full anchor breast lift on the 13th. Getting better every day but still taped up all over! Takes time! Mini UBL sounds better but I was much more deflated than you are. I have before and afters up on my profile (I also had liposuction).
Please post pics when you are finished! I am going to be booking with Dr. H as well and I'm really excited! There aren't a lot of the mini UBL photos so it would be great if you can keep us posted with pics of your progress!
Absolutely! I've used this site so much over the last 3 months I will definitely contribute as well! That's rad you decided to get the mini ubl too, Dr. H seems quite amazing!

Finally on the other side! I am now 4 days post...

Finally on the other side! I am now 4 days post op. Traveling back and forth to Houston and the surgery went well with no hiccups. I arrived in Houston late Sunday night, took a shuttle from the airport to the Staybridge Hotel, had my pre-op apt on Monday, surgery Tuesday morning, post op apt Wednesday afternoon and then flew back home that evening. I was so nervous and worried that I felt awful sick on monday but then after I met with Dr. Horndeski, I felt 100% better. He spent time explaining everything to me and answering my million questions.
My husband was not able to come with me because he had to stay home with our kids so my good friend (who is also a nurse) met me in Houston. We took the hotel shuttle to the grocery store to get gingerale, soup and popsicles and to and from the dr office and the surgery center. On surgery day everything went relatively smoothly. The nurse could not get my IV in which hurt so the anasthesialogist did it and I could barely feel it. Next thing I knew I was waking up with a big cast on my chest and in lots of pain. They gave me some sprite and then pain med in my IV and I immediately threw up twice. I snoozed a little and then woke up again and the nurse helped me get dressed. I took a vicodin and my friend insisted they get me something for my nausea so they put a patch behind my ear which helped immediately and immensely. I slept most of the day and night getting up only to pee and take my pain meds. I found the muscle relaxer to be the most effective at helping the pain. I sipped gingerale mostly then had some soup and popsicles around dinner time. The next day I felt better and sat propped on the couch. We went to my post-op apt around 1pm and they took of the cast and I got to have a look, that was weird! My boobs were high, crazy high and very bruised and smooshed looking. I was surprised but both Dr. H and his assistant assured me they are swollen and they will take shape and drop after wearing the underwire bra for 4-6 weeks. I asked to see pics of my surgery and he showed me some during the operation, that was cool! It's pretty amazing how he does his technique.
Traveling home the day after surgery was brutal but I was so happy to get home and start my recovery. My hubby has been so sweet taking care of the kids, house and me. I spent the next two days in bed, my kids were very concerned and we told them I had the flu. I weened off the pain med and muscle relaxer on day 3 post op and then started having a rash on my neck and stomach so called the office and they said to stop taking the antibiotic as well. I'm now only taking tylenol. I'm still having the rash today so I just took some benedryl. Has anyone else had this?
I'm noticing changes in the shape of my boobs already and finally found a comfortable and effective bra.
I'll post some more pics when I'm one week and less bruised and swollen.
Would love to hear an update!

I'm now one week post op and officially in the...

I'm now one week post op and officially in the Frankenstein boob phase :-) They are swollen, high and lumpy but Elisa keeps assuring me that they will mold to my bra, smooth out and drop with time. I do notice that they look better every day. I'm still having issues with an annoying rash on my neck and stomach, really hope that subsides soon!
Thanks so much for the update, the bra info (I already wear these ones!! They ARE great) and your pics. You look great, I'm so excited for my surgery!! Please keep us posted and keep putting photos up! I'm really excited to see how they turn out after a few months...but based on what I can see, and what I've seen from the other ladies on here, you're going to be SO happy!!

The rash on my neck got worse and after a whole...

