Just in time for my 30th birthday I had my BA done...

Just in time for my 30th birthday I had my BA done and I'm loving the new me! After having spent a total of 36 months breast feeding two kiddos my breasts got very deflated. I went from a 34B pre-kids to a 36DD with both pregnancies. After much research I found my surgeon Dr. DeMars, who was just as sweet as could be. His entire staff were friendly and inviting. I told him what I wanted and so far so good. I ended up getting 440cc Sientra silicone unders. Now I say so far so good only because he gave me what I asked for, accept I'm just now starting to think it's a lot smaller than I realized it would be. I'm not sure how much they will change with my D&F but I hope they get a little more full on the bottom, and more side boob would be nice.


Welcome to the boob club hon xx congrats xx how r u feeling xx any pics hon xx glitter bomb for happy healing xx
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Thank you. I posted a zillion pics with this post. I wonder where they all ended up?!
Congratulations from another fellow Oregonian! Everyone enjoy the storms last night?!
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My first four weeks....

Things are going swimmingly over my first four weeks. I've been a little unhappy with the size, wishing they were a little bigger, but loving them more and more everyday!!!


Hey babes your boobs don't even look like theirs an implant in them!! They look like actual breast tissue. You seem to be recovering very well. They fit you so nicely . Can't wait until later!!
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Thank you!!! I'm so surprised by how quick they seem to D&F. Can't wait for final results.
They look super natural and good on you!!!! Thanks for all your help
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Week 5

I finally realized why my pictures were coming out with a washout color... My two year old out some filter in my photos. Duh! So here's my 5 week update. I think they finally dropped. I love the natural slope. But still wish they were at least 100cc bigger :(


Your boobs look very natural babes as if you don't have implants at all. I like the way your scar is the same complexion as your skin almost too and it's not dark and bruised. Have you started using a scar cream yet?
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Did you get high profiles?
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No I got moderate.

Week 6

Here it is week 6 and I missed my dr appointment. Courtesy of my two year old throwing my phone in the toilet last week. I can't tell if there's a difference from last week to this week, but I think they are done with D&F.


Omg ur girls have looked perfect since week one xx they look so natural n big x congrats hon u have the perfect pair xx mwah glitter hugs n magic days to u xxx
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She does. In like 15-20 yrs I'll prob get that size. I have 380 now next size is 410 then 440. I don't want to be bigger but with age they will sag so more stretched droopy skin to fill and lift and I'll prob be a bit heavier so just a tad bit bigger will be good. 410 only 30cc difference and the projection is the Same and the width is barely different. So from 380 to 410 is kinda like overfilling a saline implant except it's silicone.
Thanks ladies. I do enjoy them but everyone is surprised and astonished when I tell them I'm a 32DDD. Everyone says I look like a C cup. And I want to look like a DDD. So I've decided to wait till I'm done having babies and after I'm done with the last I'll get them bigger. I really want to be 600cc silicone. I think that would look the best on my body. But for now my 440s will do me good. Better than that mama flab I had before.

Week 7!

My left boob had bothered me since day one. This one is taking longer to drop has a weird curve at the top. It's still numb on the inside from the nipple to the middle of my breasts. And the scar both sticks out more and is more noticeable. I hope this one eventually catches up to my satisfaction with the right.


Did my week 7 photos now post?!!!!
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Trying to add week 7 photos.

Hope it works this time


Your results look amazing! They look so natural...congrats!
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Wow he did a beautiful job they both look dropped and even to me. My scars look just like yours. I'll try and post a pic tonight. And my right side has a small knot the nurse said it's the stitch and it takes awhile to dissolve. They look beautiful and that's a good size! I chose the 545cc but originally wanted 400. And would u believe it I was thinking I should have went 600 lol we will ALWAYS want more girl... Good thing is we can upgrade later on! Happy healing you look beautiful!
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Yes I plan on doing so. I told my hubby I wanted something for now. We still want more kids. So after I'm done with babies I'm going bigger. But for now in not saggy mama boobs on top anymore. I did love dr DeMars he was so comfortable to be around. I actually have my 6 week follow up today because I kissed it last week. I'm so excited!

Week 8 not notice anymore changes

So here I am week 8 not noticing anymore changes. I know they say 80% of women wear the wrong bra size and after having sized myself and read several articles on how to properly size yourself and being professionally sized I now get it. But it drives me up the wall when people look at me like I'm looney when I tell them I'm now a 32DDD. They say "no way you look like a C cup," or "oh I know that store their cup sizes are big I bet if you went somewhere else you would be sized differently..." It's driving me nuts! I can't believe I'm disappointed and wanting a revision, all because of 80% of the women I meet don't know what appropriate bra sizing is!!! Does anyone else run into this? I get so frustrated trying to explain this to people and having to explain no... It's a 32!!! DDD. God forbid I should tell them I should actually be wearing a 30GG. I might actually make some heads explode! Sorry, I'll get off my soap-box, here's me at 8weeks!!


Don't listen to other women, implants look smaller than natural breast because we fill out bras differently, they're just jealous !
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Thank you. Now my big concern is I think I have developed capsular contracture on the right. I'll post pics in a sec. If I did I'm gonna go bigger with my redo.
U have a mad set of girls hon xbet ur proud of them xx
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3 months post op and I think I have CC

I think I've developed capsular contracture on the right. So lame!!! What do you ladies think? My right was my first to drop it was so low and beautiful. I loved my right. Now it's riding high and I don't feel it on the bottom. I feel only my natural breast tissue. It's feels different. Weird and the implant is riding high. I think I got it I hope not though. What else could that possibly be tho?


I agree with Tinka, u look wonderful! I don't think u have CC, but again I'm not a PS. I think everyone has one breast that's a little bit different than the other. Hang in there love, try not to stress yourself out! U have those precious little ones to keep u busy! Your breasts are beautiful & so are u! Surrounding u with healing thoughts & prayers. Xoxox
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U always say the perfect things excited flower x mwah ur a gem xx
I think u look gorgeouse x don't worry what peoes opinions r x most time outta non they r bored with their own lives n u end up being the target if their bullshit x u look amazingly sensational so don't let small minded idiots get u down x mwah
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Portland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. DeMars is fantastic he's a very sincere and humbled dr, I can't say that about most people in his profession. When I first met him he made me feel so comfortable as though I were speaking with an older wiser relative, that I know and trust. Every time we spoke he used powerful statements that made me trust and feel confident in choosing him as my surgeon. He made himself 100% available to me for any questions or concerns that may arise, although I had very few. Dr. DeMars and his entire staff made me feel special everytime I walked into the office, if you choose him you won't be let down! I'm giving an overall rating of 5 stars because I believe the sections I gave 4 stars are pretty standard in the medical field.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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