As you can tell from the price, I intend to have...

As you can tell from the price, I intend to have quite a bit of work done. Besides the liposculpture (upper & lower abs, love handles (I do not Love them!) and the dreaded bra-line back fat! - I'm having a breast lift w/ a little reduction. At 52 and only 5'2", gravity and menopause have not been kind. My skin is in pretty good shape overall but I was concerned that if I only did lipo, I'd end up more saggy! I had a TT way back in 2002 and it has held up nicely! I had a little lipo on my lower tummy at that time. One thing that people need to realize is that if you do end up gaining weight in the future, like I did to the tune of 20 lbs., you'll gain it in perhaps areas you don't normally gain weight. For me it happened on my upper abs and back! Back fat, what a horrible concept! One positive was gaining it in my boobs! Now that I want to maintain, just having them adjusted higher : ) Before the weight gain, I was a 36, barely a B cup. Now I'm a 38 full C, almost filling out D cups. My goal is a 36 full C without the roll of fat and skin under my bra! I want cleavage in my front, not on my back like I do when I wear a one piece bathing suit, Thank you very much! So I looking forward to all the suck and tuck procedures on 7/29/14. I'm so excited and really hope time goes by quickly! Almost 12 weeks of waiting and I have wanted this done for a few years now! A lesson in patience this will be! I'd like to lose another 10-15 lbs before the procedure, so I can get the best results! I'll try to post before pics as soon as I figure out how! They'll probably just be of my front as I live alone and there's no one handy to take photos of the back. I plan to ask the PS or RN to take before and after photos with my camera as well. I'll need courage to post the "Before's". I'd love to hear from anyone else having liposculpture work done, pre and post-procedure! Good luck and speedy healing to all of you!

Dumb question, but getting photos from camera to web site?

I have a new iPhone and a 3 yr old MacBook Pro laptop. I'd like to post some photos, but can't figure out how to get them here from my phone or computer. My photos download into iPhoto... then what? I'm soooo techno challenged, it's pathetic! I find the reviews with photos of other very helpful and want to be a source of help and inspiration to the ladies of RS too! Any suggestions, guidance would be gratefully appreciated!

"Before" shots - Buddah belly

Really had a hard time time physically & mentally, posting these! Oh well it is what it is. Having to arch my back to take the photos myself, makes me look even worse! Definitely not sucking it in, that's for sure! And one goal for my PS is that my boobs will stick out further than my belly! I'm having lipo of the upper & lower abdomen, flanks & that awful bra-line back fat, as well as an extended tummy tuck procedure. My boobs are sitting too low and look deflated! I wanted to get a BA with the BL, but my Dr. wants me to wait and have that done in 6 months or so. That's going to be a difficult wait. Heck! I'm having trouble waiting for 8 more weeks until the 1st phase, the biggest surgery is performed. I've literally waited years to have this work done, so a couple of months and next year should hopefully pass quickly and I will live! I'm only 5'2", but have broad shoulders, moderate in the hips. I know I could carry off D-DD cup breasts. I don't want to look un-natural so I'm going to stay away from the HP implants. I have alot of loose skin, which will be addressed in "Phase 1 (that's what I refer to my planned PS's) and the BL should help my self confidence quite a bit! I'm also planning to lose another 10-15 lbs before my surgery. I've lost 30 lbs since the 1st of the year! I'll try and post some better "before" photos taken by someone else, like my 33 yr old daughter. She's the only one I think I would allow to see me like this, LOL!

I hope I don't lose my mind while I'm waiting for PS!

Such a roller-coaster of thoughts and emotions going through my head! And I'm entirely too preoccupied with this "new me" project! I usually don't spend much time, if any, thinking about myself in general. But while I wait for 7/29 to roll around I find myself constantly distracted about all the to-do's beforehand, how successful (or not!) the surgery will be, what am I doing spending all this money on myself and just how miserable will the post-op recovery be... just for starters! I hope this insanity let's up soon! I'm using this place to vent, so don't mind me! I'm usually a pretty bomb-proof, logical kind of gal! I believe I have fairly realistic expectations. Not looking to grace Sport's Illustrated or Vogue any time soon, LOL! Thank you to all those who have shared their journey, both the positive, and not so great aspects to PS. I really appreciate the words of advice and learning what to expect. I'm posting some more "before" photos, taken by someone other than myself! They are sure unflattering but it's where I'm at right now. I'm hoping to lose another 10 lbs before the PS. Not sure if that's going to make much of a difference externally, but internally it means alot. Thanks for letting me ramble on! Maybe no one else will be reading this, LOL!

