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I saw my surgeon for implants because of an...

I saw my surgeon for implants because of an asymmetry in my breasts, they were almost a size apart and after breast feeding they had lost their perk. I wavered on what size to go but chose 350 for the larger breast and 375 on the smaller side. I also had a mastopexy or lift on the larger breast, incision was through the nipples with high profile silicone implants.

I noticed right after the surgery that my formerly larger breast was still projecting further out and felt fuller after surgery. This concerned me quite a bit and over the next several weeks it continued to look larger than the other breast. I was actually worried the surgeon had somehow confused which side to place the larger implant! He assured me that in time the swelling would go down but that a more invasive procedure had occurred on the side with the lift and that there was more natural tissue on that side to be swollen.

I was still dubious but now at a month after surgery things do seem to be evening out. I'm amazed at how accurate he was in his technique- I mean he moved on of my nipples around and its perfectly matched with the other one now. I'm sorry I ever doubted him! He did an amazing job, my breasts look better and better every day! I'm so happy with the surgery, finally no more insecurities about asymmetry and I look mean in a bikini! :)

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He has many accreditations and surgeries under his belt. His technique is very precise and thorough for a fast recovery and beautiful result. He was worth every penny, and was very patient with me when I expressed concerns. His staff is also very polite and professional. Also, he doesn't charge for consultations which was nice considering that most want $50 or $100. I think it shows confidence in his work that this surgeon doesn't need to charge every person he sees to convince them he's worth their investment. I would see him in the future for other procedures

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I'm going to see the same doctor next month and can't wait to see his work as he did a great job for you as well.
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Thank you for posting this! I am going into surgery on Monday and he is my doctor. I appreciate you telling your story :)
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Hi, Im from Portland, Or too. I was wondering did your boobs cost more because of the lift or is that his price and also what size were you before and what size now. Oh yah and can he put the scar under the armpit?
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Wow, terrific results! I have some questions for you. Not sure when you had your surgery so you may not be able to answer yet. I am scheduled for a mommy makeover and I will be having a lift and augmentation as well as a tummy tuck. I think I am going with 360cc silicone implant I am currently a droopy c cup. How is the sensation in the breast you had the lift? I am hoping I don't lose sensation, that really scares me. My surgeon says most of his patients don't have problems and some are more sensative afterward. How bad is the scarring? I am more nervous about the scarring in my breasts than my tummy. Not sure why because I have quite a few stretch marks on my breasts.
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You looked great before and stunning after! Yay that you were able to do this for YOU.

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