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I am 24 years old, 5'10, 212 pounds. I am a lead...

I am 24 years old, 5'10, 212 pounds. I am a lead line cook in downtown Portland, OR and I have managed to save up enough sick time to cover my recovery time! I am a 38K. I would love to go down to a C/D. With insurance (covers 80% with a $3000 out of pocket max), short term disability (will reimburse me $2400), and $500 annual medical reimbursement from my work, I should only have to pay $1000 out of pocket at most. Because of the intensity of my job (I lift A LOT of HEAVY stuff) I am hoping to take 6 weeks off of work. I am going to go for my consultation in mid October, after my short term disability plan starts. I am trying to get down to 170 pounds by January before I have the surgery. I am using an app called "Calorie Counter" on my Android phone and eating between 1200-1500 calories a day. I have lost 16 pounds since August 2nd.

Discovering this site was my motivation to start losing weight and preparing my body for surgery! I was referred by my gyno in December 2011 for a reduction, but decided I wasn't ready financially. After talking to my HR at work and realizing all of the potentials of my benefits, I realized I CAN DO IT! I also have an amazingly supportive boyfriend who is joining me on my health journey. He loves me just as I am but has been happily oohing and ahhing over post op pics with me! YOU LADIES ARE AMAZING. I am so happy to read about all of your experiences! I was a C cup at 10, a DD at 12, and a G by the age of 16. At a K cup, I am ready to take the plunge! Hopefully they will go down a few cup sizes before the surgery, but even so I know they will still be massive. My back is ready for a break from having to wear armor plated boulder holders!

Adding some photos of the boobage.

Adding some photos of the boobage.
I wish you well with your journey. You will love the result, I had many doubts but the health benefits of going smaller will make it worth your while.
Hi I am also a K. Wish u well.
I am hoping to continually lose about 2 pounds per week. If I wait 20 weeks, I should be about 40 less, or 170 by surgery time.

I am now 201 pounds, my disability policy kicked...

I am now 201 pounds, my disability policy kicked in, and I just got approved!
YES You can do it and you will feel a lot better having it done..I know I had similar size as yours...and now I have "tiny" C-D boobs :) You will love your new life! I am so looking forward to hearing your experience! Never give up and you will love yourself for it!Wishing you all the best!
Congrats on getting approved and the weight loss! You go girl!! You will be SO glad that you chose to get a breast reduction. It will change your life. My breasts weren't as big as yours (as seen on my review), and I feel SO much better. I can't imagaine having size K. You really are a trooper. I'm 24 as well and have had large breasts since middle school. You're going to feel like a new women! Keep us updated.

My pre op is February 5! Surgery is set for...

My pre op is February 5! Surgery is set for February 20! I am ready to go shopping already!!
Kaye- I had my initial consultation with sattler but he said he was moving in January so I would be getting a different surgeon. I'm not sure which doctor I'm getting now. I will check my paperwork when I get home!
That happened to me too! I had a date set and everything! What was your impression? I am rescheduled; there was a Dr. Patricia Sandholm, and mine is Dr. Jewitt. I really can't wait. :) sending you good energy
Hey there! I am in Portland too! I hope everything goes well -- what doctor are you using?

I had my reduction on Wednesday. Everything went...

I had my reduction on Wednesday. Everything went really well.. I ended up getting a lollipop scar so healing should be easy!

I have 8 weeks off of work for my recovery because...

I have 8 weeks off of work for my recovery because of the intense physical nature of my job as a chef. I had my wraps on for 2 days post op and was religiously icing my chest for 15 minutes every hour. I was also taking 1 percocet every 3 hours, and occasionally taking 2 every 3 hours to "stay on top of the pain" although truthfully I was in very little pain, even in the recovery room. My friend also gave me some edible pot brownies, which definitely helped relax me so I could sleep on my back. My mom and boyfriend are here taking care of me so I have had to do very little physical activity since my surgery. I am contemplating going out tonight because I feel so good!

I will say that the worst thing about recovery so far has been constipation. I took some milk of magnesia 2 days post op and I feel a lot better today. I would suggest taking it daily as soon as you have your surgery until you are relatively normal. Also try to drink water every hour.

When I took my bandages off after 48 hours, I was scared shitless that I was going to look like a freak. The wrappings were so tight that I had a headrush unwrapping them. I didn't have any drains put in under my wrappings, just a lot of gauze and some of the gauze was stuck to my chest from the dried blood. My boyfriend helped me shower off but I started seeing spots after a few minutes (which was enough to get the gauze wet so it fell off) and I felt fine once I sat down and had some cold water. I really can't believe how great my chest looks already though! Only two days and almost no bruising or soreness. My nipples still seem really perky too.

I am trying to eat at least 100 grams of protein daily, as well as some fruits and vegetables. I am on day 3 and no longer taking anything for pain. I am wearing a sports bra from Walmart that is super comfortable. I am normally a size 38 band but went up to a 40 so it wouldn't cut into my chest too much. I am supposedly between a D-DD, and I was at least a J cup before.
Sound like you are doing fantastic,,congratulations!!!!
Congrats! Hope the healing is going well

One week post op. No pain. Still taking it easy....

One week post op. No pain. Still taking it easy. No draining at all. Showering every other day, and changing my abd pads in my bra daily.

I had 940 grams removed from the left, and 850...

I had 940 grams removed from the left, and 850 from the right.
This was like reading my story...well very close to it. I am a 23 year old (24 in October) 40K, 220 lbs., 5;4', and a mommy of 1. I need the surgery and I am dead set on getting one, hopefully soon. Your shape really looks good. I am worried because of my size, that I will not be able to go as small as I would like (full c or small d) and I will be unsatisfied with the results because of that. I want to shop at the regular stores and get cutesy bras like women my age dream of. Are you satisfied with your overall experience? How are you healing? I also do not have insurance and would have to pay out of pocket :(. Anyways, I loved your results and hope mine will be the same.
Omg you're shaping looks amazing! Did you have drains! I'm just so impressed you look fantastic. I only took a week and a half off work so I hope it's enough but I don't have a strenuous physical job like you do.
If I had a desk job I would be fine to go back to work now and I'm only 7 days post op. I didnt have any drains. I had a lollipop with a tiny anchor underneath.
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