Trying not to chicken out!

I sure hope what I'm experiencing is just pre-surgery jitters or some phase everyone goes through! For the past day or so, I've been considering backing out, or perhaps having less work done. I don't know. I've wanted this for so long now and have felt 100+% committed for months now, so what's up? I've read so many positive profiles and updates from the ladies on here. Most say that PS was so worth it in the long run! Will I be able to say the same? I'm concerned about all the money I'll be spending coupled with the amt. of scarring I'll be putting on my body. What's realistic to expect at my age? I'm so sorry that this is a downer-type entry. I've been trying to stay very positive about my little PS project and up until very recently, that's been pretty easy to do! I think it doesn't help that I'm doing this pretty much on my own. There's no friends or family I can share these negative thoughts with, at least nobody I feel comfortable sharing this with. So poor RS blog forum here, you're it! I feel alot of pressure, most of the time, presenting myself with a great attitude, everyone's cheer-leader. Why is it so much easier to do for others and not myself? So add feeling guilty on to the pile of negative woes, ahhh! This too, shall pass. Right? I need to find that inner strength and just push past this "stage".

Big *sigh* of Relief! Decided!

Well as of day, and there's really not much time to back out now... I've decided to go ahead with the surgery! The whole enchilada! BL with the cosmetic reduction (please Dr. Bohley, don't take away my cleavage!), lipo-a-rama in several areas and posterior skin removal (bye love-handles and old dog ears!). I'm committed now. The last 2 weeks, and esp. the last few days(!), have been agonizing in coming to a final decision. Words can not express what has been going through my mind! Tomorrow I'm going in to pay off the balance on the surgery ($17,455 total surgical expense). I hope I start feeling excited soon like I did initially going in to this. I'm pretty disappointed that implants are not an option at this time, that's part of it. My work schedule has been long & crazy, have precious few days off before my surgery date. That might be good thing. Work keeps my mind off myself for 8 hours+. Definitely not used to thinking about myself & my body so much. I'll be glad when the day comes, post-op, when I can actually stop being distracted by my "procedures". Self-absorbed is not my style & it does feel uncomfortable. That's been an epiphany recently. Everything in moderation. It's not good to never consider yourself and how you look, don't get me wrong, but to be soooo preoccupied is something I think might be well left off in adolescence! And I'm a couple years past teenager, LOL! Thank you to all the ladies on here who stuck by and encouraged me through making my mind up, esp. egassner and Michele50. The support on here has helped me not feel so alone! Bless you all! Now it's time to get ready for work!

Getting the To-Do List checked off!

Only 10 days, 20.5 hours until I say good-bye to some old fat and loose skin and Hello to my new perkier shape! Still have some major chores to do around the house, but besides last minute groceries, I think I've bought everything I could possibly need! Knowing me, I probably over prepared! I have found the suggestions from the ladies here so helpful! Not just for what to get, but also on what to skip getting! Today I'm having my new freezer delivered! I don't want to worry about meals for myself or my helpers the 1st couple of weeks after surgery. I've tried to plan on low sodium, high protein, lots of eating "clean" type stuff and lots of bottled water! I'm a big green smoothie drinker and the day before surgery, I am going to teach my daughter, who is my initial helper/nurse, how to make them with the Vitamix. The PS's office told me it was important to eat regularly while you recover for healing, but I'm not too sure if I'm going to have much of an appetite for awhile afterwards. I'll have to see how that goes! The heat seems to drain me of much of an appetite! I picked up my prescriptions this week, had an EKG and my labs for surgery done yesterday! That's how I spent my day off! Working full-time has been keeping me too busy to worry much about the procedures and the surgery in general! I have only one day off before the surgery now after today! I'd like that day to include just some last minute grocery shopping and to be able to spend time in my bedroom changing the sheets & making things in there nice to recover in! Sorry for the boring update! My minutia! Just a heck of alot of it to squeeze in, in the next 10 days!

