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HI, I finally got the breast implants i have been...

HI, I finally got the breast implants i have been wanting forever. Yay .. after breast feeding 3 kids my boobs were needing some help lol, I also model so i thought this would be something very nice to get done.

So far im very happy with the results! Was very painful tho. Im 2 weeks post op and just now starting to feel better! my lefty is still high and hasnt dropped into place. I'm wearing a starp 24/7 to push the implant down.. I started out with a 34 b.. Got 475 cc gel implants, high profile, round, smooth, under the muscle with loli pop lift...

You look wonderful. Would you mind telling me your height am weight please?
Those are Beautiful Breasts! If I could take them from u I would.
you look great. I love your results
Portland Plastic Surgeon

My doc is amazing!! I love him and would refer anyone to him! they are so kind, He does wonderful work!!

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