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I am scheduled to have BA on August 1st. I know it...

I am scheduled to have BA on August 1st. I know it is normal to feel some anxiety and for the most part I am hopeful I will like the outcome. I have never had any plastic surgery or any procedures whatsoever, don't even have pierced ears, so this it huge for me (no pun intended). I goal is to restore volume. I always had D cups but from working out and resculpting my body I have shrunk to B cups.
I need to know, how much and when do I start the Arnica 30c and the Boswellia supplements, if anyone can tell me? Thanks so much.
I will add before and after pics later.

Adding two 'before' pictures. Four days until...

Adding two 'before' pictures. Four days until surgery, feeling anxious but hopeful. Work really hard at staying in shape and just want my breasts to match the rest of my body.

I should add that I am 57, 106 lbs and have never...

I should add that I am 57, 106 lbs and have never had children.

One whole day since I had surgery. Here is what it...

One whole day since I had surgery. Here is what it looks like- I also posted a pic of
the breast fold incision.
If anyone told me I would be posting naked pics of my boobs on the internet, I would
have said they are crazy! I am the girl at a hot-tub party that keeps all her clothes on and is
sitting on the edge with only my feet in while everyone else is naked.
But RealSelf has been such a great source of support and information so I want others to be
helped as I have.
The bra they put me in after the surgery is super uncomfortable-in these 'after' pics, it looks like
I had a lift but the marks are from that bra. Also, the surgeon's markings are still on me and make
me look like either I have bad blood vessels or tattoos.
I am finding I can do most everything by squatting- if you have time b/4 your surgery, do as many squats
and lunges as possible, and sit-ups, too. This will all help after the surgery.

Today is a full 3 days since the surgery. Very...

Today is a full 3 days since the surgery. Very very swollen, the biggest since the operation. There is a great bra-let I would like to recommend to everyone. It is from Forever 21, costs $4.80 and comes in several colors. What I like about it is the edge at the bottom is built into it, not a separate piece of elastic sewn onto the bra so it does not dig into the incisions like the surgical bra they sent me home in. For me, I have liked having a little something on as opposed to no bra at all, just feels better like they are being supported somewhat. Hopefully this link will take you to the right place on their website:

Just eating little bits of healthy foods, reading (I don't watch tv), and sleeping, walk a little bit, repeat. Head is in a good place except extremely and uncomfortably constipated even though I have been taking stool softeners, aloe vera pills and even an enema. Nothing is moving and my tummy is painfully distended.

Today is day 5 since the surgery. I have only...

Today is day 5 since the surgery. I have only taken one pain pill and have had much more energy. Went for a nice walk this morning and did light cleaning, etc.
My breasts look the worst they have since the surgery because of swelling and bruising. They look almost 'boxy'- I know this will pass eventually. Posting a new picture showing the odd shape from the swelling as well as the bruising. Hope it doesn't take two months for this swelling to go down? They are really firm to the touch, kind of hard.
Still struggling with constipation, very distended abdomen even though I have taken the stool softeners and aloe vera all along.

Today is one week since surgery and yesterday I...

Today is one week since surgery and yesterday I started the massage. When I woke up this morning, they looked more swollen and the biggest yet! Very very sore and I am wondering if anyone else is having this same thing happen with beginning the massaging? Thanks.

Two weeks now. The breast 'manipulations' (not...

Two weeks now. The breast 'manipulations' (not really massage) have really helped the implants to begin to drop. Boobs are slightly less square and are now a little softer. Back to walking vigorously and doing arm exercises without weights and very simple ab exercises. Breasts still feel like they are in the mammogram vise, still sore but everyday is better... beginning to really love my new girls- I know they are not perfect breasts but my goal was to restore volume and I am happy with my results so far. Wonderful doctor and staff.
Still taking Bromelain and Boswellia for swelling and Arnica tabs and gel, rub the gel in when I do the massage/exercises. The steri tape is still on the incisions, supposed to leave them on until they fall off. Go back next week for my second post-op. Everything going well! Not an easy surgery but for me, well worth it. Hope my story can help someone as so many on here have helped me. Thanks to RealSelf for a great forum!