3 Days & 13 hours! Getting REAL!!!

Well I know I should be nervous and at least mildly freaking out, but it hasn't happened yet! I have been in some wild cleaning frenzy at home when I'm not at work. It was a very long time ago, but this time reminds me of when I was about to give birth, nearing my due date. You know, that nesting stage? Clean, clean and more cleaning. It must be what I do with nervous energy or something! Did get some really sad news, on top of really great news today. !st the sad, let's get that over with! My 94 yr. old Grandmother went in to kidney failure officially yesterday and her doctor said she could pass away anytime now. You'd never know it by looking at her! She's up and about the house, not in any pain, just slightly senile enough to not realize that she is passing away soon. She hasn't been eating very much for the past month and appears to have lost 15-20 lbs. That's why my Mom (who she lives with) took her to the doctor in the first place! So the timing of my surgery now for my family is kinda crummy, to say the least! I'm scheduled to go in at 6:45 am this Tuesday, make that 3 days, 12 hours now! My Mom was planning on coming out to my place the following Thursday and spending a couple of nights here. Not too sure that's going to work out now. They are going to set up Hospice care for Gram tomorrow morning at Mom's house. I have a back-up caretaker, but he's a guy and I'm not thrilled that this man I've been dating, for the last 7 yrs. mind you, will be seeing me full throttle train wreck post-op! Let alone helping me with my 1st shower, oh joy! And isn't it about day 4 or 5 post-op alot of ladies here on RS get kinda blue and emotional? Great. I'm already wrestling with feeling guilty about having this vain cosmetic procedure(s) while my Gram is literally dying, I think I will have enough emotional down time without being bummed about my surgery. Geez! I sure hope I'll be able to get through the next week or two emotionally on an even keel. My family needs me to! Well enough said there. Sorry guys! I'm using this platform to vent, I guess! On the very good news front... My wonderful daughter Stephanie and her fantastic husband have put in an offer on a beautiful home with 1.55 acres of property, and the offer was accepted today! They have been looking for almost a year now for that just right place! I'm so happy for them both and my 2 grandsons, who are already planning on building a tree house on the property! They plan to move in when I am 5 weeks post-op so hopefully I'll be sturdy enough to do all those annoying Mother-in-Law/Mom things to help out! The property has a mini-orchard, berries and a great place to plant a vegetable garden (next year)! We will be able to pick our own peaches, plums and apples this year! Way cool! This family could use a bright spot of "happy" stuff! And I am working on not feeling too selfish or too guilt-ridden! Anyone else experience this? I expect a case of the nerves to hit me any day now! It just feels like the surgery is just going to happen because it was meant to be. My Gram sure would have done it in her day if she needed to! She was always quite the little firecracker! I did tell her today that we could set up some sort of lipo-transfusion from me to her, you know, keep the fat in the family! She just laughed and respectfully declined my offer! So that's the latest greatest here. Just gotta get past through these next (precious) few days!

The measuring tape!

Well, I bit the bullet and tried measuring myself, nipple to nipple, and got 33" before my BL. I plan on doing this a few times post-op so I will be able to have an objective measurement of success. Can't wait to uplaod a post-op shot "after BL"! If you look real close, you can see my old dog ear on my left upper hip from 2004 TT in the 2nd photo . Saying good-bye to those puppy ears in 3 days now!

Whew! I made it!

I am feeling alot better than I expected to! Pain level is tolerable and manageable. Using ice packs like crazy! Taking oxycontin at 9 am and 9 pm with Percocet 1-2 tabs in between every 4-6 hours. They gave me a patch behind my ear, to wear right after surgery for nausea and it worked like a champ. It was good for the days and I have had absolutely zero nausea or vomiting! I have a prescription for Zofran for my stomach and haven't had to use any! Yay! My bowels are something else! They are awake now, but act like they are not quite sure what to do. I've had only one BM that was sort of normal since surgery. TMI! I think I'll feel less swollen when I decrease the pain meds and hopefully return to normal functioning. I'm drinking lots of water, smooth move tea every night and trying to eat really "clean", high fiber foods. Time will tell!

