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Ladies Lifted -4 weeks post op

I am 49, have 2 grown children, have lost weight...

I am 49, have 2 grown children, have lost weight and nursed babies. Those things add up and are all bad for the boobs! Just 11 days post op from a tummy tuck. Now begins round two of my body improvements. My surgery is on the 22, also have lipo on that day. I will post picks asap.

I went for my pre op today and didnt realize the...

I went for my pre op today and didnt realize the garment I have to wear for three weeks following lipo....kinda like a straight jacket for my hips. Already can't wait for that to be gone lol!

Tommorrow is the the day! Looking forward to...

Tommorrow is the the day! Looking forward to having boobs put back where they belong:) Not nervous, It kind of seems like old hat now since my tt was 3 weeks ago. This time there is no liquid diet the day before so I am not feeling crappy. The gym is getting closer....cant wait to get back at it! I took a 1 mile walk today and that was kind of a tease since I will be down again for a bit but I HAD to get my blood moving:)

I had surgery on Friday and today is Sunday. I...

I had surgery on Friday and today is Sunday. I feel much better today...it felt like I was hit by a very large truck and then run over a few times LOL. PS lipo'd about three pounds of fat,which doesnt seem to be very much but maybe since I am a big girl he didnt want to take too much and have it look strange. And put the ladies back. I was in surgery for 5 1/2 hours and the drugs that he kept me under with were horrible to get out of my system! I ended up crying uncontrolably for no reason...wierd. so happy to be healing now and have this behind me:) The oxys make me itch all over, I have had an allergic reaction! Hubby has once again been my rock!! I will post pics as soon as we change the wrap..tonite or tmrw. I go back ti PS for a follow up tmrw

Today is day 3 full days since surgery. I went to...

Today is day 3 full days since surgery. I went to PS for a check up and he thought everything looked to be right on schedule and it looked good. He said I could take them compression socks off....ahhh nice:) Then my hubby put me into my new compression garment that goes from my shins to my chest and omg that feels like silk!!! so comfy:) Started just taking tylenol instead of oxys cuz they make me forgetful and floaty. I am still drinking lots of cucumber water and everytime I go potty I walk around the house to get blood moving. If I sit too long I am stiff and sore. Also PS said I can use whatever I want on my scars so I will be using Emu oil. Its a good healer and feels wonderful too. My hubby had to put some foam down on the toilet seat because everytime I would sit it hurt so damn bad, due to the fact that he lipo'd my thighs front and back and those holes were right there when I sat. I still cant believe all the leakage that was happening the first 12 hours. I had to change clothes everytime I got up to pee....soaked! So glad we all have eachother for support and kinds words:)

4 days post op. Pain is much better in the breasts...

4 days post op. Pain is much better in the breasts and also better were lipo was done. I get up and take laps around the house when I go to the bathroom. It feels good and I also rub my lipo areas to try and get blood moving through those areas. Haven't had tylenol for 9 hours and I dont feel bad at all! I can sure tell when I have sat too long....stiff and sore. I keep looking at my boobs! Just cant believe I have my old ones back!!!! Never thought I would ever see them again...brings a tear to my eye. My pubic area that was so dang swollen is finally looking better. I dont know but I hope all the cucumber water I am drinking is helping with that.

I am 5 days post op. Today I am extra sleepy but...

I am 5 days post op. Today I am extra sleepy but trying to power through it so that my night time sleep is a good one. No tylenol since 6:30 this am and it seems as though I am doing well...so far. Went for a 1 mile walk with the hubby but was very floaty while on my walk..not sure why so I drank some gatorade, thinking that I drink soooo much water that I flushed some good stuff out!? Took a shower, hubby laundered my garment,sat in the sun. I guess I am feeling normalish!! It has been a long 27 day journey. Tummy tuck, then 21 days later lipo and breast lift. My boobs are feeling great! They are a little achey sometimes and then my nipples get some zings through them, which would be nerves repairing. When I went for my walk I had my garment on, then I put an nice soft comfy, stretchy bra over the top to avoid any extra bouncing and then my workout clothes. Although now I can say they bounce and not....swing,flop and slap, that so makes me happy!!! I would be happy if they stayed swollen looking like they are now but I know they will drop a bit when swelling is over but YAHOO I got my boobs back!

Day 7.I will admit that I did way too much on day...