Portland Plastic Surgeon

Internet research and meeting him. Very detail oriented and his reviews and credentials are flawless.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Looking great, larue! They're not square or boxy at all! I sure hope I'm doing as well at two weeks. Please keep us posted on your recovery. :)
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Oh, I had to wait 3 months before wearing an underwire bra. But you're gonna look beautiful when doc gives the green light to go lingerie shopping. Thinking maybe I should become vegan....?? I love to exercise but have a hard time resisting cheezeburgers sometimes. LOL you really look phenomenal for your age. Congrats ;))
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Hi Kooberry, No typo, just 43 years as a vegan (since age 14), lots of water, a degree in Nutrition and exercising my flat ass off most of my life... Thanks! Doctor says to wait at least two months to buy new bras, have you heard differently?
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Hello larue~  lookin' good girl!!!!! Your breasts have a very round ,full shape.  You should go out and buy some sexy bras to show off that smoking hot cleavage. hehe Are you really 57... OR WAS THAT A TYPO??? Lol you seem to be in amazing shape!! Congrats on the youthful appearance:-)
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I leave at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning, and I'm taking my iPad because I hope to have wifi at least thru the San Diego airport to/from so I can keep in touch and keep everyone and my family updated as well. Thanks for your prayers, I know the power of prayer to the Lord is effective! Yucko on the pooping, hopefully with all those stool aids, fiber you are using they will eventually kick in. If you can, I hear moving around & taking a walk, also gets your insides going.
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Hi and thanks! Better today, about half the pain meds of the last 3 days... but uncomfortably and miserably constipated, despite taking stool softeners, aloe vera pills and fiber tablets. Thought I could go the day without any pain meds but that was not the case. Took a shower and got a good look at the incisions, covered with steri-tape. I must add that I am more swollen then ever since coming home, so still icing. Just eat a little, read, sleep, repeat. My kitties are giving me lots of loving, too ;-)
When are you leaving, on Monday? I will say prayers of safety and positive experiences for you. Will you have a way to post and keep us updated, while you are there?
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I am checking up in u, how is your pain and recovery? praying for you that u have rest and strength. HappyMom
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I had my surgery the day after you had yours. :) Your post-op photos look WONDERFUL! I think you picked the perfect size for your body; they look so great! I was reading some of your above comments and hate to hear that you don't have much support from your friends. But I'm sending lots of hugs and good vibes your way :)
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Your pics look great! How are you feeling?
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Today is 3 days post-op and I don't think I am going to need any pain killers today. Feeling good, can't wait to take my first shower! Happy with the results, just hope they don't change too much in the next few months. I achieved my goal of restoring volume only, great doctor. Thanks for the support, the women on RealSelf have been wonderful!
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They look amazing!!
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just am sending you some encouragement. You look amazing, and you new breasts look very natural already.
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haha, I know what you mean about posting pics of your breasts on the internet... I am also really shy about these things and can't believe I actually took the plunge and posted them up on here! I guess that's a testament to this forum and how wonderful everyone is. Hope your surgery went well and you are feeling ok!
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Sbout the cost, I am getting BA no lift, a lift wiuld ve extra. Guessing another 500. From Happy to those who r wondering.
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Hi Kiwi and all,
Yes, I have pain pills. They work but do not entirely take the pain away. The most painful part is getting in and out of bed. Slightly easier to get out if semi-sitting, but it is impossible to not use your arms and chest muscles.
Whom to tell or not to tell is our business. BA is a very personal decision and many still pass judgement this procedure. My closest friend of 45 years told me I should be putting the money for this procedure into an IRA or retirement account! My other close friend has had zero comment on this which is her way of letting me know she disapproves. So not much support here... I had a tubal ligation when I was 22 and boy did everyone have an opinion on that! It was 1977 and no one anywhere was getting their tubes tied for contraception purposes. Now it is a common and widely accepted thing to do. So let's hope BA will someday soon be in the same light.
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Hi Larue! My doctor offers rapid recovery also! Were you prescribed pain pills? I'm just curious how often people with rapid recovery need pain relief. I haven't told any family or friends about my surgery either. I usually wear a padded bra that increases two cup sizes. I hope your surgery went well and I hope you have a speedy recovery! I look forward to following your journey!
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I took 2 Bromelain 3 times a day and the Arnica tabs (disolve under your tongue tabs) 3 times a day, 3 tabs at a time. You cannot eat or drink 15 minutes before or after the Arnica tabs. I used the cream whenever I used the tabs. Wishing you well!!!
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Good Luck today!!
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Thank you, wow63- can you please tell me the dose and how often you took the Bromelain? I also got the Arnica cream to massage in. Really appreciate the support!
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Good luck! I had mine last Wednesday! I took Bromelain 3 days prior to surgery and Arnica after starting on the day of surgery and used the Arnica cream after as well. I believe I would have been really bruised up had I not taken the supplements. I used sea bands that they allowed me to put on before surgery adn too them off on day 4. Great for nausea! I never felt sick. I hope all goes as smooth for you as it did for me. I am 6 days post op and feeling Great!!! My prayers are with you!
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Thanks so much, HappyMom in WA- for your message and number and this advice. It really helps to know we have each other on this forum and thank you to RealSelf for providing this space for us to reach out to one another and 'support' (pun) each other!
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Larue I totally understand where you're coming from. I'm flying to Tijuana and back alone for my surgery. Feel free to text me anytime - i'll send u an email to your inbox and you can tell me everything that's going on. Keep in mind that you will be uncomfortable and in some pain, that's normal and planning in advance will relieve your worries as well as give you more control and stuff to keep u occupied btwn. now and then. Some things you'll want: frozen veggies lg. bags; prunes, broth / soups, other easy to digest foods. I suggest boiling eggs and eating 1/day, they are great for nutrition and easy to peel even when u won't want to move. It's not that you CAN"T move, it's that you SHOULDN'T move around. Get some movies out, hang on the couch, rest for the first week or so. Follow Dr orders. Prescrip painkillers will do a number on your innards and make it hard to poop so I'm personally going to switch to Tylenol as soon as I can, prob. day after surgery and see if I can tolerate it. You'll be fine by yourself with the essentials at home all lined up. I'll send you my email / #.
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P.S. It's pretty important you have someone around after surgery to help you out. Unless of course you go with a doctor who offers rapid recovery.  I was actually able to resume normal activity(except heavy lifting) the day after surgery. You will need a family member or friend there to help you with physical activity and also offer emotional support. Take Care!
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Hello larue....I don't know much about Arnica - however,you can do research on Google to learn more about it. What size are you going with,saline/silicone,mod plus/hp?? I too was a bit nervous before my BA , never had surgery before.... but the whole experience was a piece of cake! Good luck & thanks for sharing your story:-)
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Hi Kooberry,
He is going to make the final decision during surgery. One side will have a bigger implant than the other. He wanted to do a lift but I just can't get behind those scars a lift leaves. He said I am still within the range to not do a lift and that they should look pretty when done.... I am getting silicone, medium profile and both are around the 400cc mark. I have always been a D cup so people should not even notice the difference when I am dressed as I have been wearing a padded push up bra the past few years... Doc does a rapid recovery, uses the Keller Funnel, too. I do have a relative who will take me and bring me home and spend that day with me, I should have posted that. I am just trying not to tell anyone else, a very personal decision, you know? Thanks so much for your advice and support, it means everything!
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