So let me tell you about the day of the procedure(s). A day which almost didn't happen. No. I wasn't chickening out or anything. I was super productive and busy the day before surgery and in to the evening. Last minute errands and shopping. Trying to find someone other than my Mom to help me on days 2 and 3, because on the previous week-end, hospice care had to be set up at Mom's house for my 94 yr old Gram who is in kidney failure now. I also wanted to go out to my Mom's and see Gram before I went in to surgery. So all that was on Mon. 7/28. I was hoping I would be exhausted from the day's activities and stress, so that going to sleep the night before surgery would just happen naturally. I took my special Hibiclens shower at 10:30 pm. Set my alarm on my phone for 4:00 am. My Dad was scheduled to pick me up at 6:00 am for my 6:45 am check in. I knew it wouldn't take me very long to get ready for the surgery, no make up, wad my hair up in to a bun, throw on baggy denim shorts and my new short sleeve hoodie with no bra, easy! I wanted to vacuum one last time and check the house for any last minute tidying up. That was MY plan! Well, it sounded good. I got to sleep sometime shortly after 1:15 am. The next thing I remember was my phone ringing at 6:05 am. It was my Dad and he was at the front door! Totally didn't hear my alarm at all! I got up, let Dad in, went back into my bedroom and literally threw my clothes on and then brushed my teeth and out to the car! I couldn't believe it, still can't now, I over slept on my surgery day! Unbelievable! We made it on time, but just barely. Thankfully there was very little traffic! I only had to wait in the waiting area for maybe 5 minutes, then we were escorted back to a room where I would get undressed and marked up. My Dad stepped out of the room when I got dressed in my hospital gown, but he insisted on staying with me until I was to walk in to the OR. He was so sweet! And extremely attentive since. Dad is a hunting-fishing, mach man's man type, all the way. He was a helicopter medic in Viet Nam, and thinks he knows all things medical, so he's kind of taken charge of my surgical experience, LOL! My daughter Stephanie was the one scheduled to pick me up post-op and get me home, but Dad insisted he be with her and that they pick me in in his Lexus and get me into the house, settled up in bed. It all worked out! I was positioned comfortably propped up with pillows. I bought one of those wedge-pillow things and it's worked out perfect! I don't have a recliner and I really don't have room to put one anywhere. They are strongly recommended and I understand why! But I have been doing fine being the pillow-Queen! One thing I expected, that didn't happen, was I thought I'd sleep alot the 1st few days. Nope. I take like a 2 hr nap late in the afternoon, that's about it! Haven't been dopey or loopey at all. I'm not real active right now, but I can get around walking, not hunched over a bit. Pleasantly surprised about this, that's for sure! Tonight will be my first night entirely on my own! My daughter Melissa has been with me since Friday. Both my girls are so wonderful and thoughtful. I am truly blessed in the Daughter dept.! Well I need to close here for now. Thanks for allowing me to ramble on dear RS friends! It's frozen peas time again for me! Happy healing to all post-oppers and peaceful patience to those anticipating their PS!

BL results as of Day #5 Post-op

Well, I measured myself from nipple to nipple with the measuring tape around my neck! Pre-breast lift, it was 33", today I got 27"! Woo Hoo! There's still alot of bruising and I don't think my skin is thrilled with the tape! But the shape of my breasts seems to improve every day! All my incisions are intact. Very little drainage in my little pump here. I can't believe I'm getting off this easy! Very thankful!

Guess who's going bra-less this afternoon?

Well I had a very promising 1st check post-op appt. My Dad insisted he drive me to the appt., even though I'm sure I could have managed driving alone. Fathers will be Fathers, and he still thinks of me as his little girl despite the little factoid that I'm a 52 yr old Grandmother. Ahem. He has really surprised me with all his support and attentiveness throughout this PS process. It's Amazing & Wonderful. Especially when you consider that I wasn't even going to tell my Dad that I was planning on PS. So afraid he would criticize and give me a bad time about it, as is his usual custom! But not this time! Strangely, I feel that my relationship with my Dad has grown through this experience and my willingness to share it with him. Who'd a thunk it! Before my appt., we stopped and had lunch at our favorite Thai place.

My 1:15 pm appt. went really well. The RN removed my drain, which didn't hurt at all. She removed all of the gauze dressings I had on. I now have only a 2" square of gauze cover the area where she took the tubing out of. She also took a couple of photos of my breasts and back incision with my phone so that I could post them on here. It's so difficult for me to take "selfies" of the areas I had work done on! I still have quite a bit of swelling, esp. over my abdomen, on my back and the side boob areas. Dr. DeMars reassured me that that was normal, I had alot of lipo done and that it would eventually all go down, but it may take a couple of months. Patience, another life lesson I get to experience. Yipee! The surgical wounds look as they should, wound edges are neatly touching, no bumps or rippling, no signs of infection at this time. I am very happy!

So I got home, kissed Daddy a thankful good-bye and went into the house. Thought I change clothes and do a light load of laundry which would include the surgical bra I was wearing. The sight of my round, perky breasts in the mirror almost brought me to tears. They look so awesome for only being a week post-op! Yes, I know, they will continue to change a little, but right now I am taking this opportunity to enjoy them. I pulled out an old loose white tank top and put it on, just for fun. And boy is it! I thrilled where & how high, my nipples are sitting! 52 and rockin' a tank top bra-less. I can't remember the last time I felt like this! It's probably 30 years ago maybe. I really can't recall! So that is me and my special little afternoon! Smiling!

My 1st Shower! Ahhhh!