Day 7.I will admit that I did way too much on day 5! So have been trying to recover from that. I feel better today but not as well as I hoped. I did sleep all night in bed last night. I didnt sleep great but its just because I have slept in the recliner for 27 days straight and I need to get used to my bed again. I did get to sleep on my side for an hour at a time,so my lipo pain is getting much better, then back on my back. I did have to take tylenol during the night too. Some of the swelling is going down but it is so dang slow! I am not a patient person:) Boobs look good, nipple area rounding out a little more. Lipo holes are itchy so healing well. PS said I could start using a rolling pin on the lipo areas to make sure they stay smooth. Still too tender for that but rubbing on them for circulation.

8 days post op. Today I feel human again! Went to...

8 days post op. Today I feel human again! Went to store,got an iced coffee and a friend came over for a nice long visit....ahhhh. I do have to admit I was feeling a bit depressed for the last 3 or 4 days. Couldnt see the light at the end of the tunnel. What a nice feeling to be back with it again. It has been a long month having 2 big surgeries in three weeks. I would do it again all at once but wow it was difficult. My hubby needs a break too! We will be heading out for the beach for the 4th of July. Looking forward to new scenery but also a little nervous and I dont know why. Sleeping in bed was not great again last night but I know each night will get easier. Put all the drugs away, cleaned up blankets,pillows and got the sheets in the laundry that I had lined the chair and couch with. Boy does that feel good to be moving into getting back to a normal state. Lipo areas hurt much less everyday. Bruising is a very nice shade of yellowish, purple/black:) Left boob bled just a tiny bit last night while sleeping, probably because I have been laying on that side most of the time. I go back for a check up in 6 days.

13 days post op. I just cant believe how the lipo...

13 days post op. I just cant believe how the lipo swelling goes on and on, sometimes I think it will NEVER go away! Go to PS tmrw and need a few questions answered....What is the small bump in my incision under my right boob, is all the bumpy tissue at lipo areas normal and is there something more I can do to help this process quicken. Oh ya and why the hell is my skin so dang dry. Dry to the point were when I take off my garment skin comes with it,eeew. I lotion, oil and use gentle soap. Went to try on some capris today and cant even get them buttoned around my waist...thats how swollen I am:/ Patience. Thats probably from tt mostly. My inner thighs and hips are still numb and sore. My boobs are doing well. I do see the swelling in those are coming down quite a bit. Seeing some stretch marks from before lift, thats ok with me, its the way it goes. My nipple on left side is getting some sensation back in it:) I would say my arreolas(sp?) are not as round as I had hoped but thats ok too. It has been such a learning process and glad I can let some of you know things that might be helpful or maybe nobody has mentioned before.

14 days post op. Went to see my PS for a check up...

14 days post op. Went to see my PS for a check up today. He was very pleased at how well I did through all this:) He didnt like the shape of one of my areolas, so said he could revise that down the road. I do agree with him but wasnt sure that it was important to me so I will see later. He answered what the bump under my rt boob was....a dissolvable staple. He said it may poke through the skin and if so pull it out. He said thats how he put me back together, with all those staples. The bumpy tissue were he lipo'd is just going to take time but said I could massage/roll it with a rolling pin to smooth it out. Addressing the dry skin, he said its from all the swelling and contracting of the skin. It is in places that didnt have any work so I also think maybe its from stress, trauma, medicine, drugs....etc? He also told me that I could get back to the gym!!!!!YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! He told me no bootcamp for another month or so but arm and leg resistance training and cardio is ok. I just want to wait one more week so that I dont have to wear my cg to workout in.PS will see me in 6 more weeks for check up.
Put on a compression garment that was a size smaller last night before bed and I woke up with fluid filled feet and ankles :/ I think its too tight:) Back to the old one for now.
Went to see my gym buddies today. I havent seen them for three weeks and they couldnt believe the improvements in swelling and had very nice compliments:)
Today when I was walking into the post office my boobs were bouncy and perky, not heavy and imbarassing....I was smiling the whole time that I was running errands today.....did I mention that I love my new boobs? :)

Swelling sucks! I did take off my cg to go to the...

