The Journey of Breast Cancer Reconstruction - Portland, OR

The diagnosis of cancer is all about destruction -...

The diagnosis of cancer is all about destruction - except for the reconstruction work of a talented plastic surgeon. Dr. Bohley's work began with me in October 2011, when I had a double mastectomy. He placed expander implants during my surgery, and he is still patiently and expertly working to restore to me what cancer has taken away. I just had surgery to place my permanent implants, and am planning nipple reconstruction later this year.

Thank you for sharing your story, you seem extremely positive and strong!  I am glad to hear that your breast reconstruction journey is coming along smoothly.  Please keep us posted!


Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. I am so happy to hear you have found a compassionate and wonderful doctor. After the long process of expanders, what size implants did you end up getting? Congratulations on your new implants and for conquering the cancer!

Portland Plastic Surgeon

He has supported me both physically and emotionally through this very long process. He is compassionate, kind, extremely patient, and quite the perfectionist. I always feel comfortable and at ease with him. He and his staff will embrace you as family.

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