Having a little more pain in my hip area, both sides & they're sharp little buggers! But overall feel so much better now that I've had a nice full shower! Wow! That brightens my spirits. Needed to shower with the help of my best guy friend. He's an Angel! Took care of me on Days 3 and 4 post-op and today assisted me with bathing, oh and changing the sheets on my bed! So everything is nice and clean again and that is such a relief!
Body looks better without all those black marks and most of the tape on my breasts and all-around-torso incision. The gunk you might be able to see in the breast photo, is neosporin. I washed with hibiclens, patted dry and then slathered neosporin all over every sutured area. I also recovered breasts with a sterile gauze dressing, taped loosely so wounds can get a little air. I'm really going through the neosporin ointment! Definitely will need to pick up another tube, or two, when I run errands on Friday!
Well it's pain pills, Bromelain, Arnica & stool softener time so I will close for now. Wishing all those waiting for their procedures, encouragement & patience! And to my fellow post-oppers, Happy Healthy Healing!

To Re-Tape or Not, that is the question

I've been worried about running around tapeless so soon after surgery. The original tape they placed on me during surgery only lasted for 8 days. Was that long enough? I haven't had any drainage or bleeding of any of the incision sites and would like to avoid that if at all possible. Not only do I have the anchor incision on both breasts, but also an incision that wraps around my torso, hip area. That's alot of property! So, erring on the side of safety, I re-taped tonight and will continue to apply (and reapply) until I see my PS this Thursday. I'm hoping my worrying is just silly, but just in case...
I absolutely Love the size of my breasts right now. I hope they are not just super swollen. They don't feel like it! I'm not having any real discomfort in the breast area at all. A little tenderness on the sides, under my arm where I had lipo. If they remain close to this size, I don't think I'll actually need implants! The incision down by my hips feels like a very mild burning sensation with weird sharp twinges 2 or 3 times a day & some pulling. I am having itching along all 3 incision sites, but it's not overwhelming. I'm going to ask my PS when I can start using my Bio-oil. That should give me some relief I think. Did any of you RS ladies use Bio-oil and if so, when did you start using it? Would also love any advice in regards to the whole taping dilemma, LOL!
I'm so grateful I found this site. Love reading everyone's profiles and posts. We are all a work in progress! Best of luck to all the RS'ers!

P.O. Day #16

Saw my wonderful Dr. Bohley today and so far, so good. No seromas, bruising has way lightened up, my incisions all look great. I still have quite a bit of swelling, which starts to kick in late in the afternoon and I saw my PS at 3 pm. Doc said to expect the swelling to continue for another month or so, then it gradually goes away. I really can't wait for this to happen! I am really anxious to see the finished product! Patience! I don't mind the breast swelling, LOL! The girls are looking great! Very high and perky! I've lost inches just below the breasts, waist and hips, but across the bust measurement I'm the same as I was before sx. Dr. Bohley said he would preserve as much of the breast tissue as he could with my BR w/ lift, and he kept his word! So I'm a very full C, almost D cup now. He also wants me to continue using the tape on my breasts incisions, but I no longer have to worry about taping my hip area. Also, at the appt., I got a letter from my PS releasing me to go back to work (8/18), but on light duty, which basically means no lifting or pushing anything more than 20 lbs for a couple of weeks. So that's taken care care of! These past 2 1/2 weeks have really gone fast! Too fast in some respects. Can't say I'm thrilled to be going back to work (full time) on Monday, but extremely happy that I'm physically fit enough to go back on duty.

Popped a stitch on hip

I guess I must have spoke too soon. Today I popped a stitch near my left hip. The PS told me yesterday, that I didn't have to worry about keeping my lower torso incision taped, but this afternoon when I took my binder off to wash it, I noticed fresh blood on it. It's about the size of a quarter. I cleaned the area with peroxide, re-taped it, applied neosporin and covered it with gauze and more tape. My luck this would happen on a Friday, PS's office is closed. So I'll have to wait until Monday to call the office and ask about it. I'm a little concerned this evening. When I undressed, I peeked at the gauze dressing I had applied and the area in question, bled through the gauze. Not in a horrible gushing out manner, but enough to worry me a little. So it might be a long weekend being slightly stressed out about my incision.

Prayers Please!

