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I was recently in a major car crash as the...

I was recently in a major car crash as the passenger, I was out not critical condition because of someone's careless driving. From that point on I have determined that I will live my life to the fullest, I hate how small my breasts are. I am to the point where if you must judge me you can, but I will to regret a single minute of my life. I am 21 years old and 5'5 127 lbs. I am going with silicone 305 cc under the muscle. I am so extremely excited. I am also dying of nerves. Even though I am doing this for myself and my self confidence I can't help but worry about what everyone will say, if they will judge me. I am hoping that I will feel better about that after my surgery. I am also extremely paranoid that they will end up huge because of some mistake. I am going for a very natural look. I don't want people to know I had breast augmentation. (Obviously people who knew before will). I'm hoping to get some words of encouragement and stories of what others have gone through previously.


Good luck tomorrow girl!! They're going to look amazing, can't wait to hear how it goes
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Hi Hun! only two days away... i bet youre so excited! Do you have and before pics? We are same height and weight, i'm getting 360cc. What bra size are you hoping to be? p.s. don't worry about what other people think... as the saying goes, those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind! live your life for YOU!
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I don't have any before pictures. Just the one I my bikini for my profile. I want to be a full C. I am getting all sorts of excited and nervous. Past couple nights all I do is dream about it! And you are right. I am doing this for me. The only People I think MIGHT have a adverse reaction to it is my boyfriends mom. Over the last 6 years she has hated me twice. I am just hoping this doesn't make her dislike me again!!!! P.s. I will see about getting some before pictures before I go in. Are you going under? General or twilight anesthesia?

I am on my way to the office right now. I am...

I am on my way to the office right now. I am waiting and counting the minutes before I can take my anti-anxiety pill. I can take it at 10. They never told me what time to come into the office so I am going in an hour early, I will update later and let you know how my surgery went! Have a wonderful day.


How are you doing??
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How are you??
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How are you doing?
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I am 2 months post op and I am in love with my new...

I am 2 months post op and I am in love with my new boobs! They are so amazing, they look natural and full. No one has suspected a thing! Which is why I didn't go any bigger. I looked just as I hoped which is the same as I did with my bomb shell, just not awkward. I cannot wait for it to be summer so I can go to the lake with my new found confidence. This was something I needed to do for myself. It is worth it ladies!


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Looking great! I too can't wait for summertime. My husband and I are heading to Hawaii at the end of this month, and I can't WAIT to try swimsuits too. I agree, this is definitely worth it! Did you massage your boobs? If so, when did you start?
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I started a week after my surgery and massaged up till 2 months post op. I am heading to Hawaii in July! I cannot wait! I hope you have some fun in the sun :)
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