The rash on my neck got worse and after a whole night no sleep and endless itchiness and swollen red skin on my neck and stomach I finally caved and went and saw a doctor yesterday. Turns out I had an allergic reaction to something, probably the antibiotic or prep used in surgery. I got a prescription for prednisone (steroid) and an ointment for itch relief. Thank you God!!!
Now that the rash is under control I feel great! Mobility in my arms is so much better, I am getting my energy back and my breast shape is changing and looking better everyday! I was concerned about how high they are but Elise, Dr H's Assistant told me the higher they heal the better. She has been great at returning my emails and giving me plenty of assurance. She said gravity eventually always wins and when the swelling subsides (I'm a whole cup size bigger) they will drop a bit...makes sense! I can't believe how happy I am already, I can honestly say this whole experience was definitely worth it! My hubby had a hard time this last week seeing me in pain but I think he will be REALLY happy when I'm all healed :-)
How long before you can exercise? I need to get swimsuit ready pretty soon and wondered how long I would be out of commission.
They told me no heavy lifting, running or strenuous exercise for 3-4 weeks. I am a runner and love yoga so am I bummed I will have to wait so long but its worth it in the long run to not compromise healing. I've starting doing short walks with my dog and to get my kids from school. I'm now mobile enough to drive and do some light housework (unload dishwasher, fold laundry) but I still have to ask my husband to do most lifting for me. I can tell when I over do it cuz I get sore quickly.
I am booked for a mini ubl on tuesday. i am currently a 32DD but he claims the Mini will work. I am terrified that when I get there he is going to change to the ultimate breast lift with the side scars. I wonder how he decides who should have the mini and who needs the full UBL

I'm now 2 weeks post op and feeling great. I'm...

I'm now 2 weeks post op and feeling great. I'm sleeping better and can kind of sleep on my side with the help of a million pillows. Swelling has gone down a bit and my breasts are feeling softer. My incisions are itchy and I am having lots of tingling and painless (for the most part) zaps. I'm taking all as a good sign of healing underway. My nipples are still pretty numb but are starting to pop out and the shape of my breasts continue to get a little better every day. Still trying to take it easy but its hard, I miss exercising! My husband is LOVING my new cleavage and keeps saying, "I can't believe those are yours!" :-)
Looks good./ Do you have any recent pics?
Are you still a full cup size larger? How long did they say until the swelling is gone completely?
Swelling has gone down quite a bit but I'm still about 1/2 cup size bigger. I can fit in the bigger bras I bought still but also can squeeze into my old bras. I've was wearing a 34B for years but I got measured before surgery and found out I'm really a 32D. I've been wearing a 32DD bra since surgery. Now I fill out a 32D like never before, its awesome! I think they said it can take awhile (depending on your own body) for the swelling to subside completely.

Week 3 - Still lumpy and lots of pleating. Doc...

Week 3 - Still lumpy and lots of pleating. Doc says it may take up to 5 months to smooth out. Feeling better and better but still no nipple sensation yet. Ordered some cute bras on sale at Nordstrom. I never used to be able to wear shaped bras before, I would just spill out the top of them. Now I fill them out so nicely, love it! Can't wait to start exercising again.
Any new pics? We are the same size, and I'm wondering how your healing is going and what size you are now?
I can't believe its been 3 months since surgery already! I'll give an update and add some pics. Healing is going well, I love how soft and natural yet perky and full they are on top. I'm still trying to be patient with the puckering, its way better but still have some. About size, I am a little bigger than before which is awesome :-)
You look fantastic! The pleating takes time. I am now going on 3 months out and mine has resolved maybe 95%. The scarring around the areola is starting to fade. The girls have dropped a bit but are still way better than they use to be. I go by my before and after pics and judge by where my boobs are in relationship to my elbows.The use to land almost right at the elbow. As long as they are halfway between my shoulder and my elbow ( which they are now) I am a happy camper. :) Hang in there. Times works wonders..

3 months post surgery

I can't believe its been 3 months since surgery already! Healing is going well, I love how soft and natural yet perky and full they are on top. I'm still trying to be patient with the puckering, its way better but still have some. I think I had more loose skin than most so its gonna take longer than most for it to go away. If it doesn't I'll get a revision after 6 months...we'll see. As far as size, I'm a little bigger than before which is awesome! I've never ever had perky boobies even as a teenager so I still can't believe how much better they are and how much more confident and comfortable I feel. I've even lost 10 lbs yet the boobies have remained the same. I just recently got feeling back in my left nipple, one random day I just noticed it was back. I still don't have any feeling in my right. The nerve zaps and soreness are pretty much completely gone.

3 month Pics

Hi there! Any new updates? I'm starting to see a few unhappy reviews on here about Dr. H and I just wanted to see if you were still thrilled with your results?
Hi there! Yes, I am still loving my results and I am SO happy I didn't choose the traditional anchor scar technique that my local surgeon recommended. Thats too bad that there are unhappy reviews, I'm surprised, which ones? I'll post an update soon with pics. I'm just now 5 months and I love the shape and my husband does too, lol. I still have a little bit of pleating and thinking I will probably opt for the revision since it is included in the original price. Even without the opportunity for a revision I would do this whole thing again in a heartbeat :-)
Not sure why it says a different name when I just responded...weird!