Well it was a semi-rough weekend for me. I seem to be unraveling at the seams. I though at almost 3 weeks post-op, I'd be out of the woods, surgically speaking. Today was supposed to be my first day back to work, but I just called in sick. Theres over an inch of suture line sticking out from my lower back incision and then yesterday I discovered a pretty awful infected area under my right breast! Red, warm to the touch, pus, the whole nine yards. My timing for all this to happen could not be worse! On Saturday evening, my Grandmother who has been in kidney failure, slipped in to a coma. She was completely unresponsive on Sunday. She has not ate or drank anything for 3 days now. I don't think she is in any discomfort, it's hard to tell. Gram is at my Mom's, hospice is in place. Needless to say, but it's a very sad time. I doubt Gram will live for more than another day or two. So, I thought I'd reach out to my RS friends for prayer at this difficult time, if you guys don't mind. I am seeing my PS this a.m. I'm sure I'll need antibiotics to tackle this breast thing. I'm concerned about developing MRSA, as I have had that before. So hopefully I've caught this thing in the early stages! I wish I was sharing more of a positive update. I'm sorry, but I think we can share the ups and the downs on our journey. You all have been so generous with your comments and support. I really, really appreciate that! Thanks guys!

4 Weeks PO ~ Coming undone at the seams!

Well, what can I say? Complications happen. These photos were as hard for me to post as my "before" pics. The 4 wks PO photos were taken just last night, after the wounds were cleaned. The right breast wound is draining alot of pus material and yes, it's gross. I'm cleaning the areas with Hibiclens, the PS has me applying Silvadene cream in the wound bed and then I cover it with sterile gauze & tape. I do this twice daily. My PS Rx'd Bactrim DS twice a day for 10 days. I have a feeling that I will need to take another course of antibiotic treatment. I am to see my doctor once a week until these infections clear up. My next appt. is 8/28. I am hoping that he'll consider culturing the gunk that's draining as I'm not sure that the Bactrim is really doing much. Fortunately, I don't feel as bad physically as my infections look. I'm so grateful for this! I am back to work, full time. It's a challenge, but I am managing it. My employer was very understanding of my Grandmother's death last Thursday, and I had a few days off. Tomorrow morning is the actual burial and then I have to go to work afterwards until midnight. So I anticipate a very long day on Wednesday!

Words don't express how meaningful all the support and encouragement I have received from my little RS community! You all have been so wonderful and have really helped me through times of concerns and questions. This is also a fantastic forum to help document our experiences! I am planning on taking photos once a week and hopefully soon, will have on here, a series on a progression of wound healing! These complications do happen. My PS told me that this is not an uncommon area to have problems with. So sharing this may help someone else to hang in there. All in all, I am glad I had the surgery! I no longer have "love-handles" and all the loose skin on my hips is gone! I love the position, size and shape of my breasts, no more side-boobs! All the anticipation of the surgery and the procedures themselves, has truly motivated me to take better care of my health in general. It is a life changing experience! Being able to share my own personal journey means so much! Thanks again RS'ers for just being here!