Swelling sucks! I did take off my cg to go to the gym today. I sweat like a cage fighter so was not going to wear cg to workout. I rode recumbant bike for 15 minutes,the spin bike uphill for 5 and walked on treadmill for 1.5 miles. I also picked raspberries and came home to make 2 pies, minus the crust because I am gluten free and Whole Foods makes it for me....freezer section:) I will rest for a couple of hours and wear my garment until the gym tmrw. My "who ha" is lopsided, one side is bigger and I hope that means its just more swollen on that side:/? This is nothing new post surgery but now it has started to worry me. I need to give the swelling more time. Sleeping has been pretty darn good, nothing hurts when I roll over anymore but if I stay on one side too long my hip aches. Sex is gooood:) Less getting in the way:) Both tummy and the "who ha"!

4 weeks post op in two days. The swelling has gone...

4 weeks post op in two days. The swelling has gone down almost completely if not all the way. I have been dealing with a staple that has poked through the surface under my boob. It has been annoying and at times hurts a bit. PS said I could pull it out if it came to the top....well it wouldnt pull out or push in so....this sounds wierd but I took my razor and shaved the point off! Oh man does it feel better! My lipo is feeling much better...I would think it should after 4 weeks but holy shit that hurt for the longest time. Not all the scabs are gone yet, that will take a few more weeks too. I have been wearing a very soft bra while my incisions healed but while working out I need more support so guess I will try my sports bra over the top of the comfy one. I still have numbness and swelling in those places. Haven't slept on my tummy for 8 weeks...and I am an avid tummy sleeper! I think the habit is broken:)
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I really appreciate reading your story, I am planning on getting everything done in December so I am really interested in everything you have to say! Thank-you so much for taking the time to inform us newbies.
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Awesome, glad you are doing so well. Enjoy that gym, that will boost your mood
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Thank you! How are you feeling?
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Hi rcady....I just had BL with no implants one week ago. I turned a corner today with the pain....I'm not gonna lie...the first week was very painful for me (I also had lipo on tummy and lower back areas). My hubby has fought me for the last six yrs about this....saying he loved my breasts the way they were and why did I have to "hack" them up. But I did it for me and like my friend said you have never waivered on your decision. I had a lot of neck and back issues as well. He finally came around and realized I wasn't going to be talked out of it.....I'm so glad I did it too! Especially now that I found this blog....Demiray and others stories have helped me so much! I'm the only one in my immediate circle going through this so it helps so much to be able to communicate with others in the same boat. Btw...I was afraid of losing nipple sensation as well and it is a factor you have to consider but I can already feel sensation around whole areolas so I'm hoping that's a sign I will gain feeling back. Anyway, hope this helps you with your decision. Take care.
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Hi Jdseattle! Glad you are doing so well! Do you agree that the lipo has been the most painful part? I too am the only one in my circle that is making these body improvements and am so darn happy I get to talk to you all about it:) Thanks for the support and insite.
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I do agree that the lipo was more painful initially....but now it's the swelling that is kicking my butt! But now that I have one week down, im hoping I can start ibuprofen soon and that will help. I'm just happy I'm able to move around more. So cool that your hubby is ff too, too weird! He was more worried about me than I was. Sounds like you have a good one too!
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Holy cow ......the swelling!!! It is bad for sure. With the tummy tuck my swelling is in the tummy area but with the lipo i have the swelling AND fluid retention everywhere. I had a bad day and night last night but those days are to be expected after all this:) we are lucky girls to have our guys:) Glad to hear all is healing well! Let me know if the ibuprofen works.
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Had my post op appt today....dr drained about 100cc of fluid out of each side (underarm area). No wonder I was so uncomfortable. Feeling much better. I'm now taking ibuprofen...YAH! Dr said swelling is normal which put my mind at ease. The swelling will take months to go away. :(
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OMG you WERE uncomfortable!!! so glad you have some relief now. Is it likely he will need to do it again? My paperwork said swelling will peak at the 2 to 3 week mark...:/ its already bad! It would be so awesome if the results were instant! many more weeks and months of swelling, dang it! We can do it!...I guess we have no choice LOL! Take care:)
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I'm so glad you've turned the corner and are now able to go to the gym! That's amazing....I do not feel good enough yet. The swelling isnt as bad as my last post but still there of course. I go tomorrow, I'm very eager to ask my PS about the right side again...very big bruise that takes up half my breast is still there and tissue is very firm...not really any pain though so that's good. Both nipples have feeling which I can't be happier about. Only vicodin and ambien to sleep ( that's still difficult for me). I might start to walk on treadmill today...you inspired me! :)
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I will be interested in what your PS says about your right boob. Yay on nipples;) I still dont have feeling in the right one. Is the right boob the one he drained before? Dont push yourself back to working out until you are ready!!!! If you are not sure just test it on a gentle level. I was super tired yesterday so listened to my body and didnt go, felt better today so back to the gym I went. I am kinda bummed that my left areola has to be revised but I know he did his best and stuff happens. I totaly know about the sleep thing....if you dont get sleep things just arent right in the world! Good luck with appt and sleep and keep me posted on what PS says.
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Just read both on previous post that both were drained.
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Hi rcady:) Its so great to find similar body parts, I think it makes it so helpful to see what surgery may do for them.My question is are you afraid that you will lose sensation? :) I was willing to lose that for the uplift. I wont know for quite some time if thats the case though. Thanks, I also like the natural look...thats what I was going for so he made it happen, which I am thankful for:) The pain really isnt bad at all!!!! my lipo hurts way worse then the lift!! Sometimes I get what I call little zingers in the nipple area but that is just nerves trying to repair. other then that they are a little achey. I stopped my pain killers on day 3, except for tylenol. I have had to take lots of work off because I have had so much done in the last 27 days. Tummy tuck, breasts and lipo. I would say if you dont have to lift or overuse your arms at work that it would be easy to only take a week to 10 days. The breasts have been the easiest part of all of this. My ps uses dissolving stitches so I dont know if your ps would use something else and have it be more difficult on healing!? I am only on day 5 of recovery and doing well. I even took a 1 mile walk today!! thanks for your comment and compliment:)
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Your results are looking awesome! I've been trying to talk myself out of it with many reasons but with your results, I really want it. Thanks :)
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Thank you for the pics. Our breast are very similar except my areolas are much larger. I want to get a lift also but my husband is afraid that they would lose sensation. LOL I had a consult and the PS said it would be an easy surgery and to avoid implants. I like that yours look natural. How is the pain so far and how long did you take off work for recovery?
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So glad you are ok, looking forward to pix
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Thank you angel5280! Pics are posted:) Its just so nice not to have them wobble to and fro!!!!
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Nice to see them where they belong!! Don't you love it?