5 Month Update

I am still loving my results and I am SO happy I didn't choose the traditional anchor scar technique that my local surgeon recommended. I'm now 5 months and I love the shape and my husband does too, lol. I still have a bit of pleating under both nipples and decided to opt for the revision since it is included in the original price. I just scheduled my revision for Nov 1 and booked my flight. Not looking forward to the travel but I'm sure it will be worth it. Even without the opportunity for a revision I would do this whole thing again in a heartbeat :-)

3 days Post Revision

On Thursday I made the long trek back to Houston for a revision. Everything went very smoothly, I rented a car this time and booked a hotwire hotel for $50 (ended up in a Sheraton hotel in between the airport and the Dr and it was sooo nice!)
The revision went great, I was a little nervous but it wasn't bad at all. It was great to see Dr Horndeski and Elisa again, they are so nice and between the two, I was in very capable hands! I love that the revision is included in the original cost, I feel like they really care about my wellbeing. They asked me if there was anything else besides the pleating that I didn't like and I mentioned the loose skin on the bottom of my breasts. When they did the revision they reshaped my nipples and removed any remaining loose skin and pleating. Right away they look amazing! Even more perky and no more pleating :-)
I was sore for a few days and now feeling great, trying to get used to sleeping on my back again has been the hardest part. I'll post some more photos as they heal...
Looking good!  That is so great that the revision is included in the original price!
you look fabulous! I can't believe there is no implant, Happy Healing

1 Week Post Revision

Feeling great and soo happy!
You look great! I will have my revision in a month, do you feel that the revision results are lasting? I will lift the breasts a little bit (removing some extra skin - bottom part of my breasts look really saggy now), reshape the nipples and get rid of some scares... Is the recovery easier/faster than the mini ubl recovery? Also, do you feel that your nipples are perfectly round and simetrical after the revision (it looks like it from the pictures)? Sorry for too many questions... but I was petrified when I saw my breasts for the first time after the initial surgery and I want to make sure that I am prepared this time around... Thank you!
Hi there, thanks! Yes, I'm very happy with the revision results and feel they are long lasting. I had to fly across the country again to get it and am so glad I did. I had quite a bit of pleating still and some saggy skin on the bottom of my breasts and the revision completely resolved both issues. You won't have the swelling that happens with the initial procedure so you will get more lift that won't settle as much. The recovery is absolutely nothing compared to the the mini ubl recovery. I had some soreness the first few days from the new incisions but could do all normal activity (except letting my hubby touch my breasts :-) I do feel like my nipples are round and symmetrical, I'll post some current pics soon. I was also very surprised when I first saw my breasts after the initial surgery but hang in there, it is amazing what some time and healing can do. I still can't believe the transformation when I look at my before pics. I'm happy to answer any more questions! Good luck, let me know how it goes!
Thanks! I was hoping I could exercise this time but he said no "jostling" the boobies for 6 weeks. That's the only issue I've had so far. It's really not been a bad recovery.

3 Months Post Revison

Here's some updated pics, I had a couple irritations from sutures that are still a tad red but all healed up. Doing good :-)
That revision made a whole difference! Glad it went well!
It's amazing the difference that minor revision procedure made. You looked great before but I just can't believe the new pics. Nobody would ever guess you had anything done. Makes me so excited for my results. I'm at week 3. Did you stay sleeping on your back the full six weeks. That has been so hard for me. I wake up and realize I've moved onto my side and so afraid I'm going to mess up my healing.
Thank you! I'm so happy with my results, I'm still amazed when I take my bra off and the boobies stay in place :-) I had a really difficult time sleeping on my back as well after my revision. I would also wake up on my side. I started propping a small rectangle shape throw pillow between the boobies and hugging with my arms. Sounds silly but it worked great to keep things supported while sleeping and I got so used to it that it is a habit now. I feel like my results will be very long lasting. Dr H said that we will always have the option to do a revision procedure every 5-10 yrs to get a little lift when needed down the road, pretty cool to have that option.

16 months post mini ubl

It's been over a year since my surgery and over 9 months since my revision. I'm still over the moon with my results. My breasts are still perky and haven't dropped at all since the revision. I'm still continuing to get feeling back in my nipples. If you are seeking a natural-looking long-lasting lift with minimal scars AND are willing to be realistic and patient for the final results this procedure is amazing!
You look amazing! The revision has done wonders. Luv luv!
Hello your breast look great, what did he do? that he just reposition the nipple? I really dont like to see that anchor scar, I hope my results can be just as this...
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