5 weeks P.O. Slow progress

Just a quick update! Not too much has changed. I'm still struggling with infection, in 4 areas now. Had a few incision splits on each hip, not too serious. My left breast has a small infected area. Under my right breast the infected wound has become my nemesis! It's not draining as much as it was 2 weeks ago. I'm not running a fever and there's no odor to what little is coming out of the wound. So that's a good sign I hope. I do have some significant pain deep in both breasts. That little feature has discouraged me somewhat. I'm working more than full-time now and really have to push past the discomfort at work. My job is a great distraction, but there are times...
Treatment-wise, I feel like I'm in limbo. I am to see my PS every 2 weeks now. He still has me on twice daily dressing changes with Silvadene cream on all the infected areas. I asked him about culturing the wound bed, he didn't think it was necessary. I'm honestly not so sure about that. I have a call in to my primary care physician and I'm waiting to hear back from him today. I know that doctors don't like stepping on the toes of other doctors, I appreciate that, but I'm the one living with this situation and I need to get some real healing. The sooner the better! I quite frankly, don't have time to putz around, and God forbid, allow the infections to get worse!
Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers during this episode! It really means a great deal to me! I so counted on being an inspirational success story! I guess there has to be some of us who have complications to their recoveries. It's hard to accept this sometimes. If anyone else has had wound healing issues, please feel free to contact me. I know I can't be the only one!
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Just thinking of you Lye! Please take care! Hugs:)
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Thinking of you and praying that darn hole closes up soon! Please keep us posted!
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Sorry about your Gram, Thanks for the support, you continue to be positive. You were right to ask for your wounds to be cultured , best to be proactive even though we will continue to pray nothing else is wrong.
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Wish I could help! Thinking about you Lye10up and sending prayer up. Hope your keeping in touch with your dr.
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How large are your openings? Keep an eye on the size and make sure they're not growing. Are they oozing? Or just gummy? My right hip stitch pop looks similar to yours but more circular like your breast pop. It's about the size of a squashed dime. I show it to my husband (surgeon) daily. He says as long as it's not oozy, it's fine and just let it heal. I've read RSers who dry theirs out. My husband (as well as my PS) say to keep it moist with Neosporin. Another dr said moist healing environment is better. I keep Neosporin and gauze on mine. It's in a bad spot bcz I actually HAVE hips so it rubs on almost every item of clothing I wear. I have medihoney ointment on order so I'm going to try that and see if it works better than the Neosporin.
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The opening under my right breast is about the size of a nickel. I don't think it's gotten any bigger over the last 2 weeks. There is a small hole within the wound that I'm concerned may be tunneling a little bit. There's a small amt. of pus oozing from it, but mostly that gummy, stringy material, I think the technical term is "slough". The left breast opening hasn't changed much at all. It's the size of a triangular shaped pea, no oozing. Rt hip has a 1 1/2" split in it with a moderate amt. of pus draining from it. Left hip has 2 splits along the incision line, a 3/4" place and another 1" split. My PS has me applying Silvadene cream on all the infected areas. Silvadene is a thick white cream, so it's difficult to differentiate how much of the gunk is pus and how much of it is old treatment cream. Could you do me a huge favor, and ask your husband what he thinks about Silvadene cream? I went to a wound workshop about a year ago for work (I'm a R.N.) and heard alot of good things about Medihoney. Where are you ordering it from? I'm interested in learning more about it! I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to be doing wound treatment on myself for the long haul, several weeks, months at best. And you are right! The hips are a bad spot for healing! The friction from clothing, elastic and just having to bend over keep the skin from knitting back together. Do you think you will need scar revision surgery on your hip opening? I'm pretty sure I'll need it for under my right breast! Hope my PS doesn't give me a hard time about it! Can't imagine what the opening is going to look like when it finally fills in! You are so lucky to be married to a surgeon to help you keep an eye on your healing! Let me know how you are doing! And thanks for the info!
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I'll ask him when he gets home. I bought the medihoney from amazon - just a small tube to start. I'm sure a little goes a long way. I don't think my split has gotten any larger over the past few days ever since the scab sloughed off from rubbing from my clothes and underwear - you're right, bad spot for a stitch. Maybe that's why some PS's make the side stitches so high up (I always thought RSers were just wearing weird underwear to sx day).... but that would make sense, right? Mine is right directly on my hip bones - on both sides. Lefty was causing a little grief to start, but scabbed up and it's healing now... almost gone. Righty is the one with the big ol' hole. I put Neosporin 2x/day. I'm hoping it'll eventually scab up and I'll just pick it off one day (hoping for no revisional sx). It's all a waiting game...
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Yep! It's a waiting game alright! Keep me posted on how you do with the medihoney! I'm so looking forward to when my "holes" fill in and scab over! That, will be a happy day! My hips are looking better and I think I even see a tiny amt. of progress with the wound under my right breast, I think. I'm afraid that hole is going to take quite a bit of time to fill in! I sure hope your right hip is showing signs of improvement! Sounds like you're staying on top of it!
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How are the holes? ;) Mine's still a slow-heal. Maybe I should try alternating Neosporin and Medihoney. I'll post some pix tomorrow and see if there's progress but seems the same so far. Have you read those stories about RSers who had a hole but then the PS found a stitch stuck in there and once they took it out, the hole closed up? I'm intrigued... wonder if there's anything lurking in my hole...