Mine hung much worse than yours, let me tell ya.
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It does feel so good:) Yours do look very nice!
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Wow, you look great! Very nice, do you think you are still swollen or do you think this is how they will look for good? Thank you so much for sharing! I'm not sure I am really quite ready but it is very inspiring and definitely has me thinking seriously. I am a bit of a baby so I better be sure. I worked all weekend, tourist season and all, but I was wondering how things went. Very happy for you!
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Thank you:) I am pretty swollen still. He said they will drop just a bit after swelling is over. The breast part didnt really hurt all that bad, mostly achey and a few twinges of pain...overall not bad.You will be ready when you are ready! if you force it along you will be upset with yourself . Good luck with making the decision:)
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This website is a god send...I've been glued to reading everyone's experiences and feeling much better mentally. This morning I wasn't so much. I have noticed that many only need pain meds for three days...I'm on day 5 and still need them like clockwork. I have been trying to stretch time limit but kinda feeling like a wimp. Demiray....are you still taking pain meds? I look forward to hearing about your progress as well. When is your next appt? Btw...ice has been my best friend today.
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Hi Jdseattle:) Dont push yourself off the meds just because others dont need them as long. If you hurt you wont be relaxed enough to heal well.
I did start on just tylenol today but I might take a pain med at night cuz they make me sleepy.Just got back from my check up. He said everything looked good and normal. He said that the compression hose could come off. When we got home my hubby helped me put on a phase 2 compression garment that goes from my calves to my chest/boobs. That feel so much better then the one I was in. Take care:) and keep me posted on how you are doing K?
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Thank you for the encouragement....today was much better. Way less pain pills needed, but you're right about staying comfortable and relaxed so I can heal. I needed to hear that. The swelling has gone down a little and that is so much better. Tonight is the first night without hubby, he is ff so I didn't want him to take anymore shifts off. Wish me luck! I'm so glad to hear you are healing well and have switched garments, I can't wait to get rid of mine.
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Encouragement and kind words are what we need right now so I am glad It helped:) It is kind of wierd to not have our hubbys or helpers with us but it is nice to know we can do it without them too:) Glad your swelling is better...yay! You are going to feel much better when you get into your new garment but we need the first one for a reason so hang in the!! Sounds like you are healing well, keep up the good work!
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