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oh that is an interesting idea! A left over stitch! I'm going to ask my PS about that this Thursday when I see him. So glad you mentioned it! I think my right breast wound looks a little better, but the wound under the left breast seems to have opened up wider. That maybe a way for the infection to drain out faster. It was pretty closed up the last 2 weeks. Alternating between the MediHoney and Neosporin sounds like a good plan! What are you cleaning the open spot with? I've been using Hibiclens. My Mom found an unopened bottle of a wound cleaner with my Gram's hospital stuff. Wondering what it has in it, LOL! I'll try to post recent photos from today, having problems getting them from my iPhone to this laptop!
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I'm afraid to look at it - I don't want to be disappointed that it's the same, although I have a sinking feeling it hasn't changed. i clean all my sx sites with Hibiclens. Almost out though and will most likely just clean with Dial soap. I asked my husb about the silvadene - he's heard of it but that's it. Hasn't used it or read reviews on it. No help there I'm afraid. Maybe just stick to good ol' fashioned Neosporin...
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I just have to put my 2 cents in here! I'm a healthcare advocate in the province where I live! It ENRAGES me when a doctor does not listen to a patient! I want you to take that worry that you have over this, transfer it to being angry and dogmatic and insist he take a culture! Most doctors and healthcare workers - whom have dropped the ball - are less willing to go through other steps ( to show that something is wrong). When a doctor says "No" most people just shut up and say nothing more - as to not upset this person! They are just people with degrees - that's what I tell EVERYONE I deal with! They are also humans, and it is human to make an error! It also shows character when said human acknowledges that they made an error or didn't react fast enough! Wounds can quickly turn into Staph infections which can turn into MRSA - thus MANY outbreaks in hospitals, a HUGE increase in MRSA's since more and more hospitals contract out cleaning services to the lowest bidder - you get what you pay for! On another note, I have had well over 60 lesions on my body (from a rare form of cancer). My specialists ALWAYS tell me not to use Neosporin et al. And only use Fucidin cream for any infections. IF the wound was brand new I would tell you to use Vaseline - as I do - but when it gets infected that's what my 5 specialists tell me to use (The Fucidin) From what I understand Neosporin and Polysporin make the wound irritated and can actually burn it instead of healing it! I have had GREAT success with Fucidin. So perhaps give that a try! Remember hun - you have ALL of us on your side! Go in there and take no prisoners and DEMAND to be cultured. Say words like "ridiculous", "unacceptable" etc. It shows that your niceness is disappearing!! LOL ;-) HUGS!
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Thanks for the input. From what I've read, Fucidin is only avail in Canada and from Thailand... Right now my hole is pretty much the same size it's been for the past 1-2wks. Some days it's pinker than others. I'm alternating Medihoney and Neosporin bcz I've also read that the bacteria gets used to a certain med if used too often and becomes resistant. So far I haven't had any pus so it doesn't look infected. I see my PS Thursday and I do photodoc and send him updates. I'll keep everyone posted...
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I just pulled out a stitch knot last night. I posted pics on my updated profile
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I'll check it out & congratulations on getting it out! Hopefully you're on your way to true healing! Yay!
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I've been going through the Hibiclens like crazy too! My PS supplies me with it. Last night I decided to just let my poor boobs air out with nothing on the them! All the tape I use to hold the gauze dressing on, is doing a number on my surrounding breast tissue. Now it's time for a shower and then the bandaging routine (sigh). Keep me posted on how your doing & post pics!
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Will be waiting to hear what your PS has to say after you appt tomorrow. Hope he cultures it if it is still oozing. Thinking of you"
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PS said I'm slowly show signs of healing, it may take a couple of months for the holes to fill up! I'm not draining much of anything, so he said no cultures were necessary (sigh). The wound under the right breast bleeds more than it oozes. PS said that was a good sign! Shows that blood supply is regenerating. He still has me doing twice daily dressing changes with the Silvadene cream. We did talk about scar revision surgery, but probably not until March. I sure hope I'm healed up by then! I'd like to have implants and depending how I heal up, may consider having them put in then. Crazy, Huh? How are you doing D.C.? Hope this message finds you well & happy! Thanks for keeping in touch with me! ((Hugs))
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Heh girl so sorry to hear about this nasty little infection giving you grief!! A natural chinese Herb called andrographis paniculata helps increase the white blood cells to fight the infection and bacteria. Available in tea or a capsule. I'd see if u can drink the tea and what about a CBC panel test to see what's going on! Seems like he should be doing more than having you go back and forth every other week. Are u taking antibiotics? I really hope that clears up sooon! Sorry it's not cooperating with the process!!
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Where did you find the A. paniculata? Locally or is there an online source you would recommend? I'm trying to do all I can for healing this mess up! Very interested in boosting up my immune system to help the healing process from the inside! So any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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I got it from a local herbal vitamin store here in town. but you can find it online cheaper. There are some vitamin shops. Nature's Way has a capsule for less than $10. its definitely inside out your right on point about that. I hope this helps and I hope you are able to get a culture soon. just for a peace of mind. I would be raging in your shoes. (((hugs)))
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I ordered some online! Should have it early next week and I'm going to start taking it right away! Sure hope it's effective. Thanks so much for letting me know about it! (((hugs back @ ya)))
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Hi Doll stopping by to see if you got the capsules yet and see how you are doing. Im praying you are getting a break this week and that things are healing and doing what they are supposed to do. (((hugs)))
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Thanks so much Time4Me! I did get them and started taking them right away! I've been working a long crazy schedule at work, but otherwise, I'm good! The wounds under my breasts seem to be improving, slowly. I think healing these is just going to take some time!
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